We Take The Bullying By The Horns


By Elana Laham © 2013 Elana Laham


     I decided to write The BullCrap Busters Website since I wished to help others, like my self, who are victims of bullying, overcome the victim role. However, although I devoted many years to this genre, I came to realize that all people, whether or not they are bully(s), bystander(s), or victim(s) in one way or another are all victims of what has come to be known to me as the BULLY CULTURE. Without going into details as to why, for that is another book in and of itself, when I was a fourteen year old child budding into womanhood I chose to take my own life for I was not able to fathom any other way to escape the hellish existence that I was born into that I was being made to endure for no explainable reason. To make a long story short, I never died, but for one reason and one reason only, because I was too afraid of death to. Fifty plus years later, I witness the tragedy that there are others like me. But unlike me they do commit suicide and they do commit homicide because the whole world HATES them for NOTHING.  

  A SOCIAL SYSTEM that does not work for any of us is murdering our children – yours and mine. The Bully Culture is spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically killing our children. Our children are being sacrificed as canon fodder for senseless wars that are being fought to serve the elite bully all in the name of so called freedom, liberty, and justice for all – Democracy. Our children are being raised as consumer drones to profit the corporate elite bully all in the name of so-called free market enterprise – Capitalism. Our children are being brainwashed to trust and have faith in false supernatural belief systems in order to aggrandize the clergy bully all in the name of the so-called natural order of things – Religion. Our children are being intimidated and manipulated by the enforcer bully to be ignorant, and uncaring, conformists of the ever-degenerating status quo of so-called humane civilization – the Bully Culture.  

  I call it the silent war because the NEWS media censors it. So, I created the BullCrap Busters Website as a means by which to help humanity construct a voice to speak out on behalf of all of our disenfranchised children across all ages, genders, cultural groupings, socio-economic classes, etc, etc, etc, whose pleas for help have been stifled, ridiculed, exploited, and gone unanswered by the elite bully’s Bully Culture regime, and thusly eventually forgotten. The elite bully says, “We won’t talk about the shooters. We won’t mention their names. We will only speak about and say the names of the victims.” But I will remember them. I will mention what an unforgivable, unconscionable act it is that the Eric Harrises and Dylan Klebalds, Cho Seuing Huis, James Holmeses, and Adam Lanzas of our youth are not considered NEWS worthy enough to mention WHY they have chosen to take the lives of others and to sacrifice their own lives. For in the WHY lies the KEY to ending these suicide and homicide statistics. Even though ALL of our children are being lost into the oblivion of death on a daily basis, the Bully Culture establishment’s one and only agenda is to vilify them in order to silence all of their voices. For what they have to say is a threat to the continued existence of the elite bully’s Bully Culture. Since no one is listening to their desperate cries for help, we will not let them die in vain. Their murders will never ever go away by making them into some faceless, nameless tombstone. We must remember them so that we can hear what they have to say. Why? Because they were not born a statistic, they were made into one. And because, if we do not come to the aid of those children who are hated for no reason, then who will come to the aid of those children who are loved for every reason, yet the Bully Culture, having exhausted its pool of victims in its never ending search for a victim, will bully them to death as well? 

  One homicide/suicide incident that the NEWS did give attention to since it happened on the very affluent campus of Virginia TECH was the story about a young Asian adult male named Cho Seuing Hui. Cho’s story compelled me more than anything else to write the BullCrap Busters Website as it bothered me to my very core that, although Cho spelled out very clearly what drove him to end his life and the lives of others, the NEWS media CENSORED it by destroying everything that Cho had written except for Cho’s death note, which the NEWS MEDIA MISCONSTRUED. Cho’s message was simple, “The BULLYING has to STOP!!!”  

