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By Elana Laham © 2017 Elana Laham

   Are you interested in knowing what counselling is like in today’s world for victims of BULLYING who are suffering in silence because they cannot get any HELP???

   Zara Zoreal is a victim of emotional domestic violence. One of her New Year’s resolutions was to get HELP with how to cope with her Emotionally Domestically Violent (EDV) spouse.

   As an American citizen she sought help from the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center [See the Updates 1/31/16 web page of the BullCrap Busters website for details].  

   As an Israeli citizen Zara sought help from the Social Services center in the town of Karmiel, which supposedly offers counselling and legal services to individuals like her self. 

   She contacted the director of the Social Services center whose name was STACEY. Stacey made an appointment for Zara to see a counsellor whose name was HADAS who works with female victims of domestic violence.  

   Zara’s first red warning sign presented itself when she asked Stacey if the program offered free counselling sessions or if there was a charge. Stacey’s answer was to state that initially the counselling sessions were free but she refused to divulge how many there were and as far as the cost for counselling sessions goes she mentioned it was a “small fee” but refused to disclose what the cost was.  

   Zara met Hadas for her first free counselling session on 1/11/17 @ 1:00 p.m. At the outset Hadas APPEARED to be compassionate and SEEMED to be a listener. So Zara complimented Hadas for it.  

   Zara’s second red warning sign presented itself when she asked Hadas if the program offered free counselling sessions or if there was a charge. Hadas evaded the question by saying, “We will discuss it later” but never discussed it at all. Instead Hadas was interested in knowing how much money Zara and her husband made per month on their pension allowance. Zara’s reply was, “I do not feel comfortable discussing it”.

   Zara’s third red warning sign presented itself when, upon Hadas’s request, Zara explained that her goal was to have less contact with her spouse but she believed she was not going to be able to attain it since she was different than other people, which created daily living obstacles for her. She complained to Hadas that one day she gave a compliment to an Israeli female that she was very pretty and even though she was sincere and the female gave her a hearty verbal “thank you”, next thing Zara knew she was thrown out of the establishment this female worked for. Hadas’s response to Zara was to tell her, “You are overly honest”, and to say that Israelis unlike Americans do not like compliments, and to insist that this female Israeli thinks she is ugly and so she was in reality offended by Zara’s words.  

   Zara’s fourth red warning sign presented itself when during the counselling session Hadas laughed at Zara. When Zara pointed out how rude and unprofessional the laughter was and that she did not like it, Hadas denied she was making fun of Zara, continued to laugh at Zara’s expense, told Zara, “You are sensitive” and apologized for the one laughing incident in which she had not been making fun of Zara.  

   Zara’s fifth red warning sign presented itself when Hadas cruelly told Zara, “You chose your husband” after Zara had shared with Hadas that during the dating period her husband was nice but after marriage he became mean.  

   Hadas was blaming the victim…
   Hadas was insulting the victim…
   Hadas and Stacey were scheming to rob Zara…

   There is NO HELP in today’s generation for people who want and need it!!! 

   This is what happens when NO ONE will PROTEST and RESIST the SOCIAL INJUSTICES the Bully Culture relentlessly commits against INNOCENT people and at ever increasing levels of epic proportion. 


   Zara happens to be committed to becoming a BullCrap Buster who fights back against BULLYING. She was very upset about the counselling session and came to me for advice on how to present what she was planning to tell this nasty counsellor who gave the false impression that she was so very nice. I told Zara that the most important thing for her to do was to stay calm but be firm. I warned her not to show any anger otherwise the bully coward so-called counsellor will make it look like she is the victim and you are the perpetrator. If she makes you the bad guy she can make you responsible for her actions and re-rationalize that she is the good guy and in that way absolve herself of all accountability for her own bad attitude towards her job. 

   When she met Hadas for her second free counselling session on 1/16/17 @ 9:00 a.m., Zara had the following things to say to this malicious vicious so-called counsellor: 

   Zara asked Hadas, “Is your office door locked or open?” Hadas was standing up turned her back to her and answered Zara making an annoyed clicking sound with her tongue and saying, “Of course it is open”. Zara made the annoyed clicking sound with her tongue back at Hadas and said, “I do not know. I do not work here”.  

