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By Elana Laham © 2016 Elana Laham

   One of the myths that our so-called society, the Bully Culture, has conjured up in order to blame the victim for being a victim of bullying is “ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK FOR HELP AND YOU WILL GET HELP”.  

   [See the BullCrap Busters website in the web page named “The Elite Bully” in the section entitled “Dispelling the Myths” in the segment called “The New Breed of Therapist" for further details] 

   The following is a real life scenario I call, “Set Up To Be Slammed Down.” It illustrates just what happens when victims of BULLYING seek assistance.  

   Meet Zara Zorael.  She is a victim of emotional BULLYING. One of her New Year’s resolutions was to get HELP with how to cope with her Emotionally Domestically Violent (EDV) spouse. Zara had seen several commercials on American television advertising how Domestic Violence counselors care about, help, and respect Domestic Violence victims.  

   So Zara decided to contact what is known as the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center. It is an outreach organization set up to aid victims of Domestic Violence who are American citizens but who are living abroad. Due to her loveless marriage fraught with neglect and abuse she turned to comfort food as a coping mechanism for the relentless and ever escalating STRESS her so-called husband bombards her with daily. One fateful day her doctor informed her that she is going to die of cancer as a result of the high levels of sugary toxins in her grossly obese body if she does not stop her out-of-control junk food binging episodes.  

   Scared for her life and hopeful that the American Overseas Domestic ViolenceCrisis Center might provide her with some SALVATION she called them. The hotline crisis counselor on the other line who said her name was Victory referred her to on online Internet service known as and told her to get on its live chat forum and talk to an intake counselor there named KATE. Kate seemed to be a dynamic peer counselor who located all sorts of online articles about Emotional Domestic Violence for Zara to read about to familiarize herself with what it is, gave Zara safety planning tips in the event her emotionally violent husband morphed into a physically violent one, which can and does happen, and offered validation and support to Zara as she begin to share with Kate her “Never Had a Ding Dong Day” marital trauma she so silently endured for so many years but had not ever had the opportunity to share with any one. 

   Everything was going very well. Zara was developing a strong rapport with Kate, which she so desperately wanted and needed, as she had no other social support system available to her. The Domestic Violent spouse’s mode of operation is to control their partner. Consequently, Domestically Violent spouses forbid victims of domestic violence to reach out to others socially. 

   It was not an option for Zara to leave her Emotionally Domestic Violent spouse. Zara was living in a foreign country, did not know the native language, was handicapped, and was nearly sixty years old without any marketable skills. So at one point Zara asked Kate how to acquire coping skills in order to deal with and survive being a victim of Emotional Domestic Violence. Kate told Zara that one of the services their organization provided was five free sessions with a licensed therapist who specializes in EDV counseling who can provide Zara with both Junk Food and Emotional Domestic Violence coping strategies. 

   [Reader's Note: Other Support Services the Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center program claims to provide are: Private and Group Counseling, Support Groups, Lawyer Referrals, Shelters, and Relocation Housing].

   Kate told Zara the counselor’s name was NATALIE. After that, Kate gave Zara an appointment with Natalie for Wednesday, January 27, 2016, @ 12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time. Next Kate asked Zara to contact Natalie by way of phone. Zara told Kate using the phone was NOT SAFE since her EDV husband will hear their conversation. Next Kate asked Zara to contact Natalie by way of e-mail. Zara told Kate e-mail was NOT SAFE because her EDV husband had access to her e-mail box. 

   Kate told Zara Natalie cannot use live chat but Natalie can connect with Zara for their scheduled appointment via wickr. Zara did not know what a wickr was. So Kate set up wickr for Zara and explained that wickr is an online private encrypted message account that self-destructs all messages within 24 hours, which no one can access except for its user. Upon Zara’s request, Kate and Zara practiced sending electronic messages to and fro thru wickr. And Kate gave Zara Natalie’s username to contact Natalie with. 

   A couple of days later, Zara tried to contact Natalie to confirm their appointment. To no avail! Zara was able to successfully send a message to Natalie’s username, however, Natalie failed to reply. So Zara contacted Kate and told her what happened. Kate’s reply was to tell Zara not to worry. Natalie will be available on wickr when it is time for their appointment.  

