We Take The Bullying By The Horns


By Elana Laham © 2013 Elana Laham

   Someone once said that religion is true for the masses, false for the educated ones, and useful for the rulers of a society. Periodically a new empire gets established by granting its populace the opportunity to have a stake in society. However, the empire’s citizens have to work extremely hard to attain social acceptance and financial security. But, after the governing bully rulers of the empire have established a stronghold over the empire’s thriving economy, they start to take away the small measure of social influence and economic affluence that the empire’s citizens have obtained. This is achieved by (1) no longer providing humanitarian services to the impoverished struggling poor class and (2) abandoning the gainfully employed working class by outsourcing their jobs to foreign nations and by globalizing the consumer market and (3) by overriding the empire’s democratic government with the dictatorship of the Bully Culture regime. Why don’t the people rebel? One reason is because of the clergy bully. The clergy bully is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing that pulls the wool over his congregation’s eyes.  He uses religion as a crutch to pursue his own blind, deaf, and dumb avarice by, in the name of religion, influencing people NOT to protest the loss of their hard earned goodies nor resist the removal of their hard won civil rights.  



   One of the ways that the clergy bully convinces his congregation NOT to do what is in their own best interest is by instructing them to have blind folded, ear muffed, and dumb founded faith and trust in the religious myths that the clergy bully instigates. One such myth is, “God Rewards the Righteous and Punishes the Wicked”. The clergy bully perpetuates this religious myth by preaching to the members of his congregation that the righteous ones BELIEVE in the LORD and that one day God will bless them with good fortune if, without question, they give what little means they have as charitable donations to the clergy bully's religious institution.  Thusly, the so called righteous ones obediently endure their meager existence, which the Bully Culture has so mercilessly thrust upon them.

   Meanwhile, the clergy bully refuses to ease the “no fault of their own” burden from the destitute ones with his own miserly hand since he does not believe in the Lord.  For as far as the clergy bully is concerned, religion is nothing more and nothing less than a business proposition. And so, due to happenstance, the DAY of the Lord’s blessing never arrives for the so-called righteous ones.  

   The only God that the clergy bully believes in is himself. As far as the clergy bully is concerned he only has one life to live. So instead of pre-occupying himself with steadfast prayer, that no one but the Lord will hear, or with random acts of kindness, that no one but the Lord will see; he gets busy grabbing with gusto all of the goodies that he can get, when no one but the Lord notices. 

   Is it any wonder then, why few if any, ever know to what Saintly Cause the appointed one who dons the Cloth has put his multimillion dollar gleanings into? Is it any wonder then, why few if any, ever know when and where the devoted servants of the Lord distribute their divine lectures, and holy books to, FREE of charge? Is it any wonder then, why few if any, ever know why these so called humble messengers of the Lord stand before their captive audience in front of their pulpits delivering their sermons adorned in professional hairdo, fine make-up, expensive clothing, and ostentatious jewelry? When was the last time and where was the last place that you saw and/or heard a religious service being given by an old, ugly, sincerely God worshiping, simpleton slob, especially before the all seeing media eye, and the all hearing media ear of the camera?  

   Those to whom the clergy bully preaches are the “wicked” ones, are the people who can’t or won’t give charity to the clergy bully’s house of self-worship. They question their own blind, deaf, and dumb faith and trust in the clergy bully’s religious hypocrisy. They complain about their undeserved lot in life that they know the Bully Culture has yoked them with it. The clergy bully swears that God will punish them with eternal damnation unless and until they repent. And since no one knows what lies in the unknown afterlife – as no one has come back to tell about it – such is enough to mesmerize even the most steadfast disbeliever into surrendering his money over to the clergy bully’s ostentatious lifestyle so that God will not curse him.  

   However, the clergy bully’s very own Bible tells us that heaven and hell do not lie in some other dimension. HEAVEN AND HELL EXIST RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW ON EARTH. The word Gan Eden appears many times in the book of Genesis. The word Gan Eden literally means Garden of Paradise otherwise known as Heaven. Adam and Eve, who were the two prototype humans that God created on the sixth day of Creation, frolicked in Gan Eden and ate the fruits from its trees for the sheer pleasure of it. That is, until God presented them with an opportunity to exercise their God given freedom of choice. God told Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit that grew upon one tree. That tree stood in the midst of the Garden of Paradise and was called the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life was the source by which all of Creation originated. It was the embodiment of God’s Natural Order of Things.  

   As the Biblical allegory goes, Adam and Eve swallowed the forbidden fruit. And that is how all hell broke loose. By disobeying God’s commandment, Adam and Eve violated God’s Natural Order of Things. This changed them and the earth, forever. The Tree of Life became the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil to them. Their immortal bodies of pure light energy transformed into mortal bodies of flesh matter. From now on, Adam and Eve had to eat food out of necessity. Adam and Eve’s sin changed the state of the Earth as well. It was no longer a Garden of Paradise. Its trees, which grew fruit all year round, now only bore fruit seasonally. And so Adam was cursed with, “You will eat by the sweat of your brow”, for Adam had to gather food for himself and his mate that was sometimes abundant and sometimes scarce.  

   Many generations passed before Adam and Eve’s descendants figured out how to hunt and farm. This made food gathering less laborious and more reliable. After many more generations the advent industrialization and technology made food sources readily available to all people. Nevertheless, many people go hungry as a result of the earth’s food supply being exploited for monetary profit. For although, Adam and Eve became needy for food after they partook of the forbidden fruit; the children of Adam and Eve have become greedy with regard to food for they continue to partake of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. The moral of this biblical story about Adam and Eve is that, whenever and wherever people exercise their God given freedom of choice to either respect or to disrespect God’s Natural Order of Things, they make either heaven or hell right here and right now on planet Earth. 


   Another religious myth that the clergy bully uses in order to monopolize peoples’ money is, You Reap What You Sow”. If one will put one’s faith and trust in the Lord by taking the initiative to donate whatever one can to religious causes God will help one become successful in one’s life. You can turn on the Christian channel on television and watch and listen to the Priest say, “Give just one dollar to the church and you may glean hundreds of dollars from the Lord”. The Christians believe that if one sows one seed one will reap many more fold of God’s harvest. The Jews believe in something similar. In the Jewish Siddur – prayer book – it says that if one observes Miser, which is the donating of one tenth of one’s annual earnings to Jewish charity organizations, God will make one prosperous by allowing both the Principle and the Interest of whatever a Jew is supposed to earn in his afterlife to be bestowed upon him in this life.  

   However, while in potential one may reap what one sows, in actuality it may not come to fruition. Just ask any farmer and he will tell you that feast or famine is determined by variables that lie beyond the farmer’s control, such as the unforeseeable weather. And just as the weather can be fraught with all sorts of elements that thwart crop growth, there are people in this world that will interfere with your life goals. Thusly, even if you do what is required of you, you may not get what is coming to you. As a for instance, the talented, hard working, risk taking individuals who do what they are supposed to do, more often than not, are unable to make their dreams come true. This is due to the fact that the Bully Culture is running interference with their plans. The bully(s) – enforcers of the Bully Culture, bystander(s) – uncaring conformed-asses of the Bully Culture, and victim(s) – wannabe lick-butt-kick-butts of the Bully Culture get in the way. Such an entourage sabotages the ones who are giving it their all by preventing them from being a part of the social scene so that a) no one notices their works or b) one takes credit for their works.  

