We Take The Bullying By The Horns

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By Elana Laham © 2013 Elana Laham


   Perhaps the most devastating myth that the Bully Culture has conjured up is that, “The victim is to blame for being a victim of bullying.” This Bully Culture myth, more than any other, immobilizes the victim from fighting back against the bully since it claims that because of where, when, what, who, or why, the victim is at fault for being bullied by a bully. I bet you already know what I am going to say to that.  BULLCRAP!  Accompanied by toilet flushing and swirling, and hopefully the toilet bowl will not get sick from sucking. The victim is NEVER EVER the cause of bullying and the following are the reasons why: 

   Reason #1: All humans have what I call the “Free Choice Factor”. This means that the only person who controls your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions is YOU and for the simple reason that only you are in control of your own faculties. Thus, a victim is a victim of bullying for no other reason than because the bully CHOOSES to be a bully.  

    Reason #2: All humans have what I call “The Divine Right of Self Preservation”. It means that you have the right to DEFEND – protect yourself – and, no one has the right to OFFEND – attack you, for the simple reason that God, no one else, brought you into being. The self includes the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of one’s being. Physical beatings, verbal insults, and warped belief systems, all come under the category of harming or hurting others for NO reason. Such is the definition of BULLYING. Hence, a bully is a bully for no other reason than because he is too much of a coward to make the DECISION to defend himself against the bully(s) who bully him. So instead he offends innocent people.

    The purpose of the BULLCRAP BUSTERS WEBSITE is to show one how to break out of the victim role. It is NOT in order to gain popularity by being the bully who stands up to a bully. For as long as we live in a Bully Culture, people will not be considered “cool” for kicking bully butt. It is NOT in order to attain hero/heroine status by being the bystander/onlooker who stands up to the bully for harming or hurting innocent victims.  For the only pain the bully cares about is his own. It is NOT in order to make the bully reform by being the victim who stands up to the bully. For no one can change the bully’s behavior but the bully. The only way that one can liberate oneself from the victim role is to stand up to the bully so that one can change one’s own self. 

    This means that if you are a bully, by confronting the bully(s) who bully you, you will find the courage to stop bullying innocent people. And if you are a bystander/onlooker, by confronting the bully(s) who bully others, you will find the courage to be part of the solution to bullying instead of being part of the problem of bullying. Finally, if you are a victim, by confronting the bully(s) who bully you, you will find the courage to save yourself from being victimized by the bullying by fighting back against the bullying.


   The upholders of the Bully Culture regime have come to know that it is far more profitable and far less costly to oppress the masses by PSYCHOLOGICALLY ENSLAVING people than by employing a military force to coerce the human populace into physical bondage. After all, a military presence requires MONETARY RESOURCES to mobilize and train an army, navy, and air force, and to feed, clothe, and shelter slaves. The elite bully does away with military might by erecting the Bully Culture establishment. The Bully Culture makes the human populace believe that they have a stake in the Bully Culture regime. It does this by brainwashing us ALL to be IGNORANT of and COMPLIANT towards bullying. However, there is one fatal flaw with the elite bully’s mentality. The Bully Culture mechanism only works as long as all of its INDIVIDUAL members believe in it. As soon as the elite bully gets greedy he takes away the monetary affluence and social influence that he has permitted the people to earn and the people become disenfranchised. Then the masses start to protest the Bully Culture establishment for taking away their goodies. After that the empire, nation, or country that hosts the Bully Culture regime either undergoes socioeconomic collapse or becomes overthrown by those who rebel against bullying.  

  The victim is the glue that holds the Bully Culture establishment together. At the same token the victim is the disenfranchised member of the Bully Culture regime. The victim has the worst and lowliest lot of the Bully Culture’s three socially dysfunctional roles. It is the victim, more than the bully or the bystander, who struggles the hardest to make the nearly mission impossible happen of extricating himself from the victim role and NO ONE will help him. Due to the fact that it is the victim nation that experiences the Bully Culture’s oppression the most, in order to make certain that the victim does not rebel against the Bully Culture, the elite bully has given the victim a double dose of bullying. The elite bully has done this by deeming that it is not enough that the victim be victimized by the, “they, we, he, she, you” outer bully(s). The victim must also be victimized by the victim’s own, “me, myself, and I” inner bully. 

  The most comprehensive way in which the elite bully dominates the victim is through mental bullying. Our mental faculties of comprehension, understanding, and knowledge about how the world works originate from our OWN divine being. Mental bullying reinforces the victim role by warping the innocent individual’s innate perspective on life. It does this by declaring psychological warfare upon the victim’s God given belief system by manipulating the victim into believing in the myths that the Bully Culture perpetuates such as that the victim is to blame for being a victim of bullying.

  By confronting unearned shame, unearned fear, and unearned guilt the victim answers the outer bully’s questions of “why me?” and “why try?” and “why am I not enough?” and in so doing defeats outer bullying. However, in order to be victorious over the bully from within, the victim has to come to terms with the inner bully’s question of, “Why bullying?” I used to believe that the answer was because, “The victim is at fault for being a victim of bullying.” Now I know that the answer is because, “BULLYING IS USEFUL TO THE ELITE BULLY. For bullying guarantees that the elite bully has dominion over the masses.


  To liberate the self from the victim role, the victim has to engage in one last battle. The victim must confront his own worst enemy – his inner bully. Mental bullying originates from the outer bully who is the instigator of the inner bully. The inner bully is the summation of the negative messages that all of the outer bully(s) throughout the victim’s life have programmed into the victim’s psyche. The outer bully not only victimizes the victim with bullying; the outer bully also blames the victim for being a victim of bullying. The inner bully reiterates the Bully Culture myth that “The victim is to blame for being a victim of bullying” by manifesting itself as a chatterbox that relentlessly sounds off in one's head, "You WOUDA, SHOULDA and COULDA have done this" and you WOULDN'T, SHOULDN'T and COULDN'T have done that".  So  "You are damned if you do and damned if you don't".  In psychological terms this is called a, "Double Bind".   Telling one such things makes one believe in the victim legacy that the victim is HELPLESS, HOPELESS and WORTHLESS. The inner bully’s thoughts are then emoted as the JAMMER FEELINGS. The jammer feelings are the silent emotional blocks within the victim’s heart of UNEARNED SHAME, UNEARNED FEAR, and UNEARNED GUILT that render the victim IMPOTENT to fight back against bullying. 

  This is how the bully, who is a pathetic, pitiful coward, turns the victim into a pathetically and pitifully easy bully target, otherwise known as a people punching bag. A punching bag cannot defend itself because it has no mouth to speak against, no hands to block, and no feet to dodge the bully’s blows. Unearned shame gags the victim’s mouth into silence so that the victim will not cry out in protest against the unjust injury the bully metes out to the victim. It does this through the inner bully, which has mentally programmed the victim to believe that the victim is unable to prevent the victim’s pain since the victim caused the victim’s own suffering. Unearned fear ties the victim’s hands so that the victim will not rebel against the unfair onslaught of the bully. It does this through the inner bully, which has mentally programmed the victim to believe that the victim is unable to get rid of the victim’s pain because the victim brings it upon himself. Unearned guilt binds the victim’s feet so that the victim will not try to escape the undeserved damage that the bully inflicts upon the victim. It does this through the inner bully, which has mentally programmed the victim to believe that the victim’s pain is invalid since the victim either thought, said, felt, or did something or did not think, feel, say or do something to make it occur. By the way in psychological terms such is known as a double bind. In other words you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t.  

  The inner bully’s false belief system is conceived out of any and every outer bully that the victim has encountered, encounters, and will encounter over the course of the victim’s lifespan. But, instead of knowing that the victim’s inner bully is the by product of the BAD PROGRAMMING that so called significant others have perpetuated and so called society has reinforced; the inner bully makes the victim believe that there is something inherently defective about him. So, while it is absolutely the outer bully who harms and hurts the victim, ultimately it is the inner bully that urges the victim to do things that are to his own detriment as well as to the detriment of others. 

  For example, the outer bully causes the victim’s life to be meaningless by preventing the victim from having any meaningful people relationships. What the inner bully – which is the manifestation of the outer bully – does is blame the victim for being socially ostracized and all alone. Being that people are social creatures the victim searches for some thing to ease the pain of not being able to find social fulfillment by habituating himself to for instance “oholic” behaviors such as drug usage, liquor drinking, cigarette smoking, overeating, sexual promiscuity, and so on and so forth. You name it the Bully Culture has got it. And although the Bully Culture rebuffs addictions, the Bully Culture hypocritically drives everyone to become one type of addict or another. Even though addictions may not have permanent negative side effects they do not have permanent positive side affects either. Such is the nature of the beast of addiction. For it can only give its host a temporary fix. Unavoidably, the victim becomes aware that he is not acquiring an overall state of wellbeing from the addictive behavior that the victim engages in. As a result, the victim becomes at risk for resorting to entertaining thoughts of ending his own life and/or the lives of others in order to escape the bullying.

  The underlying purpose of the BullCrap Busters Website is to liberate the victim – who is the victim, the bully, and the bystander – from BULLYING. If the victim – who is the victim, the bully, and the bystander – will apply the BullCrap Buster’s anti-bullying techniques, and implement the BullCrap Buster’s educational materials the victim – who is the victim, the bully, and the bystander – will overcome the inner bully by reconditioning the self to no longer be conditioned by the false belief systems, irrational feelings, and destructive actions that the Bully Culture infiltrates society with in order to intimidate and manipulate its individual members into harming and hurting themselves and/or others for no worthwhile cause.  


  During the days when I was trying to make sense out of why I was a victim I tried various self-help ventures. One of them was CODA, which is an offshoot of the AA program called Alcoholics Anonymous. CODA stands for Codependence Anonymous. CODA has to do with people who develop codependent relationships with other people. It follows the same twelve-step program as AA. The philosophy behind CODA is that the victim is doing things or not doing things that are causing him to have dysfunctional relationships with others. However, unlike the CODA philosophy or any CODA member that I ever met, my road to recovery was a very different one. 

  Step #4 of CODA was about taking a personal inventory of one’s past to discover what one was doing or not doing in one’s present to cause one to have unfulfilling relationships. I will never forget the profound insight that step #4 gave me about myself regarding why I have people problems. Step #4 required that I recall and record my past miserable relationships with people in a journal to discover how I was contributing to a pattern of unhealthy interpersonal relationships. After months of diligently detailing everything and everyone that I could remember that had produced the unhappy experiences I had had with others throughout my existence, to my utter disbelief step #4 of CODA revealed to me that I was NOT to blame for why I was a victim of bullying. There was nothing I was doing or not doing to anybody or anyone to provoke them to mistreat me. Most of the people that I had encountered in my life were simply bully(s) looking for someone, anyone, to take their misery out on. Ironically the CODA Program taught me the opposite of what its program was intended for. But, instead of feeling relieved that I was not at fault for my people troubles, I felt very upset. For if I was to blame for my unhappy interactions with people then I might be able to fix whatever was amiss. However, because I was not, then what in the world was I supposed to do about it? 

  Aside from doing step #4, I had already done step #3. Step #3 had taught me that the only person’s behavior one can control or change is one’s own. So, what I ended up taking away from CODA was that I woulda, shoulda coulda no longer put up with the bully. Any bully who came into my life to victimize me was history. I ejected the bully out of my life permanently, starting with my own parents. I was no longer willing to put up with the bully even if it meant that I was going to be alone for the rest of my life. Accepting my own loneliness gave me inner peace. I had embraced AA’s Serenity Prayer, which goes like this: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  


  The inner bully is nothing more and nothing less than a software program that has been hotwired into the hardware of your brain. So, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life obeying it. While the Serenity Prayer tells us to accept the things that we cannot change – bullying behavior, it also tells us to change the things that we can - our own behavior towards bullying. You deserve to carry yourself with confidence by being who you are. The useless trappings of the Bully Culture regime are not necessary for you to accept yourself. Peel off the layers of meaningless existence that the Bully Culture establishment has to offer you. Be the integrated human being that you are meant to be. All you have to do is choose it. No more fragmented YOU. And you will have done this all by yourself. I cannot do it for you. No one can. But I am here for you. I have been your guide down the path of self-actualization by sharing with you my own life’s experiences towards self-recovery from BULLYING. And I know the BullCrap Busters will work for you. For it has worked for the most frightened, angry, sad, confused, lonely, unloved individual that I have ever met, myself.


   The following section entitled, “HEALTH MATTERS” illustrates how mental bullying enslaves people so that they do NOT do what is in their own best interest. I have devoted this section of the BullCrap Busters website to its readers to show how one can override the inner mental bully and thereby regain their physical health and emotional well being. The information it provides is tried and true realty tested. So it really works! And it is invaluable. So it will save you hundreds even thousands of dollars that you might otherwise spend on so-called health products and/or health services that do not work. I will not acquire any financial gain or status of fame for sharing it with you. And, it will cost you nothing to implement it. For we at the BullCrap Busters Website believe that health and well being are a human being’s inalienable right.


   When I was a youngster I used to play a computer game called “Pac Man.” The object of the game was for the icon that looked like an incomplete circle with a large mouth to gobble up a line of little dots that appeared in a grid on the computer screen. If the Pac Man icon was able to eat up all of the dots within the game’s allotted time frame, then I was declared the winner. After that, the incomplete circle of the Pac Man symbol would flash upon the computer screen as a completed circle. When I think about junk food the first thing that comes to my mind is the Pac Man game. The incomplete circle of the Pac Man sneaking up on all of those unsuspecting tiny dots and swiftly and mercilessly swallowing them up in order to complete its circle, reminds me of how junk food like an INSIDIOUS ENEMY literally eats people up!  

  People don’t consume junk food. Junk food consumes people. So, people who eat junk food are in a PERPETUAL STATE OF HUNGER. This is why for example America has an obesity epidemic. Junk food is high in calories so people who eat it put on extra pounds. But junk food offers empty calories and zero nutrients too so people get hungry again shortly after eating it. Junk food also robs the body of its vital nutrients. Instead of the body being satiated with the junk food that it has eaten it gets hungrier than it was before it ate any. Just like the incomplete circle of the Pac Man junk food is an incomplete food since junk food is man made, not created by God. Junk food is what is called a “deficiency” food because the molecular structure that it has been constructed out of is NOT complete. 

  Let me give you an example to explain what I mean. Nature always seeks to balance itself and all natural substances are made up of molecular chains that are completely intact. So for instance, water an element of nature is composed of two hydrogen molecules and an oxygen molecule. So if one takes away one of the hydrogen molecules of water the liquid substance will simply transform into the gaseous substance known as air. This natural order of things Law of Equilibrium also applies to nutrition. Junk food having been removed from its natural source and having had unnatural material added to it comes into being with a molecular chain that is not intact. So, unlike water, junk food will not change into something else if any part of its molecular chain is altered. Instead, like the Pac Man, junk food will naturally go SEARCHING FOR ITS MISSING PARTS.  

   This means that WE DON’T DIGEST JUNK FOOD.  JUNK FOOD DIGESTS US! If one chews up and swallows junk food, instead of one’s digestive system breaking it down into absorbable vitamins and minerals for the body to utilize, the junk food steals our organism’s previously digested stored up vital nutrients in order to restore itself to wholeness. Also, being that junk food is the by product of food stuff that has already been dismantled in some laboratory, our digestive system cannot break it down any further to be used for any purpose other than elimination. Being that junk food is composed of artificial ingredients it is also toxic to our organism. Eating junk food is like requesting that our digestive system process steel. Once in a while and in small quantities the body will find a way to get rid of it. But if we chronically subject our organism to junk food’s chemical poisons they will get putrefied within our body until it can figure out how to pass them through our intestinal tract and eliminate them out of our rectum and kidneys. In the meantime, the caustic substances of junk food literally wear away our digestive organs like acid. I am a living example of such damage. After chronically consuming excessive amounts of chocolate over a prolonged period of time the tissues in my colon were damaged to such an extent that I can no longer eat water insoluble whole grains such as wheat. I am only able to eat soluble whole grains like corn.  

   If junk food is so devastating then why does it exist? About a hundred years ago the industrial revolution was born. The industrial revolution made it feasible to manufacture products for public consumption and for a fraction of what it used to cost to make a commodity. The onset of the industrial revolution brought about the HEALTH FOOD EVOLUTION in order to feed the greedy instead of the needy. Junk food’s unnatural ingredients were injected into natural nutrition to lesson the quality of food to lower the cost of commercialized food production, and increase the demand for it to raise the profit of commercialized food production. The new and improved processed food was also laced with addictive properties such as white sugar to make the consumer pay an even higher overall price for food by having to buy larger quantities of food to satisfy hunger.  

  The following is an example of what I mean: When I was a child for the first time in my life I saw white bread being sold in the market and for pennies less than brown bread. Nevertheless, the “new” white bread that my family purchased ended up being more expensive than the “old” brown bread that my family bought. The reason was because it took each member of my family ten slices of unwholesome grained white bread per meal to make our bodies no longer feel hungry, whereas, it only took one slice of whole grain brown bread to make our bodies feel full. The white bread’s refined sugar also made us crave eating it for its taste so we ate more of it. But the brown bread did not have any sugar added to it so we only ate it for its nourishment. My family had elected to eat white bread versus brown bead. Thus, we spent more money buying the ten slices of “I want it” white bread than we did on the one slice of “I need it” brown bread. Junk food also makes people physically sick with for instance, obesity, heart attacks, and diabetes. Hence, if people eat it regularly enough people will have to spend their hard earned money on medical bills.  

  The junk food revolution exists to fulfill the corporate elite bully’s motto of, “I get richer by making you poorer.” So why aren’t we aware of this? The health food evolution exists to make people stupider and stupider with each passing decade about what to consume with their mouths to fulfill the elite bully’s motto of, “It is not enough that my health succeeds your health must fail.” 

  The following are some of the bullying tactics that the elite bully and corporate elite bully employ to keep us all ignorant about what is healthy and what is not healthy for us to eat with regard to food


​   To keep the public duped into consuming junk food products the corporate elite bully makes their packaged poison appear appealing with the elite bully’s semantics tactics. Words such as “refined” and “enriched” are put on junk food labels to make junk food sound enticing. The word REFINED implies that the food has attained a higher level of purity. What the word refined actually means is that the food has been severely compromised by having its natural essential parts removed. For instance enriched white bread has had the wheat germ taken out of its grain, and refined oat grain has had its oat bran done away with. When the wheat germ and oat bran are discarded, B vitamins and fiber are also disposed of. Vitamin B is necessary to keep our nervous system functioning. Fiber keeps our gastrointestinal tract operational.  

    The word ENRICHED implies that food has been improved by having something added to it. What the word enriched really means is that unnatural substances have been added to natural ones. For example, artificial flavors, artificial colors, chemical preservatives are put into the food to extend the food’s shelf life in the market long passed its normal freshness. What are called “FORTIFIED” vitamins and minerals implies that nutrients have been added to the food to make the food better. However, food additives cannot be absorbed by the body, therefore, they are useless. Having been extracted from their natural food state and isolated in a laboratory into some sort of capsule form or food substance they have become inorganic not organic chemical compounds. Thereby, they do not pass “go” and they do not collect “two hundred dollars.” Instead, the body rejects them. The foodstuff gets urinated and/or defecated out of the body’s eliminatory system as WASTE. If we eat enough of these waste junk foods all we gain is a waist.  

    Other samples of deceptive vocabulary that disguise junk food as the genuine food article are FRUCTOSE, GLUCOSE, SUCROSE, and DEXTROSE as well as all of the other OSE(S). They imply that food has been sweetened with the natural sugars that come from fruits, vegetables, or starches. Other misleading imposters are described as “EVAPORATED CANE JUICE” or “CORN SYRUP“. All that means is that the sugar cane or the corn was processed! Or, they are classified as “PURE“. Pure Bull Crap I say. “Pure” sugar cane for instance is processed white sugar that is often dyed a brown color to make it look like the brown sugar that the natural raw sugar cane is composed of.  


  The instigators of the junk food revolution/health food evolution overtly communicate to the public to eat healthy food but covertly give the public the message that junk food is HEALTHY. They do this by playing games with the nutritional information that is supposed to be on the food label. Most of the nutritional benefits of wholesome food are OMITTED from the food label. At the same token, the few nutritional benefits of unwholesome food are included in the food label. All of the nutritional benefits about for example whole grains will be suspiciously absent on its food label such as its vitamin B content – niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, etc. However, a food label will proudly display for instance that there is iron and calcium in a bar of chocolate. The human being is the most complex living organism on planet earth. So for optimum health, it is necessary for us to know what vitamins and minerals we are getting from our food so our diet can meet our body’s daily nutritional requirements. Yet, in general, food labels only have four vitamin and mineral nutrients listed on them. They are vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron. This is the case, even though food labels use to list ALL of the vitamins and minerals found in food sources.  


