We Take The Bullying By The Horns



Dear Bully Culture,

Here we go let’s blame the Victim again

Let’s beat some more the ones who suffer

Instead of a helping hand let’s lend.


As far as the rest of you Bully Cowards go

You haven’t a clue as to what I’ve been thru

So do not judge my pen

for only God has the right to.


If I had to from the beginning

do it all over again

Then I will go thru my odd silent suffering

that I have had to no end

If it will save even just one life

on this earth my friend.


I will do the right thing

for it is the right thing to do

A concept and an idea that is

utterly foreign to you.


As far as stealing heaven goes

You try to steal a stairway to paradise

With your violent arrows

and your hateful bows.


But being that it is God’s loving abode

The Angels guard it with their just swords

So I do not grasp with the hilt

how it can be steal able.


As far as you few decent folks go

who have decided to

Make this world a kinder time

and a nicer place

Just do your very best

and God will do the very rest. 

By Elana Laham © 2018 Elana Laham


   The BullCrap Busters Website will transmit its signals over the Internet for as long as we have not been CENSORED off the web due to the ELITE CYBER BULLY as a result of LIBEL and/or SLANDER, and/or ANTI-MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, and/or BANKRUPT by bought off justice, and/or ARRESTED and/or INCARCERATED by trumped up charges, and/or MURDERED by a staged accident by those who have the audacity to call themselves FRIENDS of humanity, yet who are ENEMIES to us who dare to exercise our HUMAN RIGHTS, namely FREEDOM of SPEECH, in order to assist HUMANITY in overcoming BULLYING.