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By Elana Laham © 2016 Elana Laham


   Another thing that can be done when the bully coward business has all the poweand the individual victim has none is COUNTER ATTACKING the emotional bullying attacks.

   Get a load of the Holmes Place otherwise known as Icon Fitness Center. Notice what its website page is communicating to you. 
   First of all, I woulda, shoulda, coulda like to know why this company has two names - Holmes Place and Icon Fitness Center? Businesses generally go under one name!  See page two of the website's web page.

   If the reader is interested in viewing the two names in the Icon Fitness website's web page then please go to hyperlink 03A Icon Fitness at

   Second of all, take a look at the three divas - temperamental haughty looking females - in the picture at the top of the website's web page. 

   If the reader is interested in viewing the three divas in the Icon Fitness website's web page then please go to hyperlink 03B Icon Fitness at

   a) They are all ectomorph models - skinny body types. Aren't they FIT looking without so much as a shred of muscle on their spongy skinny arms and flat but paunchy bellies?!  

   b) They are all wearing make up. Make up can be dangerous and look ugly during a SERIOUS workout as the eye liner or shadow and mascara can get so hot it runs into one's eyes and the rouge and lipstick so steamy it turns into a halloween mask.

   c) With their hairdos, salon nails, and designer workout clothes they look like they are going to a fashion show.  

   I woulda, shoulda, coulda be more impressed if they show cased a fat female with sweat soaking her t-shirt as she works her buttocks off. But she is smiling having had a serious workout, which improves one's mood as well as shed fat pounds, as it got her adrenaline pumping.  With nature's make up - her cheeks aglow and her eyes shinning - with new vigor from the blood racing thru her cardiovascular system.

   Third of all, take a look at the female and male boxers in the picture in the middle of the website's web page. Again the female with the make up and so heavy around the eyes it looks like her male boxing coach gave her a black eye. Also the male boxing instructor is not even looking at her so he most likely did give her a black eye. What a photo shoot blooper! Sparing partners have to watch what each other is doing in order to avoid injuring one another.

   If the reader is interested in viewing the two boxers in the Icon Fitness website's web page then please go to hyperlink 03B Icon Fitness at

   Holmes Place/Icon Fitness Center is conveying to you that it is all about being a social club for the so-called pretty people not an organisation designed to get any one's body in shape.


​   If the victim’s dignity is being trampled upon for nothing and/or the victim is being discriminated against for no cause by the bully coward business, she can empower herself and restore her dignity by giving the bully back the bully's own medicine by employing the H.A.N.D.S. on approach to emotional bullying.

​   [See the BullCrap Busters website in the web page named “Emotional Bullying” in the section entitled “The Hands On Approach to Emotional Bullying” in the segment called “The Have A Nice Day Salvo List" for further details]

   The following real life scenario I call, "The Discrimination Conspiracy" illustrates how Fitness Centers target Females with thick body builds with bullying by stealing our money and robbing us of our dignity without offering us any viable means by which to get rid of our excess weight. 

​   On January 8, 2016, I became a member of  HOLMES PLACE GYM. I was very excited about joining since I thought fitness centers in third world countries, such as piss-poo poor Israel, were going to be different than the ones in rich America because they cannot afford to throw away ANY of their customers.

   Such was when I got another rude awakening that I was once
again being singled out from all of the rest for being a “thick” versus a “thin” or “skinny” body type. I was the only overweight individual occupying the gym pursuing the inalienable right of passage to be a fit versus a fat body. The other gym goers, I noticed, were ectomorph (skinny) females or endomorph (thin) males, who entered and exited Holmes Place facility without incident. However, I was instantly targeted for bullying by the staff and the manager, whose name is MICHAEL TRILSBACH.

​   When I first met Michael Trilsbach he was unbelievably nice. The second time I met Michael Trilsbach he was unbelievably mean. I have no clue as to why the change.

   Michael Trilsbach did not care about my weight loss goals. Instead he was completely apathetic and totally indifferent to what, I, the customer, needed and wanted from Holmes Place Gym in order to lose my excess weight, as if I was spending $75.00 a month just to give charity to this so-called fitness center.

   I asked him if I can use a vest with weights on it and explained to him I had to use it to give my body the INTENSITY necessary for me to lose weight. 

   Now you might be wondering why do I have to use a vest with weights on it when I can use the treadmill or the elliptical trainer to shed my fat pounds? Here is the reason why. I am, what is known as a mesomorph. I make up about 30% of all women in the world who have a weight problem but who have mesomorph –“ thick” – body builds. That’s 30% more people Holmes Place can get to join its gym. This is a huge market the fitness industry is refusing to benefit from.

   What being a mesomorph means is that we are naturally endowed with muscle. So the way we lose fat is NO weight training – lifting or toning – because we already have the muscle and YES aerobics exercise since it works our muscle so it will metabolize fat. I can lose 10 pounds/5 kilos using the treadmill. But then I weight plateau, which means my muscles have gotten use to the intensity level – are no longer challenged – and so only burn sugar, no more fat loss. 