    While the collaborators of the junk food revolution/health food evolution say to the public to eat healthy they also tell the public to OVEREAT healthy food. This is another fine way to ensure that the obesity epidemic stays alive and well. When I was growing up I referred to the Food and Drug Administration’s four square meals a day plan to know how much food to eat on a daily basis. It states that a person is to consume four helpings of food from the grains and cereal food group; four helpings of food from the fruit and vegetable food group; and four helpings of food from the protein – milk and meat – food group. Ideally, that’s three helpings of grains or cereals and one helping of starch, two helpings of fruits, two helpings of vegetables, two helpings of milk, and two helpings of meat. Now the Food and Drug Administration has come up with a new daily portion food guide. It is called the food pyramid. It asserts that a person ought to eat six to twelve servings of grain or cereal; four to six servings of fruits and vegetables; and four servings of meat or milk protein. Wow that is a lot of servings! If we eat that many servings of food a day we will get FAT. Too much of a good thing is also not a good thing. Apparently, the corporate elite bully and the elite bully want people to get fat so that we can be unhealthy even if we eat healthy food! 

  There is another way in which the initiators of the junk food revolution/health food evolution sabotage peoples’ efforts to stay a healthy weight. They claim that the overweight public is eating too much fat and therefore ought to stop consuming it altogether. Did you know that you have to have fat in order to metabolize FAT – shed fat pounds? Once, while I was endeavoring to lose excess weight, I got on a weight loss plateau and was not able to get off of it until I figured out that I did not have enough saturated fat (from meat and milk protein foods) in my diet. I had plenty of unsaturated fat (from plant foods) in it though. Again too much of a good thing is not a good thing. There are those people who are the opposite of me and get too much saturated fat and not enough unsaturated fat in their diets. The point that I am trying to make here is that in order to be healthy one has to have a BALANCED diet. That means an equal ratio of saturated to unsaturated fats. 


    One thing that has always bothered me about food; food is shipped from one side of our country’s continent to the other. By the time we eat it, it is no longer FRESH. I’d rather eat what is locally grown, thank you. Once I bought a chicken at the grocery store. It had a date stamp on it that said that it was fit for consumption. It was grown naturally which meant that it was a free-range chicken and was given food that had no hormones in it. But when I opened its wrapper to cook it in my oven I nearly puked from the smell that came off of its carcass. Now you might accuse me of being overly sentimental. But as I threw that chicken away into the dumpster I cried as I thought, “A life wasted for nothing”. Speaking of “waist-not-want-not” I have noticed a change in the climate of some grocery stores as well. Much of their food items are no longer edible as they have mutated into the junk food category. If I eat junk food I get very sick. There is a movie called “Solvent Green” directed by Richard Fleischer and produced in 1973. It was a science fiction flick about how human beings ate dead people since the rest of the earth’s food supply had been exploited into non-existence. From what I have witnessed happening to food in just the last two generations that I have been around, I think cannibalism may be unavoidable in our future for those who prefer not to starve to death. But contrary to the movie, the corporate elite bully and elite bully will have no shame in forcing the human population to eat its own flesh.  


  Did you know that it is your INALIENABLE RIGHT to be healthy?  The Bully Culture brainwashes us into believing that pain, any and every type of pain, is BAD. The Bully Culture MISUSES pain by ignoring that pain exists. But pain will not go away by denying its existence. It will simply mutate into a disease. The Bully Culture conditions us to get rid of pain by treating its symptom instead of pinpointing its cause. Without a cure, we suppress, repress, and depress our pain by seeking relief from it. One of the ways in which we do this is by taking over the counter pill popping drugs or addictive prescription filled medications. Sometimes pain relievers are appropriate to take since they relieve one of temporary pain. For instance if one breaks one’s leg the broken bone is internal to the body and so it will mend all by itself. But painkillers are not appropriate to take to permanently relieve one of pain. For example if one has an allergy. Allergies are a result of something external to the body that is causing discomfort to one self. After a while, the body habituates itself to pain medicine and so the dosage has to be continually increased in order to decrease the pain that the body is emitting. This puts one at risk for becoming addicted to pain relievers. This is because pain medicine can only mask pain since pain is a warning sign – a red flag – that something is wrong with the self. With the exception of medications and/or medical procedures that combat sicknesses caused by viruses, bacteria, or other germs EXTERNAL to one’s own organism, there is no such thing as a wonder drug or a super food that can cure the body of sickness. There are a slew of so-called cures for a myriad of ailments. They do not work for they do not abide by the natural order of the INTERNAL workings of the human body. All they can do is give us disturbing side effects that make us sick. The body is a self-healing organism. So, what we put into our body will either HELP or HINDER its own immune system’s ability to heal it self. 

  Health happens to individuals whose organisms are in balance. DISEASE occurs when one’s organism is out of balance. The word disease can be broken down into the prefix “dis” and the word “ease.” All diseases have a "dis" - cause and an "ease" - effect. All things within our physical organism operate in a synergistic fashion. This means that our different bodily systems work together to create an overall result. For example our body’s muscular system has muscles that are designed to expand and muscle that are designed to contract simultaneously in order to make a body part move. Our physical body becomes out of sync as a result of disturbance(s) in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. As far as sickness goes, if the body gets out of sync momentarily we may contract an illness, however, if the body chronically goes out of sync we may contract a disease. The cause – root of the sickness – is WHY a sickness occurs. The effect – symptom of the sickness – is HOW the body communicates that something is not right. A disease can seem to suddenly come upon us; however in truth it takes years to develop. This is due to the fact that sickness happens in stages. Healing – the restoration of health – also occurs in stages in the reverse order in which the stages of the sickness came about.  

   The Bully Culture hopes that you will believe that health is an outside job. Well, guess what? Health is an inside job!  So what can you do to help yourself? The victim has to prevail over his own inner bully by counteracting its Bully Culture bad programming. 

    For example, the Bully Culture taught me that, due to the fact that I have an Intelligence Quotient of ten points above what is considered borderline mentally challenged, I am stupid.  Thus, my inner bully will say to me, “Only intelligent, gifted, and educated people can resolve their own health issues”.  Consequently, "You are to blame for why you are a victim of bullying”. Telling me such things makes me believe in the victim legacy that I am helpless, hopeless, and worthless. What follows is that I don’t ever ask myself to consider the possibility that I might be able to resolve my own health issues.  

  So how do I learn to trust and have faith in my own innate intelligence, which knows how to cure my body of illness? I override my inner bully’s Bully Culture bad programming with for instance my own affirmation of, “The outer bully is just jealous of my courage to listen to myself”.  Hence the victim who fights back against bullying is a threat to the bully who is such a coward that all he is willing to do is mimic what the Bully Culture lies about with regard to health. No longer being afraid to use my own mind is what leads me to the cures for the health ailments that plague my own body. 

   By mentally manifesting my affirmation I neutralize my inner bully, which strives to keep me from tuning into my own mind-body connection. As a result I am able to THINK FOR MYSELF.  For society having been infiltrated by the Bully Culture is not thinking for me anymore. Rather, the Bully Culture is thinking against me by being too busy thinking about how to make its profit at my expense. 

    If I can heal myself, you can heal yourself, too!  You too can make your logic, intuition, common sense, and personal life experience work for you.  And you will probably surprise yourself by doing what a doctor of medicine is supposed to do for you, which is to help your body heal itself. 


  Acne when I was growing up was every teenager’s nightmare. I was one of those adolescents who got the dreaded dis-ease. When I was only eleven years old my face broke out in acne so badly that I was barely able to make out my own facial features. My body image was devastated. I had pink pimples, white heads, black heads, and cysts visiting every square unit of my skin. My peers relentlessly teased me due to a skin disorder that I had no control over. 

   Society’s solution was that I visit a skin doctor called a dermatologist. The dermatologist explained to me that I had pimples because I was in puberty. Thus, my body had increased in hormonal activity and so my sebaceous glands (skin glands that secret sebum) were producing sebum (greasy liquid) at an over zealous rate. The excessive oil built up beneath my epidermis (outer skin layer) clogged up my skin, which created lumps that erupted through my skin’s surface as pimples. The dermatologist’s treatment plan for my skin condition was to minister shots to me that were full of antibiotics, apply a medicinal cream called Retina, and give my face laser treatments, which emitted some sort of radiation that required I wear goggles to protect my eyes. The after burn that the treatments left on my face when I returned to school the next day had my classmates  asking me, "Did you go skiing in the mountains over the weekend?" 

   The treatments controlled my acne by treating the symptom of what appeared to be my “teenaged” face. So long as my mom spent her money to give me regular weekly visits to the dermatologist’s office my pimples remained under control. Nonetheless, there were several problems with the acne treatments. First, I was totally dependent upon the skin doctor to keep my acne at bay. Second, after the pimples that the skin doctor treated healed up they left facial scars.  

  Besides not having any boyfriends or girlfriends for that matter my acne prevented my peers from giving me a kiss on my cheek during my sweet sixteenth birthday beach party, and no one invited me to the prom either. It was a lonely existence. I do not blame my peers for not desiring to get physically close to me. I do not blame my peers for why such childhood memories as the right of passage into adulthood did not exist in my brain. Nevertheless, in between my gasps for air as I uncontrollably sobbed my eyes out for being forced to live in such lonely isolation, I happened to believe in God. No, I don’t mean in the religious sense. I mean in the natural order of things sense. Hence, I could not fathom why God – the Creator of creation – woulda, shoulda, coulda be so unkind  as to make Its adored creation known as the human being break out into such a gruesome skin condition just because he or she was blooming into an adult. 

   So, at sixteen years of age, I grew skeptical of my dermatologist’s diagnosis and prognosis of my skin’s disorder. I reasoned that if the body is an incredible enough organic machine that it can heal itself of all manner of wounds, then why woulda, shoulda, coulda it erupt into painful hideous bumps all over the skin simply because it is going through its natural stage of teenage hood?  One day, while I was browsing through my mom’s senior yearbook, being a senior myself, and anticipating my high school graduation, I noticed that none of my mom’s high school peers had my unsightly skin complexion. So, I asked my mom if she remembered if acne was a common thing during her school days. She told me that acne was unheard of. That was only one generation ago! In my high school yearbook nearly half of the teenage population had acne. My mom’s reply made it clear to me that acne was not due to a teenager’s growing pains. 


  When I was twenty-two years old, well passed adolescence, I still had the same detestable pimples that I had, had when I was a pre-adolescent eleven year old. I tried everything to get rid of my eleven year old and counting chronic acne from skin soap to suntan lotion. Nothing worked! Then, the day came when I found the cure for my skin problem. The cure came out of a book called, “Food Combining Made Easy” by Herbert M. Shelton, published by Willow Publishing, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. The book was initially published in 1940! The author of the book referred to the cure as the “Hygienist Diet.” The Hygiene Diet is not a fad. It is a common sense approach to developing healthy food habits. 

   For some people acne is due to a glandular malfunction or hormonal imbalance. Like me, for most people, IMPROPER EATING causes ACNE. The stomach organ is like a chemical test tube in a laboratory. Some chemicals blend well together, others don’t mix. For instance, if you try to combine oil and water, they will separate, and the oil will float on top of the water. A similar thing happens with digestion. Different foods are made up of different chemical compounds. The stomach is only capable of initiating one digestive process – enzyme – at a time. Different kinds of foods demand different types of digestive enzymes. The problem of acne begins when the stomach is called upon to produce more than one digestive process – enzyme – in order to break down food. When foods that require different digestive processes are eaten together they cause poor digestion. As a result of the poor digestion due to the poor food combination, gases are created in the stomach during digestion that escape through the stomach’s lining into the bloodstream as toxins. The bloodstream is not part of the gastric intestinal tract. So, instead of eliminating the toxins through the urinary and excretory tracts, the toxins are carried to the epidermis for expulsion. This causes the skin from the inside out to discharge toxins through the skin, which erupt through the skin’s surface as pimples.  


  The Hygiene Diet is based upon the premise that, in order for one to have optimal health, one must do proper food combining. I took it one step further. I reasoned that if improper combining of organic food substances can wreck havoc on one’s digestive system then how much the more so will inorganic foods do likewise. This means that, one must also avoid junk food. In addition, one has to stay away from foods that one is allergic to as food allergies can cause disturbances in the skin. So I added that to the list of foods that bring about acne as well. Appropriate food combining, which is the basis of the Hygiene Diet, involves eating foods together at a meal that compliment one another and therefore result in good digestion versus consuming foods that are non-complimentary to each other and thereby cause poor digestion.  

  The illustration entitled, “The Hygiene Diet” maps out the various sorts of food combinations that are either complimentary, will resort in good digestion – a normal skin complexion, or non-complimentary, will resort in bad digestion. an abnormal acne skin condition.  Protein and vegetables are an example of a good food combination since the stomach is only required to produce one type of enzyme in order to digest the food.  Starches and fruits are an example of a bad food combination because the stomach is being called upon to produce two kinds of digestive enzymes at once in order to process the food.  

   If the reader is interested in viewing The Hygiene Diet Chart then please go to hyperlink The Hygiene Diet Chart at

  The first step in following the Hygiene Diet is to establish the rule of waiting three hours between each meal. This will allow enough time for the food to pass from the stomach into the intestines. Because you will most likely be eating one group of well-combined foods at one meal and another at the next meal, this is the general rule to follow. As a for instance, if I have lunch at 1:00 p.m. and my lunch consists of whole grain spaghetti, tomato sauce, and tofu, if my dinner plan is to eat steak, potatoes, and a salad, I will not eat dinner until 4:00 p.m. This rule is not too hard to incorporate into your daily schedule since breakfast, lunch, and dinner are normally about three hours apart. The disruption of the digestive system caused by difficulty in breaking down food in the stomach for absorption into the body by way of the intestines is why acne occurs.  

  Step two in following the Hygiene Diet is to establish the rule of waiting one hour before and three hours after a meal if one wants to drink liquids such as water. Liquids tend to dilute the digestive juices of the stomach neutralizing the stomach’s acid causing interference with digestion.  

  Step three in following the Hygiene Diet is to establish the rule of avoiding JUNK FOODS. Their deficiency and/or toxicity create a significant disturbance in the digestive system.

   The following are examples of Junk food:

   1) All food items that one is ALLERGIC to such as homogenized milk products, milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. They have lactose in them. Individuals who are lactose intolerant can drink milk that is 100% lactose free.  

   2) DRUGS that are a misnomer having been referred to as food. They act like a depressant upon the body’s nervous system such as alcoholic beverages. They have been fermented. Or, drugs that act like a stimulant upon the body’s nervous system such as coffee, chocolate, or tea. They contain caffeine.  

   3) Food PROCESSING that damages the integrity of the original food source like vegetable and nut oils. They have been heated to high temperatures. Substitute them with cold pressed olive oil.

   4) Food processing that has ARTIFICIAL ingredients such as refined sugar or refined grains. They are white in color. Eat whole grains. They are brown in color. To satisfy that sweet tooth, eat unprocessed ALL NATURAL sugars such as raw sugar cane (brown sugar), molasses maple syrup, and honey.

  Step four in following the Hygiene Diet is to establish the rule of consuming high potency foods in moderation such as dates, figs, and dried fruits. They have high concentrations of natural sugar in them. In addition, spices and herbs are highly potent. Salt and pepper are highly concentrated substances so they, too, must be consumed in moderation.

  One cannot be expected to always eat like a saint so step five in following the Hygiene Diet is, after one’s acne goes away, one can indulge in one’s favorite junk foods, occasionally. It is recommended that one eats them separately though – by themselves - as their own meal as isolated digestion will make it easier for the stomach to process them.  


  It takes approximately three to six months of observing the Hygiene Diet before one’s acne goes away as that is how long it takes the body to undergo physiological change. I mention this, so that those who attempt to get rid of their acne using the Hygiene Diet will be aware of this so that they do not get discouraged that they are not getting immediate results.  

  The following is a real life scenario showing how the Hygiene Diet plan resolved my acne skin condition:

  I decided to do the Hygiene Diet in incremental stages. My plan was to gradually wean myself off of the foods that were causing me to break out in acne. By doing this I would establish appropriate eating habits so that I could permanently remain cured of my acne.  

   Stage One

  I started the Hygiene Diet by avoiding the foods that I am allergic to such as milk products. 

   Stage Two

  During this incremental phase I stopped eating all poor food combinations.  

   State Three

  I struggled hard during this incremental period to stop eating junk food, especially chocolate. I am a chocoholic.  

  Within six months eleven years of chronic acne was gone. One year later, all of the scars on my face that had occurred due to the acne marks on my skin had healed. I now have an utterly acne free skin complexion. However, if I deviate from the Hygiene Diet for a considerable amount of time, within twenty-four hours, pimples will revisit my face.  


  Aside from the Hygiene Diet having totally cleared up my chronic acne I experienced beneficial side effects. My taste buds became more acute. I can now taste my food. Oranges tasted like oranges and apples tasted like apples. Thus, I began to derive satisfaction from eating wholesome foods. My body started to get healthy versus unhealthy food cravings. Thus, I was able to get in tune with what nutrients my body needed instead of eating what junk foods my tongue wanted. For instance, I discovered that, just before the onset of my menstruation cycle, my body craved foods that contained vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron, foliate, potassium, and sodium. Hence, at thirty-two years of age I can run faster and farther than when I was on the High School Varsity Track team. Although both of my parents have a history of heart failure, my cholesterol level reads 94 and my physician has told me that whatever I am doing to keep doing it. I weigh 120 pounds and wear a dress size 6. And without even trying after eating according to the Hygiene Diet I lost two inches in my waist. It used to be 28 inches. Now it is 26 inches.  

  After ten years of being on the Hygiene Diet I have built up an intolerance of chocolate. When I initially began the Hygiene Diet I was able to consume seven ounces of chocolate a week. Now I cannot even ingest one ounce of chocolate a week without having the following physical warning signs: constipation or diarrhea, dehydration, itchy skin, pimple eruptions on the most unlikely areas of my skin – on top of my scalp, on my legs, and on my back. I also have mood swings – perky hyper-activity followed by irritable hypo-activity. The same thing happens with all other foods that I eat that are not good for me. Before I began the Hygiene Diet I did not had any symptoms after eating chocolate or any other foods that were bad for me, except for pimple break outs on my face. Therefore, I was not able to directly relate the result of my acne to the cause of my not eating right. After doing the Hygiene Diet I got diarrhea and/or constipation if I did not eat healthy. This made it obvious to me that my bodily symptoms were due to my having eaten something unhealthy.  

  Besides the Hygiene Diet having completely cleared up my chronic acne I experienced another beneifical side effect. My facial pores, which used to be big, are now normal sized small due to my drinking lots of water everyday as part of my overall healthy eating routine.  


  People who learn about my regimented dietary practice in order to avoid acne regard me as someone to pity. However, I feel sorry for them for although right now they may be able to eat whatever they desire whenever they wish to, they are at high risk for becoming a disease statistic. Getting cancer or a heart attack or diabetes is not very appetizing. I’d rather have a chronic acne problem during my adolescence and have been able to find the solution to it in adulthood by exercising a little bit of self restraint then suddenly and without warning have organ failure when I am middle aged and it is too late to do anything about it.  

  Acne is a symptom that the body uses to communicate to its host that something is going haywire with its digestive system. You don’t put soda pop in your car as fuel since your vehicle was designed to run on gasoline. So why put junk food into your body? The cure for acne is simple. Eat foods that your body is designed to use as fuel, foods that are in their natural state and their proper combination.

  As a sixteen-year old teenager, I discovered that acne is a disease of the body that if left untreated can result in illness or even cause death. I also discovered that not only did acne have a cure but that its cure cost me no more than the money I spent to buy food in the grocery store. I discovered the symptom and the cure for acne over thirty years ago. I say DIS-COVERED since back in the 1940’s medicine knew how to cure acne and that acne was a disorder that had nothing to do with age but everything to do with diet. Yet, to this day, the Bully Culture refuses to let the public know how to resolve the symptom of acne. The media advertises useless even dangerous health care products and/or services that claim to cure a face full of acne but they don’t! Do you want to waste your hard earned money and risk your health on the empty promises that these so called health care commodities offer you? Or, do you want to come to your own body’s rescue by simply eating a common sense diet?  

  If you have acne I urge you to make it disappear forever the natural way. Follow the Hygiene Diet. The Hygiene Diet is really not a diet. It is simply eating the way nature intended us to eat. Initially, it may be difficult to do. But like anything else in life that is worthwhile, it will become second nature to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you follow the Hygiene Diet plan. And as long as you don’t do it in excess, you can splurge on your favorite sin foods but still keep your skin free of acne. So you can have your devil’s cake and eat it too!  