   On 1/27/16 @ 12:00 noon Pacific Standard time Zara typed in the username Kate had given for Natalie of Natalie407 and waited…and waited…and waited…but no Natalie. Fifteen minutes later into their appointment time Zara typed in Kate’s username of red2286 and waited. Shortly afterwards, Kate got on Zara’s wickr account and they started chatting. Zara proceeded to explain what was going on only to discover that NAOMI, whom Kate had earlier said was Zara’s caseworker, said she was on Kate’s username account not Kate. Zara had never ever spoken to Naomi before. Naomi told Zara that Kate had gotten promoted to another department and will never ever be talking to Zara again. While Zara was trying to get over the initial shock of no more Kate, Naomi was telling Zara that her appointment with Natalie was a “no show” as Natalie was not able to use wickr. Zara told Naomi that Kate set up her wickr account for the explicit purpose of conversing with Natalie. Next, Naomi typed in a message to Zara that Natalie was not able to use wickr due to a patient privacy act known as HIPAA. Only Naomi misspelled it as HIPPO. Next, Naomi was asking Zara to connect with Natalie by way of phone or e-mail. Zara reiterated what she had already told Kate previously, “NO. IT IS NOT SAFE!” Before Zara had a chance to process what was going on, Naomi typed in another message to Zara that Zara was no longer supposed to use live chat. Then, Naomi sent another message to Zara, which read, “Sorry for the frustration and confusion.” After that, Naomi blipped off the wickr screen having ended her conversation with Zara.  

   For a few moments Zara’s mind drew a complete blank followed by Zara’s heart becoming totally angry. Knowing in her gut that something was amiss, Zara researched HIPPO to learn what it meant. Naomi had misspelled it. The acronym was HIPAA. According to online sources HIPAA is a law that protects the privacy of a patient’s health care information. Zara thought, “What better way to ensure the privacy of my health care information than by using wickr”. So Zara clicked on live chat and got some one there who said her name was Advocate. She typed to Advocate, “Why are you people discriminating against me? I have done nothing wrong! Naomi my caseworker told me I cannot use live chat anymore. Why?!” 

   If the reader is interested in viewing the online web page about HIPAA then please go to hyperlink HIPAA at 

   Suddenly. Kate got on live chat. While waiting for Kate to finish typing Zara utterly surprised, typed in, “Kate???!!!” Kate typed in that she came on to resolve the issue. Zara did not believe any of it. What was Kate doing there when she was supposedly already gone?! Kate typed in that she had already told Zara many times that Zara can only use live chat once as otherwise it was not safe. Zara typed back to Kate, that she chatted with her on live chat multiple times yet Kate said nothing about Zara not being able to use live chat, and that according to the live chat Terms and Conditions web page on the website it stated that Zara can use live chat as long as she (Zara) feels SAFE to do so. Suddenly, Kate ended their live chat conversation by without warning blipping off the screen like a small bomb blowing up in Zara’s face.

   If the reader is interested in viewing the online web page about the Terms and Conditions for Live Chat then please go to hyperlink Live Chat at 

   On 1/28/16, Zara contacted the International Domestic Violence Crisis Center hotline and requested to speak to someone in charge of fielding a legitimate complaint. The Director who said her name was LUCINDA got on the phone. Zara told Lucinda that she has reason to believe that her rights to use their United States government funded program of which she is an American taxpaying citizen are being violated for the following reasons:  

   1) Apparently, Kate is operating a one-woman show.  

   (a) No matter what hour she contacted live chat Kate was always there. Live Chat hours were posted as 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. That’s 13 hours! How can Kate be working all three shifts of morning, afternoon and evening?

   (b) Once Zara contacted live chat and got some one who said her name was Advocate. But when Zara asked for Kate, a moment later Kate was on the line and Advocate had disappeared!  

   (c) Naomi got on Kate’s username on wickr. Why didn’t Naomi have her own wickr username account? 

   (d) Kate suddenly got on live chat to tell Zara that Zara was longer supposed to use live chat. Yet, according to Naomi, Kate was supposed to have been promoted to another department and so Kate woulda, shoulda, coulda never ever be able to chat with Zara again on either wickr or live chat.