   If the reader is interested in viewing the Interview with the President of NBC on the Oprah Winfrey Show illustrating the NEWS Media’s censorship of Cho’s message then please go to hyperlink  Interview with NBC President at

  According to the Yahoo NEWS Article dated April 19, 2007, which was written up by a Matt Apuzzo, associated press writer, it states that Cho quotes, “You had a hundred billion chances and ways to have avoided today...(The homicide/suicide spree at Virginia Tech). But you decided to spill my blood. You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option. The decision was yours. Now you have blood on your hands that will never wash off.” The Yahoo NEWS about Cho goes on to say “In the video (that apparently Cho made) the 23 year old Cho portrays himself as persecuted”. Wow! Listen to how the Bully Culture perverts those words. Cho portrays himself as being persecuted? So, am I supposed to believe that it was Cho’s imagination that painted the picture that he was being bullied to death?! “Your Mercedes was not good enough” says Cho. “Your golden necklaces weren’t enough. Your trust fund wasn’t enough. Your Vodka and Cognac wasn’t enough. All your debaucheries weren’t enough. Those weren’t enough to fulfill your hedonistic needs.” And finally, Cho says, “You had everything”.  

   If the reader is interested in viewing another Article about Cho that contains these above quotes then please go to hyperlink Article about Cho at

  But instead the Bully Culture gets Cho’s message completely wrong! The Yahoo NEWS Article says that Cho was, “ranting and raving about rich kids”. Cho was not envious of the well to do crowd. Cho was outraged at the audacity of the ungrateful, unbridled arrogance of those who have been given so much and yet instead of being thankful for their fortune they seek out those who are less fortunate than they and not as lucky as they to hate them for no reason. 

   The Yahoo NEWS goes on to elaborate about Cho who was a victim of bullying. It states, “(Cho) ...was picked on, pushed around, and laughed at...over the strange way he talked. Once in an English class, the teacher had the students read aloud, and when it was Cho’s turn, he just looked down in silence. Finally after the teacher threatened him with an F...Cho started to read in a strange ...voice that sounded like he had something in his mouth. As soon as he started reading the whole class started laughing and pointing and saying ‘Go back to China!’ I wish Cho were still alive today so that I could share with him a very similar thing that happened to a victim of bullying when she was just a little girl. That victim was me. Then, maybe, he and those he killed would still be alive today because he would know that he is NOT ALL ALONE.  

  The following is my real life story:  

  “When I was in fifth grade I attended TOWNSHIP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Simi Valley, California, U.S.A. At the beginning of the school year I began to take an avid interest in astronomy. Observing my growing passion for the stars my parents bought me a reflective telescope. a series of photographs of the Apollo Missions that were launched into outer space, and Rand McNally posters of the solar system that I plastered all over the walls of my bedroom. Every night I set up my telescope on my balcony and through its sunscreen viewed one of the nearby planets or watched the sunspots appear and disappear on the sun while solar flares erupted out of its surface. 

   During the middle of the school year, my teacher, MR. G. M. SOLTESZ, decided to do a science unit on astronomy.  Thrilled, I brought him pictures and facts about the planets in our solar system that I had drawn and wrote up. Impressed with my enthusiasm for the subject and creative artistry of the planets my teacher decided to give me extra credit for every diagram that I brought to class. And he was pleased with every work that I did. Upon seeing it he would exclaim, “You are going to make a great astronomer someday”. During the astronomy lessons I was always raising my hand to be called upon to answer my teacher’s questions about the stars. Until, one day, when Mr. Soltesz asked the class a question that I had no idea what the answer was to it. When Mr. Soltesz asked for volunteers no one in the entire classroom raised their hand, not even me. 

   But instead of answering the question himself and going on to the next part of the lesson, Mr. Soltesz’s face suddenly became the color of a shinny red apple and his voice suddenly rose to what sounded like the crackle of thunder. Then, without warning, he came over to my chair and looking down at me with his over six foot tall frame yelled at what sounded like the top of his voice, “You want to be an astronomer and you can’t even answer this question???!!!” After that, the entire class broke out into laughter. When the laughter of my classmates finally died down, they stomped their feet upon the floor and banged their fists upon their desks in an eerie unified rhythm while they sang with uncanny unison, “What a chop! What a chop! What a chop!” They did this over and over and over again for what seemed like an eternity. The teacher did nothing to stop it. Instead he stood like a frozen statue in front of my chair hovering over me and glaring down at me. Meanwhile, as I was made to listen to the cacophonous cries of my classmates, I literally felt myself shrink and shrink and shrink in size until I was no larger than an insect...sitting in the middle of my chair. 