   When I blew up from my slender fit frame into a grossly obese out of shape one, I turned to the weight loss industry for help. I was able to finance their expertise. However, it was not expertise that the weight loss industry offered me. They were more than willing to take my hard earned money, but they were not willing to give me the assistance that I so desperately needed and wanted to loss my excess fat pounds. The only thing the weight loss industry was willing to do was put my wallet on a diet and my money on an exercise program.  

  The following are some of the real life scenarios that I experienced with weight loss products and/or services:

  The people that I met who work for the weight loss industry were toxic. This was the last thing my overweight self needed or wanted as it reinforced and perpetuated my fatness. WEIGHT WATCHERS was a weight loss program that promoted a food diet plan to lose excess weight. I joined a weight watchers chapter on Irvine Blvd., and Yale Avenue in the town of Irvine in the state of California. Every week during weigh-in members of the Weight Watchers group overtly cheered for each other’s weight loss accomplishments but covertly sneered at one another’s weight loss achievements. I heard people say things like, “I hate so and so. He lost five pounds this week.” I thought a weight loss program was supposed to be inspiring not depressing. Aside from that, the leader of the chapter of Weight Watchers that I joined named RAFAELA singled me out for bullying because she was jealous that I knew more than she did about how to EXERCISE one’s extra pounds off. One day, Rafaela, decided to project her own foibles of being an irritable person since she was dieting onto me by, without provocation, accusing me of being aggravated because I was fat and so had to go on a diet. I promptly told her off and quit. It was a good thing, too, because later on through my own weight loss endeavors I figured out that the Weight Watchers weight loss program does not take into consideration that not every fat individual who weighs a certain amount, has a specific kind of lifestyle, or a particular rate of metabolism that allows them to eat 2,000 calories a day and still be able to lose weight. I, for one, have to eat 1,500 calories a day to lose one pound of fat per week. So if I had stayed with Weight Watchers I would have stayed fat. I lovingly rename Weight Watchers, “Hate Watchers” and say, “Rejection is God’s Protection.”  

  The weight loss industry made sure that my fat self failed to lose weight by excluding me from weight loss programs. I was so excited about joining JENNY CRAIG since it offered individual one-on-one counseling on how to drop excess fat pounds. I had already lost 30 pounds but got stuck on a physical weight plateau that I did not know how to get off of. I thought having my very own personal weight loss counselor was sure to show me how to lose my remaining 60 fat pounds. When I met the counselor who was going to be my personal weight loss coach I got even more enthusiastic. Just like me she weighed 180 pounds. Just like me she had lost some weight already. But most importantly she was really kind and easy to talk to. This was exactly what I needed and precisely what I wanted: someone who cared, to motivate me not to give up on my weight loss goal. Jenny Craig had me fill out a questionnaire that slighted me for being allergic to the junk food on its menu. A nasty rude for nothing nutritionist of Jenny Craig told me that being that I was not able to eat Jenny Craig’s meals I was not permitted to join Jenny Craig’s weight loss program. I begged Jenny Craig to let me join its weight loss program. I tried to negotiate with Jenny Craig by offering to bypass its meals but pay for the nice counselor who knew how to guide me to lose the rest of my excess weight. Jenny Craig refused. I felt devastated. Besides that, what really upset me was the attitude that Jenny Craig had towards me for not being able to eat its crap. Jenny Craig’s so-called nutritional expert met my tears of desperation for help, which uncontrollably rolled down my cheeks, with cruelty, and disregard. Jenny Craig was not even willing to suggest another weight loss program that might be able to assist me. Not knowing where else to turn I regained the 30 pounds that I had lost. Later on, through my own weight loss endeavors of research and development, I discovered that the refined white sugars and processed white grains that Jenny Craig’s so-called nutritional experts put into Jenny Craig’s so-called weight loss meals set a fat person up for going on a yo-yo diet of losing weight only to regain it back along with some extra pounds due to the zero nutrition value, empty calories, and addictive substances Jenny Craig’s menu consists of. So if I had stayed with Jenny Craig I would have stayed fat. I lovingly rename Jenny Craig “Jenny the Plague” and say, “Rejection is God’s Protection.”  

  The weight loss industry spewed half-truths and half-lies about what I had to do in order to loss excess fat weight. I joined FITNESS CLUBS and HIRED PERSONAL TRAINERS to help me lose weight. The personal trainers that I hired had no reservations about being unbelievably rude to me even though they were charging me anywhere from $30 to $70 per hour and I was paying it. Here I was an overweight woman trying to do something about my fat body and paying out of my own pocket to do it. I remember one of my private trainers said to me without provocation and for no constructive purpose, “You have a big butt.” Wow! How motivating! The so-called fitness trainers all had a one-size-fits-all mentality that all one has to do is weight training in order to lose weight. Their sale’s pitch was that weight training boosted metabolism. So even when one was not exercising one was shedding fat pounds. Not knowing any better, I complied with their instructions and weight trained. While I was working out with the weights I joined a fitness class at the fitness club to do abdominal exercises without weights. A month later, all of my abdominal muscles were ripped. Satisfied I stopped doing the abdominal workout. A month after that, I noticed that I had cellulite on over my stomach. I did not know that it was possible to get cellulite in such a place! For a year, I lifted dumb bells. But neither building my muscles bigger, nor toning my muscles firmer resulted in my losing even one pound! Plus, I had cellulite deposits all over my body that I never had before weight training. In addition, although my body had not gotten fatter, it had gotten bigger! So, I abandoned weights altogether. It was then that I remembered what had happened to me when I was ten years of age. I started doing sports in school. I participated in track and field events. The running that I did caused the muscles in my quadriceps to grow so large and so firm so quickly that they produced stretch marks on my skin at the top of my thighs. They are still there to this day. 

  The people who came and went to and from the fitness centers were haughty and unfriendly. They stuck their noses up at fat not so pretty people like me. So making friends to establish a workout partner was like going on a job interview. Being a human being who was a member of the same fitness facility ought to have been enough. But it was not! Both male and female members had this sort of chip on their shoulder, so gender was not the issue. I was not going to make any boy friend or any girl friend buddies to workout with. Was working out at a gym for one’s health sake or for going to a nightclub or day outing for socializing? Only the pretty people need apply. Gee! How inviting! Nearly all of the members of the fitness facilities were thin, and it was plain to see that they did not have any weight issues. So I thought, perhaps they just wanted to stay in shape, until I saw that they did not know what they were doing. Skinny females tried to perform cardiovascular exercise by putting the intensity level of the aerobic machine that they were working out on, on its highest level. I watched as their stilt legs slowed to a crawl attempting to climb the highest and steepest mountain. Their so-called aerobic exercise became very non aerobic, indeed! So, I wondered why they were there. My experiences with fitness facilities reminded me of a movie I saw called, “Dodge Ball”. The main character in the plot is the owner of a fitness center called “Average Joe’s”. He tells the public on a televised commercial something like, “Welcome to my gym. It is your gym, too. While you are here, you can lose a few pounds, and make some friends, too!” Too bad the movie is FICTION.  

  The weight loss industry expects me to engage in BULLY-VICTIM business-consumer relations with weight loss programs. I tried losing weight in a less conventional way. I went to a weight loss program called POSITIVE CHANGES in the town of Bellevue in the state of Washington to undergo hypnosis to tackle my chocoholic food addiction, which was sabotaging my weight loss endeavors. I thought I was going to meet a bona fide hypnotist. Instead, an intake counselor named Leslie was the one and only person who interviewed me. The first thing that came out of her mouth was, “There is no guarantee that hypnoses will work.” This was followed by her unbelievable rude laughter. While I was thinking to myself, “why woulda, shoulda, coulda I join this program if it does not even guarantee its own products and/or services”, Leslie said, “It takes as much time to subconsciously work out one’s issues as it does to consciously work out one’s issues.” I replied, “That does not make any sense as the subconscious mind bypasses the conscious brain and thereby gets to the root of the issue faster.” I knew a little bit about hypnosis for my father was a hypnotist. What happened next was that Leslie flat out said to me, “I don’t think you are a candidate for this program.” Incensed I said, “Why, because I disagree with you?” Then she said, “Well to be brutally honest with you I am afraid that you will miss your appointments and then start a fight with the clerks at the front desk.” “Oh my God, what are you crazy?! If you are going to reject me because I don’t agree with you then rejection is God’s protection and I will not do the program.” I retorted. Suddenly she changed her mind and said, “I decided that you can do the program.” My reply to her was, “I am not comfortable with your schizophrenia so I am not going to do this.” After that, I put the literature she had given me on her desk and said, “Good night” and left. My new name for Positive Changes is “Negative Rearranges.”  

  Due to my headache and heartache experiences with the weight loss industry I have developed a list of RED FLAGS to watch out for regarding weight loss programs. I heed their warning by running in the opposite direction as fast as I can whenever, wherever, and however I see them. I have lost a pound or two just doing that!

Red Warning Flag #1

  They offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So if you do not like the product and/or service you can return it for a full refund. The money back guarantee is there to make you believe that the weight loss industry’s product and/or service really works, so that you will purchase it. Sounds reassuring, doesn’t it? The money back guarantee is offered because the weight loss industry knows that if its products and/or services do not work, the consumers, who might otherwise sue the weight loss company for fraud, don’t. Three, most consumers will not return a faulty product and/or service. Instead their attitude is, “It’s too much of a hassle!” So the weight loss company pockets the consumers’ money for selling empty products and/or disservices. Once I purchased an elliptical trainer machine to do aerobic exercise on. It was such a shoddy piece of merchandise that within a month I had to exchange it for another one, and another one, and another one. After three times of having to exchange it, I finally quit doing so, and asked for my money back.  

Red Warning Flag #2

  They give FALSE TESTIMONIALS. Take a good hard look at the before and after photos of the so called “before” fat and “after” thin people that are on the weight loss infomercials who are sharing with you their so called weight loss success. For the most part, the photos are rather difficult to discern if the “before” image belongs to the “after” image of the same individual. This is because a lot of the time they do not. Looking at weight loss testimonial photos is sort of like looking at UFO photography. They don’t come out clearly enough to know if indeed the camera registered on film a bona fide Unidentified Flying Object. Some of the ways in which the weight loss industry obscures the identity of the “before” and “after” testimonial photographs is by a) making them too far away from your visual scan to be able to make out any significant details and b) the side view of one photo and the front view of the other photo is shown and c) certain visual distractions such as sunglasses or a hat appear on the “before” photo but not the “after” photo hiding the person’s features and d) only the “after” photo not the “before” photo shows a different hair style, hair color, hair length. 

  Sometimes, if you get close enough to the television set, and both the “before” and the “after” photo shots are looking straight at you the viewer, you can see that the “before” photo of the fat person has a different sized or shaped eyes, nose, or mouth than the “after” photo of the thin person. This is how you can be sure that the fat person and the thin person are not the same person!  

  Once I visited a weight loss facility called Curves to find out about its weight loss program. The owner interviewed me. She claimed that she used to weigh a fat 200 pounds but had been able to reduce her weight to a thin 140 pounds, thanks to the weight loss program that she was representing. She even showed me a photo of what she claimed to be herself. I noticed that her photo only revealed the profile (side view) of the 200 pound fat woman who had long wavy hair and looked Hispanic, whereas, she was an Asian woman with long straight hair. I asked her if I could feel her bicep. She let me. To my surprise it was flat and felt like a sponge. There was no muscle tone there. To lose as much weight as she claimed she woulda, shoulda, coulda have to eat a certain amount of calories on a daily basis and do regular exercise. So her muscle mass ought to have been toned – firmer and larger. It became obvious to me that this woman had lied to me. She never ever had a weight problem. So I did the fifty-yard dash out of there!  

Red Warning Flag #3

  Many weight loss commercials make UNREALISTIC WEIGHT LOSS CLAIMS that one can lose a lot of weight in a little amount of time just by doing such and such on their weight loss programs. Their weight loss programs do not even work let alone work so well that they permit one to lose an absurd amount of weight in practically no time at all. All the ways that I know of that allow one to lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time are counterproductive. As a for instance, you can go on the water diet. Dehydrate yourself. Water is a heavy substance. Body water loss will cause the scale to go down, but once you put water back into the body the scale will go right back up again. The body is composed if about 75% of water. So, the body must have water. 

Red Warning Flag #4

  The poster children of the weight loss industry who claim to have reached their weight loss goals by following a weight loss program but who fail to tell you how they did so and/or who give you vague information as to how they did so never ever had a weight issue. VAGUE INFORMATION is incomplete information. Here are some examples of incomplete data on how to loss weight: The weight loss program claims that you will lose your excessive fat pounds by just eating a wholesome well balanced diet. The weight loss program claims that you will lose your excessive fat pounds by just lifting weights. The weight loss program claims that you will lose your excessive fat pounds by just doing physical activity. None of the above will take you the distance to lose any, most, or all of your excessive fat pounds.

Red Warning Flag #5

  I have as of yet to witness any weight loss program that addresses the PHYSICAL WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU. Instead they bolster their claim that no matter how much weight you have to lose, you can lose it all if you just stick to their program. According to them you will stick to their weight loss program since it is fun not boring as if that has anything whatsoever to do with getting rid of your excess fat weight. A physical weight loss plateau is when you reach a point in your weight loss endeavors in which your calorie expenditure – the amount of calories your body outputs has become the same as the amount of calories that your body inputs – the amount of calories you consume. In other words, your body is no longer producing a calorie deficit – a lack of calories. This makes your body stop expending as its calories the energy that it has stored up as fat. You stop losing weight.  

Red Warning Flag #6

  Weight loss programs claim that their products and/or services will give you a HIGH CALORIE BURN. For instance, they will say something like their weight lifting devices or aerobic machines will permit you to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. Thusly, if you work out for 7 hours you will metabolize 7,000 calories. That’s two pounds of fat loss.  

  While you are watching these weight loss commercials, zoom in on the caption of words that may appear at the bottom of the television screen now and then in microscopic letters. You may have to get a magnifying glass to read them. It will say something like, “This is not a typical weight loss result” or “Weight loss results may vary”. What the United States legal system is forcing the weight loss industry to inform the consumer about is that most people are not going to achieve the kind of weight loss results these weight loss programs claim that people can accomplish. Here is why. Only about 30% of the entire global human population will get these results. This is because their bodies either have an extremely high metabolism rate or a lot of dense muscle mass.  

  These individuals are not the typical overweight person. There fit bodies are accustomed to metabolizing fat. A fat body is accustomed to manufacturing fat. However, God gave us remarkable bodies that are always striving for equilibrium. If we give them half of a chance by nourishing them with a wholesome diet and an appropriate amount of exercise their metabolism rate and lean body mass will incrementally increase. That means that, as far as those 1,000 calories go, you will incinerate them just not in one hour. 

Red Warning Flag #7

   Weight loss programs advocate a ONE-SIZE FITS--ALL METHOD for losing weight. They swear that weight training will boost your metabolism. Increasing metabolism means speeding up the rate at which you convert calories into energy. Decreasing metabolism means slowing down the rate at which you convert calories into energy. A calorie is a unit of energy. Weight training is an ISOTONIC exercise. That means that it shortens the muscle as a result of contracting it by keeping it under constant tension. This bulks muscle. Weight training increases ones muscle mass which in turn increases the amount of calories one has to intake in order to keep up with the energy output that the now greater muscle mass expends, even while the body is at rest. Therefore, weight training does rev up a body’s metabolism. However, it depends on which type of body the weights are training. You may not have the body type that benefits at all from weight training!  

Red Warning Flag #8

  Weight loss programs use BUZZ WORDS to advertise the sale of their products and/or services. There favorite terms are “secret” and “magic”. They will say phrases like, “Do you want to know what our weight loss secret is?” or “Our weight loss program works like magic”. Why do they use these buzz words? Because their weight loss programs are not based on any scientific principles that are necessary to explain why any weight loss program is going to b successful.  

Red Warning Flag #9

  Weight loss programs use BRAGGING RIGHTS as a means by which to win your confidence. They will boast that they have reduced the price of their weight loss product and/or service – after claiming that it costs an exorbitant price – out of the goodness of their heart. After all they are in business to help people, aren’t they? I saw an advertisement that claimed that it charges celebrities $1,000 an hour to participate in its weight loss program but for you it will only cost $100 to buy it plus shipping and postage. The truth is that the weight loss program isn’t even worth one cent. Their bragging rights are a smoke screen to hide the fact that they have not been able to sell their useless weight loss program at the competitive market price. So they have to resort to selling it at whatever price they think they can sucker you into purchasing it for. Bragging rights also use the numbers game to dupe you into believing that their weight loss program is useful by boasting that for instance over one million people use it. There are about 300 million people in the United States. If only 1 million people are patrons of their weight loss program that amounts to less than 1%. That’s .3%. Big deal! Bragging rights also assert that a weight loss program is, “world renown”. Spare me! I have never ever heard of it before. Or, that such and such magazine endorses it. So what! A commercial can get anyone to say just about anything to anybody about a so-called product and/or service. All it has to do is pay them to!  


  The weight loss industry’s weight loss programs did NOT work for my FAT self. Never mind that my FAT body desperately needed and thereby wanted a weight loss program. It was like trying to get a loan from a bank. So, I wondered, how can a fat person, like myself, lose weight? I decided to deal with my weight loss issue by taking a common sense approach. I observed how nature works. It is how one’s body works. One’s metabolism, which is what makes one’s body either gain or lose weight, is similar to the element of fire. Fire must have fuel, oxygen, and heat in order to burn. Therefore, one’s metabolism has to have food, exercise, and intensity in order to burn fat.


  Like the element of FIRE, which must have FUEL in order to burn, our metabolism has to have FOOD in order to BURN FAT. Our star the sun is a ball of fire. Our stomach is a bowl of acid. Our stomach and the sun are both similar in that they both combust energy. The sun converts hydrogen fuel into helium gas. Its solar thermal nuclear fusion gives off heat that radiates, and light that emanates throughout our solar system. Our stomach breaks down food into heat energy to produce body heat for physical function, and light energy to generate electrical nerve impulses for mental cognition. Our stomach and the sun are also similar in the way that they burn energy throughout the day. Everyday, the sun takes about three hours to move across each of a total of four segments of the earth’s sky. The stomach takes about three hours to digest food and therefore must consume food four times a day.  


  According to the way human beings measure time, the first segment of sky that the sun travels through represents anti-meridian or a.m. It is called morning. Morning refers to sunrise. Sunrise is when the sun meets the horizon line as a cool red-orange glowing ball. As the sun climbs one quarter way up into the sky it turns into a warm yellow flaming orb. During sunrise the sun is at its weakest strength since its rays have just begun to hit the earth after many hours of darkness. We, like the morning sun, are also at our lowest energy level having slept all night. That being said, since we have been fasting – without food – all night long, our morning meal ought to be our biggest meal of the day. In addition, more than any other time of the day, our body needs the most fuel because we tend to be the most active in the morning. The morning meal is called breakfast, which is a compound word made up of the two words “break” and “fast”. The morning meal breaks the fast that we have been doing all night while sleeping. But the biggest meal of the day does not necessarily mean the largest amount of food. Rather it refers to the type of food that is best for us to consume as fuel. This kind of food has the slowest and longest energy burning power. It takes the longest amount of time for the digestive system to integrate therefore the body burns up its usable energy the slowest. It is known as COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES. Food sources that contain complex carbohydrates are whole grains such as wheat or corn.  


  According to the way human beings measure time, the second segment of sky that the sun travels through represents the meridian. It is called noon. Noon refers to the warming up yellow flaming orb of the sun one-quarter way up the eastern sky becoming a hot blinding white stellar light that enters the meridian skyline. The noontime sun is in full force with its rays striking the earth’s surface straight on. But because the sun has already broken daylight this time frame ranks second in intensity. So its meal is called lunch. At this time the body is still quite active but since the stomach has already had a meal about three hours ago this is the second most important meal of the day. The body no longer needs fuel in order to get its engines started, however, in order to keep its engines going full steam ahead the best type of food to eat is STARCHES. Starches are CARBOHYDRATES that contains both complex sugars that break down slowly like the slow burning energy fuel source of grains, and simple sugars that break down quicker like the faster burning energy fuel source of vegetables. So the best lunch you can eat contains starches, which are root vegetables such as POTATOES and CARROTS. 


  According to the way in which human beings measure time, the third segment of sky that the sun travels through represents post meridian or p.m. It is called dinner. Afternoon refers to the noon hot blinding white stellar light of the sun descending a quarter way down the western sky into a cooling off yellow-white brilliant orb. This sun is declining in power. Its rays begin to cast shadows. At this time the body is getting prepared to end the day’s activities. Therefore, the body needs a quick burning source of fuel. So the best kind of food to eat at dinner comes from the VEGETABLE and FRUIT group. Vegetables and fruits are SIMPLE CARBOHYDRATES, which only contain simple sugars. They are easily digested and so enter the bloodstream immediately to be used as a rapid burning but short term supply of energy.