   When humanoid obstacles prevent an individual from manifesting his destiny, the clergy bully will claim that all one has to do is believe in the Lord and think positively and the cosmos will open up to one like a, “Let’s make a deal” door. Well, many sincere people have done just that. But no matter how genuine their prayers are to God for assistance, and no matter how devoted they are to doing God’s works, they do not reap what they sow. Such is not due to God being unwilling to make it so. Such is due to people choosing to refuse to give one an opportunity to make it so. God does hear and God does listen to prayer. But God does not intervene. For to do so is to interfere with our God given freedom of choice, which defines who and what we are. God does not answer prayers for material requests for material things are corporeal. Thusly, there are only so many to go around in any given time and any given place. Hence, people have to compete for them. So in order for the one to have, the other has to have not. The only prayers that God fulfills are those that are of a spiritual nature. Those who pray for enlightenment with a pure heart will be granted a clear mind, which is religiously referred to as a state of prophecy and scientifically regarded as a sixth sense. Spiritual affairs are not limited by space or time. Therefore, as many people as there are who desire to achieve enlightenment, will be as many people as there are to attain it. And so, contrary to the clergy bully’s preaching, God does not give special treatment to one group of people or perform miracles on any one person’s behalf. For in order for God to allow people to exercise their freedom of choice to acquire what it is they want and need for themselves, God must be impartial to all by not being partial to any.  

   Now since it is God’s will that we live in a world wherein people have the liberty to make their own decisions, the world has both decent and amoral and unethical people inhabiting the earth. And because our modern day society is filled with people who have chosen to go along with the Bully Culture by doing wrongful, hateful things instead of righteous, loving things, they make other people needy by being themselves greedy. Thusly, the odds are overwhelming that a dream weaver will be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, amongst the wrong people, and so he will be unable to manifest his destiny from potential into reality.  

   Does this mean that you will never ever be able to harvest what you plant since there will always and forever be people in your way? No! Due to the continual existence of probability within the cosmos one may fulfill one’s own destiny. Perhaps in your own lifetime, if the Bully Culture Regime – the few oppressors who are lording their “lucky-have-it-all” over the “oppressed many unable to earn can’t-have-any-of-it” – gets overthrown. Then yes! You will, “Reap what you sow” if you are willing to do what is necessary. Meanwhile, if you have spent your entire existence tirelessly, “starting over” because all of your dreams have either exploded or imploded don’t blame the victim who happens to be you, or call your self a loser. Take solace in knowing that YOU WILL NOT REAP WHAT YOU SOW FOR SEEDS IN A BULLY CULTURE DO NOT GROW  


   Do you know what the world’s biggest problem is? If we solved it we woulda, shoulda, coulda no longer have global warming, air, water, and land pollution, diminishing minerals, endangered plants, extinct animals, and exploited human resources that have brought about worldwide poverty, sickness, and loneliness to name a few. The world’s biggest problem is...Drum roll please...OVERPOPULATION. There are too many pee-poo holes (peoples) on the earth. People regulate animal populations that are too high in number to sustain the earth’s ecosystem. So why don’t we regulate our own out of control population growth? With so much overcrowding, even the most conscientious parents cannot offer a child what is necessary for it to be able to grow up into a well adjusted human being. Yet so many people are having babies. Even Eagles know not to bare young in a habitat that cannot support it. So why do we humans, who are supposed to be the most intelligent species on the planet, not even know what a birdbrain knows?

   To answer the overpopulation growth question let’s observe the clergy bully. The clergy bully monetarily exploits people by instigating and perpetuating the religious myth of, “Be fruitful and multiply”. The clergy bully knows that human overpopulation is both the cause and the effect of so many worldly ills. But the clergy bully also knows that the more children there are in the religious community the bigger the clergy bully’s congregation is going to be, and thus the more cash flow is going to get generated to support his money making religious empire. And so the clergy bully, being the clever bully that he is, will preach the religious myth of, “Be fruitful and multiply” so that he can cloak his blind, deaf, and dumb avarice as nothing more and nothing less than God’s commandment that people replenish themselves. If he is a Jewish clergy bully he will give sermons to the members of his synagogue that Hashem (Jewish God) commands that the Jews propagate an unlimited amount of children to replenish the Jews who were murdered in the Holocausts. If he is a Christian clergy bully he will give sermons to the members of his church that Christ commands the Christians to propagate an unlimited amount of children to replenish the missionaries who were lost trying to spread the word of Christ. If he is a Moslem clergy bully he will tell the members of his mosque that Allah commands the Moslems to propagate an unlimited amount of children to replenish the martyrs that were killed in God’s Jihad - holy wars, and so on and so forth. The clergy bully does this even though the clergy bully’s very own Bible tells us that the only people that God ever commanded to, “Be fruitful and multiply” were Adam and Eve. Yet neither of them were Jewish, Christian, Moslem, or of any other religious affiliations. They were simply the father and mother of all of humanity.  

   By default, the clergy bully’s self serving agenda reinforces the Bully Culture’s, which also conditions the human populace to overpopulate so that it can ensure that there will be an ample supply of human carcasses to satisfy its unlimited demand for human parts. Our children are being used as canon fodder so that the elite bully can increase its limited natural resources by stealing them from other countries. Our children are being made into consumer drones so that the corporate elite bully can enhance its business revenue by propagating a junk culture. 

   The clergy bully’s religious myth of, “Be fruitful and multiply” coupled with the Bully Culture’s materialistic value system also spells disaster for the up and coming generations in another way. David Ricardo’s Iron Law of Wages asserts that, “The higher the population the lower the standard of living”. Its economic principle can also be applied to sociology. The quality of one’s offspring will decrease if the quantity of one’s offspring increases. This will be due to the lack of upbringing that each child will get from his caretakers as a result of less time, energy, or money being available to each child by each caregiver.  Families that are living in households that are overcrowded that embrace “materialism” as a way of life will inadvertently deprive their youngsters of meaningful interpersonal relationships while at same token overindulging their youngsters with meaningless material possessions. And so, their children will abandon the notion of maturing into humanitarians who strive to make the world a better place. They will be too busy exploiting instead of contributing. Families that are living in households that are overcrowded that are making an all out effort to keep up with the “Ritchies” will take out its frustration at not being able to on the kids by having the parents vicariously live through them. The burden of such parental approval will persuade the child, who is unable to fulfill his parents’ wishes, to grow up to be a people pleasing overachieving victim; and the child, who is able to satisfy his parent’s desires, will be persuaded to grow up to be a spoiled rotten underachieving bully. The DOCILE victim child and the STUPID bully child are precisely what the clergy bully prays for, and exactly what the Bully Culture preys upon. That being the scenario, it behooves us common folk to stop sanctioning the clergy bully’s religious myth that it is our God given duty, as sexually active adults, to rapidly reproduce no matter how socioeconomically lacking the environmental conditions are that await our offspring as a result of human overpopulation.  