   The other cardiovascular workout machines at Holmes Place gym are Precor brand. Precor was designed to look like an aerobic piece of equipment but it so happens to be anaerobic. In Jewish terms you might call Precor “an un-kosher pig”. It declares it has cloven hooves and therefore is kosher, however, it does not chew its cud and thereby is traf. Only aerobics puts a body in a fat burning zone for the simple reason that aerobics refers to air as in getting oxygen to the muscles so that the body will release fat stores. Precor has a vertical elliptical motion. So it simulates mountain climbing, which is virtually anaerobic – muscle building. The aerobic equipment Holmes Place gym use to have, Life Fitness brand, had a horizontal elliptical motion. It simulates walking, which is aerobic in nature.

   So why did I join Holmes Place gym knowing it did not have the proper cardiovascular equipment for me to get rid of unwanted/unneeded fat? I had a plan to buy a backpack and purchase weights and add them to my exercise regimen every time I reached a weight plateau while walking on the treadmill. With 80 pounds/40 kilo to lose that amounts to 8 weight loss 
plateaus - periods when I have to re-challenge my muscles to “work” so they will use fat not sugar as fuel. Aviyah told me I can use the vest with weights in it and said it belonged to the gym.

   Michael Trilsbach's answer to my question was a flat out, “No. It belongs to another trainer.”  And he was not willing to ask the trainer if I might be able to use it or where the trainer bought it so I can buy one for myself. When I told him Aviyah, my program trainer, said I could use the vest with weights on it, he did not believe me and said he was going to ask Aviyah if she had said any such thing. So I told him I was terminating my membership and that the only staff member there who treated me decently and conducted himself like a professional was Or.  Michael Trilsbach did and said NOTHING.


   Meanwhile, the female staff were chomping at the bit to find any excuse no matter how lame it was to beat up upon me – they were so froth with jealousy that how dare I be so brave as to show my double chinned face with rotund body at their holy temple of narcissistic beauty worship.  While they victimised me with their bullying, the manager of the gym, Michael Trilsbach, who heard every word of our argument, as he was sitting at a desk right next to us, did and said NOTHING.

   The following is what transpired between myself and two unbelievably rude female clerks I mean jerks at Holmes Place gym. I have analyzed our verbal altercation* in order to prevent victims of emotional bullying from getting duped by the Bully Coward Brigade so they can give the emotional bully(s) who operate a business back their own medicine.

   On January 12, 2016, I went to Holmes Place gym at around 12:00 noon to ask the trainer who signed me up for membership, whose named is Or, a few questions.

   I asked Or if the gym had a stair stepper machine. Or said, “Yes”. I asked if the stair stepper machine had different levels. He did not understand my Hebrew. 

   Suddenly, a female butted in to our conversation and corrected the Hebrew word I was using, by telling me to use the word “intensity” instead of “levels”. 

   So I told her, “In America we use the word “levels”.

   The female was talking to me in English. 

   So I told her in English, “We are Americans living in Israel so we need to speak in Hebrew”. And I asked her, “Do I use the plural or singular form for the Hebrew word “intensity” as I want and need to know how many levels the stair stepper has?”

   She answered me in a faster than normal Hebrew. [*Translation: Now I knew she was picking a fight with me, not trying to help me.] So I told her in Hebrew to speak slower. And I said something very rapidly in English back to her and asked her if she knew what I had said to her. [*Translation: I am mirroring her. I call it the proverbial shield. And in so doing giving her back her own medicine].

   She made a gasping sound and grew a shocked expression on her face. [*Translation: She is upset I exposed her for being a bully coward. So she is trying to make me feel guilty for defending myself against her
offensive behaviour]. 

   She lied that she knew what I had said to her in my rapid English. So I asked her to tell me what I had said. She was unable to answer my question... [*Translation: She is making a diversion to hide the fact that, just like me, she cannot know what someone says in a foreign language if it is spoken too quickly].

   She said in Hebrew to me, “I will speak slower but not slow to you”. [*Translation: She is baiting me to get into a fight with her about the rate in which she ought to speak].

   So I said back to her in Hebrew nonchalantly, “A little bit slower”. [*Translation: I am letting her know I am not taking her bait to be goaded into a fight].

   She said in English to me, “I was only trying to help you.” [*Translation: She is upset I exposed her for being a bully coward. So she is making another lame attempt to make me feel guilty for defending myself against her offensive behaviour].

   So I said to her in Hebrew, “You speak nonsense”. [*Translation: I am letting her know she is not fooling me and I am not taking her seriously].
I pointed to Or and said in English, “He acts like a professional. You are not professional and you are making your gym look bad.” [*Translation: I just insulted her and embarrassed her by comparing her to her co-worker].

   She laughed. [*Translation: She is trying to pretend that it does not bother her that I insulted and embarrassed her].

