We Take The Bullying By The Horns


By Elana Laham © 2017 Elana Laham

   People have been adorning themselves with jewels for centuries not only as ornamentation for decoration but also as symbols to communicate meaning.

   In the above image is a piece of jewelry I made. It is a Yin & Yang Rainbow chain.

   Its pendant showcases a Yin & Yang emblem, which is the symbol of which all symbols derive from. For its shape is circular, which signifies the circle of life and its white and black contrasting spheres indicate the presence of the two universal opposing powers that continuously bring creation into being. They are the never-ending forces of energy and matter, expansion and contraction, light and dark, cold and hot...and so on and so forth.

   While the Yin & Yang icon’s divergent spheres of illumination and shadow are distinctly separate from each other at the same token they are enmeshed with one another as a white dot in a black semi sphere and a black dot in a white semi sphere. Their symbolic entanglement illustrates the Balance of Power, which exemplifies how all of creation is interdependent.

   The convergence of these two universal demi forces bring about the most sovereign power of the entire cosmos of which all of creation originates from, the Creator itself. From out of the realm of Godliness of everlasting Love, there was a cataclysmic bang that brought our universe into being via the unification of the Yin & Yang properties, which gave birth to four different cosmic dimensions from which four different aspects of our selves were born.

   The four rainbow spectrums of beads that compose the Yin & Yang Rainbow chain represent the four different levels of creation of our outer universe as well as the four different levels of creation of our inner selves.

   They are - 

   The outer Celestial world of pristine void or space and time.
   The outer Astral world of energy or light and fire.
   The outer Ethereal world of gas and liquid or air and water.
   The outer Corporeal world of matter or earth.

   Our inner Spiritual world of divine presence/truth. 
   Our inner Mental world of thoughts/beliefs. 
   Our inner Emotional world of feelings/sensations. 
   Our inner Physical world of actions/deeds.

   The rainbow spectrum, itself, that comprise the Yin & Yang Rainbow chain of purple to red and/or red to purple colored arrayed beads, refers to the manifestation of all living things and beings within the cosmos. For the frequencies of vibration that the rainbow spectrum emits generates all of life.

   The Divine will or God source outside of us, from which Yin & Yang emerges, gifts us with free choice. Being that we are all a part of the circle of life, the decisions we choose to make impact all of humanity.

   Those who pursue ignorance, such as the Fools who adhere to the Bully Culture’s Rules, exploit the outer Yin & Yang universal forces and in so doing achieve inner chaos with the Yin & Yang duality within their selves. For such makes them forget that they are part of creation, which makes them unaware of their own life force – Ki, which contains within it their one-of-a-kind genius – divine mission in life. Becoming devoid of godly purpose they try to satisfy their own self made void by worshipping the dis-ease known as greed of which want is the seed by becoming completely self-serving and at the total expense of others. But hoarding control over other beings and other things cannot satiate such emptiness. And the more power they extract from the forces of Yin & Yang the more powerless they become. For, in order to acquire power, they must gain it from one side of the Yin or Yang by draining it from the other side of the Yin or Yang. Consequently, due to exhausting the very resources that feed them they starve to death and leave a lifeless planet in their wake.

   That which is Divine, such as the natural order of all things and all beings, continuously strives to reach a BALANCE between the opposite cosmic forces of Yin & Yang in order to preserve life. Those who seek such wisdom, such as the Mystic Warrior, abide by nature's rules of preserving the Yin & Yang universal forces because he cherishes life. In so doing the Mystic Warrior accomplishes inner harmony with the Yin & Yang duality within his self, which reminds him that he is part of creation. Such makes him aware of his own life force – Ki, which contains within it his one-of-a-kind genius – divine mission in life. Becoming full of godly purpose, he fulfills his destiny by procuring what he needs while selflessly serving others.

   Ki, being the force of life, itself, is the most powerful force there is in the universe. Masters of martial arts are able to tap into their Ki to do extraordinary things that ordinary people cannot do. And their potential power remains unlimited but only if they keep the balance of power between Yin & Yang. On the one side of the Yin & Yang symbol is madness. On the other side of the Yin & Yang symbol is sadness. They feed off of each other and in so doing intensify the love and magnify the strength inherent in the Yin & Yang dichotomy. 

   Love represents Compassion and Strength refers to Courage. These are the traits of what I call the Warriors of the Crying Fist. When they are wielded together their user becomes unstoppable for it is he who worships the Divine who is guided by cosmic Godly Love and protected by the Balance of Power of the Yin & Yang universal forces.

   Son Gohan is a Warrior of the Crying Fist. We can see it in his heroic eyes when he fought the maniacal Cell. They were simultaneously full of courageous rage and full of compassionate sorrow. The sorrowful love and the raging strength fed off of one another. Rage empowered Gohan to unleash his actual power and sorrow fueled Gohan’s rage to become potentially limitless.

   Albeit they are all fictional characters, there are other Warriors from the clan of the Crying Fist who are just like Son Gohan.