   Having said all of the above, “Be fruitful and multiply” does NOT mean be spoiled and reproduce in the manner of exponentiation as the clergy bully in the name of religion hopes that you will believe. Reproducing in such a manner means that we ought to breed like insects do for it entails raising a number to a certain power. So for instance, if two people who are mates have five children, by the next generation they will have a total of twenty-five grandchildren. That’s five to the power of two or five times five. They will have one hundred and twenty five great grandchildren if their children continue to breed via exponentiation. That’s five to the power of three or five times five times five, and so on and so forth. It makes sense for insects to procreate by way of exponentiation as they are on the bottom of the food chain and so many predators kill them for food. Thusly, to ensure the overall survival of their species insects have to give birth to hundreds of offspring. However, since we are on top of the food chain, we have few if any enemies that will devour us. Thusly, we do not have to replace ourselves so quickly. And so breeding like insects do is not necessary for our species survival. Hence, it makes no sense for people to have ten children per family unit since billions of humanoids occupy the planet already. However the numbers of animals, plants, and minerals on our planet are rapidly dwindling because our over population growth encroaches upon their habitats needlessly putting them onto the endangered species list and greedily poaches them into extinction.  

   One has to ask oneself, “Is this really God’s will that we obliterate all living things off of the face of the earth, save ourselves?” If it is not God’s will, then what does, “Be fruitful and multiply” really mean? Notice how the words “Be fruitful” come before the words “and multiply”? This is because the QUALITY of one’s offspring takes precedence over the QUANTITY of offspring that one can bring into the world. Notice the context of the phrase, “Be fruitful and multiply”? It is made up of two key words – “fruitful” and “multiply”. What does the word “fruitful” really mean? According to the English dictionary one definition of the word “fruitful” is “producing good results, beneficial” (See Random House Webster’s College Dictionary second edition page 523). With regard to children, to “Be fruitful” means to raise children in such a way as to bring benefit to the world and to them as well. How might parents do that? 

   Let’s start with unplanned pregnancies. Women’s Liberation is a bust (no pun intended). If you are a woman, don’t make it worse by having offspring as an accidental birth. The freedom to have sexual intercourse out of wedlock, more often than not, comes with the price of desperately trying to get a man to love you and be committed to your baby who is not bound by any legal marriage contract. Albeit, men ought to share in the burden of raising children if they happen to be the biological father, all too often they don’t. The child is innocent. He or she was given to you out of a random natural process of selection. So it is not the child’s fault that it was born to you. . Therefore, don’t abandon the child by refusing to take care of it physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Also, don’t resent the child by blaming him or her for depriving you of not having a man in your life. A child deserves to have a mother and a father. It does not deserve to have neither.  

   Those who do plan to have children. Know that the child that you have given birth to does not belong to you. He or she is on loan to you from God. Therefore, the child is precious beyond measure. A child is much more than the body that he or she occupies. A child’s essence comes from its cosmic parent, God, itself. Thusly, your child is a divine being. Hence, you have to do more than just breed and feed it. LOVE your child. Accept its uniqueness. It may or may not be like you. So don’t try to mold it to mimic your likeness. Let it go according to its own individual way. Give GUIDANCE to your child. Instruct your child to observe the rules that preserve its existence. They are the moral and ethical codes of conduct that God’s Natural Order of Things is composed of. Pay attention to your child’s innate talents so that it can fulfill what God put it down on this earth to do. By fulfilling his or her own destiny, the child will help others fulfill theirs and thereby make the world a better place for every being and every thing. The Bully Culture does not care about your child. It exploits it for its own sick self -serving purpose. The Bully Culture does not care if your child becomes a suicide or homicide victim statistic, or if it becomes a bully addict, or if it turns into a mediocre bystander/onlooker. Take care of your child. Protect your child from BULLYING. Be prepared to sacrifice everything and anything you have to in order to do so. It will be well worth it. For your flesh and your blood and God’s spirit reside within its one of a kind soul.  
   Last but not least, notice the words “and multiply”. What do you think they really mean? They mean to reproduce in order to replace our selves. Multiplying allows us to do that. A male and a female replace themselves through fornication that conceives one male and one female baby. The two children then grow up to become adults who mate with two other adults and each has two children, and so on and so forth. Reproduction by way of the mathematical operation of multiplication looks like this:

   One male and one female mate and have two children.
   That’s 2X1=2 children and 2 parents.

   The two children then grow up find mates and have two more children.
   That’s 2X2=4 grandchildren and 4 grandparents.

   The two grandchildren then grow up find mates and have two more   children.
   That’s 2X4=8 great grandchildren and 8 great grandparents.

   And so on and so forth.

   Procreating in such a manner gives us a numerical pattern of 2, 4, 8, etc., which are the mathematical products of multiplication. By the time eight grandchildren enter the world – are born – two sets of great, grandparents and two sets of grandparents, give or take a few, will have exited the world – died. This way of reproducing is how God’s Natural Order of Things establishes the delicate balance between life and death in order to preserve the earth’s ecosystem so that life in general can continue to exist.  According to Thomas R. Malthus's Law, human populations tend to grow in geometric proportions (5, 25, 125, etc) while food supplies grow in arithmetic proportions (5, 10, 15, etc), so that eventually food supplies run out.  But procreating per multiplication, instead of exponentiation, avoids this fate.    

   Having two children per household is also most beneficial to the children since they will have another brother or sister to keep them company instead of being an only lonely child. Also fewer children mean less sibling rivalry between them since both children will be able to get the attention that they need and want from their parents. Okay, but what if two people have two boys or two girls? No worries. Their family lineage – children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren, etc., will rectify the gender lack. Okay, but what if both of one’s children die? Then the couple can have two more children to replace the ones that were lost. Okay, but what if a couple already has two children but really loves children and wants more? Adoption is an option. There are too many children already in the world who have no families. And as far as passing on your own genes go, you have already done that by having two children of your own.  


   John Stuart Mill once asked, “Why do we praise God for behaviors that we find detestable in people?”  Answer, the clergy bully.  Another way in which the clergy bully influences his congregation NOT to do what is in their own best interest is by portraying the Lord’s divine attributes as the clergy bully’s own fallible human traits. The clergy bully does this in order to appoint himself as the spokesman for God and thereby promote himself to Godlike status.  


   One example of how the clergy bully takes the Godliness out of God is by the way in which he defines God as being an All Loving Deity. In order to recruit new members to his congregation, the clergy bully will deliver sermons about how unconditionally loving God is. No matter who we are, no matter what we do, God loves us. But after the clergy bully has made a believer out of you, he flat out contradicts himself by preaching that God’s love is actually, quite conditional. According to the clergy bully people have to win God’s favor by believing in the Lord if one happens to be a Christian; by praying to the Lord if one happens to be a Moslem; by observing the Lord’s commandments if one happens to be a Jew, and so on and so forth. But most importantly, no matter which religious affiliation one belongs to, in order to win God’s approval, one has to give charity donations to the clergy bully’s religious institution,  

   After the clergy bully makes you believe that God’s love is indeed conditional, the clergy bully goes on to preach that, out of all of God’s earthly creations, it is the human being that God cherishes the most. After all, it is the human species that lies on top of the food chain. Isn’t it? However, the human race is just as much a part of the ecosystem as the earth’s elements, minerals, plants, and animals are. Therefore, no matter how great or how small, all of God’s creatures are dependent upon one another for each others' survival. So, if the earth’s food and water runs out, we, too, shall perish. Thus, we are no more important and no less significant to God than a rock, a weed, or an insect. For God’s Natural Order of Things dictates that we are all equal in God’s eyes. This means that, we are only supposed to kill out of self-preservation.  

