We Take The Bullying By The Horns



The Lev Post Office is located
in the Lev Karmiel shopping center
on the corner of S’derot Nise’i Yisrael
and Morad Hagay streets


By Elana Laham © 2017 Elana Laham

   For those of you who are aspiring to be self actualized anti-bully Bullcrap Busters, it is just as important to COMPLIMENT a business when it is doing the right thing, as it is to CRITICIZE a business when it is doing the wrong thing. By supporting those INDIVIDUALS who make our business world better we all ensure that the economy that we all live in thrives instead of merely survives or dies.

   As many of you BB readers already know, I have had some negative experiences with Israel Post. [See web pages UPDATES PART I 12/1/16, UPDATES PART II 12/3/16, UPDATES PART III 12/6/16, UPDATES PART IV 12/31/16, and UPDATES PART V 2/13/17 of the Bullcrap Busters website for details] 

   Well, the following is an e-mail I will be sending to Israel Post about a positive ongoing experience I am having with Israel Post, thanks to a unique individual named Matka, who is the manager of Israel Post’s Lev Karmiel Post Office:

   "To Whom it May Concern:

   We are writing this e-mail to bring to your attention the excellent postal service your manager, whose name is Matka, of the Lev Karmiel post office, is continually rendering to us.

   The following is just one example of the excellent customer care he bestows upon us:

​   On November 5, 2017, Sunday, we went to the Lev Karmiel post office to retrieve our mail. But the post office was not yet open. Matka, the manager of the Lev Karmiel post office, was at the Lev Karmiel post office mailboxes. They were open and Matka was putting the day’s mail in them. We were about to leave and return when the post office was open when Matka saw us and told us to wait.  

   Then, Matka handed us our mail instead of us having to retrieve it from our post office mailbox. 

   After that, Matka handed us two of my spouse’s pension checks, which normally are not put in our post office mailbox until the 15th of the month.  

   Next, Matka opened the post office and give us our internationally shipped parcels along with their Israel Post delivery notices before they were even registered online as having arrived and ready for pick up.  

   Finally, Israel Post’s policy is to issue no more than two Israel Post visa cards per customer. But Matka called the Israel Post for us and was able to get permission from their procedures department to issue my spouse a third Israel Post visa card.  

   Matka is always very polite and professional towards us, never rude or crude with us. We appreciate that he also greets us with “hello!” and “bye!” and “how are you?” like we are people. No other postal clerk has ever done that. We are very grateful to be patronizing the Lev Karmiel post office being that Matka is its manager. It is such a pleasure doing business with him. We hope that you will commend Matka for his work ethics.

   I have included a copy of my web page called “UPDATES 11/13/17 Excellent Postal Service!!!" on my website about Matka for the entire Internet world to read about.

   From Elana Laham
   Patron Lev Karmiel Post Office"

   If the reader is interested in viewing the e-mail I sent to Israel Post regarding Matka then please go to hyperlink 71 at


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