   Too traumatized by the event I never told my parents about it. And although I desperately tried not to let what happened to me affect my love for astronomy, as the years moved on in my life, I gradually tore down from my bedroom walls, and ripped up, and threw into the trash, every Rand McNally poster that I had, my collection of photographs of the Apollo Missions got lost, and my telescope was dismantled and became a dust collector in the hallway closet until one day it no longer existed. But the worst part of being picked on, pushed around, and laughed at was that my passion for the cosmos waned and waned and waned until it simply withered away into nothing and my dream of one day becoming an astronomer, having been turned into a nightmare, simply died. After that I never studied astronomy again. I could not even bring myself to take interest in it as a hobby.  

  Is this what we want and need for our children? Are they to be exterminated by BULLYING before they grow up so that they will not become the scientists who cure cancer or the psychologists who heal the insane or the psychics who pioneer the paranormal realm and so on and so forth? Every single human being in this world has something important to offer society that no other can offer. This is because God made every single person UNIQUE. There never was, is not now, and never will be another one like YOU in the entire cosmos, ever again!!!

  It took me thirteen years of banging on my computer keyboard eight hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred and sixty five days out of the year to create the BullCrap Busters Website. We have had to sacrifice everything that we have ever had to bring the BullCrap Busters Website into being. We are risking our resources, our freedom, and our lives bringing the BullCrap Busters Website to the public. The BullCrap Busters Website ought to get published. The BullCrap Busters Website ought to win a Pulitzer Prize. The BullCrap Busters Website ought to win the Nobel Peace Prize. But it won’t! For we live in a Bully Culture. You may be wondering why I was so insane, I am so crazy, I will be such a lunatic as to have brought into being the BullCrap Busters Website. Well, I will tell you why. We dare to DO THE RIGHT THING BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. 

   The BullCrap Busters Website is for the handful of people on this earth who prove that there is still intelligent life on this planet. For they comprehend, understand, and know exactly and precisely that what we have shared between these pages is the TRUTH about BULLYING. Our one and only hope is that those who suffer in silence and isolation will know that they are NOT ALONE so that the epidemic of suicidal and homicidal killings can STOP. So that no more lives will be LOST. So that individually, one by one, we will stand up against BULLYING. So that together we will ALL make a difference by making this world a better place for ALL of us by eradicating the BULLY CULTURE from society’s midst.  

  The BullCrap Busters Website will transmit its signals over the Internet for as long as we have not been CENSORED off the web as a result of LIBEL and/or SLANDER, and/or ANTI-MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, and/or BANKRUPT by bought off justice, and/or ARRESTED and/or INCARCERATED due to trumped up charges and/or, MURDERED by a staged accident by those who have the audacity to call themselves FRIENDS of humanity, yet who are ENEMIES to those who dare to exercise their HUMAN RIGHTS. 

  For our own protection under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution everything in the BullCrap Busters Website that we state is our own opinion, based upon observables that lead to reasonable conclusions, except for those sections of this expose' in which we state the facts, by providing documented proof, that the events that we claim actually happened really did occur.  

   If the reader is interested in viewing the First Amendment to the United States Constitution – Freedom of Speech – along with what defines a Defamatory Statement then please go to the following hyperlinks  at

First Amendment United States Constitution
Definition Defamatory Statement



In the society that I live you are not allowed to have a heart or a brain.
And if you dare to exercise them people will believe you are insane.
They just don’t care about all the dreams you carry inside.
Instead they expect you to conform 
So if you are different you better hide.

People try to take away my dignity day by day.
They don’t even know who I am nor do they stop to take the time.
Instead they listen to gossip about me from the bully who is too cowardly
to face the crime that he does to my soul. 
Instead of just being sorry, you know.

And they mask my beauty with the ugliness of their own scars.
Because they are taught to hate and fear what is different and so –
The beauty and wonder of each of us they never get to know.
And society circles around and spirals down, refusing to ever grow.