   Nevertheless, once, the clergy bully is able to convince his congregation that, as far as God is concerned, people are the most important species on earth; they will readily accept the clergy bully’s other notion that God loves some people more than God loves other people. After all, the clergy bully’s religion is the one and only true religion. Isn’t it? The clergy bully instructs his congregation to believe that his brand of religion is the one and only true religion so that all will flock to his congregation, not some other clergy bully’s, so that he can receive the most charity donations to exploit for his own private, selfish ends. However, by preaching that some people are loved more by God than others, the clergy bully also compels people to physically kill and psychologically murder those who believe differently.  

   Ironically, both the Jews and the Nazis share this same mentality. According to Judaism, “The Jews are God’s chosen people”. Thus,  God told the Jewish People that the land that the Canaanites were occupying was the Holy land of Israel. Hence, the Jewish People according to God’s commandment obliterated the seven nations of Canaan. The only Canaanites who escaped death were those who immigrated – fled from their homeland Israel, and those who were subjugated – made into slaves of the Jewish People. According to the White Supremacy movement, “The Aryan Race is the chosen people of God”. Hence, those who are NOT blue eyed, blond haired, and white skinned are to be exterminated from the face of the earth. Thus, during World War II, genocide was committed against six million Jews by the leader of the Neo Nazi regime, Adolph Hitler. The only Jews who escaped death were those who immigrated – fled from their homeland Germany, and those who were subjugated – made into slaves forced to commit treason against their own people.  

   The Bully Culture shares the same mentality as the clergy bully. According to the Bully Culture, those who are ranked the superior human specimens are those people who possess the largest amount of financial affluence and the greatest amount of social influence. According to the clergy bully, the All Loving God has blessed them. According to the Bully Culture, those who rank inferior are the rest of us slobs who are poor, sick, and lonely. According to the clergy bully, the All Loving God has cursed us. The clergy bully offers several religious explanations as to why most people are disfavored by the All Loving God. And of course, he is referring to those people who do not belong to his brand of faith and who do not give charity to his religious institution. Karma is one of them. 

   Some define Karma as cause and effect. What one causes to happen in one’s present life affects the outcome of one’s future life. And so those people who lived out their previous incarnation in a meritorious way are reincarnated into a life of fortune. Whereas, those people who lived out their previous incarnation in a despicable manner are reincarnated into a life of misfortune. Sounds simple enough! Well, over the last half century that I have been alive on this earth, I have observed something quite different. The most miserable, miserly, petty, haughty, moronic mean people that I have ever met happen to be both the fortunate ones, and the unfortunate ones. The most happy, generous, noble, humble, smart, nice people that I have ever met are the rare breed of individuals that occupy this earth who CHOOSE to be such. So, the ones who live on Easy Street are no more deserving than the one’s who reside on the Hard School of Knocks Avenue are undeserving. 

   If there is any merit to Karma at all, then how do we explain why some stars after they die expand benevolently into supernovas, some contract into malevolent black holes, some explode into nurseries for new starlets to be born, and some implode into lone white dwarfs? Are we to believe that, as with people, some stars are more worthy and some stars are less worthy than others? There is evidence that reincarnation does exist. The caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Everything on planet earth recycles itself. Science already knows that matter transforms into energy and energy transforms into matter. Yet neither matter nor energy gets lost in the transmission. Water is a great example of something that changes its form often. It goes from a gas (clouds) to a liquid (rain droplets) to a solid (ice crystals) as it recycles itself along its cyclic journey around the globe. Recycling matter and energy is part of God’s Natural Order of Things for the most efficient and proficient way for God to manage the Cosmos is for the Universe to always be re-use-able by never being wasted.  

   Reincarnation has to do with the recycling of energy and matter, which is an evolutionary process. Evolution has to do with how God’s creations adapt to the randomly ever-changing environments in which they live. Some random occurrences are life-changing events that are beyond one’s control, such as death. No one can prevent one’s own death. Another is the random event of birth that follows one’s own death. No one can predict the various variables that will exist upon one’s re-entry into a new life anymore then one can predict the path that a falling star will take to its crash landing on earth’s terrain once its trajectory has penetrated the earth’s atmosphere. And so one’s birth placement will be as random as the conception of a random male sperm entering a random female egg. That being the case, no one will be able to control what gender one will be at the embryo’s conception, which developing fetus one will inhabit, what set of genes one will have at birth, who one’s parents will be, where one will live, etc.  

   There is a certain amount of randomness to Reincarnation. Therefore, those who are the pretty people – the so-called “blessed ones” by the All Loving God – are only such since they were born lucky. Ditto for the not so pretty people – the so-called “cursed ones” by the All Loving God – but only because they were born unlucky. Such is the wheel of fortune – the random circle of life. In this regard, reincarnation is nothing more and nothing less than blind, deaf, and dumb luck!!! For, reincarnation does not determine whether or not one is worthy or unworthy of one’s station in life as the clergy bully hopes that you will believe. 

   The clergy bully will argue that life cannot be random otherwise it has no purpose. But he is mistaken! For reincarnation also has to do with how we choose to adjust to our randomly ever-changing environment. What gives our life meaning is how we exercise our God given free will whenever and wherever we are presented with a choice. Every personal life decision that we make determines who we once were, who we are now, and who we are going to be. In other words, it is completely and totally up to us, who we ultimately and absolutely are. To put it another way, though God CREATED us, it is we, who MAKE ourselves.  

   The Creator created all of creation out of LOVE. Our own organism’s instinctual act to preserve itself – heal itself – is an expression of God’s love.  God designed us to be conceived in, born out of, and raised up by our parents’ love. Even death serves love by recycling life. Love is that which binds the universe together. This is why the word universe is made up of the prefix – uni and the word – verse. Love sustains the universe by maintaining a state of equilibrium throughout the cosmos. Such involves the reciprocity – the give and the take – between the opposite forces – expansion and contraction, lightness and darkness, emptiness and fullness, destruction and construction, etc., of the universe. 

   This give and take establishes the INTERDEPENDENT relationship that all beings and all things share with each other and one another. Our world manifests this mutually dependent relationship between living things and living beings as the earth’s ecosystem and as the human being’s socioeconomic civilization, which requires that we abide by the cosmic codes of conduct of the universe – humane morals and business ethics. In other words, if human beings are to survive we must preserve our society by loving one another and thereby cooperating with each other. That being said, it is we, not God, who passes judgment upon ourselves by exercising our freedom of choice to either live by or defy God’s Natural Order of Things, which is the inter reliance of all beings and all things upon each other so that one another can coexist.  

   We have no control over the sort of existence that the Lord bestows upon us due to the randomness of the recycling of our souls. In any and every life cycle that we journey through, by way of random birth placement, we are given a particular set of parents, specific intellectual faculties, certain personality traits and character attributes, and the one corporeal body that we will inhabit for the duration of that life span. Such is what makes up the mental, emotional, and physical components of our selves. 

