We Take The Bullying By The Horns


By Elana Laham © 2018 Elana Laham

   Every Nation on this earth has a destiny. The Destiny of the Jewish Nation is to dwell in the Land of Israel modernly known as the State of Israel. How do we know the Jewish People are stewards of this little strip of land in the Middle East? We know since the Jews are the only people in the world who have not once but twice returned to the Jewish Land after being expelled from it initially by the Babylonian Empire followed by the Roman Empire. During their exile, which lasted 70 years the first time and 1900 years the second time, and during this modern age when billions of people are living on the planet making land space over the entire globe very precious indeed, no other Nation on earth made the Jewish place of residence their home. Neither the Babylonians nor the Romans nor some contemporary Enterprise ever occupied the Land of Israel.  Instead for thousands of years the Land of Israel was left alone. What is even more ironic is the reason why the Jewish People were forced to leave their country, which the Jewish people call the Promised Land. The Jewish People were forced to leave Israel since they refused to be Beni Adam - Decent People - those who observe the human morals and business ethics of Judaism.  So the Land of Israel ejected the Jewish People because of the baseless hatred the Jewish People committed against their own kindred.

   What my life experience has taught me about what it means to be Jewish and why the Jewish Peoples’ destiny is to live in the State of Israel is that the Jewish Homeland is an Ear Miklat, which means a “City of Refuge”.  

   By birthright I am Jewish. Every Genome in my body is Jewish. My Ancestry stems from Russian Jewry stalk from an unbroken family lineage. There were no interracial intermarriages on our family tree. 

   Four years ago my spouse and I, who are both highly educated law abiding citizens who did not ever committed any crime, and who were three generations American, became REFUGEES who had to flee from the United States, the country of our birth, because we believed in our American Constitutional Rights. Knowing we are Jewish and having nowhere to go to we immigrated to Israel upon the Law of Return. So Israel became known to me as a City of Refuge, but only since I happen to be ethnically Jewish.  

   That is until I felt how inexcusably unwelcoming our Jewish brethren received us. This got me to thinking how the Jewish People are not a Race.  

   No one can tell who is a Jew any more. We no longer possess the “Jewish” features and traits of yesterday. When I lived in the United States people confused me with being Italian. Today, Jews not only look like but act like the people of the foreign country they are born in. We have been exiled all over the world to immigrate from country to country in order to learn life’s lesson that being Jewish is not about ethnicity. 

   When I was twenty-two years old I became what is known as a Baalet Teshuva – a Jewess who returns to the Jewish way of life. I was an honor student with an overall 3.5 grade point average graduating from Moorpark Community College and I came from a financially disadvantaged home. So I was awarded scholarships and financial aid that paid for all of my educational expenses at the University of my choice. But I sacrificed my hard earned free education at the University of California Santa Barbara - UCSB to study Judaism at Machon Alta and Neve Yerushaliyim for three years full time in order to learn about my Jewish Heritage. Afterwards, I was religiously observant for sixteen years following the path of Chassidic Judaism, which is the strictest form of religious observance that there is.  

   That is until I felt how shamefully hypocritical religiously observant Jews are. This got me to thinking how the Jewish People are not a Religion.  

   The Jewish religion is based upon Monotheism, which is the belief that there is only a single God. Monotheism was introduced in the world when Polytheism, the belief in multiple gods was popular. Ah, a new way to view God!  

   That is until the Jewish people decided to claim that Judaism is the one true religion and that the Jews are God’s chosen people at the exclusion of every one else for the simple reason that Jews serve one Lord versus many Lords. Bye God! Hello Anti-Semitism!

   God does not care whether one believes in many gods or one God. What concerns the Creator of creation is whether or not our worship of many gods or one God leads us to doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. For the purpose of any and every religion is to teach people human morals and business ethics so that people will learn to do the right thing, which protects Life, versus the wrong thing, which destroys Life.  

   The Jewish religion was founded upon the observance of the universal principles of proper conduct, which the Torah – Jewish Bible, Jewish Nevi’im – Jewish Prophets, Perkay Avot – Ethics of Our Fathers, Tehillim – King David’s Psalms, the Talmud and the Mishnah all talk about. However, the Jewish religion has mutated into a dogma of ritual observance by many so-called devout Jews in order to hide their wolf in sheep’s clothing.  

   These Jews have hijacked the Jewish religion for they covet greed – value money (financial clout) and enslave others (social status) to a narrow criterion of conformity. Such has nothing to do with serving God and everything to do with idol worshipping themselves as gods. This is the reason why only 1% of Jewry in the world today is involved with Judaism. I can vouch that this is so being that I, a Jewess, was persecuted as a pariah and unofficially excommunicated from the Jewish community for the simple reason that I took my Judaism seriously.