  According to the way in which the human being measures time, the fourth segment of sky that the sun travels through represents the twilight. The word twilight means “two lights” as sometimes while the sun is setting the moon is also rising. Twilight marks the end of the day and the start of nightfall. The afternoon cooling off yellow-white brilliant orb of the sun transforms into a cool orange-red glowing ball as it falls into a multicolored pink sunset along the horizon line. The sun’s light begins to fade and the sky gets dark. At this time the body winds down fatigued from the day’s events. Soon we will go to sleep and fast so it is best to eat a small meal to also let our stomach’s rest. During sleep our body undergoes a process called “protein synthesis.” This is when our organism synthesizes the protein that we have eaten during the day in order to repair and/or replace body tissue that has been worn away as a result of our daily activities. So the best kind of food to eat for a snack is PROTEIN. Whole proteins are found in MEAT products and MILK products. Partial proteins are found in vegetable and fruit based foods such as TOFU, LEGUMES, BEANS, NUTS and SEEDS.  

  A well balanced diet can also be derived at from observing the human MOUTH. The human mouth is made up of four quadrants. These four quadrants are associated with the four seasons of the year that food grows in. The four quadrants of the human mouth have a total of 32 teeth.  

  Human beings have a total of 20 grinding teeth. That’s 12 molars and 8 bicuspids. Also, human beings have a total of 12 tearing teeth. That’s 8 incisors and 4 canines. If we divide the 20 grinding teeth into the 4 quadrants within our mouth we get 5 grinding teeth per quadrant. If we divide the 12 tearing teeth into the 4 quadrants within our mouth we get 3 tearing teeth per quadrant. Per each quadrant the human mouth has 3 molars, which are used to grind up grains, 2 bicuspids, which are used to chew up vegetables and fruits, and 2 incisors along with 1 eye tooth, which are used to tear apart proteins. Per quadrant that amounts to a ratio of 50% carbohydrates and 30% proteins that we are supposed to eat in order to have a well balanced diet.  

  In addition, the 5 grinding teeth and 3 tearing teeth in each quadrant of our mouth gives us a 5 to 3 ratio. This means that, 62.5% of all of the food that we eat is supposed to come from plant based carbohydrates that our grinding teeth pulverize, and 37.5 % of all of the food that we eat is supposed to come from animal flesh protein that our tearing teeth rip apart. Per quadrant that amounts to a ratio of 20% fat that we are supposed to eat in order to have a well balanced diet. Also, per quadrant 12.5% of our fat, is derived at from the carbohydrates that we eat, and 7.5% of our fat, is derived at from the proteins that we eat. So, per quadrant we are supposed to eat a 5 (grinding teeth) to 3 (tearing teeth) ratio of unsaturated (plant food) fat to saturated (animal food) fat in order to have a well balanced diet.  

  While we are talking about percentages, did you know that your body is made up of about 75% water? Therefore, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drink more water if you exercise as you are losing it through sweating. Water keeps your body from dehydrating, it purges your body of toxins, it cools the body down when it is overheated, and it moisturizes your skin.  

  In order to get a well balanced diet, you must eat a variety of foods. This means that, of the 50% carbohydrates that you are to eat everyday, 4 servings of them are to come from the grain and starch food group, and 4 servings of them are to come from the vegetable and fruit food group. This means that, of the 30% proteins that you are to eat everyday, 4 servings of them are to come from the meat and milk protein food group. This means that, of the 20% fat that you are to eat everyday, you will get 2 servings that will come from both saturated and unsaturated fats 

   To meet your daily nutritional requirements consume:

   3 servings from the grain food group 
   1 serving from the starch food group 
   2 servings from the vegetable and 2 servings from the fruit food group
   2 serving from the meat and 2 servings from the milk food group

   Correct serving sized portions from each food group are as follows:

   One serving of grains is 2 (solid) ounces.
   One serving of starches is 2 (solid) ounces.
   One serving of vegetables and fruit is 4 (solid) ounces.
   One serving of meat is 4 (solid) ounces
   One serving of milk is 8 (liquid) ounces.
   One serving of nuts, seeds, legumes, and beans is 1 (solid) ounce.

   A solid serving size is 4 ounces or a cup.  
   A liquid serving size is 8 ounces or a cup.  

  There are myriads of weight loss diets that claim that one has to eliminate fats, carbohydrates, or proteins from one’s diet in order to lose weight. Bull Crap! Contrary to what the Bully Culture hopes that you will believe our body must consume FAT and in its proper ratio of saturated (LDL) fat to unsaturated (HDL) fat in order to metabolize its fat stores so that you can lose your excessive fat pounds. Contrary to what the Bully Culture hopes that you will believe our body has to consume SUGAR (simple carbohydrates), in order to get the fat fires burning to convert fat into fuel so that you can lose your excessive fat pounds. Contrary to what the Bully Culture hopes that you will believe it is necessary for our body to consume PROTEIN in order to maintain lean body mass so that the body’s muscles can perform the exercise required for fat burning to occur.


  How do you get rid of all of your extra fat pounds in a healthy way except for the 20% to 30% of body fat that you must have in order to remain healthy? Every body has what I call a GENETIC TEMPERATURE. Another word for genetic temperature is basal metabolic rate (BMR). Basal metabolic rate is, “the rate at which energy is expended at rest” [See Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, second edition, 1997, copyright Random House Incorporated, page 109]. In other words, basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories that the body uses up on a daily basis for its life support systems. Genetic temperature, which is the speed at which one’s body converts food into usable energy while the body is at rest, is the AMOUNT OF CALORIES one can eat every day WITHOUT GAINING OR LOSING ANY WEIGHT. That means that, daily calorie consumption above one’s genetic temperature will convert the surplus of calories into fat storage thereby bringing about weight gain, and daily caloric consumption below genetic temperature will put one in starvation mode and thereby set one up for yo-yo (pseudo) weight loss.  

  Being that losing weight entails CALORIES IN AND CALORIES OUT, weight loss programs hope that you will believe that one of the ways that you can lose excessive fat pounds is through CALORIE REDUCTION. One difficulty with undertaking a calorie reduction diet is that, if your calorie reduction is too high your body will hoard the calories and you will not be able to lose any weight at all. At the same token if your calorie reduction is too low your body will not convert enough calories into energy to require any weight loss. If one gets the calorie reduction just right, the troublesome thing about reducing calories in order to lose weight is that it only works up to a point. People who have fast metabolisms will shed weight for a longer duration of time on a reduced calorie diet than people who have slow metabolisms. Furthermore, people who deprive their body of a lot of calories on a regular basis will stop shedding weight sooner than people who only deprive their body of a few calories on a regular basis. However, the overall end result is the same. All of them will go into starvation mode.  

  STARVATION MODE whether it is a mild, moderate, or severe form of depriving the body of CALORIES, which are necessary for the body to support its basic life functions, makes the body believe that its very existence is being threatened. Such causes the body to go into panic mode. The result is that the body, not only becomes efficient at hording fat, it also becomes proficient at storing fat. In mathematical terms this means that, the amount of calorie reduction equals the rate at which the body will drop into starvation mode. Starvation mode causes the body’s METABOLISM TO SLOW DOWN to accommodate the fewer amount of calories it is made to live on. Moreover, the rate at which one drops into starvation mode equals the amount of lean body mass that one loses as well. This is due to the fact that the calorie shortage makes the body convert some of its muscle tissue into usable energy. Thusly, every pound that the scale says that you lost you will have also shed muscle mass along with those fat pounds! Eventually, the reduction of calorie input will exceed the body’s energy output and the body will reach a PERMANENT PHYSICAL WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU. Hence, people who follow a calorie reduction diet plan become victims of the yo-yo weight loss effect. One, they are unable to get all of their excessive weight off due to the unavoidable permanent weight loss plateau that their body will arrive at. Two, after they get off of the calorie reduction diet, their body will overcompensate for having been forced into under eating starvation mode by over eating, thereby piling all of their lost weight back on. Three, they will gain a few extra fat pounds as a result of their body’s metabolism having slowed down. Four, calorie reduction diets deprive the body of the nutrition it must have in order to stay healthy. Therefore, do NOT go on any calorie reduction diet no matter how little the amount of fat pounds you have to lose and no matter how small of a calorie reduction you make. There are exceptions to this rule. If one is going to literally die of obesity and so it is medically necessary for one to do something drastic and immediate in order to save one’s life, then adhering to a calorie reduction diet may be one’s only option as it takes the fat off fast. Or if one has a medical problem that hinders one’s capability of losing weight through exercise then adhering to a calorie reduction diet may be one’s only option for removing fat pounds.  

  One’s genetic temperature is NOT governed by how much lean body mass (LBM) a body has. In other words, the more lean body mass an individual has, the faster the person’s basal metabolic rate will be. Not so! It depends upon which type of body you have. For example, on the one hand, the ectomorph type of body has a thin as a stick body build that possesses a relatively scarce amount of lean body mass. Yet, do to its high metabolism many ectomorphic individuals have trouble keeping their healthy body fat on! On the other hand, the mesomorph type of body has a thick as a stone body build that possesses a relatively abundant amount of lean body mass. Yet, do to its low metabolism many mesomorphic individuals have difficulty keeping unhealthy body fat off! 

  One’s genetic temperature is not determined by how much muscle mass or lack of it one’s body has. Genetic temperature has been pre-recorded into one’s GENETICS. The body’s metabolism is regulated by a pre-programmed DNA basal metabolic rate. Genetic temperature dictates the number of calories per day a body will live on. This explains why some people can eat a lot on a daily basis and not gain any weight while others eat a little bit on a daily basis and cannot lose any weight. Genetic temperature varies with each individual. For instance, person A may be able to live on 2,000 – 2,500 calories a day without gaining or losing weight whereas person B may be able to live on 4,000 – 5,000 calories a day without gaining or losing weight. So one has to discover what one’s own genetic temperature is.  

   The following method will show you how to figure out your genetic temperature:

   1) Eat a strictly well-balanced wholesome diet. Don’t eat any junk foods as their toxic substances will wreck havoc on your organism’s appetite by fooling your body into thinking it is hungry when it is full and it is full when it is hungry.  

   2) Eat only when you are hungry – get hunger pangs and salivate. In a short while you will be able to tell when you are really hungry and how much food to eat before you actually are satiated.  

   3) Keep your lifestyle the same, and do not embark upon any exercise regimen...yet.

   4) Keep a food log that keeps track of how many calories you are eating each day. Some days you may eat more or less calories than other days. No worries! A pattern will develop around an average number or range of calories that you are eating on a daily basis.  

   5) After one week weigh your self on a scale. If you have not gained or lost any weight you have established your genetic temperature. My genetic temperature is 2,000 calories per day. I have a slow metabolism. The average person with an average metabolism must eat 2,500 calories a day just to live on. The United States Food and Drug Administration decades ago dropped the number of calories from 2,500 daily to 2,000 a day as a means by which to assist the ever growing number of fatter Americans in getting thinner. In other words the American government approved of a calorie reduction type of weight loss program for American citizens who are part of the American fat epidemic.  


  Why do some people have a predisposition to be muscular, some people to be fat, and some people to be thin, and why do people have different rates at which they burn off calories? The answer seems to lie in one’s ancestry. We have inherited from our ancestors a specific body build and a particular genetic temperature as a result of the way in which they lived. Throughout the ages of human existence there were variables within the environment that altered the human being’s anatomical structure. For instance, long ago after the ice age the Neanderthals were known to have traversed the earth. To survive the still extremely cold climatic conditions of their habitat their bodies were shorter in stature and thicker in bone structure than a person’s body is in our modern day era. Perhaps their bodies had a thick skeletal mass to insulate them from the cold and were shorter in height due to a scarce food supply. Anyway, after the earth started to warm up, developed a more temperate climate, and food was not so hard to forage, a new breed of humanoid came into existence known as the Crow Magnum. The Crow Magnum people were taller and thinner than the Neanderthals had been.  

  Just as the human race had to make physiological adaptations just to survive the world that they found themselves in, it appears that our not so distant ancestors had to do the same. They had to make lifestyle change physiological adaptations. For thousands of years our ancestors have been subjected to a social stratum. The social stratum consists of three main socio-economic groups of people. They are the rich leisure upper class, the working middle class, and the lowly poor slave class. Each of these three social classes seems to parallel the three main types of body build and the three main rates of metabolism that people have today. Our body is like a Tabula Rosa – blank slate of clay. The clay etchings marked upon it morph our body into either an ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph body build that operates at either a high, moderate, or low rate of metabolism. To put it another way, our body adapts into a specific shape that intakes and outputs energy at a particular rate in order to meet the demands thrust upon it by the type of lifestyle that we live.  

The Ectomorph

  The ectomorph possesses a high metabolism that makes him able to burn up calories so rapidly that he may have difficulty in keeping his healthy weight on. The ectomorph is built like a, “Lean, mean, fat burning machine”, yet he is made up mostly of skin and bone with very little muscle mass. He looks like he has the body of a highly tuned athlete who can perform endurance activities such as a marathon race. So how did the ectomorphic body build evolve? The ectomorph belongs to the rich leisure upper class folk. They did not have to struggle making a living so they had the luxury of a lot of free time. Thusly, they devoted themselves to recreational activity. Most of their playtime involved engaging in activities that required stamina for the fun of it. Hence, they participated in sports of endurance that we today refer to as aerobics. For instance, they most probably played soccer or rugby, or played polo on horseback. In any event (no pun intended) since their bodies were executing isometric exercise they developed small lean muscle tissue all over. Because their bodies were performing aerobic exercise they burned up most of their calories just moving about. And due to the fact that they belonged to the wealthy class food was a cornucopia. Food was so plentiful and readily available to them they ate whatever they needed and wanted whenever they wanted or needed food in order to supply and re-supply their bodies with the amount of calories that it demanded to support the rigorous and vigorous activities that they involved themselves in. Thereby their bodies became accustomed to storing very little fat for they knew that food sources were in ample supply. Ectomorphs are susceptible to giving birth to premature babies, getting brittle bones as they age, and contracting cancer. It was not until recently that the ectomorph developed an anorexic relationship with food due to their compulsiveness with being the “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the thinnest of them all” obsession. Ego is the leisure class’s only real pleasure in life so they view being skinny as the winner of the competition. Never mind that they have control over the food supply. They can literally die of starvation!  

The Endomorph

  The endomorph possesses an average metabolism that makes him able to burn up calories at a moderate rate and lose fat at a moderate pace. The endomorph has a fair amount of muscle mass that tends to be layered with intramuscular fat. He has a heavy round body that looks robust if he remains active and rotund if he becomes inactive. The endomorph built like workhorse. He has become accustomed to being moderately active all day long doing mobile versus sedentary activity. So how did the endomorph body build evolve? The endomorph belongs to the working class. They had to work hard to make ends meet perhaps from sun up till sun down up to seven days a week. But they owned what they had and they had some level of freedom to choose their occupation, which included some playtime. Endomorphs were hunters, trappers, farmers, craftsmen, factory workers, etc. Whatever their business trade they had in common activity that was a combination of aerobic exercise such as walking through the wilderness to locate prey, isometric such as pushing or pulling a plow, and isotonic as in lifting the tools of their craft like the anvil of the blacksmith. Thusly, their muscles grew somewhat large and firm. However, their labors were not necessarily continuous nor was their food supply so their muscle mass was marbled with layers of fat. He had more than enough to eat during harvest time, hunting seasons, or holiday days off celebrations. He had less than enough to eat in between those occasions. Hence, he had a “Feast or famine” relationship with food of pushing towards the table but also pulling away from the table. His metabolism adjusted accordingly by striking a happy medium between the extremes of being slowed down during the less than adequate food supply times and sped up during the more than adequate food supply times. It was not until recently that the endomorph developed a bulimic relationship with food due to his envious worship of the thin cult of the upper crust (no pun intended). This is a shame for perhaps the closest to the ideal body type is the endomorph. Endomorphs seem to have the healthiest lifestyle of the three body types. His is the closest to living life in moderation. He does not play all day but he does not slave all day either. The endomorph body build is considered the closest to the ideal body type. It is regarded as “normal” to have the amount of body fat the endomorph possesses – 20% to 25%. It was not until recently that the endomorph developed a bulimic relationship with food due to his envious worshipping of the thin cult of the upper crust (no pun intended).  

The Mesomorph

  The mesomorph who by nature inherited not by nurture developed via weight training his muscle mass possesses a slow metabolism that makes him burn up calories slowly and lose fat at a slow pace. The mesomorph has a bountiful supply of muscle mass that is surrounded by subcutaneous fat stores. The mesomorph has a thick sturdy body that looks powerfully muscled and strong boned. His rock like musculature and dense skeletal structure has come about as a result of the very hard life his ancestors had. The mesomorph is built like a war tank. He is extremely tough physically since he had to endure overwhelmingly harsh labor conditions and lack of nutrition. The mesomorph belongs to the slave class so he did all work and had no play. He had to work whenever and wherever and however he was told to around both clock and calendar with nearly no rest and almost no food. He either owned almost nothing or owned nothing and had to obey his taskmasters. His activities were mostly isotonic. He stood or moved about in order to lift and carry heavy burdens or pull or push heavy objects such as heavy artillery, bundles of crops, cages of animals, carriages of people, etc. Thusly, the demand upon his muscles and bones was very great. Hence, the great weights that he had to lug around all day long made his bones heavy and his muscles thick. Non aerobic activity and a scarcity of food forced the mesomorph to compensate for not having enough fuel to energize his life support system by slowing down his metabolic rate and converting as much of the little amount food he got into fat. Fat was as precious to the mesomorph as gold and silver were to his masters. It was not until recently that the thick mesomorph developed a “Binging” relationship with food due to a raise in living standards that in general has made food more readily available to the impoverished. Hoarding fat under starving conditions is how the mesomorph survived so he has a tendency to overeat in the presence of food due to his “starvation” gene. Mesomorph’s are susceptible to heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity. It was not until recently that the thick mesomorph developed a binging relationship with food due to a raise in living standards that in general has made food more readily available to the impoverished. Food is the slave class’s sole actual pleasure in life so it is easy to lose control over eating it. Never mind that food has always been a scarce commodity to them. They can literally die from obesity!  


  Like the element of FIRE, which must have OXYGEN in order to burn, our metabolism has to have EXERCISE in order to BURN FAT. After you have figured out your genetic temperature you are ready to embark upon a weight loss program that will set you up for overall weight loss success without the negative side effects that calorie reduction diets produce. It is called exercise. Exercise enables you to shed ALL of your excess fat pounds without having the negative physical side effects that calorie reduction diets produce that absolutely and ultimately sabotage your weight loss. If you are overweight your goal is to lose weight by converting the fat that has been stored in your body into energy. To proficiently access your body’s fat stores you have to be in a fat burning zone. Muscle is what metabolizes fat. Oxygen is the key that opens the safe to fat energy usage. The best way that muscle can access fat stores is when the body undergoes a moderate level of physical exertion at a steady pace over a long period of time. When this occurs the cardiovascular system is involved in aerobic, which means providing oxygen exercise, and the muscles are able to grab a sufficient supply of oxygen to break down fat into fuel. In other words, aerobic exercise through the cardiovascular system oxygenates muscles so that they can efficiently burn up fat. An aerobic workout refers to the muscle putting out energy at a steady and continuous pace over a sufficient period of time. Fat burning commences after 20 minutes of aerobic exercise. It does not happen sooner since, before the body can begin burning fat, it has to burn some simple carbohydrate sugar calories to get the fat burning fuel fire started. Hence, a minimum aerobic workout is 30 minutes.  

  When I talk about exercise I am not referring to physical activity I am referring to an aerobics workout. Aerobic exercise is geared to put one into a FAT BURNING ZONE. While physical activity may be aerobic it does not necessarily put one in a fat burning zone. You can participate in sports, or engage in marshal arts, or dance, walk, jog, swim, etc., however, if your cardiovascular and respiratory rates are all over the place you will not lose any fat.  

  In order to lose fat at an optimal rate you have to be in the fat burning zone. If the aerobic exercise is too easy or too hard your muscles will burn sugar not fat. So, the question is, how does one know when one is working out at the proper level for fat burning? There are several of factors that will help you determine this. They are muscle burn, cardiovascular rate and respiratory rate. All of these methods must be combined together to assist you in establishing the aerobic workout intensity level that puts you into your fat burning zone.  

