We Take The Bullying By The Horns


By Elana Laham © 2018 Elana Laham

   There is a Bully Culture myth that states that, “WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMY.” It asserts this is so because we all have an inner demon. This myth blames the victim for being a victim of bullying since it claims that we were born with an unnatural dark side to us. The truth is that as newborns we were as natural and innocent and pure as sunlight. The inner bully is the negative mental conditioning that the Bully Culture passes on to us from generation to generation in order to maintain its control over the human populace. And it is the outer bully(s) who perpetuate the existence of the Bully Culture who reinforce the existence of our inner bully. As long as there is an inner demon there will be a Bully Culture to keep us in a headlock and/or a chokehold also known as mind control. For it is our mind – our mental programming also known as our belief system – that rules us and determines if we will spend our lives being free enlightened content constructive individuals or enslaved ignorant miserable destructive people.  

   The hardest thing you will ever attempt to do in your life is to vanquish the inner demon.

   The following are the reasons why:

   a)By the time you realized that you have an inner demon, the inner bully coward will have already taken its place infiltrating your entire mind – forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain.

   b)You may not even be aware that you have an inner demon. 

   c)On a daily basis you are going to be blasted with mental messages from the Bully Culture that insist that it is YOU who is the cause of all your pain. So that you will not challenge your inner demon.

   Being that a battle against your inner demon is at epic proportion why fight back? Because defeating your inner bully coward is DOABLE and since you deserve to be what God meant you to be, which is your ONE-OF-A-KIND GENIUS in this universe.  

   Everything has a weakness. So does the inner demon. As with any and every outer bully coward the inner bully coward is not very IMAGINATIVE. What this means is that, it will have a limited amount of ways to attack – use negative negations – against you. Achilles Heal: The inner bully coward will utilise the same attacks against you over and over again. If you get to know what these patterns of attacks are then you will be able to discover which counter attacks – positive affirmations – neutralise them. Some of your counter attacks will neutralise the inner bully coward's attacks after just one usage. Others you will have to use more then just once.  But the final outcome will be the same. You will silence the inner bully coward indefinitely and get rid of your inner demon forever.

   Every one of us has a different sort of inner demon. So the best way that I can assist you in conquering the inner bully coward within you is to show you what I am doing to uproot the unwanted and unneeded rotten weed from my psyche.

   The following are the negation PATTERNS, which I have discovered so far, that my inner demon attempts to manipulate and or intimidate me with that I have been able to decode from negative emotions into negative thoughts, and the PATTERNS of declarations I use to counter act my inner demon:

   Inner Bully Coward Attack Pattern #1
      “You are a Wimp” Theme

   [The “You are a Wimp” theme originated from my mother who criticized me for not ever using my mouth to fight back against bully(s). Never mind that she kept silent whenever bully(s) bullied her]

    a) I told off a mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying flunky one day. A couple of weeks later the mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying flunky told off my husband who was an innocent who had nothing to do with the confrontation.  My inner demon mocked me that the mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying flunky did this to get to me thru my spouse being that we are married. So why didn’t I confront the mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying flunky?

   b) My inner demon says to me, "You are a wimp. You limit your contact with the outside world to avoid its toxicity.  Other people are brave. They do not stay away from it."  

   My Counter Attack Pattern #1
“I am Not the Coward” Theme

   a) I said back to my inner demon, “The mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying flunky got to himself thru my spouse since he was too cowardly to confront me. So his own inner bully chastised him for being such a wimp.”

   My inner demon was silenced permanently.

   b) I said back to my inner demon,“Other people cope with the toxicity by being bully cowards. You call that brave?! When I have to go into the outside world I always fight back against the bullying. I never hurt or harm innocent people. Otherwise, I do the sensible thing. I prevent the senseless toxicity, which is unduly stressful by staying inside my home. So I am being strategic not cowardly.”

   My inner demon was silenced permanently.

   Inner Bully Coward Attack Pattern #2
“Why Aren’t You a Quick Study?” Theme

   [The “Quick Study” theme originated from my father who compared my sister who was an effortlessly “straight A” student to me a hard working “B student” in academia]

   My inner bully coward will recall bullying events that happened years ago that I did not deal with.  

   I tried telling my inner bully coward that, “I am a work in progress”. But that affirmation did not work. All it did was fuel my inner demon’s fire that I am overcoming bullying too slowly. I tried telling my inner bully coward that, “It is okay to go slow as long as I do not stop”. It had the same impact. After all as far as my inner demon was concerned the issue is that I am overcoming bullying too slowly.

   So I developed...

  My Counter Attack Pattern #2
“Pathetic and Pitiful Recall!” Theme   

   “How pathetic and pitiful that I am such a good fighter against bullying now that you have to go so far back in time to remind me of bullying battles I did not engage in, inner demon.” 

   That did it! My inner demon was silenced...temporarily. My inner demon continues to attack me with this attack pattern. But with every counter attack I attack back with this attack pattern my inner demon does so less and less frequently. 

   Inner Bully Coward Attack Pattern #3
“You Made the Worst Decision” Theme

   [The “You Made the Worst Decision” theme is still under subconscious construction. Consequently I am not aware of its origins]

   a) My inner bully coward was chiding me that I earned the following certificates while I was in high school: scholastic athlete award, re-motivation therapy award, and accountant award. But due to a bad decision I made I lost them in a fire.

   b) My inner bully coward was scolding me for laminating instead of getting plastic folders for my important papers because I did a not so good lamination job since the tape was not of good quality but is the only kind the country of Israel has available.

   My Counter Attack Pattern #3
“Every Thing is for the Best” Theme

   a) “These awards are no longer applicable to my life for I do not have a career an athletics, psychology, or bookkeeping. Unbeknownst to me my destiny has been to become a writer, inner demon.”

   My inner demon was silenced permanently.

   b) “The plastic holders that the country of Israel has to offer are too big to insert my important papers in and they will be too bulky to store my important papers in and my important papers will tear and fade in them, which they will not do now that they are laminated, inner demon.”

   My inner demon was silenced permanently.


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