We Take The Bullying By The Horns




  By Elana Laham © 2015 Elana Laham

   Another thing that can be done when the bully coward business has all the power and the individual victim has none is PUBLIC EXPOSURE.

   As I have already expounded upon, there are quite a few ways in which the victim consumer can empower himself or herself against immoral business practices.

   [See the BullCrap Busters website in the web page named “The Corporate Elite Bully” in the section entitled “Consumer Rights” and in the web page called “UPDATES 7/15/15 ” for further details]

   These remedies are TRIED and TRUE REALITY TESTED so they WORK whenever, however, wherever, and whatever monetary transactions are involved.

   But what if the business bully is victimizing the individual victim and NO money is involved? The victim’s dignity is being trampled upon for nothing and/or the victim is being discriminated against for no cause. The individual victim can still empower his/her self and restore his/her dignity by informing the public about the amoral and unethical behavior of people who operate a business so that the bad business can go out of business due to bad publicity by losing all of its clientele.

   [See the BullCrap Busters website in the web page named “The Corporate Elite Bully” in the section entitled “Consumer Rights” in the segment called “5) You Have the Right to Inform Others about Good and Bad Business Entities” for further details]


   The following is a real life scenario entitled “YOU ARE SO STUPID YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW YOU ARE STUPID” illustrating a business whose sole purpose is to victimize its own customers with bullying for the sheer sake of bullying its own patrons, even though doing so is at the business bully’s own expense.

   All we wanted and needed to do is own our own home. There was a Remax Realtor in town. Its office is located on 17 Misgav Street, Karmiel, Israel. Phone: 0774312080.

​   So on September 21, 2015, we contacted TAMAR SOBEL, one of the Remax’s Real Estate agents to find us one.

   Initially, we asked Tamar for COMPS – what properties sell for not what they get listed for. If you are in the business of home ownership, it is essential to know what prices homes are really being sold for on the consumer market, not what price the owner demands the home is actually worth. Tamar LIED to us that she was going to get them for us. Instead she made a lame excuse that her copy machine was not working. She woulda, shoulda, coulda sent them via e-mail. We never ever got any.

   We told Tamar what we were interested in – a detached private house in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood. We also told her we were interested in a second property, a penthouse – top floor boutique apartment with a large patio and a view with one neighbor below. Without so much as a greeting to us or introducing herself to us, she took us out for our prospective dream home sweet home finding day. Instead the day became a haunted house nightmare. She ignored our specifications.
She brought us to a construction site to show us penthouses that were partially finished apartments that were NOT on the top floor. While I was waiting for her to show them to us, she made an uncalled for rude remark to me. She said, “Focus!” A little while later, I asked her a question. Instead of answering it she rudely interrupted me to talk to a construction site worker. So I told her, “Focus!”

   Tamar also promised us we were going to see a model of the project so we will know what the finished product will look like. Instead we had to climb several flights of stairs that had large piles of loose sand all over them to get to our destination. Okay, I know Israel is a third world country. But how about a little common sense here?! In addition, we were given no hard hats to wear. Luckily, I wore my flat tennis shoes and clung to the only safety there was, a flimsy wooden rail, to keep myself from slip-sliding away. After I successfully navigated the ascent, I had to cross two, two by four blocks of wood to keep from stepping into a large pond of water in the middle of the salon (living room). From there we entered a dwelling that we were unable to tell what the floor plan looked like it was so under construction. Tamar also took us to see the penthouse’s patio. It was no bigger than the balcony of the old apartment we are currently renting for US$425.00 per month in the center of town. When I asked Tamar, “When are we going to view the model?” her answer was, “This is the model”. The mental image in my mind of a model was a finished home with furnishings in it. Mental image overcome by physical events.

   Tamar then took us to a representative of the project named Irena. Irena told us that these boxes cost half a million US dollars. When I tried but failed to convert the US$500,000 into its Israeli Shekel equivalent, she laughed at me. Imagine it, such an expensive price for such cheap unprofessional service. So I told Irena, “You laugh for nonsensical reasons”.

   When I reminded Tamar I was only interested in penthouses on the top floor she said, “I know” and then took me to another property located in the neighborhood of Rabin that her colleague SMADAR KOLISHKINE had listed. The price was US$379,000 for what turned out NOT to be either a mini penthouse or a penthouse for the simple reason that it was on the floor below the top floor, NOT on the top floor itself. I asked Tamar why she had taken me to yet another property that I was not interested in. Her lame excuse was she misunderstood her colleague about the details.