  MUSCLE BURN means getting a mild muscle discomfort in the muscle groups that you are working out DURING your aerobic exercise routine. Muscle burn does not refer to getting a “no pain no gain” muscle tenseness. Such is for body builders who non-aerobically lift weights to develop muscle mass. Your goal is to remove excess fat by working your muscles aerobically. If you don’t get any muscle soreness at all during your aerobic workout then you are working out at too low of an intensity level. The only instance in which you will not experience any muscle soreness during your aerobic workout is when you have been working out at your current intensity level long enough that your muscles have gotten acclimated to it. If moderate to severe muscle soreness occurs one or two days after your aerobic workouts then you are working out at too high of an intensity level. The only instance in which you ought to experience any muscle soreness AFTER an aerobic workout is when you initially commence aerobic activity.  

  CARDIOVASCULAR RATE means that your heart is beating at the proper amount of beats per minute to put you into the right intensity level for fat burning. If your pulse rate is too high or too low your body will burn sugar calories instead of fat calories. I have found that if my pulse beats so light that I can hardly feel it I am exercising at too low of an intensity level to be in my fat burning zone. If my pulse beats so hard that it seems like it is going to burst out of my wrist I am exercising at too high a level to be in my fat burning zone. If my pulse beats at a MODERATE fast and hard pace then I am in the right intensity level for dropping fat weight. By monitoring my cardiovascular rate at my currently appropriate intensity level, when I reach a weight loss plateau I can use it to locate the next appropriate intensity level that I ought to be on. My cardiovascular rate at the beginning of my aerobic exercise regimen was 120 beats per minute. I have discovered a pattern with regard to my cardiovascular rate. With each new weight loss plateau breakthrough that I make, my heart goes up 10 more beats per minute.  

  RESPIRATORY RATE means that your lungs are breathing correctly to put you into the right intensity level for fat burning. If you breathe too lightly for instance you can talk on a cell phone while you are working out, your intensity level is too low. If you breathe too heavily for instance you are huffing and puffing and feeling as if your heart is going to burst out of your chest, your intensity level is too high. In order to be within your fat burning zone you must inhale and exhale at a MODERATE rhythmic pace. You will also help your muscles grab oxygen in order to metabolize fat by doing deep breathing. Deep breathing entails inhaling the oxygen in a long drawn in breath all the way down into your abdomen and exhaling carbon dioxide in a long drawn out breath as opposed to shallow breathing, which inhales oxygen and exhales oxygen strictly into and out of the lung. Deep breathing takes some getting used but it is the way that human beings are supposed to breathe when the body is in an exercise mode. To perform rhythmic deep breathing, inhale and exhale continuously with a slight pause in between them. Be sure to exhale as deeply as you inhale. If your breathing cycle is truly rhythmic you will feel completely in sync with your workout, which may cause you to experience an endorphin high. Many people do not realize that deep rhythmic breathing is a very important part of aerobic exercise. Not only does it oxygenate your muscles so fat burning can commence, it also invigorates your mind by making it more alert, and rejuvenates your body by accelerating its healing process.  


  There is no such thing as, “One size fits everybody.” One size fits no body. You cannot trick the body into letting go of fat by playing the starvation concentration camp weight loss game with your calories. It is pointless to declare war on nature. One has to respect the body’s limitations by eating according to one’s genetic temperature. If one eats according to one’s genetic temperature and one exercises according to one’s fat burning zone, then one will lose fat pounds without getting hungry as one will be accessing one’s unnecessary fat stores not one’s necessary daily caloric consumption. One’s basal metabolic rate is determined by nature through hereditary factors. Nonetheless one’s basal metabolic rate can be altered by nurture through environmental factors. It may take several generations to do so. Since our DNA has to undergo a mutation process in order to adapt itself to a new environment. Nevertheless one can modify one’s body type and metabolic rate by using a common sense approach. You may not be able to change the social class that you were born into. What you can do is strive to live your life in moderation. The odds are against it that you will be able to overcome your own ancestral physiological genetic lineage. However, with proper diet and appropriate exercise you can achieve a happier medium and you will be able to pave the way for your offspring to be better well adjusted when it comes to their relationship with food, their genetic temperature, and their overall physique.  

The Ectomorph

  I used to workout at a gym in the apartment complex that I lived in. It had pictures of ectomorphic males and females posted up on its walls as if they got their skinny arms and legs from lifting and dropping dumb bells. The irony is that while most ectomorphs do not have any over weight concerns, some of them lack appropriate muscle mass. I have met several female ectomorphs whose biceps feel like I am squeezing a soft sponge. To make matters worse many ectomorphs are starving themselves in order to get those ultra thin arms and legs that are good for nothing except for breaking out of jail by sliding through the bars. By doing this they are driving their otherwise high metabolic rate down which in future generations will set their children up for getting fat! In order to gain weight to offset his fast metabolism, the ectomorph has to increase his caloric intake somewhat above his genetic temperature. After that the ectomorph will do weight training to enlarge and solidify his underdeveloped muscle tissue. This entails weight lifting, which consists of lower repetition with higher weight. This will set the ectomorph up for storing fat in his body to be available as fuel for his bigger muscles. The ectomorph is to lift weights in an isolated manner for 60 minutes a day four days a week. Two days for his upper body and two days for his lower body alternating upper and lower body each day. The ectomorph will use free weights so that he can workout one single muscle at a time to prevent himself from cheating himself out of his goal of bulking up his muscle mass enough so that it can peep through his flesh. The ectomorph will avoid using weight lifting machines. They tend to employ groups of muscles simultaneously to perform a weight lifting exercise for any one muscle. No one singular muscle will be able to get fully developed, as several muscles will share the weight meant for one muscle. The ectomorph must concentrate on the discomfort in the muscle that he is weight lifting, and focus on doing the weight lifting exercise in its proper form so that he can make certain that he gets muscle gain. If the ectomorph is weight lifting correctly he will feel soreness in the muscles that he has worked out the day or the day after. This is normal. It means that the old smaller muscle tissue is being broken down and a new larger, firmer muscle is being grown. While the ectomorph strives to build muscle mass he does not have to worry that it will bulk up, due to his genetically endowed skin and bone body build. So the end result will be that he develops small and lean but strong muscles. It is both physically and psychologically beneficial to take a rest day once or twice a week from aerobic weight loss exercise. Your mind wants to vacate from the stress of battling the bulge, and your body needs to rest its hard working muscles. Like all the other body types the ectomorph must eat a wholesome well balanced diet. However, like any other body builder the ectomorph will have to eat a greater portion of protein, 40%. Proteins perform protein synthesis while the body is asleep. Protein synthesis lets the body utilize protein for the repair and restoration of muscle tissue. 40% of his diet will come from carbohydrates. The ectomorph will eat more fruits and vegetables and less starch and grains so that the body can be supplied with the quick burning simple sugars used for the anaerobic short duration sudden burst of power that weight lifting requires. I have given you the general guidelines. Every one is an individual so no one can evaluate your body better than you. Therefore, you will have to experiment a bit to find out how many calories to add to your metabolism and how much muscle mass to build in order to put on and keep on a little bit of healthy weight.  

The Endomorph

  Lining the walls of some fitness centers are female endomorphs. The “before” photos show them weighing 250 pounds. The “after” photos show them reaching a healthy 20% to 25% body fat but weighing 180 pounds. Excuse the pun, but what is wrong with this picture? The average female embarks upon a weight loss program to appear slim and trim not to look like King Kong’s mother. The endomorph has the easiest time of both gaining and losing weight for they are at neither extreme of having not enough muscle mass, like the ectomorph or having too much muscle mass, like the mesomorph. The endormorph losses weight faster than the mesomorph but gains weight quicker than the ectomorph. Being that the endomorph refers to the golden mean of all the body types there are three things the endomorph has to do in moderation in order to lose weight. First, the endomorph has to make sure that he is eating according to his genetic temperature. If he is eating too much food he will gain extra pounds. If he is not eating enough food he will sabotage his weight loss by going into starvation mode. Next, the endomorph has to get his muscles back into shape. The endomorph will do weight training to firm up his muscles by toning with weights. That means higher repetitions at lower weight. By doing this he will remove the intramuscular fat that permeates his muscle tissue. He is to weight tone his entire body for 30 minutes a day five days a week. It is best if he uses weight lifting machines versus free weights. That way he can firm up his individual muscles by toning the major muscles groups of his entire body simultaneously. Finally, while the endomorph spends half of his workout time going from flabby to firm, he will spend the other half of his workout time doing aerobic exercise to put his newly enhanced muscles to work burning up the subcutaneous fat that surrounds his muscles. He is to do aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day five days a week. It is both physically and psychologically beneficial to take a rest day once or twice a week from aerobic weight loss exercise. Your mind wants to vacate from the stress of battling the bulge, and your body needs to rest its hard working muscles. Like all the other body build types the endomorph must eat a wholesome well balanced diet. The endomorphic body build type of individual must have simple sugar fuel for anaerobic weight toning and for igniting fat burning during aerobic exercise. So 50% of his food supply will come from fruits, vegetables, starches, and grains. He also must have complex sugar fuel for his life support functions to compensate for the demands made on the simple sugars. So 30% of his diet will come from protein for fine toning his muscles.  

The Mesomorph

  The mesomorphs are being left out of the weight loss industry, altogether. It is the popular belief that only males not females can develop hulky bulky muscles. This is because so called fitness experts like Dr. Phil McGraw of the Doctor Phil Television Show assert such nonsense as, “As a woman your hormonal profile (namely the lack of male hormones) will prevent you from ever hulking or bulking up, no matter how hard you work out.” [The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution, The Free Press, a division of Simon and Schuster Incorporated, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, 10020, copyright 2003, by Phillip C. McGraw page 222]. Dr. Phil, and other so called fitness experts claim that the DNA gene that establishes gender is the same as the DNA gene that decides what one’s body build will be. They are wrong! It is the male sperm that fertilizes the female egg that makes the choice if one is going to be a boy or a girl. However, at the moment of conception one receives half of one’s chromosomes from one’s mother and half of one’s chromosomes from one’s father. Therefore, whether or not one is going to be a male with masculine hormones or a female with feminine hormones, there is a fifty percent chance that one will inherit one’s body type from one’s mother and her maternal and paternal family lineage, and a fifty percent chance that one will inherit one’s body type from one’s father and his paternal and maternal family lineage. During the period that one is a developing fetus in the womb, one’s body-build gene manifests itself as one of three basic types of body builds that either a male or a female embryo can morph into. Depending upon what gene pool lottery you won, you will get door #1, door#2, or door#3.  

  Behind door #1 we have the MESOMORPH. The meso-morph is, “A muscular body build roughly characterized by the relative prominence of structures developed from the embryonic mesoderm.” [See Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, second edition, (c) 1997, Random House Incorporated, page, 823]. “From the mesoderm forms bones and muscle...” [See Wynn Kapit & Lawrence M. Elson, The Anatomy Coloring Book, second edition, (c) 1993, Harper Collins College Publishers, page 122]. The mesomorph is the individual who wins a naturally muscular body build which was predominately built from the cells from the mesoderm layer of the embryo..

  Behind door#2 we have the ENDOMORPH. The endo-moprh is, “Having a heavy body build roughly characterized by the relative prominence of structure developed from the embryonic endoderm.“ [See Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, second edition, (c) 1997, Random House Incorporated, page, 431]. “From the endoderm forms the epithelial part of the gastrointestinal system (the gut lining)...” [See Wynn Kapit & Lawrence M. Elson, The Anatomy Coloring Book, second edition, (c) 1993, Harper Collins College Publishers, page 122]. The epithelial forms a thin protective layer on exposed bodily surfaces...” [Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved]. The thin protective layer is fat. The endomorph is the individual who wins a naturally fatty body build which was predominately built from the endoderm layer of the embryo.  

  Behind door#3 we have the ECTOMORPH. The ecto-moprh is, “Having a thin body build roughly characterized by the relative prominence of structure developed from the embryonic ectoderm.” [See Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, second edition, (c) 1997, Random House Incorporated, page, 414]. “From the ectoderm forms the skin...” [See Wynn Kapit & Lawrence M. Elson, The Anatomy Coloring Book, second edition, (c) 1993, Harper Collins College Publishers, page 122]. The ectomorph is the individual who has a naturally fleshy body build which was predominately built from the cells from the ectoderm layer of the embryo.  


  If you are like me, you are a female mesomorph. Like the element of EARTH you posses a dense body. I have never been able to float on top of water. I am solid as a stone so I sink. The only way that I can stay afloat in a body of water is by paddling my arms and kicking my legs otherwise known as swimming. The mesomorph has more of a propensity to be muscular than the other body types. You have what is classified as a pair shaped body. A fat mesomorph gets thin by chiseling away at the fat so to speak from its block of clay to reveal the form beneath – a slender but curvaceous hourglass figure. 

  The endomoprh is the body type that is in between the meso and the ecto morphs. Like the element of WATER your body has bouncy. You are a natural floater in water. The endomorph has more of a propensity to be fat than the other body types. You have what is classified as an apple shaped body. A fat endomorph gets thin by trimming away the fat as well as reshaping the muscles so to speak of its ball of clay to reveal the form beneath – a slender but voluptuous soft round figure.  

  The ectomorph is akin to a wispy puff of air. So it is likened to the element of AIR. The ectomorph has more of a propensity to be skinny than the other body types. You have what is classified as a banana shaped body. The ectomorph has a tendency to be underweight. A skinny ectomorph gets thin by adding muscle mass to its clay figurine to reveal a slender but sculpted figure.  

  I am living proof that a female can be born a mesomorph. I am part of a small percentage (about 30%) of women who, thanks to genetics, has muscle definition just by doing…nothing. I was a couch potato for decades who weighed 215 pounds. My highest weight was 230 my lowest weight was 200. Nevertheless, my muscles remained as hard as a rock just like they were when I weighed 120 pounds, and had a body fat ratio of 20%, and was many years younger.  

  Another popular belief is that, any body embarking upon a weight loss program, most include some type of weight training in it. This is because so called fitness experts, like Rhonda Gates at, assert the nonsense that, ”There is not any strength training in your program.” On 4/6/05 I contacted Rhonda Gates seeking assistance from her as to how to lose weight. She insisted that I had to do weight training.  

   The following is a conversation I had with her:

  Rhonda Gates - “You say you don’t want to strength train because you are a mesomorph. That makes no sense when it comes in concert with a desire to lose weight. All the research now reveals that it is strength training that boosts metabolism. If you are worried about your body type you simply do a program that has many repetitions and low weights…You’ll get the metabolism boosting effects without too much muscle gain.”  

  Me – “You state that, ‘All the research now reveals that it is strength training that boosts metabolism.’ Covert Bailey says, ‘Aerobic exercise is primarily fat lowering.’[Covert Bailey The New Fit or Fat, Boston, Houghton- Mifflin Company 1991 page 104 and 31]. ‘Weight lifting is primarily muscle building.’ [Ibid page 104]. ‘Aerobics takes muscle and makes it lean and functional. [Ibid page 30] by increasing muscle size, tone, metabolic rate, altering chemistry [Ibid page 30] and increasing energy and heat production which enables muscle to burn more fat.’ [Covert Bailey The Fit or Fat Target Diet, Boston, Houghton- Mifflin Company 1984 page 76]. So it makes no sense that you recommend that I do strength training that tones muscle (has high repetitions and low weights) or any kind of strength training because it is aerobics that boosts the metabolism by conditioning the muscle.”  

  “According to Covert Bailey, ‘Muscles give the body shape.’ [The New Fit or Fat Target, Boston, Houghton- Mifflin Company 1991, page 93]. Being a mesomorph I have plenty of shape. Covert Bailey also says, ‘Some people with large amounts of muscle metabolize calories slowly.’ [’ [Covert Bailey The Fit or Fat Target Diet, Boston, Houghton- Mifflin Company 1984 page 83]. That’s me! I have tried all types of strength training. Been there! Done that! No workie! So as your illustrious predecessor says, my muscles are not the problem. I highly recommend that you read Covert Bailey’s books!”

  The mesomorph has a highly developed musculature, naturally, not by physical effort, hormonal enhancement, steroid drugs, or anything else! So, if she weight-trains, it will exacerbate her already enhanced muscular body build. Weight lifting will make her already large muscles bigger. Weight toning will make her already firm muscles thicker. To avoid big, thick, short muscles a mesomorph has to avoid weight training, altogether. There is another reason why telling a mesomorph to weight train is like asking her to take x-lax for diarrhea. Weight training will set the mesomorph up to get bigger and fatter in the long run.  

  If the mesomorph weight trains her muscles will become more massive. The more massive her muscles become the higher her lean body mass index will rise, but the bigger her overall body’s size will get because she will not lose any fat weight. Why? Weight training develops muscle but it is an anaerobic activity so it converts sugar into energy. Aerobic activity oxygenates muscles so it uses fat as its fuel. It is like owning a vehicle with a huge, powerful engine. The bigger the engine the more gasoline it uses. However, if the owner of the automobile never takes it out for a drive, the car’s fat fuel tank won’t ever get used up and go on empty. More importantly the mesomorph will be less fit than she was before she weight trained. She will remain the same fat that she was before she picked up weights but become more muscular than she was after she picked up weights. Too much muscle like too much fat puts an unhealthy strain upon one’s heart. The human heart is only about the size of a human fist. The heart does not make a distinction between flaccid mass, which is fat, or firm mass, which is muscle. As far as it is concerned mass is mass. So, one is not fit if one is carrying around too much muscle. Being extremely fat, extremely muscular, or extremely thin is not what fitness is all about. A healthy body is a body that is well balanced. It has some muscle, some fat, and some flesh.  

  If the mesomorph weight trains and then stops doing so her overly developed muscles will atrophy since they are no longer needed and therefore wanted by the body. No matter how disciplined the “fit for life” mesomorph chooses to be, life has a tendency to bring about unexpected interruptions, such as long term illnesses, serious injuries, accidents, surgeries, pregnancies, and so on and so forth. For the mesomoprh who weight trains such realistic disruptions can mean disaster. During weight training her muscles will grow quickly but during periods of physical inactivity her muscles will shrink quickly. Because the mesomorph naturally has more muscle mass than the other body types, her body naturally requires a greater amount of fat to be available to feed those muscles when they perform physical activity that is aerobic. So, when her muscles decreased back to their original size – the size that her genetics dictate that they ought to be – due to a lack of usage, they will leave subcutaneous fat deposits all over her body in the form of cellulite that she did not have before. That’s extra fat that the mesomorph woulda, shoulda, coulda not have if she did not weight train to begin with.  

  The mesomorph, that weight trains, will gain larger and firmer muscle, but doing so will not boost her metabolism in a way that will benefit her with regard to losing fat pounds. Weight training does not, in and of itself, shed fat. Weight training is an anaerobic kind of activity. That means that one’s muscles are either working too hard (weight lifting) or not hard enough (weight toning) to provide the amount of oxygen necessary for the muscles to metabolize fat so that the body can rid itself of excessive weight. So, instead the body converts sugar into energy for usage. Weight training does boost metabolism in so far as it permits the body to burn sugar at a faster and therefore higher rate so that the body’s calorie expenditure exceeds the body’s consumption of calories. Thusly, ones genetic temperature will rise. This is beneficial for an already fit person who wishes to be able to eat more food without gaining any weight. This is how body builders stay thin in spite of the fact that, in order to grow their muscles, they have to feed themselves more food, primarily proteins. For the purpose of losing weight, weight training has to be accompanied by cardiovascular exercise. Aerobic activity lets the muscles grab enough oxygen so that they can access the body’s fat stores and metabolize the body’s fat. Weight training can supplement cardiovascular exercise for those body types whose muscles are not in optimal condition to get the most out of their aerobic workouts, either due to flabby versus firm muscle fiber, or deficient versus efficient muscle size. In other words strong muscles that are being aerobically worked out will maximize their proficiency at using fat as fuel. However, a mesomorph’s muscles are already as strong as they have to be in order to fully benefit from aerobic exercise and thereby let the body lose its excess weight. The mesomorph can grow bigger and firmer muscles than she already has if she so wishes. This will allow her to lose more body fat as long as those muscles are being aerobically worked out. But her body will also demand a higher level of calorie intake to compensate for the higher level of energy output that those bigger and firmer muscles are producing during aerobic exercise. This will put her right back to square one! She will lose the same amount of weight she will otherwise lose if she just does the aerobics workouts without the weight training.  