   (e) Naomi said that Natalie was not able to use wicker due to HIPPO (HIPAA). 

   2) Evidently, the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center’s so-called counseling services are non-existent. 

   Why did Kate offer an appointment with an EDV counselor if there wasn’t going to be any? How malicious and vicious of Kate!

   3) It appears that the extra dollars the US Government is subsidizing the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center program with in order to provide EDV counseling services for victims like Zara, is being exploited by mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying, flunky, spoiled, brat, punks with perfect little lives like Kate and Lucinda whose agenda is to get paid more than their allowance for doing NOTHING. It is one thing when jerks like Kate and Lucinda are clerks of department stores. It is quite another when they are employed to save lives but instead are monstrously shedding the innocent blood of victims of violence by refusing to do their job.

   If the reader is interested in viewing the online web page about sources of funding for the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center program then please go to hyperlink SASHAA at  

   ZARA did notice that whenever she got on live chat or called the hotline she never ever had to wait. It looked like no one else was using the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center program. Had other victims already discovered what a farce it was?  

   Lucinda’s reply to Zara was to re-iterate the lies that Kate and Naomi had already told Zara. Lucinda also tried to get Zara to apologize to Naomi without any explanation why Zara ought to do so. Naomi was nothing but a source of misinformation and Zara had reason to believe Naomi was Kate incognito. Zara flat out told Lucinda, “No! I did nothing wrong!!” At the end of their conversation Zara told Lucinda, “According to HIPAA a conversation with Natalie, the counselor, is perfect on Wickr.” and Zara, out of pure disgust, called Lucinda a “FRAUD” and a “mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying, flunky” followed by a hang up of the phone on Lucinda.  

   For the entire time that Zara was on the phone with Lucinda she was shaking all over. Zara felt totally betrayed and completely abandoned by the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center, which is supposed to protect and help women who are being physically beaten or assaulted with rape or psychologically battered. Isn’t it enough that Zara has post-traumatic stress disorder and so is at risk of losing her very life as a result of Emotional Domestic Violence? Yet these so-called crisis counselors are now victimizing Zara with emotional violence, which is not even domestic!

   One day later after her phone call to Lucinda, Zara discovered two messages from the International Domestic Violence Crisis Center on her wickr account under the wickr username of advocatefriend. She deleted both of them without reading either one and got on live chat and told Advocate, whom Zara had reason to believe is also Kate incognito, the following message: “I did not read and deleted all of your wickr and live chat messages. Ha!Ha!Ha! :+) From Zara.” And Zara ended the live chat session as soon as Advocate started typing a message but had not had a chance to post it on live chat yet.

   I consoled my new friend Zara who was devastated by telling her that whatever so-called support these so-called Domestic Violence counselors offered Zara was nothing more and nothing less than just mimicking empty words from a pre-written script. So she is better off just helping herself by going on the Internet and down loading articles on EDV and Junk Food addiction to educate herself about what she can do to SAVE HER OWN LIFE.

   [Reader’s Note: I was not able to document any hyperlinks for Live Chat or Wickr conversations I had with any of the staff of the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center for neither Wickr nor Live Chat as far as I know permit any print images to be taken of them.]

  On 2/10/16, I discovered the following review about the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center posted on page two of the following website: 

  What makes this review so special is that it is AUTHENTIC. It was written by an individual who not only worked for the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center but who initially praised this organisation only to denounce it one year later.  

   Date of Review: October 29, 2014

   "This is truly an amazing organization that makes it possible for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault overseas to be heard and to receive help. These victims often fall through the cracks due to the lack of support and resources available while living abroad. For many of these victims, this organization is their only hope. I am proud to work for such a passionate and dedicated team."

   Reviewed by: jabraham75
   Role: Professional with expertise in this field

   Date of Review: November 3, 2015

   “I take back everything I said about this organization. They need to be investigated.” 

   Reviewed by: jabraham75 
   Role: Former staff. 

   If the reader is interested in viewing the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center online review then please go to hyperlink AODVCC at 

  I helped Zara obtain some real therapy by showing her the actual above posted online genuine review of the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center.


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