   [Reader’s Note: A penthouse is a top floor apartment with one neighbor on the floor below it. A mini penthouse is a top floor apartment with one neighbor next door and another neighbor on the floor below it].

   Along with the mini penthouse’s absurd price was the absurd rudeness that Smadar gave to me without provocation. I was asking my husband how to say the word “bad” in Hebrew. Suddenly I heard Smadar laughing at me for not knowing this word. She did not know any English so I asked her in Hebrew, “Do you know English?” She answered, “No.” in Hebrew. So I laughed at her and told her in Hebrew, “You laugh for nonsensical reasons”. It is mandatory for Israeli children to learn English when they are in school. It is not mandatory for American children to learn Hebrew when they are in school. So if any one is stupid when it comes to languages, she is.

​   The next penthouse Tamar took us to was on the top floor. But yet again it was NOT a penthouse. It was a mini penthouse. The owner AARON IZIGZON, who happened to be another fellow real estate agent of the Remax Karmiel branch office, was asking an outrageous price for it of US$350,000 and he said it was a fixed not a flexible price. It was a sunset not a sunrise view. It was located near the busy street of Derech HaShalom and across from the noise of a community center. He told us it only cost him US$10,000 to renovate it. He was also rude. I made the comment that Tamar hustled for us and we liked that. He turned my compliment for Tamar into a criticism against me by saying, “No she does not hustle. Yes she is honest and will not show you junk”. So I told him, “You are full of nonsense”.

   As far as the above two pricey apartments go, I saw a brand new mini penthouse on the top floor with a sunrise view in the most expensive sought after neighborhood of Makosh in the town of Karmiel several months earlier through another realtor. The owner’s asking price was US$330,000. So my spouse and I wondered if the owners of these two apartments, which are several many years old, were offering us such high prices believing that we are dumb-dumb with brains of gum-gum Americans. To you dumb-dumb with brains of gum-gum Israelis...if it were not for the United States of America, the State of Israel will not even exist. Recognition of the State of Israel by US President Harry Truman in 1948, and the airlift rescue mission that saved Israel from losing the 1973 Yom Kippur war against the Arab nations according to the Prime Minister of Israel, whose name was Golda Meir, is why Israel exists as a Jewish Nation, today.

   By now I had discovered that Tamar was in the habit of rudely snapping the Hebrew word “betach” to my inquiries. “Betach” translates into English as the words “of course” but it is said in a mockingly sarcastic tone because I am just supposed to know something, which I do not know, since she has not told me. My reply was to tell her, “I am not psychic so it will be much simpler if you just tell me.” Her reaction was to grow a smirk on her face. Tamar was rude towards me without cause in other ways as well. She condescendingly remarked that there is such a thing as supply and demand and that I ought to view the macrocosm before the microcosm with regard to selecting a home. So I told her, “For your information, I know what supply and demand are” and I said, “If I take unasked for advice, I get myself into trouble”.

   Afterwards, Tamar showed us one private house in a quiet peaceful neighborhood. But it was too big. We already had told her we were interested in 4 rooms. It had 6 rooms. Her lame excuse to this was that there were not that many smaller private houses. So I told her she was wasting every one’s time showing us properties we are not interested in.
Tamar showed us one more house on 58 Zamir Street. It was the only address I remember, as it was the closest prospect to what we were looking for in a home. At one point during our walk through the female owner showed us the yard. Tamar wiped her feet when she re-entered the
​house. But when I did the same, the female owner of the house laughed at me. Unbelievable!!! Apparently the owner respects the realtor who shows her the house; however, she has no respect for the potential buyer who might purchase her house. So I told her, “I do it out of respect”. She said back to me, “I clean the house every day”. So I said back to her asinine comment, “I don’t want to dirty your floor”. After that she was silent.

   Thoroughly disgusted with Tamar’s disrespect towards us –rudeness, deceptiveness, and incompetence – later in the evening, I called her on the phone and told her off by saying, “You are a mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying flunky” followed by my hanging up the phone on Tamar.