  So what does the mesomorph have to do in order to get rid of all of her excessive fat weight? The key is to simply put her awesome muscles to work by having them perform aerobic exercise. Aerobic activity forces the muscles to grab oxygen. Oxygen breaks down fat into usable energy. Aerobic activity will burn up the subcutaneous fat that surrounds the mesomorph’s muscle mass transforming her body into a sleek, thin, shapely figure. Aerobic activity will not hulk and bulk a mesomorph’s muscles since it is an isometric form of exercise. Isometric means, “Tensing a muscle against another muscle so that the muscles contract without shortening.” [Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, Second Edition, 1997, copyright Random House Incorporated, page 694]. Notice the words “contract without shortening.” This is what keeps the mesomorph’s muscles from hulking and bulking up. The mesomorph will do aerobic exercise five days a week and no weight training at all. It is both physically and psychologically beneficial to take a rest day once or twice a week from aerobic weight loss exercise. Your mind wants to vacate from the stress of battling the bulge, and your body needs to rest its hard working muscles. Like all the other body build types, the mesomorph must eat a wholesome well balanced diet. Unlike all the other body types, there is a good chance that the mesomorph will have a slow metabolism. She will be getting a more limited amount of calories so she must be especially careful to get variety of foods in her diet in order to keep her muscles healthy and strong. 60% of the mesomorph’s food intake will come from fruits, vegetables, starches, and grains. She will need the simple carbohydrates to ignite the fat burning fire. She will need the complex carbohydrates to fuel her life support systems. She will only need 20% of her diet to come from the protein food group to maintain her magnificent muscles since aerobic activity does not require that she build them up or firm them up..  

  Note to the Reader: By emphasizing the female mesomorph in the above section I, by no means, am excluding male mesomorphs. Male mesomorphs can, and I recommend that you do, apply the same principles to yourselves that I have discussed above. However, for the purpose of invalidating the so called fitness experts’ faulty opinion that females cannot hulk and bulk their muscles by doing weight training, only males can, I have emphasized the female mesomorph.


  As far as I know the mesomorph is the only body type that has PHYSICAL WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAUS when it comes to losing weight. If you are not a mesomorph but you also have physical weight loss plateau challenges you are welcome to read this section. When I started my weight loss endeavor I did not know what a weight loss plateau was and so for an entire year I jogged five miles a day, six days a week. After two months I lost 15 pounds. Guess how much weight I lost after that? None! It was utterly devastating. The surest way to make even the most determined die hard fat person in the world quit trying to lose excessive weight is if they get stuck on a physical weight loss plateau...forever!!! 

  The fat white elephant on the table in the middle of the room I call the physical weight loss plateau. The mathematical definition of the physical weight loss plateau is your body telling you that, “Your output of calories equals your input of calories. This is why you are unable to lose or gain weight. 

   The following are the methods I tried to breakthrough my physical weight loss plateaus:  


  I tried increasing duration. That’s like saying two aspirins are better than one for a headache whereby the one aspirin no longer worked in getting rid of it. I was able to drop from 200 to 180 pounds after working out on an elliptical trainer at my training heart rate (THR) of 130 to 140 beats a minute, one hour a day for six days a week for eight weeks. Then, I hit my first weight loss plateau. After that, I tried working out on the elliptical trainer at my training heart rate (THR) of 130 to 140 beats a minute for two hours a day for six days a week, but I was not able to break through my weight loss plateau. Increasing the amount of time one does aerobic activity will not yield any further fat weight loss if the length of time that one has already done the aerobic activity no longer results in anymore fat weight loss.  


  I tried increasing speed. Increasing the speed of one’s workout increases the rate at which one’s heart beats per minute. If one’s heart rate is too high or too low one will no longer be in a fat burning zone for one will no longer be performing aerobic exercise. I used to belong to an LA Fitness gym. I raised my training heart rate from 160 to 180 beats per minute while riding a stationary bike at its lowest resistance level for one hour, five days a week for three months in order to break through a weight loss plateau. I did not even lose one pound! My heart rate was too high so my body was burning sugar instead of fat the whole time.

Extracurricular Activity

  I tried doing extracurricular activities such as sports like dancing in order to break through my weight loss plateaus. Most of these types of activities require stopping and starting. Though they may appear to be an aerobic workout, they are a non-aerobic exercise. Dancing made my training heart rate go up and down all over the place so I was not able to be in a fat burning zone 

Weight Training

  As I have already mentioned earlier in my Health Matters section write up, been there, done that, no workie! Weight training will not permit one to break through a weight loss plateau. For although weight lifting enlarges one’s muscle mass and weight toning firms up one’s muscle mass, if those solid muscles are not being exercised aerobically they will not burn up any fat calories, let alone navigate through a fat weight loss plateau.  

Cross Training

  I tried doing cross training. Cross training asserts that one’s muscles get used to doing the same type of aerobic activity hour after hour, day after day, week after week. Therefore, one must do a different kind of aerobic activity in order to use different muscles so that one can navigate through a weight loss plateau. I walked on a treadmill at my training heart rate of 110 to 120 beats a minute for one hour, five days a week, for six weeks. I dropped from 215 to 200 pounds before I hit a weight loss plateau. I attempted to break through my weight loss plateau by doing stair step aerobics in my living room at my training heart rate of 110 to 120 beats a minute for one hour, five days a week. I was unable to. I figured out why. I was already doing a full body workout so I was already exercising all of my muscles. Therefore, alternating my exercise routine in order to re-challenge my muscles was not applicable for it did not increase my muscles’ workload so I did not drop any more weight. Though it may be true for anaerobic weight trainers, who have the goal of making their muscles stronger, to alternate their workout routine, it is false when it comes to doing aerobic exercise whose purpose is to drop fat pounds.  

Interval Training

  I tried interval training also known as wind sprints. Interval training is about having one do one’s aerobic exercise at an accelerated pace for a short period of time. The notion behind interval training is that, by doing it, you will improve your cardiovascular system’s level of performance and thereby break through a weight loss plateau. Interval training is designed for individuals who are already fit such as athletes. It finely tunes an already well-tuned body to peak its optimal performance. However, fat people are out of shape. Not only are they storing excessive fat pounds but their cardiovascular system, and muscle tissue (with the exception of mesomorphs) is entirely out of condition. Therefore, all wind sprints do is make the overweight person reach a weight loss plateau a lot faster by making him get used to a lot sooner the exercise level at which he is currently doing his fat burning.  

Circuit Training

  I tried circuit training. Its claim to fame is that if one lifts weights fast enough one’s heart rate will go up allowing one to lift weights aerobically versus non-aerobically and one will be able to break through a weight loss plateau. The heart rate is not, in and of itself, a barometer for what constitutes aerobic activity that lies in a fat burning zone. If the heart rate is too slow or too fast or beating all over the place one’s body will burn sugar calories instead of fat calories. This is due to the fact that one’s cardiovascular system will not be able to deliver oxygen to one’s muscles, and oxygen is what is necessary to commence the conversion of fat into energy. Moreover, no matter how swiftly and effortlessly one goes from one weight machine or free weight to the next one must pause to lift and drop the weight. In order to perform aerobic exercise, aerobic activity it must be seamlessly continual. I figured out one day, that clothes’ shopping for many hours a day does not yield any weight loss due to its continual stopping and starting nature of walking around followed by pausing to look at the clothing racks and trying the clothes on. But hiking many hours a day while viewing the gorgeous wilderness did break through a weight loss plateau I was on for it entailed constant motion. Finally, if hypothetically speaking, one were able to lift weights at a fat burning aerobic pace, weight lifting is an isotonic versus an isometric exercise. This means that one’s muscle is forced to contract so that it can have the burst of power necessary to lift the weight thereby causing the body to strictly burn up sugar calories.  

A Medical Condition

  I recommend proceeding with caution whenever the word “medical” comes up with regard to weight loss. It is the last resort I will explore. Taking drugs can have dangerous physical side effects that might result in permanent damage to one’s body. Undergoing surgery can have unforeseen complications that may result in permanent damage to one’s body. Moreover, you may not even have any medical problem however doctors will tell you that you do due to their incompetence or corrupt medical practices. As of the date of this write up, people in the weight loss industry were throwing the word “thyroid” around when it came to talking about people who are overweight. So here is some information about the thyroid gland. The thyroid is a gland that secretes various hormones. Some of them regulate the body’s metabolism. A thyroid malfunction can cause one to either gain weight if one has a hyperthyroid condition, or lose weight if one has a hypothyroid condition. A thyroid disorder is caused by an imbalanced in one’s body. Imbalances are a result of poor health. Fat people are at risk for all sorts of imbalanced health symptoms for they tend to eat unwholesome foods and not get adequate exercise or sufficient sleep. If one does happen to have a thyroid disorder it may correct itself if the overweight person adheres to a proper exercise regimen, wholesome diet, and gets enough sleep.  
One Word

  It is not enough to have the map – a plan – for how to get to your destination of losing all of your excessive fat pounds. You must also have the will power – motivation – that will take you there. The greatest killer of any weight loss program is lack of results. Physical weight loss plateaus are going to happen to you as you lose your excessive weight. So expect them and not just one or two but however many it takes you to reach your weight lose goal. There is one word that will get you through the physical weight loss plateaus that you are going to encounter…one word…under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! That one word is INTENSITY. Like the element of FIRE, which must have HEAT in order to burn, our metabolism has to have INTENSITY in order to BURN FAT. The reason why a physical weight loss plateau occurs is because the muscles have become “used to” the aerobic workout that you are doing and so they are no longer being CHALLENGED to do any aerobic work. A muscle that has gotten used to an aerobic workout will use sugar instead of fat as its fuel. When this happens the body stops dropping fat pounds.

  Intensity has to do with RESISTANCE. Intensity when done in an aerobic form of exercise produces ISOMETRIC resistance. This means that it increases the push – extension – and pull – flexion – of the muscle fibers. Doing isometric resistance aerobic exercise works the muscle so that it has to incinerate fat in order to get the job done. As the muscle becomes more and more efficient at doing the isometric resistance aerobic exercise it gradually reaches a level were it cannot get any more proficient at doing it. This is when the body enters a physical weight loss plateau. In order to break through the physical weight loss plateau the muscle requires a more challenging exercise routine – higher level of intensity. It’s like someone who is training to do a new job. Initially, he is slow at the task at hand. But with practice he eventually masters it. When this occurs, his boss gives his employee progressively more challenging assignments to do. If not, his employee will grow bored, and no longer make advances in his career. The body acts very much the same way. As the muscles progressively adapts to the same level of intensity it becomes more adept at conserving its energy until it no longer has to access the body’s fat stores to perform the workout. When this happens, you have reached a physical weight loss plateau. To break through a physical weight loss plateau increase your workout resistance level. After you re-establish the right INTENSITY level for burning fat you will break through the physical weight loss plateau and IMMEDIATELY resume losing fat pounds.  

   If you plan to workout on cardiovascular equipment there are other crucial factors you have to consider with regard to determining what intensity level you must be on in order to break through a weight loss plateau so that you can resume losing weight.  

   1) Be sure that the aerobic machine you are working out on has enough SERIOUS INTENSITY LEVELS to meet your body’s increasing intensity level demands. I use the Life Fitness Club Series brand of Elliptical Trainer to lose weight on. It has a total 25 challenging intensity levels to choose from.  So I don’t have to worry about exhausting all of them before I reach my weight loss goal.  

   2) Be sure to use an aerobic machine that will give you a FULL BODY WORKOUT so that you can maximize your muscles’ potential to burn fat. THE MORE MUSCLES YOU WORKOUT THE MORE FAT YOUR BODY WILL CONSUME AS ENERGY. The Elliptical Trainer machine that I use has movable arms. It gives me a full body workout by exercising my all of my major muscle groups; arms - biceps, triceps, shoulders - deltoids, upper back, lower back, chest - pectorals, torso - abdominals, buttocks, thighs – quadriceps and hamstrings, inner thighs – adductors, outer - thigh abductors, and calves. I workout one hour a day for five days a week and lose two pounds per week on it.  

  One day, before I knew any better, I decided to change my aerobic routine. I had been jogging in the neighborhood park one hour (5 miles) a day, five days a week (a total of 25 miles), and losing two pounds per week. I opted to use a stationary bike one hour a day, five days a week at the LA Fitness center that I was a member of at the time. After one week I lost no weight. So, I elected to ride my street bike along the bike path in the neighborhood that I was living in for one hour a day, five days a week. Again, I lost no weight. To my chagrin, I discovered that in order to continue losing two pounds per week, I had to ride the recumbent bike or my mountain bike two hours everyday, five days a week. That’s twice as long as it took me to lose the weight jogging. Then I realized why. Bicycling basically uses the muscles in the lower half of the body.  

   3) Be sure to verify that the cardiovascular equipment that you workout on has an APPROPRIATE INCLINE. For example, the Life Fitness brand of elliptical trainer machines that I work out on has a ZERO DEGREE FLAT INCLINE as opposed to for instance the Precor brand of elliptical trainer machine, which, has a forty-five degree sloped incline. The flat plane elliptical motion simulates walking, jogging, and/or running depending upon which intensity level you are using whereas the slanted plane elliptical motion simulates stair stepping or mountain climbing depending upon which intensity level you are using. For some reason that I cannot fathom the body considers the flat plane of elliptical motion as a muscle conditioning fat burning type of exercise, and the slanted plane elliptical motion as a muscle building sugar burning kind of exercise. Therefore, some of the brands of elliptical machines I cannot use as I lose no weight on them such as the Precor brand of elliptical trainer. However, other brands of elliptical machines I do lose weight on such as Life Fitness, Vision Fitness, or True Fitness.

  Another thing you must know about breaking through physical weight loss plateaus. You are going to have a LIMITED amount of time to burn fat pounds at each new higher level of intensity of aerobic exercise that you do before your muscles get used to it and stop shedding fat. I squandered my window of opportunity to use the intensity level I was on to get rid of fat pounds. At 180 pounds I hit a weight loss plateau. So I increased my intensity level of workout to level #5 on the Vision Fitness Elliptical Trainer that I was doing my aerobic exercise on. Nonetheless, after five months of working out on that level I did not lose any weight as I had binged on too many calories. I am a binger. On the weekends I binged on 5,000 calories! So, even though during the week I ate and exercised properly, and lost five pounds (from 180 to 175) on the weekend I regained those five pounds. For five months I kept yo-yoing back and forth in this fashion. End result I lost no weight at all! In my fifth month of exercising at this intensity level I was no longer able to lose the 5 pounds that I kept putting back on. This is how I discovered that muscles get used to doing the same level of intensity of aerobic exercise after a while.  

Rate of Progress

  The following is my WEIGHT LOSS CHART depicting the rate at which I decreased my fat weight and increased my aerobic exercise intensity level in order to burst through the physical weight loss plateaus that accompanied my fat loss:

   BASELINE MEASUREMENTS – I took a measuring tape and measured the various parts of my body before I began my aerobic exercise regimen. Neck 15 inches, arms 15 inches, bust 44 inches, waist 40 inches, hips 44 inches, thighs 28 inches, and calves 18 inches.  

   BASELINE WEIGHT – I weight myself on a household scale before I began my aerobic exercise routine. My weight was 215 pounds.  

   BASELINE RESTING CARDIOVASCULAR RATE – Before I began any aerobic exercise activity I took my pulse for several days while I was at rest to determine what my resting pulse rate is. I felt my pulse for 6 seconds and multiplied that number by 10. It was 80 beats per minute.  
   Aerobic Fitness Machine – I performed my aerobic exercise routine on the Vision Fitness Brand Elliptical Trainer with movable arms, model #X6600HRT5. It has 25 levels of intensity.  

   AEROBIC EXERCISE REGIMEN – I worked out five days a week.


Cardiovascular Rate 120/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 1.8-2.3
(220-215 lbs/Dress Size 18 (xxlarge)

Cardiovascular Rate 120/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 1.8-2.3
(215-210 lbs)

Cardiovascular Rate 120/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 1.8-2.3
(210-208 lbs)

Cardiovascular Rate 120/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 1.8-2.3
(208-206 lbs

Cardiovascular Rate 120/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500
​Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 1.8-2.3
(206-204 lb)

Cardiovascular Rate 120/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 1.8-2.3
(204-202 lbs)

Cardiovascular Rate 120/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 1.8-2.3
(202-200 lbs/Dress Size 16 (xlarge)

  First Weight Loss Plateau

Cardiovascular Rate 130/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 2.3-2.7
(200-198 lbs

Cardiovascular Rate 130/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 2.3-2.7
(198-196 lbs)

Cardiovascular Rate 130/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 2.3-2.7
(196-194 lbs)

Cardiovascular Rate 130/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 2.3-2.7
(194-192 lbs)

Cardiovascular Rate 130/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500
Manual Program Intensity Level 1/Speed 2.3-2.7
 (192-190 lbs)

  Second Weight Loss Plateau

Cardiovascular Rate 140/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level2/Speed 2.9-3.8
(190-188 lbs)

Cardiovascular Rate 140/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500
Manual Program Intensity Level2/Speed 2.9-3.8
(188-186 lbs)

Cardiovascular Rate 140/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level2/Speed 2.9-3.8
(186-184 lbs)

Cardiovascular Rate 140/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level2/Speed 2.9-3.8
(184-182 lbs)

Cardiovascular Rate 140/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500 
Manual Program Intensity Level2/Speed 2.9-3.8
(182-180 lbs/Dress Size 14 (large)

  Third Weight Loss Plateau

   FINISHING MEASUREMENTS – I took a measuring tape and measured the various parts of my body. Neck 14 inches, arms 14 inches, bust 41 inches, waist 37 inches, hips 41 inches, thighs 26 inches, and calves 17 inches.  

   FINISHING WEIGHT – I weighed myself on a household scale. My weight was 180 pounds.

   FINISHING RESTING CARDIOVASCULAR RATE - While I was at rest to determine what my resting pulse rate is. I felt my pulse for 6 seconds and multiplied that number by 10. It was 65 beats per minute.  

   I lost a total of 35 pounds, 3 dress sizes, and 14 inches in 13 weeks.



  My weight loss program consists of both calorie reduction and proper exercise. I am grossly obese and in my fifties so my health is at risk. I am one hundred pounds overweight. If I were to lose all of my excess fat pounds strictly through exercising, it will take me two years. I have a medical condition that prevents me from being able to reach my weight loss goals through exercise alone. I have abnormal feet. I had major surgery on both of my large toes and they are spreading back into their previous deformed positions. Therefore, I will not be able to reach my weight loss goals exercising five days per week for two years non stop as my feet don’t posses the constitution to be able to endure it. So, I have also moderately reduced my calorie consumption from my genetic temperature of 2,000 calories per day to 1,500 calories per day.  

  There are 7,000 calories in two pounds of fat. I lose one pound a week through calorie reduction by making a 500 per day calorie deficit multiplied by seven days a week equals 3,500 calories. In addition, I lose one pound of fat a week through aerobic exercise. That’s 3,500 calories of fat deposit that is being stored in various locations on my body being metabolized through aerobic activity. I do aerobic workouts one hour a day, five days out of the week. So, I shed 700 calories per day of pure fat. Now you might be wondering, how in the world can I burn so much fat on a daily basis just be doing one hour of aerobic exercise a day? I never was, am not now, and never will be an elite athlete.  

   I believe I am getting these results for the following reasons;

   1) I am doing aerobic workouts in my fat burning zone therefore ALL that I am converting into energy is fat with the exception of a minimal amount of sugar that my body is using to get the fat fire started.  

   2) I am a grossly overweight person. Thusly, my fat is being accessed through the calories that I had previously stored in my body. Hence, I have an unlimited supply of fat that I can use as fuel to perform the aerobic workouts that I do.  

   3) The daily calories that I am eating are being utilized to keep my body alive. I have a genetic temperature of only 2,000 calories per day but I am using all of them to live on. As long as I don’t make a calorie reduction my body will not go into starvation mode and hoard its fat by refusing to give it up as energy for aerobic activity. As long as I do not make a calorie surplus I will not have extra calories that will get re-routed into my body as extra fat pounds. So, as long as I adhere to my genetic temperature I can lose as much fat as I need and want to without damaging my metabolism. I will not permit myself to lose a lot of fat pounds per week though as my body is susceptible to getting stretched out skin. I have stretch marks all over my upper thighs as a result of my quadriceps muscles enlarging quickly due to running while participating in track and field events while I was elementary school. My skin was not able to expand at the rate that my thigh muscles were growing. If I lose weight too rapidly may body may shrink in size faster than my skin can contract. Then, I will have to have my excess skin surgically removed. Another cause of too rapid weight loss that may result in sagging skin that has to be surgically removed is gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery is a viable option for individuals who are so grossly obese that their lives depend upon an immediate change in weight. Humans cannot shed skin like the reptilian creature known as the snake. So, I do not recommend surgery as a fly by night operation that one does not have to take seriously.

   4) Muscle is the only thing in the body that can convert fat into fuel. I have a mesomorphic body build. I have strong, large, dense muscle mass all over my body. My muscles are already conditioned for optimal fat burning. Therefore, unlike the other body build types, my muscles’ chemistry does not have to be altered in order to maximize fat burning. My muscles can be compared to a large and powerful engine that uses more fuel than the smaller engines of the other body build types when it is challenged. When it drags the load it was designed to, it uses more fuel to put out the power necessary to pull the load than the other body-build types.  