   However, what we do have control over is how we are going to respond/react – adjust – to these and other random happenings that are beyond our control. Such is our attitude/approach – our spiritual self towards the hand that we have been dealt. That being said, it is we who choose how we are going to live through every life span that the universe gives us. Are we going to do our best with what we do have to work with (act righteously), or not (act wickedly)? Whatever we choose to develop ourselves into from incarnation to incarnation is what makes or breaks us. If we make it a habit to be a productive versus a destructive member of the cosmos by making the decision to love instead of hate ourselves and others, and thereby better ourselves and others throughout our life times, then we reward versus punish our own selves with inner peace and everlasting happiness – heaven – instead of outer strife and eternal misery – hell. What can be more purposeful than that?!


   Another example of how the clergy bully takes the Godliness out of God is by the way in which he defines God as being an All Powerful Deity. In order to be able to bend his own religious rules, that he sets up for his congregation to follow, the clergy bully preaches that God is All Powerful, by defining the Creator as being able to both make and break the Laws that govern ITS own creation. By doing so, the clergy bully can get away with being the hypocrite that he really is who asks for charitable donations to be given by his God fearing religious community so that he can hoard the alms all to himself.  

   If the clergy bully were speaking the gospel truth then God can override ITSELF. But God cannot. For what defines God is that THE CREATOR IS THE CREATION AND THE CREATION IS THE CREATOR. Thus, God is the Laws that govern the Natural Order of Things and the Laws that govern the Natural Order of Things are God. So while God is All Powerful at the same token God is NOT All Powerful. This is a paradox, which explains why God is eternal and how the cosmos has no beginning and no end. God is the singularity – the void of nothingness, the duality – time and space, and the plurality – the multiple universes of energy and matter. Therefore, if God was able to alter God’s own Laws for even an instant, both the creation and the Creator will no longer exist.  

   Since the Creator and the Laws that govern creation is one and the same thing, there is only one formula that can bring life into being. It is that, in order for there to be life there has to be death. In scientific terms it means that matter must consume energy and energy must consume matter. Such is the circle of life. It might seem cruel for the Creator to create creation in such a manner. Why must one living thing devour another living thing in order to go on living itself? Well, if there was another way, God being a compassionate Deity, ought to have set it into motion. But God has not for there is no other way. This is the one and only way that the Creator and the creation can co-exist. The clergy bully’s very own Bible symbolically defines God as a burning bush that consumes itself, yet does not get consumed. God cannot change the Laws that govern ITSELF. Thus, God’s Laws of creation are permanently fixed for they are the only reality that exists for they are God, ITSELF. Hence, in order for Creation to go on existing God’s Laws of creation cannot be fickle.  

   Another way, in which the clergy bully gets his followers to believe in his skewed definition of the All Powerful God, is by preaching that God can temporarily override God’s own Laws at will. Hypothetically speaking this is what is referred to as “divine miracles” otherwise known as “supernatural events”. The word “supernatural” is a placeholder the clergy bully uses for not being able to comprehend, understand, or know why something actually does happen. One example of a so-called supernatural occurrence is people who cheat death. People who dodge the “death” bullet are regarded by the clergy bully as God’s “wake up” call that one ought to do something noble with one’s life as it is not that individual’s time or place to die. As if death as beholden to an appointed time or place of coming! What actually explains such phenomenon is not “why” people cheat death, but “how” people cheat death. Due to extraordinary circumstances beyond one’s control one is spared from dying. Extraordinary is not to be confused with supernatural. The word extraordinary, means uncommon not unnatural. Extraordinary events regarding death are certain variables that happen that do not ordinarily occur that interfere with what causes death.  

   The following are real life scenarios that illustrate instances in which I, myself, have cheated death:

   Example #1:  

   Once while I was walking through a wilderness park I got trapped alongside one of its cliffs. I was climbing down a mountain when it became too slippery for me to continue my descent. So I decided I better retrace my steps. But when I made the effort to climb back up the mountain’s slanted bank, its loose dirt prevented me from being able to get any firm footing. So to keep myself from falling off of its precipice, I slowly and carefully sat myself down where I was and wedged my left foot and my left hand against a rock wall that was near me. Directly in front of and below me was about a seventy-foot drop into a ravine. It was full of many large boulders. I was all, alone. There was no one to help me. Initially, I did not know what to do. Eventually out of desperation I did the only thing I was able to do. I took a chance. Right above my head imbedded in the slippery slope alongside the mountain was one, lone weed. It was a small weed. It was a completely charred black weed due to a previous forest fire. So I doubted that its roots were secure in the soil. The odds were great that I was going to plummet to my death. Nevertheless, it was my one and only hope. So I grabbed onto the weed with my right hand and I pulled. I had to put all of my body weight into the pull in order to scamper back up the treacherous slope. Well, here I am, still alive thanks to that stubborn weed! Apparently, inspire of its limbs having been totally scorched by a forest fire, its roots remained unscathed. I did not die because that darned weed really lived up to its name! My near death experience did give me a personality quirk, though. I refuse to pull any weeds out of any garden for the rest of my life.  

   Example #2: 

   When I was nine years of age, I came down with the flu. I had contracted the typical fever and chills that accompany its virus. My fevered temperature was one hundred and one degrees Fahrenheit. My father gave me some aspirin to reduce it. But instead of the medicine bringing my temperature down, it drove it up to one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit and rising. I started hallucinating from my feverish condition and began crying from the pain my head was causing my body. Upon hearing my cries, my dad went to the kitchen cupboard to get me more aspirin. But as he reached down into the aspirin bottle he noticed that the pills inside of it were not aspirin. They were my mom’s diet pills that she had decided to store in an empty aspirin bottle. Immediately, my father called the emergency room of the nearest hospital. As I lay in bed I overheard my dad’s conversation with the emergency room doctor. The physician was telling my father that I had to be rushed at once to the hospital to have my stomach pumped or I would die. But before my father even had the chance to hang up the phone, gather me into his arms, and drive me to the medical facility, I threw my head over the side of my bed and vomited. Shortly afterwards, my fever was gone and I was fine. I did not die because I have a really smart immune system.  

   Example #3:

   One day a neighborhood bully, named JULIE HILDABRAND, invited me to go swimming with her in her swimming pool. While we were splashing around having fun she announced that she was going to drown me. Before I could get out of the pool, she put both of her hands on top of my head, pushed me under the water, and held my smaller body down with her bigger body. A second before my lungs were about to burst, she suddenly let me go. I broke the water’s surface gagging for some much needed air and coughing up lots of unwanted water. In that moment I saw the bully’s older sister walking by. If not for her impeccable timing of sabotaging her younger sister’s plan to not get caught while murdering me, I would not be alive today.  

   In the supernatural sense God had nothing to do with saving my life. But in the natural sense God had everything to do with saving my life. My life was spared repeatedly as all of the variables for thwarting death were present when and where I woulda, shoulda, coulda have died.  


   Yet another example of how the clergy bully takes the Godliness out of God is by the way in which he defines God as being an All Knowing Deity. According to the clergy bully the Creator is separate from all of ITS creation. The clergy bully portrays God as being removed from ITS own handiwork so that he can preach that no one but he can commune with the Lord. That way he can sell religion and promote the Bible as a book on how to "Buy Bull" so that he can acquire financial leverage and social clout over others. After all, he is a servant of the Cloth, a disciple of Holy Writ, a soldier of a Holy War, and so on and so forth. Isn’t he?