​   On September 29, 2015, we decided to try Remax once more. We contacted a NATE LEVINTHAL and told him we were interested in owning real estate. We also asked him for COMPS. He LIED to us he was going to send them via e-mail to us. We never ever got any.

   Unlike Tamar, Nate took us to the Remax office to discuss what we were looking for. But like Tamar, he proceeded to deny us the right to view suitable properties per our specifications. We asked him about giving us the COMPS he had already promised us. Instead he gave us a lame excuse that we had to wait until we were involved in a deal.

   After we told Nate what we wanted and needed in a home, and he explained to us what the various costs were involved in buying a home, he decided to take multiple incoming calls as well as make multiple outgoing calls to various people while we waited patiently for him to tend to us. Then, of all the people to call, he contacted Tamar on some lame excuse that she knew how much of a discount in taxes we were going to get for purchasing a home while being Olim Hadasheem – new immigrants. We know he was talking on his cell phone to Tamar for we overheard him say her name while he was on his cell phone in front of us. According to Nate, Tamar told him she did not know. After that, Nate made yet another lame excuse that he was not able to get good reception on his calls inside the office and so had to go outside to call his lawyer to find out about the Olim Hadasheem discount. Ten minutes later, Nate returned and reported to us that he was not able to get a hold of his lawyer. It only takes thirty seconds on the phone to find out his lawyer is not picking up his phone call. And the bathroom was inside of the Remax office building. Why gone so long? Were Nate and Tamar, busy bad-mouthing us, and conspiring on how to waste our time and insult our persons for no reason some more?

   When Nate returned he got rude with us. He told us, “Let’s focus!” So my spouse said back to him, “We are focused! We already told you what we are looking for in a home”.

   Meanwhile, while Nate was goofing off, I was able to look through the entire book of properties Remax had for sale in the neighborhoods of Karmiel. There were not a lot of them. But what I found was something very interesting. They had for sale signs on them. Yet not one of the properties Tamar showed us had any for sale sign. Why not? Being that we are now citizens of Israel, we are supposed to be able to look for properties to live in by ourselves if we so choose, not to hire a real estate broker. Is Remax trying to discriminate against consumers by preventing both buyers (us) and sellers (others) from exercising our consumer right to find housing on our own by hoarding Israel’s real estate market in order to force people to go to them to get housing? We went on and to find houses on our own. There are not any. But there are all kinds of apartments for rent and apartments for sale on its website. Housing is a basic necessity just like food and water are. People cannot live without it. And the funny thing is...Remax is not willing to do business with us anyway as proven by the mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying, flunky attitude of its staff.

   We also told Nate we are interested in a home on 58 Zamir Street. It is a five-room house, which is the right size for us. The property is not listed with Remax. But instead of getting off of his butt and searching the multiple listing service, or MLS, on his computer for the property we are considering to buy, he told us he will find out about it later and proceeded to show us two private home listings with Remax that are too big – 6 and 7 rooms for us. Afterwards, he drove us back to our apartment that we are renting. An hour later he called us to tell us he will set up an appointment at 5:00 p.m. this evening to view the 6 room house that we do not want or need on Ha Anafa Street.

   Thoroughly disgusted with Nate’s disrespect towards us – rudeness, deceptiveness, and incompetency – later in the evening, my husband called him on the phone and told him off by saying, “You are a mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying flunky” followed by my spouse’s hanging up the phone on Nate.

   We are interested in buying a house and in purchasing a penthouse. We are the best buyers any realtor can hope to work with. Why? Because we do not have to take out any loans – we can pay cash – and since we do not have to sell another property in order to acquire the money – our cash is available now. Also, we are easy-going, nice, honest people. A realtor can earn US$40,000 in commission working with us. Instead, all these realtors at Remax are interested in doing is victimizing their potential clients with bullying. So we say to Remax: “YOU ARE SO STUPID YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW YOU ARE STUPID”.


   Recently, we stumbled upon an article on the Google search engine called “Death Throws in Karmiel?”


   The following are some very enlightening excerpts from this article about housing:

   The Israeli Internet article quotes,

   “Israel’s Minister of Industry, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer M.K., who warned: “Karmiel is in the process of dying slowly...

   ...Meanwhile, Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer has seen “preliminary signs” that the growth in Israel’s housing market is slowing...

   ...A representative from the local Remax Real Estate franchise had declared it that a five-roomed (four bedrooms and one living room) apartment in the Rabin neighborhood may soon cost US$239,000...