I was born to be have a glow upon my cheek.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...what I was meant to be – unique.
I was born to be wear a smile upon my face.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...not rejected by the human race.

The world is moving into the 21st Century.
Open your eyes! What do you really see?
Observe all the strife that completely surrounds you.
Because the Bully Culture only caters to a chosen few.

We are nothing like the polite machines that we program.
Instead we are rude as hell because we refuse to give a damn.
Just damage anyone and pretend you are joking – it is all in fun. 
Since you are a phony who has no self! So why should anyone else?

There is a new uprising breed of humanoids in town.
Why is no one alarmed that they are around?
Even after their victims commit suicide!
Since from the bully they tried but could not hide.

If society would take a break from 
harming and hurting people for no reason.
Instead of hunting people just because they are out of fit-in-season.
Then maybe we would learn to get along with one other
and even make a friend out of a sister or a brother.

I was born to be BEAUtiful...not to live in fear every day.
I was born to be be respected for what I say.
I was born to be have a reason to be alive.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...not to be made to have to hide. 

All this fat upon my body will surely come off tomorrow,
if the people around me will stop giving me pain and sorrow.
Instead I am being told to take pills for my emotional agony,
as if those worthless drugs will ever set these pounds free.

And the alcohol I drink that clouds up my mind
will find itself in the trash if people will just be kind.
Instead, I am being told to look inside of myself,
as if those worthless therapies will ever really help.

And the pills I take for this and that, like warding off a heart attack,
will remain on the market’s shelf if people will just give a crap.
Instead I am being told that they really work,
as if those worthless words will even convince a jerk.

And the diseases inside of my body 
that the doctors cut out of me with knives
will heal up by themselves if people will respect each other’s lives.
Instead I am being told that the pompous know what is best,
as if their worthless treatments will ever give my being rest.

I was born to be BEAUtiful...that is what I was meant to be.
I was born to be seed God’s flower inside of me.
I was born to be take the screen off of my face.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...that you put there in the first place.

And I am being told to wear rose-colored glasses upon my face.
So that I can ignore the horrible state of the human race.
And I am being told to be patient as time crosses the history line.
So degeneration after degeneration will remain humanity’s only sign.

Daily, real talent flushes down the toilet drain,
for that one has an appearance that is far too plain.
And so never gets even one opportunity at fame.
And the arts of humanity remain boringly the same.

How many of us self-loathe and self hate.
Because the commercials insist this is to be our fate.
Even though its worthless products that it makes of late,
it says we cannot sell, although it claims to make us all well.

I was born to be BEAUtiful...allowed to let my spirit go.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...not to be made to live in a hellhole.
I was born to be and let live is my policy.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...we all have the right to be free.

The religious say believe in the Lord.
So you will go to heaven instead of hell.
They preach we are all equal in God’s eyes.
So why are they fighting over who God is, still?
And I cannot find on any map the place called Humanville.
Where people treat each other right and religion isn’t just another skill.

We have technology and automation. 
And one day soon an outer space station.
Atom, Hydrogen, and Neutron bombs for every single nation.
We have entertainment for all types of sensation.
So why do we still have to have someone to hate?

When will we stop blaming the victim before it is too late?
We don’t want or need a World War III!
But that is what we are headed for.
Then there won’t be anyone left to hate anymore.

I was born to be have a glow upon my cheek.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...what I was meant to be – unique.
I was born to be wear a smile upon my face.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...not rejected by the human race.

I was born to be BEAUtiful...not to live in fear every day.
I was born to be be respected for what I say.
I was born to be have a reason to be alive.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...not to be made to have to hide.

I was born to be BEAUtiful...that is what I was meant to be.
I was born to be seed God’s flower inside of me.
I was born to be take the screen off of my face.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...that you put there in the first place.

I was born to be BEAUtiful...allowed to let my spirit go.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...not to be made to live in a hellhole.
I was born to be and let live is my policy.
I was born to be BEAUtiful...we all have the right to be free.

By Elana Laham © 2013