   Meet Kenshiro from the movie series called, “Fist of the North Star”. He was trained in a particular form of martial arts that taught him how to deliver lethal blows to his opponent by striking at various pressure points within the body. Yet he was not the most powerful warrior who was a practitioner of this fighting art. He was beaten several times by those who were mightier than he. Then, he started crying and began getting angry over the suffering innocent people had to endure in a post apocalyptic world full of hoodlums who had banded together to terrorize others. After that, Kenshiro grew so strong that his Ki expanded out from his body like Gohan’s Ki did when Gohan transformed into a Super Saiyan. He also became capable of launching energy ball blasts just like the Saiyan warriors of the KaMeHaMeHa wave. Yet, Kenshiro was just an earthling human not from an ancient warrior alien Saiyan race. Finally, Kenshiro was victorious over his rivals who had once defeated him. Kenshiro was in love with a woman, named Yuria, who was appropriate for him. She was so caring that she saved the world from dying of famine by planting seeds that grew into forests in the once desolate wasteland of the earth.

   Meet Ryu from the movie series called, “Street Fighter”. His father passed on to him a specific form of martial arts that permitted him to expand his Ki by becoming angry. So much Ki flooded Ryu’s being that his eye sockets became pure white light utterly obscuring his eyes, like Gohan’s Ki did when Gohan transformed from one Super Saiyan power level into another Super Saiyan power level. He was also able to throw energy ball blasts just like the Saiyan warriors of the KaMeHaMeHa wave. Yet Ryu was just an earthling human not from an ancient warrior alien Saiyan race. His father’s fighting ability was from an evil energy source. Ryu decided to harness it for good purposes. Consequently, not only did he begin to gain control over it, but, as a result, his strength started to grow immensely. Ryu had a female friend who was appropriate for him. Her name was Sackuro. She was so brave that when Ryu’s rage transformed him into an uncontrollable high-powered state and he was threatening to murder defenseless humans, at the risk of her own life, her tears brought him back to his senses and stopped him.

   Meet Goliath from the movie series called "Gargoyles". He belongs to a clan of Gargoyles who are stone by day warriors by night. The Gargoyles made an oath to protect innocent humans. Corrupt humans betrayed them by casting a spell on them, which turned them to stone by day and by night for a thousand years. When they awoke from their millennium slumber Demona, his life long love, had changed. She was no longer his friend. Instead she was his enemy. For she no longer vowed to protect humans. Instead she swore to kill them all. When Demona revealed her change of heart to Goliath he cried. Now Demona and Goliath fight to the death. Gargoyles are just earthling beasts. They are not from an ancient warrior alien Saiyan race. But like Son Gohan their rage increases their strength. When Demona gets angry her eyes become infused with red Ki - life force. When Goliath gets angry his eyes become infused with white Ki - life force. Goliath befriended a human named Elisa Maza. Their relationship budded into a romantic one. She was a working class detective on the streets of Manhattan, New York. She was a good cop who like Goliath took her oath seriously with regard to protecting law-abiding citizens. And she risked her life to do it.

   However, there are non-fictional Warriors from the clan of the Crying Fist who are just like Son Gohan as well. They lived centuries ago but their way of life continues to inspire individuals to this day. They are known as the Samurai. The Samuri are Warriors of the Crying Fist for they were both courageous and compassionate.

   The following are some interesting factoids about the Samurai:

   “The Samurai legacy remains alive in Japan”.

   “The word Samurai means to serve”. The Samuri served their warlord masters but they also protected humanity. “Miyamoto Musashi was the most famous swordsman of his day in Japan”. “Miyamoto Musashi saves a woman.” “A true samurai despises a warrior who goes around searching for fights, triumphantly killing”.

   “The sword became…the soul of the Samurai, the embodiment of his spirit”. “The Japanese sword came into its own…the curved blade…” “The practitioner wields a sword not to control the opponent but to control himself.” “The samurai…sword…represented the sublime BALANCE between the opposite forces of destruction and creation…” “The BALANCE that defined the samurai’s way of life found its focus in his sword. It was both a work of art and a weapon of death.” “…the bushidō way of life, the BALANCE that all true samurai sought to achieve: to make peace well and to make war equally well”. “The Samurai… were at the same time both killers and artists.” “The very first article of their law code they quoted an ancient Chinese saying: “From of old there has been the practice of following the arts of peace on the left hand and the arts of war on the right hand.” “…If… there were two people against a whole army, they would fight to the death.

   “Bushidō called for the simple life. The samurai possessed few material things…”

  “The meaning of bushidō is to achieve something in the world...”

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   “The Samurai trust and faith in nature was because of the great admiration and respect for both life and death.”

   “Stoicism was realized out of a genuine respect for life and also for death.”

   “The unwritten Samurai code of conduct, known as Bushido, held that the true warrior must hold loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honor as important, above all else.”

   “He could be deadly in combat and yet so gentle and compassionate with children and the weak.”

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   “The samurai were Japan's warrior class for seven centuries.”

   “Japanese warriors who lost at battle were normally beheaded, and careful grooming ensured that even in death their dignity was intact!”

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   “bushido spirit…die honorably rather than surrender in defeat.”

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   Thanks to the Bully Culture we are going to have to make the choice to either be at Peace with Ourselves like the Mystic Warrior of the Crying Fist and fight for Justice, which serves every one, or we are going to have to make the choice to be at Peace with the World by being a bully coward conformist who fights for the Bully Culture’s ever degenerating status quo, which serves no one.

   What kind of Warrior will you choose to be for the sake of Humanity???!!!