We Take The Bullying By The Horns




8 HaGalil Street

Karmiel Israel 2010004 

By Elana Laham © 2016 Elana Laham

   Look at the smiley "happy to be of service to you" professional face of the body of the Israel Post man in the above picture.  He is even wearing a uniform like he is part of an official business.

   Now read the 12/6/16 entry below:

   On 12/6/16 at 9:00 at night, I heard three knocks on my door followed by one door bell buzz...followed by a brief pause...followed by three knocks on my door...followed by one door bell buzz...followed by another brief pause...followed by three knocks on my door...followed by one door bell buzz followed by yet another brief pause. I went over to the door to see who on earth it was. It was a postal clerk from the Karmiel Post Office. They do not wear any uniforms. So how do I know? There were two parcels tucked underneath his right arm. No doubt the Macys and Lands End parcels that the Karmiel Post Office had refused to deliver to me before. The entire right side of his body was turned towards the door as if he was trying to hide them from my view. Desperate much to deliver these packages to me now, in between the racket against my front door that he had made, twice, I heard and saw my door knob being rattled back and forth! Thank God it was locked! I did not open my door. Shortly after, he left with the two parcels still tucked underneath his right arm. He had climbed up eight flights of stairs to where my apartment is located to deliver them to me. I have never ever had a post office attempt delivery of packages to me at 9:00 at night before and try to enter my home without my permission!!!

   An hour later, I returned to my post office box with a note to give to both managers Roni & Hananya of the Karmiel Post Office.  I had written it in both English and Hebrew.  I noticed that the Karmiel Post Office had shoved the “pick up your packages” notices into my post office box again.  

   The following is what my note said:

   " To Roni & Hananya, 

   I will NOT be renewing my post office box, 
   which expires at the end of December 2016. 

   And I lost my two post office box keys. 

   Have a nice day."


   My above note notified the Karmiel Post Office that they lost me as a patron and are going to have to pay for a locksmith to either replace the lock to my post office box or replace the keys to my post office box in order to make it available for their next patron.

   I shoved the note onto the Karmiel Post Office’s sorting mail office floor along with the "pick up your packages" notices. 

   [See the web page entitled “Gone Postal Part IV Updates 12/31/16” of the BullCrap Busters website for the continuation of this write up].


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