   ...As a Rabin neighborhood resident renting a property, I consider the Remax figure to be the exception as reasonable properties may still be acquired there for about US$161,000”

​   This article has just furnished us with COMPS. No Real Estate agent at Remax was willing to give to us any.

   The Rabin neighborhood is the newest neighborhood in Karmiel, with the exception of one other, Makosh, the well sought after rich newest neighborhood of this town.

   According to this article, apartments in the Rabin neighborhood sell in the range of US$161,000 to US$239,000.

   According to the owners of the so-called penthouse apartments in the neighbourhood of Rabin that we saw with Tamar, their LISTING prices (not actual SELLING prices) are US$379,000 and US$350,000.

   In Israeli language this woulda, shoulda, coulda be referred to as “Mah’piton”, which translates into English as the word “really?!” with sarcastic and mockery overtones. What an eye, ear, and mouth opener.

   We know the housing market is slow. Whenever and wherever we enter any real estate office in Karmiel, we are always the only potential clients there.

   The Israeli Internet article goes on to quote,

   “...local property owners and rental landlords must beware of pricing themselves out of the market. For every affluent family making aliyah (immigrating to Israel) for example, there are a dozen living on benefits”.

   This statistic means that only one in every thirteen families living in Karmiel is able to pay for a house.

   So we ought to have been treated like royalty with the red carpet having been rolled out for us. Why instead are we being treated like crap, without even being taken to the garbage can???

​   How in the world do the Remax Real Estate agents make a living when they have such a bad attitude towards easy-going, nice, honest, rich American clients like us? Are Remax Real Estate agents living at home with their mothers or something? We cannot figure out for the life of us WHY such behavior. Or is it pure cupidity or just plain stupidity? Or perhaps the ten commandments of the Jewish faith and trust in God have been replaced by the eleventh commandment of “Go ahead and hate your Jewish neighbor and go ahead and cheat a Jewish friend. And do it in the name of heaven so you can justify it in the end” theme song from the American movie called “Billy Jack”.

   The Israeli Internet article goes on to quote,

   “Only this week I learned of an apartment ('flat') for rent with an absentee landlord managed by a local cousin, which had been empty for about 18 months”.

   The apartment we are currently renting at 23 HaGalil Street, #9 in Karmiel, Israel, which has three rooms (two bedrooms and a living room), that we are paying US$425.00 per month for, was vacant for many months before we occupied it. How do we know? A little birdie told us! When we moved into the apartment, we discovered bird drippings on the green bed and a bird’s nest of intertwined tree twigs in the upper shelf of the closet in the east bedroom. We noticed that this bedroom’s window had also been left open. No doubt a bird flew into it. Apparently the bird was the previous tenant of this apartment and it was rent exempt. Not to mention that we lived right next door at 21 HaGalil Street, #10, Karmiel, Israel for six months prior to renting this apartment. Yet we saw no activity or things lying about on the outside balcony of this apartment, nor heard any commotion within this apartment signaling that any humanoid(s) were living here.

   If the reader is interested in viewing the Internet Article on the Karmiel Housing Market then please go to Death Throes for Karmiel at

​   I sent an e-mail about the Karmiel branch of Remax Realtors to the Mayor of the town of Karmiel in the country of Israel whose name is Adi Eldar.

   If the reader is interested in viewing the e-mail sent to the Mayor then please go to Mayor Adi Eldar at
The Mayor never ever replied to my e-mail.

   Our hard school of knocks life experience is demonstrating to us that the town of Karmiel, God's Vineyard as it is called in Hebrew, is dying due to the fact that many of the inhabitants whom we met lack humane morals and business ethics.


   The BullCrap Busters Website will transmit its signals over the Internet for as long as we have not been CENSORED off the web due to the ELITE CYBER BULLY as a result of LIBEL and/or SLANDER, and/or ANTI-MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, and/or REMAX REAL ESTATE AGENCY, and/or BANKRUPT by bought off justice, and/or ARRESTED and/or INCARCERATED by trumped up charges, and/or MURDERED by a staged accident by those who have the audacity to call themselves FRIENDS of humanity, yet who are ENEMIES to us who dare to exercise our HUMAN RIGHTS, namely FREEDOM of SPEECH, in order to assist HUMANITY in overcoming BULLYING.