We Take The Bullying By The Horns



By Elana Laham © 2017 Elana Laham

   There is a Bully Culture Myth called, “The Law of Attraction”, which basically claims that, the magnetic power of the cosmos draws energies that are alike together, and that this power of attraction resonates at the mind over matter level. This means that, your thoughts and your emotions manifest reality. So you will attract people to you who think and feel like you do and situations to you that reflect what you think and feel. In other words, positive thoughts and positive feelings will attract positive events and negative thoughts and negative feelings will attract negative events. 

   However, there is no Universal Law that matching energy attracts matching energy for the simple reason that the Universe was created from the opposite forces known as Yin and Yang.

   The Bully Culture extends this claim by stating that you can use such mental techniques as visualization and affirmations to manifest things and/or beings that are beneficial to you into your life. Visualization has to do with for instance projecting mental images of what you wish to achieve. Affirmations have to do with for example producing mental declarations of what you desire to accomplish. Mental imagery is useful for reaching a state of relaxation by quieting the mind in order to distress yourself from for example all of the stress bullying brings into your life. Mental affirmations are useful for over riding your inner bully by for instance replacing its false belief system with the truth.  

   However, the thoughts that we harbor in our brain do not have any power to establish what goes on in our world of reality anymore than they have the capacity to stop the actuality of gravity.  

   Let’s take me as a living breathing case in point.

   If the Law of Attraction is true, people who read my BullCrap Busters Website might be wondering by now why am I such a “Calamity Jane”? After all, I am a trouble breaker not a troublemaker! I never look for trouble. So why does trouble always find me? 

   The answer to this question is… because we live in a Bully Culture, which pervades every aspect of society – society’s bully, playground bully, enforcer bully, clergy bully, corporate bully, and elite bully, and I choose to fight back against bullying, I am targeted for bullying on every level of my individual existence since I am a threat to any member of the Bully Culture. 

   If the Law of Attraction is true, my life’s purpose is to serve humanity by educating the public about bullying via my BullCrap Busters Website because I believe in doing the right thing since it is the right thing to do. So why do bad things happen to good people?

   The answer to this question is… because we live in a Bully Culture it is not that positive people attract negative people to them but rather bad people pursue good people in order to obliterate them, and the more good an individual is the more a bad person will pursue him/her for elimination.  

   If the Law of Attraction is true, I have met precious few like minded and like hearted individuals like myself in my entire over half a century life span. So why am I so alone?

   The answer to this question is… because we live in a Bully Culture there is only a remnant of humanity left living on Earth’s globe. So not as a result of debased (negative) versus refined (positive) thinking processes, but rather due to the fact that there are so few decent people around, the odds of meeting one is one in a goo-goo plexus – nil.  

   In conclusion, the so-called Law of Attraction is just another way of the many ways the Bully Culture utilizes to blame the victim for being a victim of bullying.

   The Law of Attraction also known as the Law of Vibration is a cruel claim. It is nothing more and nothing less than the bully blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying. The Lord God is the Creator of the Universe. We are the creations. So we are limited as to what we can manifest. One reason is because only the Lord God has the power to create something from nothing. We only have the power to make something from something else. This means that, positive productive good people can be sabotaged by negative destructive bad people who are also exercising their free choice to make things. Especially, being that we live in a world of 8 billion people of which most are bad while only some are good.

   If you work very hard and you are a righteous individual serving the Lord God then the motto of “Do your very best and the Lord God will do the rest” will get manifested in spite of the entourage of evil forces trying to interfere with your goals. But such success has nothing to do with vibrations/attractions and everything to do with the Lord God’s free will overriding our free choice without interfering with our free choice. This is the motto of “Love will save the day. Love will find a way.”  


   [See the segment called, 'The Negative Thinker" in the section entitled, "Myth #1 - The Victim is to Blame" in the Elite Bully web page of the BullCrapBusters website for more details on how the Law of Attraction blames the victim for being a victim of bullying].


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