   There are two ways in which the clergy bully promotes himself to Godlike status by preaching that the Creator is separate from ITS own creation. One, the clergy bully usurps Godlike status over others. Instead of spreading religion by virtue of its divine doctrine, the clergy bully dictates religious principles through violent ultimatums. Throughout human history, those who rose to power over an empire were the ones who decided which faith the powerless populace was to follow. If the people refused to observe the chosen religion and worship the leaders of that religion they were killed. The clergy bully’s very own Bible illustrates this. The Jews otherwise known as the Israelites believe in Monotheism- one God, and so they wiped out the seven nations of the Canaanites who dwelled in the land of Israel because they worshipped idols – many gods. Ironically, later in history, the Jews were massacred en masse by the brutal Cossacks who were Christian zealots since they believe in a Polytheistic God – the Christ also known as the Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. After that, the Christians and the Moslems fought over which religion ought to prevail in the Provinces that they conquered, and so on and so forth.  

   Two, throughout human history the clergy bully has religiously personified God as being some external thing or being. God evolved from being a fertility goddess idol made out of wood, to being the mythical immortal god of Zeus’ lightening bolt, to being in the human image of one man named Jesus, to being a prophetic dream that one Arab prophet dreamed, to being an indefinable being that has no relationship whatsoever with ITS own creation, save the Jewish People who are deemed the so called chosen people of God.  

   Thus, God’s All Knowing Presence is made known to humankind by only appearing before the clergy bully, who just happens to be the holy messenger born in a lowly manger, the one lone hermit living in a clandestine cave, or the leader of one group of people standing upon some insignificant mountain, and so on and so forth. But who is the clergy bully to declare who, why, how, when, where, and what constitutes a liaison of God, especially since he, too, like the rest of us, is nothing more and nothing less than a mere creation of the Creator? 

   If God is really an All Knowing God, then why not bestow ITS Divine Revelation to the world in a more proficient manner? We all know that, God, being the Creator, creates things, right? We all know that, people, who are mere creations of the Creator, also have the ability to make things, don’t they? 

   So let’s say that you invent a new gadget that you plan to sell. What do you think will be the most efficient way to get the word out to the world that your new invention exists? Will you tell only one individual about it? Will you tell only your one group of friends about it? If you have any marketable skills at all, most likely, you will set up a website on the internet, or broadcast a commercial on television, or make an announcement on the radio, or run an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, etc., to let as many people know as is possible that you have a novel gismo that you wish to sell.  Well then, if people, who are the mere creations of the Creator, are business savvy enough to figure out the quickest and easiest way to inform others about the things that they make; then how much the more so is God smart enough to use the best possible way to announce to planet Earth that the Creator exists. 

   Similar to our utilization of the media or the Internet to let the world know that our invention exists, God uses a Divine Ethernet, so to speak, to give us an awareness that the Lord exists. Hence, just as the internet is linked up to any and every computer that goes on line, and the television and radio are hooked up to any and every household that turns it on, and the press is connected to any and every person that buys a printed article; God is attached to any and every human brain that gets in touch with his/her own Godly consciousness.  

   How might such a thing be possible?  Well, just as a computer gets its commands from a soft ware program that has been uploaded into a computer, our minds receive their commands from God’s All Knowing Divine program, if we choose to tune into it. And just like a computer’s hard ware is composed of computer chips, or mind is pre-wired with a composite from the chip off of the old block – the ancient rock of all ages – God, itself.  

   Okay, but how does God install within our beings God’s All Knowing Divine program? To answer this question we go back to the inventor who invented the invention. After the inventor announces to the whole world that he has invented an invention, there is one more thing that he has to do to ensure that his invention gets used. He must include directions on how to operate it. 

   So too, God instills within our minds ITS All Knowing Divine program by including an instructional manual with it that explains how we are to function as human beings. That instructional manual is the blueprint of all of creation. Care to take a guess as to where God might store ITS All Knowing Divine program? Well just as the inventor includes an instructional manual of his invention along with the invention itself, God puts our instructional manual within our very being. There is one thing that all of the religions of the earth agree upon, and that is that the Creator did create Creation. That makes us all children of the Lord. So just like our human parents conceived and gave birth to us by each one giving us half of their own genetic material, how much the more so has God, our one cosmic parent, given us life by giving each one of us a piece of ITSELF! 

   God, being an All Knowing Deity, has chosen the most efficient way and the most proficient manner in which to impart ITS knowledge upon us. And God resides within us so that we will have the best possible chance to live and in the best possible way.  If you have ever prayed to God sincerely and with devoted intention you will know that God’s Presence pervades and surrounds every particle of your being simultaneously. Such a divine experience is possible for God has infused ITS divine knowledge within the very nucleus of our every cell in what is known as our DNA code. 

   Our DNA helix houses within it every potential combination of chromosomes for the makings of any living thing on earth. The one and only reason we happen to be human beings, instead of an element, mineral, plant, or animal life form, is because we have a different genetic sequence – order, placement and activation or de-activation of genes – than the other species that also inhabit the earth. The DNA structure, which is the prototype of all living organisms on our planet, originates within the nucleus of the prototype cell that exists within all organisms. The prototype cell is known as the stem cell. After conception – the uniting of a male sperm with a female egg – the stem cell comes into being. In humans the stem cell is called a Zygote. The stem cell not only has the capacity to replicate itself but it also has the ability to develop into any specialized cell within a given organism. This is how science discovered cloning. Thus, the stem cell not only stores within itself the DNA material that expresses God’s overall guidelines for how to be a human being in general; but it also stores within itself the DNA that expresses God’s detailed guidelines on how to be a uniquely individual human being via the specialized cells that it turns into. Hence, the mere reality that you exist is testimony to your Divine attachment to the All Knowing God.  

   One of the things that God programs within your DNA code is the difference between what is right and what is wrong, which is otherwise known as morals and ethics. Such is one reason why our DNA is referred to as a CODE. A code is a set of unwritten rules concerning acceptable standards of behavior. [See Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved]. Moral and ethical codes make up the building blocks of all of creation for they are what govern God’s Natural Order of Things. Moral and ethical codes of conduct are thereby encoded within every cell in your body starting with your stem cells. This explains how on every level – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – your organism knows how to heal itself, and does so spontaneously without you ever having to be aware of your own healing process. 

   You don’t have to worship the clergy bully’s brazen faced holier than thou buttocks who brainwashes you to believe that in order for you to have faith and trust in the Lord you have to embrace the clergy bully’s definition of what the All Knowing God is. You can embark upon your own God quest, yourself! All you have to do to know that the All Knowing God resides within you is to choose to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  In other words do onto others what you wish to be done to yourself, and don't do onto others what you do not desire to be done to you.      