   Zara told Hadas, “You said I chose my husband. No! I did not choose my husband. I chose the man he made me believe he was. Remember I told you last session when I dated him he was nice. When I married him he became mean”.

   Zara told Hadas, “The other day I went to an ice cream shop. I desired to buy a chocolate soufflé but its price was 32 shekel but I only had 20 shekel. I asked the owner if I can still purchase it for the 20 shekel, which was all I had. He said “yes” but informed me that I will not get the ice cream or chocolate that goes with it. I told him that was fine and said, “You are a good businessman” because he was flexible in willing to accommodate a customer. Next thing I knew he brought me my chocolate soufflé with the ice cream and chocolate that goes with it that I was not supposed to get. Here is an Israeli that likes compliments. As far as the Israeli who hated my compliment that she was very pretty it is her problem not mine if she thinks she is ugly”.  

   Zara told Hadas, “You said I am overly honest. No! The world is overly dishonest”.

   Zara told Hadas, “You said I am sensitive. No! I am just honest about my feelings. You are super sensitive. When I told you, "You laugh for nonsensical reasons" and "You speak nonsense" you were so upset you argued with me and laughed some more”.

   Zara told Hadas, “I am sorry. I was wrong. You are not compassionate, not a listener, and not safe to talk to. You are not a counsellor so bye”. Up until that moment Hadas said nothing. Now her eyebrows and entire body shot upwards.  

   Zara got up and started leaving the counsellor’s office. When she opened the counsellor’s office door and stepped out into the hallway where other people and the guard were, Hadas said to her, “It is your decision”. Zara turned and faced Hadas and said to her, “No! It is the truth”. Hadas repeated herself, “It is your decision”. Zara was getting angry now at how this counsellor was trying to make it Zara’s fault that Zara was refusing to work with Hadas.  But Zara remembered what I had told her and instead of yelling she said in a low matter of fact voice to Hadas, “You are full of nonsense”. Hadas said nothing. When Zara got half way to the door to the exit from the building without looking at Hadas she said in a louder but still matter of fact voice again to Hadas, “You are full of nonsense”. Hadas again said nothing. Zara from the corner of her eye saw that Hadas was looking down at the floor in the hallway with a dejected expression on her face. Zara walked out of the Social Disservices Agency with no where else to go to for HELP.  

   Beyond the client Zara trouncing Hadas, which according to the counsellor Hadas only she is supposed to be entitled to do to Zara, no doubt Stacey, the Director of Social Services, most likely screamed at Hadas for losing a client, I mean MONEY.

   Imagine it!!!  Victims of domestic violence are in PAIN and in DANGER from narcissistic spouses.  Yet all these so-called COUNSELLORS are willing to do is BULLY them with their COWARDLY ABUSE TACTICS.

   Once again Zara came to me for advice.  I told Zara about a famous singer named Tina Turner.  Her husband Ike Turner was a physically domestically violent narcissist.  Tina Turner left him.  But even though she was a celebrity who was loved by her world wide fans she still had a void in her that had to be filled.  So she turned to God in the form of a Buddhist religion called the Nichiren Daishonen Academy.

   So, as far as you being bereft of people support goes, even the privilege few who are permitted by the Bully Culture to have OPPORTUNITY, ATTENTION, and SUPPORT in this world, it is not necessarily enough.  One may have to develop a relationship with the one who truly cares about us - God - in order to go on living all by our lonesome.  And I am not referring to the God of religion, although some people may find God there, I am referring to the God of all things and beings.


   The BullCrap Busters Website will transmit its signals over the Internet for as long as we have not been CENSORED off the web due to the ELITE CYBER BULLY as a result of LIBEL and/or SLANDER, and/or ANTI-MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, and/or KARMIEL SOCIAL SERVICES, and/or BANKRUPT by bought off justice, and/or ARRESTED and/or INCARCERATED by trumped up charges, and/or MURDERED by a staged accident by those who have the audacity to call themselves FRIENDS of humanity, yet who are ENEMIES to us who dare to exercise our HUMAN RIGHTS, namely FREEDOM of SPEECH, in order to assist HUMANITY in overcoming BULLYING.