  The upside to being a mesomorph is that after having a sedentary lifestyle that rendered me completely inactive for twenty years, when I embarked upon my weight loss regimen I was able to instantaneously achieve 700 calories of pure fat burn a day doing aerobic activity within my fat burning zone. The downside to being a mesomorph is that I have to aerobically exercise harder and longer than the other body-build types in order to challenge my muscles so that I can accomplish those results. To establish such results I have to workout aerobically longer - 60 minutes versus 30 minutes daily. In addition, I have to workout aerobically harder - my mesomorphic body build has weight loss plateau issues. Every ten pounds (that includes the ones I take off through calorie reduction and the ones I take off through exercise) I reach a physical weight loss plateau. Moreover, my break- through weight loss plateau intensity level increments jump in leaps and bounds versus progressing in a linear fashion. After I reached 180 pounds, I reached my third weight loss plateau, but we moved to another apartment complex with different cardiovascular machines. Instead of its gym having the Vision Fitness brand elliptical trainer with movable arms model #X6600HRT5 with 20 levels of intensity, that I had previously worked out on, it had a Life Fitness brand elliptical trainer with movable arms model #91X with 20 levels of intensity. In pursuit of finding the right intensity level to break through my third physical weight loss plateau I tried working out aerobically on it at the following rates:

  Cardiovascular Rate: Training Heart Rate 150/Duration 1 Hour/Daily Calories 1500/Manual Program Intensity Level #7/Speed 5.5-5.5, Level #8/Speed 5.5-5.5 and Level #10/Speed 5.0-5.5. All of the above intensity levels yielded the same results. In one week I lost five pounds. The following weeks I lost no pounds. It was clear that I was still stuck on my third physical weight loss plateau. My match had been struck only to go out! Then, I made an effort to work out at Level #14/Speed 5.5. It was so difficult that it became anaerobic. After that, I attempted to work out at Level #13/Speed 5.0-5.5. In one week I lost six pounds. After one week, I resumed losing weight at two pounds per week. I had re-stoked my fat burning fire and broke through my third physical weight loss plateau. I went from 180 pounds to 166 pounds by losing one pound every three days. 


   After I figured out how to burst through my physical weight loss plateaus I hit a weight loss plateau that I never woulda, shoulda, coulda have imagined ever existed. It was what I call a PSYCHOLOGICAL WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU. The psychological weight loss plateau was there not only to sabotage my efforts to lose my excessive weight, but it made certain that I yo-yoed back to the fat weight that I originally was before I ever embarked upon my weight loss endeavor. And so, I found myself repeatedly in an out of control yo-yoing back and forth doing the weight loss and weight gain dance with my overweight self. In addition, I now had to discover WHY I was being subjected to a psychological weight loss plateau?  

​   Have you ever taken a look at the word insulin? INSULIN is made up of the letters i-n-s-u-l. Many people know that insulin is a hormone that regulates the sugar levels in one’s blood and that people who eat foods that produce too much insulin get fat and are at risk for contracting the disease called diabetes. But what most people do not know is that there is another word that is also composed of the letters i-n-s-u-l that makes people fat. That word is INSULT. Some fat people overeat simply because they love tasty food. But many fat people overeat since they are being eaten up by other peoples’ insults. These fat people eat as a result of the STRESS caused by BULLYING. Don’t believe me? I spent 36 years of my life weighing a slender 120 pounds, being 5 feet 2 inches tall, carrying 20% body fat, and having a 34 inch bust, 26 inch waist, 36 inch hip figure. Then my petite slip of a woman blew up into a 240 pound blimp when my naivety about society and myself got replaced by the reality that I live in a Bully Culture and that my entire life I have been type cast into its socially dysfunctional role of victim. Apparently I am not alone, either. Currently, there is an obesity epidemic in the United States. Approximately 75% of all Americans are fat.  

​   The advocators of the Bully Culture establishment will argue that America’s fatness is due to the junk food revolution. The upholders of the Bully Culture regime, who are the instigators of the health food evolution, make lame excuses as to why people eat junk food. One such lame excuse is that people do not care about what they put into their mouth. Due to a fast paced society it is more convenient to eat processed foods at fast food eateries than to eat wholesome meals that one prepares in one’s own kitchen for oneself. However, fast food establishments offer “good for you” food on their food menu items not just “bad for you food”. And the fastest food on the planet for the “on the go” stomach are the raw fruits and raw vegetables and nuts that grow in God’s garden. One second to wash it. One second to toss it into your mouth. No preparation necessary. Another lame excuse is that people do not know what foods are healthy and what foods are unhealthy to eat. That’s easy enough to rectify. All one has to do is get educated on the basic principles of nutrition. There is only one basic rule of thumb to follow, eat the food that comes from the earth, not the food that comes out of a laboratory. People have free choice. Therefore, they decide if they are going to eat healthy or unhealthy food. So why are we choosing to be FAT? 

​   By NATURE our body does care about what we put into our mouth. If we eat junk food our organism gets physically sick for it innately knows the difference between foods that are good for us and foods that are bad for us. But by NURTURE the Bully Culture practically literally shoves foods that make us fat down our throats. The Bully Culture does this by giving us double messages. On the one hand the Bully Culture educates people about what foods are safe for us to consume. One the other hand the Bully Culture bombards society with foods that are unsafe for people to consume. Over the fifty years that I have been alive I have noticed that, not only does junk food dominate the media with commercials that propagate junk food, more and more grocery food items on the grocery store’s shelves are being replaced with junk food products. But most importantly there is the BULLYING that the Bully Culture initiates and perpetuates in order to seduces us and coerces us into eating junk food. The Bully Culture relentlessly harms us with physical bullying, hurts us with emotional bullying, and damages us with mental bullying. By making us the target of bullying, otherwise known as social ostracizing, the Bully Culture robs us of satisfying people relationships thereby making us into self-loathing individuals whose only fulfillment is a party in our mouths. Being that our lack of self-image is the source of our pain we sacrifice our body’s image for the only reliable source of pleasure left to us – junk food, also known as comfort food.  

​   Well, if what I say has any merit then why aren’t victims of bullying resorting to other “oholic” addictions that the Bully Culture has to offer us? Some of us are. Some of us smoke. Some of us drink. Some of us are drug users. Some of us are shop until we drop into bankruptcy, and so on and so forth. Some of us don’t prefer the “oholic” addictions of drinking and smoking because they are an “acquired taste”. Initially they are not pleasurable to engage in. One has to get used to them first. Coughing profusely while breaking into the habit of cigarette smoking or choking incessantly while breaking into the habit of alcohol drinking is no fun. After a while they just become a habit. Some of us don’t do the “oholic” addiction of shopping since it is too expensive. I certainly was not able to partake in hoarding clothing when I was young due to lack of financial funds. However, eating junk food is relatively cheap, reliable, and instantaneously pleasurable.  

   My choice of junk food was chocolate. Chocolate never ever disappointed me. Chocolate in and of itself has a bitter taste but sugar has already been added to it to make it taste sweet. So right off the bat eating chocolate was fun. The physically sweet taste of the sugar and the emotionally feel good sensation of the caffeine compensated for my life having been made bitter out of no fault of my own due to bullying.

​   The following is a real life scenario entitled “DEATH BY CHOCOLATE” illustrating how junk food is an addiction that may kill me if I don’t quit eating it.  

   My parents’ were addicted to smoking. They each smoked up to four packs of cigarettes a day. So, when I become an adult I was grateful that I had escaped the fatal habit. But unbeknown to me, I had acquired another fatal addiction. I was a bona fide chocoholic. The good news was that chocolate was my only vice. The bad news was that chocolate was my only vice. 

   I loved the taste of chocolate so much that once I melted all of the Hershey's kisses in a nine-ounce bag of chocolates by licking each one just to savor it. It took me hours to do so. I used to also eat chocolate by throwing pieces of M & M's high up into the air and catching them with my mouth. After all they don't melt in your hands just in your mouth.  My parents took a photo of me all dressed up in a fancy white bonnet, white laced dress, and matching white dressy shoes when I was three years old. I was walking around our family car with melted chocolate mess all over my face and hands. When I was six years old every other night my father brought home a bag full of an assortment of chocolate bars. We sat in front of the family television set eating them. I ate most of them. Once a week my mother played hide and seek with me by bringing home along with the groceries a huge one pound block of Hershey's chocolate that she put away somewhere in the cupboard. I always found it and ate the whole thing all by my nine-year old self. 

​   Just before puberty my pre-adolescent self broke out into chronic acne from eating chocolate. My very first pimple on my face erupted when I was twelve years old due to a large chocolate chip cookie that I had bought from the school cafeteria. A few days after I ate that chocolate chip cookie there it was in all-of-its pink splendor sitting on my right cheek - a pimple.   My pimple breakouts were localized to my face, but periodically they erupted out of my head, back, and thighs as well. But this did not stop me from eating chocolate.  

   As a young adult I became a connoisseur of chocolate and ate nothing but the best chocolate that money can buy. In my twenties I noticed that my skin underwent a change. It got dried out, bruised, and scarred easily. In addition, the skin around my nose and cheek area developed small red spider veins and black varicose veins appeared on both of my thighs. But this did not stop me from eating chocolate.

   In my thirties I developed vitreous floaters in the vitreous humor (inner fluid) of both of my eyes. They look like black tadpoles interrupting my field of vision. They never ever go away. I also lost my lower second bicuspid permanent tooth to chocolate for not brushing my teeth immediately after consuming it. But this did not stop me from eating chocolate. 

​   When I reached middle age I started having repeating dreams at night about chocolate. Initially my dreams showed me buying a small shelf full of chocolate at the grocery store. Next, they showed me buying several medium sized shelves full of chocolate at the grocery store. After that, they showed me buying many large shelves full of chocolate at the grocery store. In reality I was consuming larger and larger quantities of chocolate as the years went by. Finally, I started having dreams while I was asleep that showed me dropping a huge empty bottle of booze on the floor as I lay on my back inert on my bed the night after I binged on chocolate. In reality I was consuming chocolate as if I were an alcoholic.   But this did not stop me from eating chocolate.

   In my early forties I started suffering from muscle spasms and nerve misfiring in my lower back region that radiated into both of my hamstrings and calves after I ate chocolate. It also caused me to undergo chronic constipation by making my nerves so crazy that they stopped activating the involuntary muscles in my colon that move the excretory waste through my rectum and out of my digestive tract. The chocolate had invaded my autonomic nervous system. Eventually the muscle spasms and nerve misfiring spread to my upper back region which radiated into both of my shoulders, arms and hands. The chocolate had invaded my peripheral nervous system. Sometimes the pain from the muscle spasms and nerve misfiring was so intense it rendered my whole body immobile. My limbs had unbearably painful tingly sensations all over them. They kept me up all night and they lasted for weeks before the pain finally subsided. Finally, chocolate declared war upon my central nervous system by playing havoc with my equilibrium by making me undergo bouts of dizzy spells that caused the entire room to spin about. But this did not stop me from eating chocolate. 

   In my early fifties I contracted irritable bowel syndrome in my colon and hemorrhoids in my rectum after eating chocolate. Once, I had chronic constipation, an inflamed colon, and a dull ache in my gut for many months after eating excessive amounts of chocolate. After that, the only kinds of grains that I can digest are water-soluble grains like corn and rice. Goodbye my favorite water insoluble wheat. But this did not stop my from eating chocolate.  

​   Nearing my sixties due to my chocolate addiction I am ripe for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes, or a heart attack thanks to the damage and no please or your welcome that eating so much chocolate is doing and has already done to my body.

   If there was such a thing as being entered into the Guinness Book of World Records I woulda, shoulda, coulda be in its pages as the winner of the prize of being the biggest and the greatest chocoholic on planet earth. I went from weighing 120 pounds to weighing 240 pounds just by eating chocolate. Chocolate is the only reason why I am FAT. 

   As a child chocolate simply tasted good like a nice desert. As an adult chocolate numbed my emotional pain and it also masked my physical pain like the drug that it truly is. Chocolate was the new cigarette for me. In my parent’s generation the Bully Culture claimed that cigarettes were good for you because smoking tobacco cures emphysema. In my generation it become known that cigarettes are bad for you since they cause lung cancer. In today's generation the Bully Culture is touting chocolate as being good for your health because it contains flavonoids. Flavonoids contain anti-oxidants, which prevent cancer. Well arsenic and hemlock also have flavenoids. But if you ingest these poisonous plants they will kill you. Flavenoids can be found in plants that are safe for humans to eat such as grapes. The Bully Culture is now advertising chocolate with the message that "A little bit of poison now and then will not put your health at risk" by publicizing commercials showing beautiful female and handsome male models eating a sliver of it. As if the rest of us can resist chocolates' highly addictive properties being that chocolate is a drug not a food substance. I have an appropriate name for chocolate. I call it "No good at all". Due to chocolate consumption, I am now at risk of dying and being buried with a tombstone that reads, "Death by Chocolate".  

​   As far as my battle with chocolate and excess weight goes, I hit a psychological weight loss plateau immediately after I broke through my physical weight loss plateau as a result of the inner bully’s primary objective, which is to sabotage the victim’s goal of getting physically and thereby emotionally and therefore mentally healthy and in so doing prevent the victim from breaking out of the victim role. Once the victim overcomes unearned shame, unearned fear, and unearned guilt by confronting the outer bully's INSULTS, here comes the inner bully to stop the victim from being able to let the negative feelings go of being insulted. The inner bully does this by brainwashing the victim to believe in the Bully Culture myth that the victim is to blame for being a victim of bullying. 

   The inner bully puts the victim into a perpetual state of MENTAL STRESS driving the victim to seek some sort of EMOTIONAL release from being thwarted on a mental level from returning the outer bully's insults back to the outer bully. Many victims use PHYSICAL comfort food in order to de-sensitize their ongoing UNRESOLVED pain. But junk food eating is only a temporary fix so the victim’s negative feelings about being bullied come back with a vengeance causing the victim to have to re-supply himself with junk food again, and again, and so on and so forth. Junk food is psychologically addictive to the victim since it only provides the victim with momentary escapism from bullying; and physically addictive to the victim because it demands increased dosages to compensate for decreased releases of insulin into the blood stream to metabolize its unwholesome sugars. Result, due to the victim’s dependency upon comfort food as a coping mechanism for bullying, the inner bully sabotages the victim’s weight loss endeavors by compelling the victim to consume higher and higher quantities of junk food causing the victim to stay FAT or get FATTER on its excessive calories.

   The multi billion dollar question is how does the victim cure him self of the psychological versus physical dis-ease of being over weight? The victim has to prevail over his own inner bully by counteracting its Bully Culture bad programming.

   For example, the Bully Culture taught me that it is the victim who has super sensitive “sunburned” feelings. Thus, my inner bully will say to me, "Your Have a Nice Day salvos have no affect or effect on the outer bully”. Consequently, “You are to blame for why you are a victim of bullying”. Telling me such things makes me believe in the victim legacy that I am helpless, hopeless, and worthless. What follows is that I have no motivation to take care of myself by exercising regularly and eating properly as my dignity has been taken away from me. 

​   So how do I get my self-respect back? I override my inner bully’s Bully Culture bad programming with for instance my own affirmation of, “The outer bully is just hiding his injured feelings". Hence the victim who fights back against bullying does bother the bully. For I have learned from my own life experiences of confronting the bully that it is the bully who has hyper diaper “solar flared” super duper sensitive feelings. So while it appears and seems to be true that no matter what I say or do to the bully the bully is not fazed by it, this is false. Everything bothers the bully and the bully never ever lets anything go. Otherwise, the bully woulda, shoulda, coulda not be bullying innocent others. 

   By mentally manifesting my affirmation I neutralize my inner bully, which strives to make me keep the negative emotions that the outer bully gives to me. As a result I am able to return the INSULTS back to their maker - the outer bully as well as the INSULTS back to their creator – the inner bully. Having now RESOLVED the pain bullying thrusts upon me, I am able to enter a PEACE of mind state, which makes me feel self empowered, which motivates me to do what is in my own best interest – get and stay healthy.


  The Bully Culture hopes that women will believe that the female body has to be perfect. The question is, how do we define the word perfect? If perfection means make-up, special lighting, air brushed photo finishes, etc, then perfection is an illusion. If perfection means being an ectomorph – tall and skinny stick figurine – then perfection is prejudice. If perfection means having no physical flaws then perfection is blind, deaf, and dumb. According to the Bully Culture a perfect creature is the entire package. Therefore, a perfect creature is independent and thereby does not want anything or need anyone to sustain itself. But no creature has it all. And here is why. In order for life to exist every creature on earth has to be dependent upon every other creature for its very own survival. The wild kingdom’s ecosystem and human civilization’s socio-economic society are testimony to this fact. Give me what the Bully Culture considers the most sexy, youthful, gorgeous female on the planet and I will prove to you that she is not perfect. All I have to do is point out that her ears are not even, and oh, look, one earring dangles lower than the other, and there you have it. Not satisfied? Okay! All I have to do is point out that her eyes are not the same size, and oh, look, one eye is a little bit smaller than the other in her picture, and there you have it. No one’s body parts are perfect since they are not exactly, precisely symmetrical. How do you like that?! This is God’s way of showing us through our own flesh that it is an abomination to the Lord to worry ourselves over so-called perfection.  

  If you look at the awesome, beautiful, breathtaking things in nature you will find that they have imperfections. For example, a tree grows rings around the inside of its trunk to signify how many years old it is. Our society regards tree rings as exquisite pieces of science. People get wrinkles on their skin to show that they are aging. So why do we shun wrinkles? Why do we insist that a wrinkled face is ugly? Every wrinkle etched upon our face shows that we have lived. We have laughing wrinkles. They are the crowfeet around our eyes. We have crying wrinkles. They are the pout lines around our mouth. We don’t begrudge a grape for getting dried up by the sun into a wrinkled raisin. We eat it for its nourishment. So why don’t we glean nourishment from elderly people? They have valuable lessons to teach us about life for they have experience having lived for so long themselves.  

  The skin of a tree has knots in it. These knots are irregularities in its otherwise smooth bark. Knots appear as round discolorations and can make holes or indentations in the wood of a tree. Do we regard them as ugly? Nope! We use them as finishing pieces for furniture or wood fixtures such as frames, cloaks, and mantels to decorate our homes with. We even tell people that the tree knots are natural variations in the wood that give it its authentic beauty. Wood with knots in it is costly to purchase for it illustrates that it is solid wood not particleboard. After fifty years knotted wood is sold for even higher prices than it originally cost because the buyer knows that he is getting an antique. Women have moles on their flesh. Why does society insist on removing them? Why aren’t moles on a woman’s skin considered precious just like antique wood is?  

  Plants have prominent lines that run through their leaves. They bring water from the plant’s roots under the ground to the plant’s leaves above the ground’s surface to keep the plant alive. Many-an-artist has painted or drawn the unique patterns that a leaf’s lines make. People have varicose veins that run through their legs. Sometimes they look green or purple like a grapevine. Varicose veins are damaged veins due to poor circulation in the body. Why do we regard them as abhorrent when just like the plant’s visible markings they keep us alive?

  Why do women and men dye their hair out of gray hair phobia? I heard once that, according to the Bible, during biblical days everybody was young looking so folks that were aging got knocked around. In order to prevent this, God gave Abraham when he got elderly gray hair so that people would know who was old and show respect to the older, weaker members of their population by treating them more gently.  

  Why do we think a red complexion is some sort of skin disorder when we put white foundation all over our faces with a dab of rouge to add color to our cheeks? Foundation is unhealthy for the skin. The skin has pores so that it can breathe. Foundation acts like a nylon covering. It does not let the skin to breathe. I found an easy, safe way to add glow to my face. A couple of hours before I go out on dates with the opposite sex I do aerobic activity for an hour.  

  Seashells come in all colors. For instance, the pearl of an oyster is made up of calcium deposits. Pearls come in many natural shades of color like pure white, off white, yellowish white pinkish white, etc. We prize pearls so much that we wear them as jewelry to adorn ourselves with. So why do we bleach our teeth their whitest white? Bleaching is risky business. It wears away the enamel on one’s teeth due to its abrasive chemicals. Some people after bleaching their teeth report sensitivity of the teeth to hot and/or cold temperatures. Have you ever seen what a human cadaver looks like? The human skeleton, which is composed of calcium, is naturally off white in color. Some women’s shoes are an off white color that is why the shoe’s color is called “bone”. Any bleaching process thins out whatever material it is bleaching. When you put bleach into your clothes to get the stains out of them some of the fabric gets worn a way. This is how the stains get removed from the garment. An article of clothing is replaceable but your teeth are not! Why take the risk of wearing away your teeth, especially when you have to bleach your teeth every three months to keep them their whitest white? There is another safer way to get your teeth their whitest white. Use elbow grease. Move that elbow up and down and side to side by brushing your teeth three times a day. God gave you beautiful pearls, your teeth. They are the same shade of white as the color of your bones. So preserve them. Don’t erode them away.  