   Now another female joined in laughing to gang up on me. [*Translation: Why now am I being ganged up upon? Because I have beaten down the first bully coward, that’s why! So the second bully coward is trying to rescue her but only to make her self look like she is so tough. It’s like the Joker’s henchmen. They all believe they are going to be the one to take down the Batman, even though Batman is beating them all up and single handedly].

   So I said in Hebrew to both of them, “You laugh for nonsensical reasons” and laughed back at them. [*Translation: I am mocking their laughter].

   The first female laughed some more. [Translation: I just mocked her . So she is trying to pretend that it does not bother her].

   So I told her, "You speak nonsense, you laugh nonsense, and you are full of nonsense". 

   And I said to her, "You pretend nothing bothers you. But I know it does otherwise you would not be bothering me”. [*Translation: I am doing here what I call a meta-cognitive salvo. I am letting her know that I know that the reason why she bothers people is because something or someone is bothering her. But she is too much the coward to confront them about it. So she bullies people instead].

   She gave me a puzzled look.

   So I told her, “You are stupid”.

   Now the second female chimed in and told me in Hebrew, “Stop!” 

   So I told her in Hebrew, “Stop!” and pointed to the first female who had initiated the fight. 

   The second female pointed at me and in Hebrew said, “Stop!” again.

   So I pointed at her and in Hebrew said, “Stop!” [*Translation: She is trying to make me look like the perpetrator when all I am doing is retaliating against the first bully for attempting to victimize me who is now out of commission. I am letting the second bully know that I know that they, not I, are the perpetrators].

   She said, “What did I do?”

   So I said, “You are laughing at me”.

   After that, she said, “Stupid?!” [*Translation: She is upset I exposed her for being a bully coward. So she is making a lame attempt to make me feel guilty for defending myself against her offensive behaviour. She is also making a diversion to hide the fact that, I am letting her know that I know they are the troublemakers, not me. I am the trouble breaker].

​   She made a gasping sound and grew a shocked expression on her face as if I was victimizing her when she was the one who was provoking me without provocation. [*Translation: She is trying to make me feel guilty for defending myself against her offensive behavior. She is doing this because I upset her by giving her back her own medicine].

   So I told her, “Yeah, stupid! You act like a five year old. Grow up!” [*Translation: I am letting her know I do not feel guilty about stuffing the truth in her face]. But I had to repeat myself like a broken record three times before the second female stopped interrupting and so heard me. [*Translation: she was trying to run away from the unabashed truth but I did not let her].

   Now I said to both of them, “Israel is surrounded by Arabs and you don’t love Jews!” Neither one of them said anything. [*Translation: They are dumbstruck by the truth that they are stupid]. I left.

   If the reader is interested in viewing the online information for the Corporate Office for Holmes Place gym in Israel, which is in Portugal, then please go to hyperlink 01 Contacts Holmes Place at

   If the reader is interested in viewing the complaint I sent to Michael Trilsbach, General Manager of Holmes Place gym, then please go to hyperlink 02 E-mail Holmes Place at

   Embarking on a weight loss program is a stressful thing. Who needs or wants additional stress having to be in an environment like Holmes Place gym, which I discovered has toxic negative people and people who do not care about me. Plus having to pay money for it. I gave the two females and Michael Trilsbach back their own nonsense. But I wrote this to help Holmes Place gym’s business do better in the event it has enough business sense to pay attention to my free customer feed back.

   My experience at Holmes Place gym was so God awful that I cancelled my IsraCard (Visa debit card) out of concern that Holmes Place gym was going to try and steal another $US 75.00 month’s worth of money from me. Never mind that I cancelled in time. Turns out it was a good thing I did. Michael Trilsbach told us there was no cancellation fee. However, according to the Holmes Place gym contract (written in Hebrew) it states that, not only do they not give refunds (for buyer’s remorse), but, according to them, I owe them an additional $US 25.00 cancellation fee for quitting before two weeks were over. 

   Imagine it!!!!!! I am to be monetarily punished for being victimized by their bully coward staff. Meanwhile, they let their bully coward staff get away with bullying my Not-So-Pretty outside. Never mind that I have a Drop- Dead-Gorgeous inside.

   I will never ever again go to any fitness facility for any reason as long as I live. Being I now live in Israel versus America, I am not able to have access to my own Life Fitness brand elliptical trainer with movable arms aerobic machine. Instead I have to find a way to trim off my excess fat without the need or want of the so-called “fitness” clubs. And when I do, I will share it with my mesomorph sisters who live all over the world.


   The BullCrap Busters Website will transmit its signals over the Internet for as long as we have not been CENSORED off the web due to the ELITE CYBER BULLY as a result of LIBEL and/or SLANDER, and/or ANTI-MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, and/or HOLMES GYM ICON FITNESS CENTER, and/or BANKRUPT by bought off justice, and/or ARRESTED and/or INCARCERATED by trumped up charges, and/or MURDERED by a staged accident by those who have the audacity to call themselves FRIENDS of humanity, yet who are ENEMIES to us who dare to exercise our HUMAN RIGHTS, namely FREEDOM of SPEECH, in order to assist HUMANITY in overcoming BULLYING.