   According to the clergy bully’s very own Bible there was a tree that stood in the middle of the Garden of Eden. BEFORE Adam and Eve ate of its forbidden fruit they knew only righteousness and so possessed only a good inclination, for the tree was known to them as the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is the wisdom and understanding from which the Creator brought creation into being. It was not until AFTER Adam and Eve ate of its forbidden fruit that they knew wickedness and acquired a bad inclination, and so the tree became known to them as the Tree of Knowledge.  The Tree of Knowledge is the knowledge that there is both good and evil in the world. 

   The clergy bully’s very own Bible was originally written in Hebrew. The Hebrew word for good inclination is Yetzer (formation) Tov (good). However, the Hebrew word for bad inclination is Yetzer (formation) Ha (the) Rah (bad). “Ha”, which refers to the predicate “the, comes before the word “Rah”, which means “bad”, but not before the word “Tov” which means “good”, to emphasize that, it was God’s will, that Adam and Eve only have a good inclination. Adam and Eve, by way of their own free choice, added the bad inclination onto themselves. 

   Being that Adam and Eve are the primordial parents of all humankind, we, their descendants, have inherited from them BOTH a good inclination – otherwise known as a refined nature, and the bad inclination – otherwise known as a debased nature. Some of the religions of the earth refer to the bad inclination as being born in sin and the good inclination is being born again once one has accepted Jesus Christ into one’s heart (Christianity). Others refer to the good inclination as the God Spark that one is given at birth and the bad inclination as that which one receives after one has entered one’s right of passage into adulthood (Judaism). Still others refer to the bad inclination as dying in disgrace for not sacrificing one’s life in one of God’s holy wars (Jihad) and the good inclination as dying as a martyr in one of God’s holy wars (Jihad)(Islamism), and so on and so forth.  


   The clergy bully manipulates his congregation into NOT doing what is in their own best interest by reinforcing the bully role of the Bully Culture by making excuses for the bully’s inexcusable behaviors. He does this by preaching that a wicked person acts lower than a beast because he possesses a bad inclination. Therefore, since he has a debased nature, he cannot help but be a bully. The only way that the bully can obtain salvation is to offer his insincere confessions to the clergy bully over and over again, and buy him self a stairway to heaven by giving alms to the clergy bully. Then the Lord will unconditionally pardon him for his bullying ways.  

   Initially, it might appear that the clergy bully’s claim is accurate. A bully cannot help being a bully due to his nature to act lower than a beast.  For, unlike the beasts in the animal kingdom, a human being WITHOUT PROVOCATION will attack other things, or beings. The human bully will target for bullying his own family, his circle of friends, neighbors in his community, colleagues that he works with, customers who patronize his business, laborers who work for him, and even complete and total strangers. However, a wild beast of the wilderness will only attack out of  SELF PRESERVATION.  It will kill members of another species in order to stay alive. It will kill members of its own species in order to protect its turf, sexual status, offspring, food, and water supply. If its dominance is challenged it will only fight as a last resort. It will first give ample warning with hostile noises and aggressive posturing to its would-be-challenger in the hope that its contender will retreat. Unlike the human bully, an alpha male/alpha female beastly creature also provides food, water, shelter, social acceptance, and protection from danger with its own life if necessary for the rest of its group. However, the human bully will abandon his groupies if they get into any sort of trouble because he is a world-class mega wimp. Unlike the human bully, the beast is an asset to the continuance of its species. It enjoys the privileges that come with its superior status but it also bares the responsibility to look after those that rank inferior to it. The human bully does not take care of the members of his group that he so thoroughly dominates. Instead he expects them to take care of him.  

   Nonetheless, there is one fatal flaw to the clergy bully’s claim. If wicked people possess a debased nature and thereby act lower than a beast, then a social order lower than that of a beast ought to sustain human society. But it does not! Instead whenever and wherever humankind attempts to adhere to such a social structure human civilization collapses. This has been historically proven over and over again vis-à-vis the countless human empires that have socioeconomically crumbled whenever and wherever the Bully Culture has been erected within society’s midst. 

   Well then, if humanity cannot survive according to a social order that is lower than that of a beast, then can it thrive upon a social structure that is on par with one? According to Darwin’s scientific theory of Evolution we cannot. Darwin’s theory of Evolution asserts that we evolved out of the beastly ape. But even if Darwin’s theory, that people are the descendants of apes, is correct we are no longer apes. We have evolved into something else. Being that the human being is a more developed creature than the beastly ape it behooves us to notice the critical differences between our species. There is only a two percent difference between the DNA helix of the human and that of the ape but it is a significant enough difference to produce the following results: An ape’s brain is only one third the size of a human brain, and the human brain only uses ten percent of its overall mental capacity. That means that a person’s intellect is much more convoluted than an ape’s.  

   The human mind becomes socially dis-ordered if it is expected to function according to the social mentality of an ape.  The ape’s social structure is based upon SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Survival of the fittest dictates that only the strongest, fastest, biggest, toughest, and most sexually active individual will endure nature’s random process of selection and thereby earn the right to pass on its genes to the next generation, and so on and so forth. The human brain however has to run according to a higher level of mental cognition, which is what I call SURVIVAL OF THE SMARTEST. Due to our highly developed intellect we are the only creatures on planet earth capable of temporarily overriding nature. This means that, although the ecosystem dominates us we can also dominate it. 

   Have you ever wondered why ape society generation after generation after generation remains virtually intact whereas human civilization generation after generation after generation is disintegrating? One of the traits that we have inherited from our ancestor, the ape, is avarice. But the ape’s greed serves a purpose. It creates harmony within nature by limiting its desires to what is ESSENTIAL for its existence. For instance, only the alpha male ape is permitted to mate with the rest of the female apes of the troop. This type of mating ensures that only the genes of the strongest and fastest apes will be passed along to the next generation’s offspring to ensure the continued survival of the ape's species.   But the greed of the human animal has no purpose. It is greed for the sake of greed.  We have chosen to take whatever we wish just because we can.  But that does not mean that we ought to. Such makes chaos and strife within the natural order of things, thereby bringing about the ruination of our planetary home and the initiation of the self-destructive sequence of our own kind.  

   For example, we know how to grow enough food to feed the billions of people who now occupy the earth.  Yet, thanks to the Bully Culture, many people all over the planet are starving for many-a-farmer’s earthen crops go to rot as they do not fetch a sky is the limit monetary profit on the global market. 

​   Whenever and wherever we adhere to the beastly social pecking order of the planet of the apes, we bring about the socioeconomic stratification of our own eventual demise. For we bring about the disenfranchised impoverished class, the struggling to make-ends-meet middle working class, and the get richer by robbing from the rest of us leisure class. As a result, the criterion for human leadership becomes based upon non-essential materialistic values, which then dictate that whoever has the most financial affluence shall have the most social influence over society. Such gives rise to the lower than the beast’s Bully Culture's social disorder.  

   Thus, even though we have CHOSEN to act lower than a beast, in order to navigate the crossroads of our own evolution, we must exercise our God given freedom of choice to CHOOSE to establish a social structure that is befitting to our cleverly advanced level of intelligence, which is no doubt more sophisticated than that of any beast on earth.   Such will require that human leadership be founded upon the substantial values of humane morals and business ethics if we are going to continue to carry on. That way, all of society’s members who are willing to do an honest day’s work will be prosperous, not just the few who rob it from the rest. And as long as each and every individual in each and every generation will ALWAYS REMEMBER and NEVER FORGET that human society exists for ALL people not just SOME people then humanity will EVERLASTINGLY endure. 