  Many people get the creeps just looking at a spider. Some get up on chairs or tabletops just to get away from a harmless spider. I think that the strange almost alien look of insects is their best line of defense against us giant humans. The spider can give people the shakes just looking at those long appendages. The thicker and hairier and bigger those eight legs are the more frightening they appear to be. Yet, the legs of the spider that sends chills up of some of our spines are regarded as alluring when they make their debut on a woman’s eyes as mascara. Perhaps this is because we know that eyes are not going to crawl up our legs. Or perhaps, since it generates a very attractive profit for the beauty industry, what ordinarily gives us the willy-nilly is to be regarded as glamorous. 

  A woman’s lips are considered a sexually appealing part of the body to the point that they are to be highlighted with lipstick. As part of her lipstick ritual she outlines the shape of her lips. Did you know that a human’s lips are part of the human intestinal tract? The digestive tract begins at the mouth, continues down the esophagus, into the stomach lining, is coiled up as the small intestine and elongated as the large intestine. So here we are wearing lipstick so that we can show off our intestinal tract.  

  A woman with lines on her forehead is regarded as unattractive. Television female celebrities don’t posses them. The lines on one’s forehead are a result of our facial muscles moving up and down while one is thinking about something. The forehead is the cavity of the skull that houses the section of the brain known as the cerebral cortex, which gives us our reasoning and intuitive faculties. So why does the Bully Culture hope that we will believe that a woman who uses her brain is ugly?

  Sunspots on the sun’s surface are considered an astronomical wonder. So why aren’t age spots on a woman’s face regarded as a natural wonder? Have you ever seen the sun’s spots through the sunscreen of a telescope? I have. The sun’s surface is a golden yellow. The sun’s spots look like varying sizes of velvety black holes. It’s remarkable! What is even more spectacular is that they are continually appearing, disappearing, and reappearing while changing their shapes from moment to moment in accordance with the varying heat intensities on the sun. The age spots on a woman’s face just like the sun’s spots are an adaptation of our skin to varying light intensities. Our skin protects us from the sun’s damaging light rays. If our skin did not regulate itself in such a manner we would have serious health troubles. On children they are called freckles and are considered cute. Why when they appear on mature women they are regarded as ugly?

  Stereotypically gender wise a square jaw and muscular body build is considered sexy on a male since it denotes masculinity and physical power.  And an oval faced, tall limbed, skinny body shape is regarded as sexy on a female because it denotes both femininity and physical strength. Female heroines are portrayed in the media as oval faced, tall limbed, one hundred pound skinny bodies with long flowing tresses of straight hair flying in the wind who are half naked kicking men’s butts in who are twice their size. Although she looks like a pornographic sex star, she defies physics. Who cares? It is just fiction, right! Let’s take a reality check. Who are the alpha females in our society? The oval faced, tall limbed, skinny bodied cheerleaders and athletes, of course. What an irony! The woman with the big mouth is considered to be strong and sexy whereas, the woman with the big jaw is regarded as weak and repulsive.   Why?  Because! The oval faced, tall limbed, skinny bodied female represents the members of the leaders of the Bully Culture - the elite bully population.  Who, according to them, we all are suppose to strive to be more like.  Now let me tell you about myself.  I happen to own a square jaw and possess a muscular body type.  

   The following are real life scenarios about me that show what a farce these gender stereotypes are:


  When I was in high school, sometimes my physical education class would play basketball. For some unknown reason one day my physical education teacher elected me to be one of the jumpers to start off the beginning of the game. She pitted me against oval faced, tall limbed, skinny bodied opponents. They smirked at me in smug confidence that they were going to knock that ball right over my head, no problem! When the teacher’s whistle blew and the ball came up over my head for them to claim it, I jumped up with my powerful thighs and brought it down over their heads knocking it to my team’s side of the court. For some reason unbeknown to me, every time my physical education class played basketball, my physical education teacher always elected me to be the basketball jumper and always pitted me against the tallest, longest limbed, skinniest girls in her class. Was she secretly smirking over how effortlessly a square jawed, short limbed, thick bodied female can prevail over an oval faced, tall limbed,  skinny bodied female in the tall athletes’ sport called basketball?


   While I was attending college, I was walking down a street one day on my way to the grocery store. I had my purse slung over my shoulder. Suddenly, I heard footsteps running up behind me. Before I could turn around, wham! A man struck my body and at the same time grabbed hold of my purse strap. I am all but five feet two inches tall, weighed one hundred and twenty pounds, am short limbed, and have a square jaw. Anyway, this stranger was trying to steal my purse. But instead he bounced off of my thick body build frame and nearly fell down on the pavement. In utter surprise he recovered his balance, ran, and jumped into a truck that pulled up in the street next to where we were and then sped away. I got a good look at him then. He was tall limbed, skinny bodied, and had an oval shaped face. I bet the next time he and his buddies think about picking up a girl they will think twice. Why did God give women square jaws, short limbs, and thick bodies if they do not denote physical prowess? Am I the only woman on the planet who was granted those traits in order to inadvertently ward off a robber?


   A neighbor, who lived across the way from me, was pounding on my door one day.  When I opened it, a male, who looked to be in his early twenties, about five feet six inches tall, with a slim solid body build without any fat on his physique, who was wearing nothing but teal blue colored underwear briefs, grabbed both of my shoulders with both of his hands and started pushing me into my own home.  I am a female.  I stand five feet two inches tall.  I was grossly out of shape.  I was old enough to be his grandmother. All I was wearing was a panama gown.  We were both barefoot.  I had major surgery on both big toes of both of my feet so without any shoes on I was not well grounded to the floor.  I am no fighter when it comes to physical confrontations.  I was never trained in any manner of self-defense.  And I do not have a killer instinct.  Yet we looked like two Sumo wrestlers locked in combat. I grabbed both of his shoulders with both of my hands as I slid backwards into the entrance way of my own house. He took a roundhouse swing at me with his right hand balled up into a fist.  But he missed me as suddenly I pushed him back.  As he slid backwards across the entrance way of my house, I swung my front door between us.  Then, I pushed my front door against him and slid him backwards into the hallway.  Next, I closed and lock my front door.   After that, thru my front door's peephole, I saw him retreat into his apartment and close and lock his front door.  A couple of days later, he came out of his apartment and sat on the stairs to smoke a cigarette. Incensed at what a bully coward he was, willing to attack females, and ones that are three times his age, and for no reason, I laughed at him.  He got so upset that instead of lighting his cigarette, he went back into his apartment.  Did he misjudge me?  I might look like a comical figure but I am no easy win! 

  About one hundred years ago most women were endowed with my full figured body build. They had ample breasts, hips, thighs, and butts. They were considered sexually appealing because these body parts were the female assets that are necessary for reproduction. In those days such women were highly desirable by men since men knew that they were well nourished and strong enough to give birth to robust babies. Men in those days also looked for intelligent and nice women to be their life long partners for they knew that good mothers raise great children. Today, thanks to the Bully Culture, most men in our society have been stripped of their manhood. They never grow any older than the pre-adolescent teenage boy who is only interested in one thing from a female and that is sex. In addition, most women have been brainwashed by the Bully Culture to believe that all that matters is a skinny bony physique. That is why the boys regard the boob less, hipless, butt less girl wonder as the icon of beauty. Playboy meet sex toy. The emasculated man is also not interested in being a father or a provider for that matter. Skinny women are prone to be at risk for aborting their pregnancies or having premature babies. The Bully Culture has brainwashed both genders of all body types to believe that all that matters is one’s physique. So neither gender cultivates their minds or develops their hearts. Result: their offspring grow up to be malicious vicious spoiled brats who don’t know how to be in a relationship.  

  The elite bully dictates what the definition of beauty is. It has morphed from generation to generation according to how the elite bully’s lifestyle changes the elite bully’s own physical appearance. If you do not posses the physical appearance that the elite bully has, you are classified, by the Bully Culture as being ugly, and designated by the Bully Culture as the bully target to be victimized by other peoples’ senseless hatred. People don’t criticize the appearances of the variety of living things and beings that dwell on the earth so why don’t we appreciate the myriads of different kinds of looking people that occupy our planet? The answer to this question is the following: The Bully Culture strives to discourage “individualism” in order to encourage the masses’ to conform to the Bully Culture’s mediocre status quo so that society will strive to emulate how the elite bully looks so that society will strive to behave as the elite bully does thereby keeping the Bully Culture regime alive and well with its wannabe elitist bullies.  

   The Bully Culture leads women to believe that beauty is something that lies outside of oneself so that you will not to be satisfied with the YOU that God has given you. The Bully Culture does this by redefining what beauty is according to the elite bully’s own personal standards and according to the corporate elite bully’s own private profit making agenda. Once you go looking for beauty in a glass bottle, a pill dispenser, or a plastic surgical procedure, the Bully Culture steals your God given beauty away from you by selling it back to you as a so-called beauty aid that destroys your body’s image.  For example the Bully Culture will tell you that beauty is, “Your radiant smile.” Next, the Bully Culture will remove your radiant smile from you by brainwashing you to do unhealthful things to your body like for instance not honoring your monthly menstruation cycle. Many women fret over how to look physically beautiful. They do not know that beauty is synonymous with physical, emotional, and mental health. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” I used to think that this saying was referring to taking a bar of soap and bathing with it. Now I know that it is referring to cleansing oneself from the inside out. The body’s internal purging process is what health is and thereby what beauty stems from.

   One of the functions of the female’s menstruation cycle is to expel her unfertilized ova along with the engorged blood out of the uterine lining. Another function of the female’s menstruation cycle is to physically cleanse the body of poisons. The human body acquires a certain amount of toxins every day from unwholesome things that we eat, as well as environmental poisonous elements like automobile exhaust fumes and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A lot of these unhealthy things the body cannot eliminate immediately as they are so caustic. But after a month the body is able to rid itself of most of them. So when a woman’s monthly cycle commences, along with flushing the blood out of the vagina, the stored up toxic substances from the physical body are also expelled. The third function that the female’s menstruation cycle gives her is a psychological purge out. When the Bully Culture mentions, “Your radiant smile”, it is referring to “Your bleached white teeth.” But what truly makes your smile radiant is the psychological state that you are in. Although, I have a mouth full of crocked teeth, a recessed jaw, and thin bow-tie lips, when I smile, I smile when I mean it, both males and females, even the most sexy and lovely looking ones, tell me, “You have a beautiful smile.” Sometimes, I wonder why, since the Bully Culture, for so many decades now, has publicized rail thin models with scowls on their faces as being BEAUtiful with their, “edgy” look. Apparently, no matter how much or how long the Bully Culture shoves their definition of what beauty is down our throats, we the people, still know instinctively a sincerely beautiful thing when we see it. It is the joy of the spirit that spills forth as the bright crescent of the happy smile that gets peoples’ attention. The end of the female menstruation cycle marks the renewal of the woman’s emotional self. Around their period many women feel different. Some feel like crying and they don’t know why. But their body does. Crying is the body’s way of healing past hurt feelings that the woman may not even know that she was harboring. Emotional cleansing does to a woman what rain does to the earth. It revives her and renews her. By releasing her sadness she is ready to express her gladness. Then, she can break out into a smile of genuine happiness. After that, everyone notices that smile no matter what she looks like.

  If a woman does not honor her monthly cycle she will succumb to the things that make a woman unhealthy. This will take away both the external and the internal beauty that her menstruation cycle gives her. Many women today experience what is known as Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS). PMS is the result of not honoring her monthly cycle. Her female body is being overloaded with so many toxic substances that her body is unable to purge itself of them at the onset of her blood flow. This causes them to remain stored within her female organs until the onset of her next period. Cramps, fatigue, and tender breasts are some of the symptoms that she will suffer through. Some women’s bodies are so overwhelmed with toxic build up that they have PMS from the beginning of one period to the end of the next. Cramps will occur before the woman’s menses begins. The muscles that abort the unfertilized egg and the uterine blood and lining meant for it are not getting enough Calcium to expand and contract properly so they undergo mild spasms. Good sources of calcium are dairy products and dark leafy greens. After the old membrane tissue is ejected from the uterus new membrane tissue replaces it. Give it enough vitamin C so that it can repair itself. Good sources of vitamin C are all citrus fruits-– lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, tangerines, and all berries – blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, and potatoes. If fatigue occurs during the woman’s menstruation cycle she is not getting enough iron in her diet. The loss of blood causes a drop in iron. Good sources of iron are red meat, beans, lentils, whole grains and beets. Tender breasts can happen before, during, or after the woman’s menstruation cycle. It is caused by water retention. If the body has a significant amount of toxins in its system and it is not getting enough water it will retain water. The breasts and armpits are part of what is called the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is one of the ways that the body gets rid of undesirable substances. It does this by perspiring. If the body cannot eliminate impurities due to their high volume it will corral them in the breast tissue until the white corpuscles are able to engulf and remove them. Water helps the lymphatic system wash them away by eliminating them through the urinary and excretory tracts. Junk food is full of toxins. It contains artificial chemicals, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives. It both depletes your body of its vitamin and mineral stores, and contaminates your body.  

  PMS is not a natural part of a woman’s menstruation cycle. She is not supposed to experience physical discomfort as a result of having her period. I began my period when I was 14 years old. Two weeks before my menstrual cycle I got tender breasts. Several days before I got my period, I got cramps that were so severe that all I could do was lie down in a fetal position on my bed and moan. Although I took medication to kill the pain I was not able to go to school or work that day. For the duration of my period I always felt tired. Years later, I embarked upon a weight loss endeavor to lose excess weight. I ate a well balanced diet consisting of a variety of wholesome foods. I avoided all junk foods. I drank plenty of water. I did aerobic exercise an hour a day five days a week. To my amazement my healthy lifestyle eliminated all of my PMS symptoms. This made it obvious to me that PMS was never meant to be part of a woman’s menstruation cycle.  



Put me down the garden’s path,
like a rose flung by the wind’s laugh.
I will leave this place forever
known to my open face.
Gathering the seeds of my trail,
my restless lover, the strong gale,
bends me low, and fiercely,
to take them from my rosy pale.

And dances them along the garden’s path,
the children of the coming season.
A march of heroic, delicate beauty
forever braves the celebration
of a Rose’s congregation.

All my thorns remain standing,
unable to puncture the wind’s abrupt landing.
It carries forth my latent womb
of the bee’s careful harvesting
and shakes loose mother’s embryo
to leap on down the garden’s sea
with flying daughters high and free.

They scent the waving air with their departure
to their father proud and blowing
along a journey of past’s going
landing in my place of sowing
where once the red blood of my
blossoms were growing.

By Elana Laham © 2013


  What are people really looking for when they embark upon a weight loss program? If they hoping to improve their health, congratulations! If they are hoping to get SELF ESTEEM, good luck! Improving your BODY IMAGE is not going to improve your SELF IMAGE. However, the Bully Culture hopes that you will believe that it is so. The Bully Culture tells us that old warn out cliché that, “It is beauty on the inside that counts.” Meanwhile, the Bully Culture is busy excluding people from being a part of all sorts of social events such as nightclubs and day outings who are “not so pretty” on the outside. There ought to be a law that states that if an individual has the qualifications to do the job then it is unlawful to discriminate against him on the basis of his APPEARANCE. A lawyer woulda, shoulda, coulda make a lot of money representing clients who file discrimination lawsuits against businesses who discriminate against people based on their appearance. I am surprised that no one has.

  Don’t be intimidated and/or manipulated by the Bully Culture myth that once you morph your body image from fat to thin your self-image will mutate from being timid to being confident. They already know that it won’t! They don’t really care about how you actually look. All they care about is that you light up the corporate elite bully’s eyes with your dollar bills by paying for the latest eye candy fix – laser eye surgery, restoration of hair loss, face lifts, breast enhancements, etc, available on the consumer market. I learned the lesson the hard way that body image does not change self-image. I got the notion in my head one day that if I dyed my boring mousy dark brown hair an exciting golden yellow blonde people woulda, shoulda, coulda treat me differently. After all blondes have more fun, right? Nope! People mistreated me in the same old disrespectful way. I would have, should have could have known. After all, I used to not have any weight issues. Yet society treated me like a piece of crap just the same. What can you expect when for an entire lifetime the Bully Culture drums into peoples’ heads that having an elite bully’s physique is all that matters.  

  Why is the divorce rate in America so high? Because the Bully Culture lies to us that in order to be one of the pretty people we must select a mate for breeding purposes based upon appearances only. For example, a man’s priority regarding the mother-to-be of his offspring is to marry a BEAUtiful (no typographical error here) trophy wife. Intellect is not part of the chemistry equation and character is not even up for debate. But doing so is the very reason why marriages and divorces in America are akin to a revolving door. And this is precisely and exactly what the elite bully desires. The more broken homes there are the more individual members of society will be lonely, poor, and sick, too weak to stand up to the Bully Culture establishment and thereby no threat to toppling the Bully Culture regime.  

  I happen to have more physical anomalies than most people get in ten lifetimes. I have physical defects that cannot be fixed. They are here to stay for the rest of my life. So, no matter how hard I try to look physically attractive people victimize me for being a “not-so-pretty”. When I go out I look fashionably dressed, but males scowl at me or give me dirty looks for wearing classy clothes instead of showing me some respect for making the effort to do my best with what I have to work with. So, I laugh at their faces for disapproving of my existence. What a sad commentary on the so-called men in this society. Being that I can do nothing about my physical appearance, I have come to accept my physical lack of appearance. What this has taught me is that my transitory flesh that will disintegrate into the earth’s dirt after I die – what I am – has nothing whatsoever to do with – who I am – my permanent God given essence which will carry me on to be recycled into another life span. I earn “who” I am. So, I have to live with whom I choose to be for the rest of eternity. I was given “what” I am by the lottery of birth placement. So, I only have to live with what was given to me for a fleeting cosmic moment.  

  There is a Bully Culture myth that claims that the bully targets people who don’t have any self-esteem. Then, the Bully Culture works very hard at brainwashing people to believe in that Bully Culture myth by conditioning society that it does not matter what is on the inside of an individual. All that counts is what is on the outside. Therefore, one ought to be ashamed of oneself if one does not look BEAUtiful according to the elite bully’s definition of what beauty is. I used to NOT have any self-esteem and the bully(s) targeted me for bullying. Now, I have self-esteem, but the bully(s) target me for bullying. The reason for this is that while it may seem that the bully actually picks on me since I am not so pretty in appearance – never was, and never will be – the bully really picks on me because the bully expects me to hate myself just as society does not love me due to my so-called ugliness. When I don’t, the bully has a rude awakening and is sorry that he ever bothered me.  

  It is said that, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” I used to believe that the beholder was other people. Now I know that the beholder is myself. Thus, I evaluate my self according to what I EARN not according to what I was GIVEN. Hence, all that matters is that I strive to be a decent human being for I cannot help that I was born looking a certain way. I remember once, going to a Ford car dealership in the town of Kirkland in Washington State to look for new car. The financial officer there without my permission took a picture of me. Then, he started laughing. After that, I turned to him and said, “I may be not so pretty on the outside but I am drop dead gorgeous on the inside.” After I said that, he gave me a sheepish look and started behaving towards me as if he was a bad boy who was sorry that he had behaved like a jerk towards his mother. He was ashamed of what he did because I am proud of who I am. I have self esteem since I longer base myself upon the trivial materialistic Bully Culture value system. I base myself upon the substantial cosmic value system of God’s universal moral and ethical codes of existence. Sometimes I go out looking as ugly as I can on purpose to make the Bully Culture believe that I am an easy bully target. Then, when the bully takes issue with me for not being easy on his eyes, I am hard on his ears when I say “You are the one who is ugly because all you are is a butt hole”. That always gets the bully! Do you know why? The common denominator of all people is that we all know, whether or not we care to admit it, that being a bad looking good person trumps being a good looking bad person any and every time. The so-called pretty people are jealous of the so-called ugly people. So they try to lord it over us. Don’t let the Bully Culture rob you of your self -esteem by making you believe in the Bully Culture myth that you are not one of God’s pretty people. Just remember this:



Guess where ALL bodies go after we die?
We go into the mouths of insects like the fly.
Then wherein does our value lie?
It lies in the works that we do while we are alive.
For worthy stature is not given by the luck of the draw.
It is earned by the choices that we make.
And that is all.

By Elana Laham © 2013