   The Jewish religion is a Hoax.  The Jewish bible is a plagiarised version of the Sumerian chronicles, which the Sumerian people wrote thousands of years ago before the Hebrews ever existed.  

   For example, the story about the Creation of Adam, and for instance, the story about the Sin of Adam and Eve, and a third sample, the story about the Tower of Babel in the Jewish Bible (Torah) in the Book of Creation (Bereshit) are copied versions of the original Sumerian text. 

   If the reader is interested in viewing the online hyperlink that will take you to the documentary on the original Sumerian story of the Creation of Adam then please go to hyperlink 03 at

   Or go to

   Or go to New Sumerian Tablets of Creation Documentary 2018 Original Texts Exposed Bare - YouTube 

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   If the reader is interested in viewing the online hyperlink that will take you to the documentary on the original Sumerian story of the Tower of Babel then please go to hyperlink 05 at

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   Or go to Sumerian Texts Speak of Strange Shem Devices - YouTube 
   So why did God invent a Jewish Homeland and why did God appoint the Land Mass of Israel to be the Jewish Homeland if the Jewish People are not a Race and not a Religion?

   The answer to this question lies in the following quote by Israel’s first Prime Minister whose name was David Ben Gurion:

   “The State of Israel will prove itself not by material wealth, not by military might, or technical achievement, but by its moral character and human values.”

   If the reader is interested in viewing the above David Ben Gurion quote then please go to hyperlink 02 at

   God designed it so that Israel will be… 

   POOR when it comes to natural resources for example oil and water. 

   POOR when it comes to military strength. Israelis are a minority of about 8 million inhabitants within the global population. So if Israel had to go to war with China, for instance, which has over one billion inhabitants, then who will win? This is a rhetorical question!

   POOR when it comes to technology. I call the Jewish State of Israel the 51st State of the United States because, since I have been living here, I have noticed that Israel imitates America in just about any and every thing that it does.

   God in I-t’s infinite wisdom must have known that most of the members of the Jewish clan are going to betray and abandon Divine doctrine. And when the many do they will leave Israel for Ramat Chaim - the so-called better life, elsewhere. 

   But Israel will be RICH in humanitarian resources. For God has reserved the Jewish Land of Israel for those people who are moral and ethical. For the true definition of what it means to be Jewish is, “Those who choose God are chosen by God.”  

   They are the people of the world who are comprised of all Cultures, Social Classes, Genders, Ages, Religious Beliefs and Non-Affiliates of any Faiths. They will be REFUGEES who have been exiled all over the world from their countries of origin just as we were for accepting human morals and business ethics and rejecting the Bully Culture. They are the few who will immigrate to Israel Ear Miklat – the City of Refuge in order to escape the Bullying Persecution for being DIFFERENT - doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.


A Psalm of David

“Who shall dwell upon thy holy mountain?”
“He that walketh uprightly,
and worketh righteousness,
and speaketh truth in his heart.”
“He that hath no slander upon his tongue.”
‘He that not taketh a bribe against the innocent.”
(Psalm 15:1,2,3.5)

The Prophet Isaiah

“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”
(Isaiah 55-56:7)


The True Jews versus The Cue Jews 

   There are the True Jews and there are the Cue Jews.  

   The True Jew remembers but the Cue Jew forgets that God redeemed the Refugee Jewish People from their Bondage in the Land of Egypt thousands of years ago.

   From 1977-1979 (True Jew) Prime Minister Menachem Begin permitted the refugee “Boat People” (Vietnamese-fleeing the communist takeover of Vietnam) to enter Israel and granted them Israeli citizenship after Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong rejected them.

   Prime Minister Menachem Begin compared the refugee “Vietnamese Boat People” to the refugee “Jewish Boat People (Jews-fleeing the impending WWII Holocaust of Germany) who were refused asylum from every country’s harbor they journeyed to.

   About thirty five years later, (Cue Jew) Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu forbid the Eritreans (fleeing from Eritrea) from entering Israel and denied these refugees, who were assembled in the dessert’s unforgiving heat, food, shelter, and medical attention. They were delivered to the Egyptians to be returned to Eritrea. 

   Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu compared the Eritreans to Infiltrators. Imagine it, Refugees being regarded as Spies!

   If the reader is interested in viewing the Article on Refugees in Israel then please go to hyperlink 01 at


Fun Factoid:

The abbreviation for the country of Israel is
IL as in Israel is Ill versus IS as in Israel IS Real


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