   In the meantime, the clergy bully, in the name of religion, will go on preaching that people are by NATURE lower than a beast so that people will tolerate and exonerate the bully persona thereby subjecting humanity to its own overall demise having been willingly ruled over by those whose leadership skills are lower than that of an ape’s.  


   If people don’t even posses the leadership qualities of that of the beastly ape then what is to be considered human leadership? Human leadership can be summed up as follows:  

To Recognize a True Leader Versus a False Leader 
One has to be Willing to Stop Worshiping Idols  

   Many people live inside of a bubble too busy idolizing the elite bully to know or care that what is going on in the world around them affects and effects us ALL. They read the newspaper, they watch the television set, they listen to the radio box in order to get informed. But, for the most part these once upon a time media tools are just a brainwashing mechanism that the governing bully uses to keep the rest of us misinformed or ill that we will abandon and ridicule the poor, the sick, and the lonely amongst us. Meanwhile, the elite bully lives his or her lifestyle in such a way as to not have to have any contact with the poor, the sick, or the lonely, or with you as well. The only instance in which the ruling class bully will have anything whatsoever to do with you is if it serves his or her own self-serving end. So for example, if the governing bully has to win your vote to keep him or her in political power then you will be contacted for that one fleeting moment. Aside from that, they don’t really care about us.  

   In the State of California Governor Gray Davis, whom the people had elected to office, was recalled and replaced by Hollywood Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as its new Governor. Gray Davis had actually gone to war as an American soldier in Vietnam. Arnold Schwarzenegger had played the role of being an action hero in American movies. But instead of protesting the recall of Governor Davis, Hollywood Star Arnold, who had no political experience and who never served this country, was hired as Governor of California.  

To Recognize a True Leader Versus a False Leader 
One has to be Willing to Differentiate Between their Characters

   A false leader hides behind his false promises. He is all lip service but no action. He uses manipulation to get others to do his bidding by telling people what they want instead of what they need to hear and by showing people what they want instead of what they need to see. Don’t be taken in by his sale’s pitch. Base your decision whether or not to have trust and faith in him upon observable outcomes – the wannabe leader’s past track record not upon the wannabe leader’s qualifications on paper, good looks, charming personality or sex appeal. 

   A false leader uses intimidation – scare tactics to control others. He helps only himself and at other peoples’ expense. He is egotistical – he acts like a boss even if it is inappropriate for him to do so. He is deceptive – he believes that knowledge is power therefore only he ought to have it. He is corrupt – he lives by the code of the double standard – he will sacrifice others upon the battlefield but never go to war himself. He empowers himself by setting up a Bully Culture, which breeds crime, violence, and hatred which threatens the survival of even his most loyal conformists. He is a brainless, heartless, spineless coward. He rules with ignorance. He destroys lives. He makes lose-lose situations.  

   A true leader is revealed by his actions, which speak louder than his words. Others follow him because he cares about people. He upholds justice for all not just for some. He helps others not just himself because it is the right thing to do. He governs out of love and respect. He is humble – he acts like a boss only when it is his job to do so. He has integrity – he believes that knowledge is everyone’s inalienable birthright. He is honorable – he lives by the universal code of humane morals and business ethics. He is willing to give up his life for a noble cause - Not only will he fight alongside others he will also put himself on the frontlines of the battlefield. He empowers others by setting up a society that cultivates freedom, liberty, peace, and prosperity that permits even the most iconoclastic individual to thrive. He is a sensible, brave, and strong person. He rules with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. He saves lives. He makes win-win situations.  


   The clergy bully intimidates his congregation into NOT doing what is in their own best interest by reinforcing the Bully Culture’s victim role by blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying. The clergy bully does this by preaching that a righteous person acts higher than an angel because he possesses a good inclination. Therefore, since the victim has a refined nature, he cannot help but be a victim of bullying. After that, the clergy bully promises the victim that, if he unconditionally forgives the bully and give alms to the clergy bully, the Lord will heal the victim from the pain that the bully inflicts upon him. To unconditionally forgive a bully means that, whether or not the bully is sincerely sorry, the victim must forgive the bully anyway. 

   The clergy bully perverts Biblical Scripture in order to get the victim to unconditionally forgive the bully. The following are some common biblical examples of how the clergy bully does this:  


   The clergy bully’s misinterpretation of “An eye for an eye” reassures the victim that he can unconditionally forgive the bully because whatever the bully took from the victim is replaceable. So, for instance, if a thief steals your wallet, you can pardon the robber, since not only is your stolen money but also your stolen wallet and all of its contents replaceable. Seems easy enough! But what if the bully takes something away from the victim that cannot be restored, such as the life of a loved one?  

   If the victim attempts to unconditionally forgive the bully for murdering the victim’s loved one, the victim’s beloved will have died in vain. For although the life if the victim’s beloved cannot be brought back, the criminal’s own life must be taken in order to prevent the bully, who has no respect for life, from taking more innocent lives. Okay, well what if the bully is sincerely sorry for what he has done. With the exception of an innocent one being killed by accident, the murdering bully is not able to be truly sorry for what he has done, even if he wishes to be, since his act was PRE-MEDITATED. That means that, the bully already thought about what it would be like to commit murder, yet it did not give him a change of heart. Okay, well what if the bully gets caught doing his crime of taking the life of the victim’s loved one? Won’t that make the bully truly sorry? The perpetrator will still be unable to be regretful for what he has done as he will be too consumed with his own grief over the consequences that his own actions have wrought him. He may have to face death row – lose his own life for the wicked deed that he committed. Or, he may have to be incarcerated for a very long time – lose his freedom for the wicked deed that he committed. And so the only one the murdering bully will be able to feel sorry for is him self. Okay well what if the bully happens to be a socio-psychopath? Can’t he be reformed? If the murdering bully happens to be a socio-psychopath, he does not care what happens to himself so he incapable of caring about what he does to others.

   What about the victim who tries to unconditionally forgive the bully for taking the life of a loved one in order to overcome his own hatred towards the bully? I had to endure such a loss. A violent bully took my sister’s life away from her. For years I tried to unconditionally forgive the bully that had done away with my sister so that I might no longer feel the bitterness that the bully had inflicted upon my life. To no avail! One day I realized why. In order for a person to heal he has to be made whole again. This is done, by making the bully restore that which the bully had taken away from the victim. Since what I had lost was irreplaceable I was not able to heal. To expound upon my point, hypothetically speaking, let’s say that your leg got injured so badly that it had to be amputated. Your body cannot grow a new leg. All it can do is develop scar tissue around the stump where its leg once was. Thusly, you, the amputee, will never be whole again wherein your leg is concerned because for the rest of your life you will be missing a limb. Hence, the clergy bully’s preaching that a victim ought to unconditionally forgive a murdering bully is an abomination to the Lord for even if we do not know what our limitations are with regard to healing ourselves, God does.  

   The clergy bully preaches that all a murdering bully has to do to be granted unconditional forgiveness is to ask God for it. Nevertheless, just as God knows a victim’s limitations at being able to heal, God also knows a bully’s limitations at being able to repair that which was damaged. Unless or until that which was taken from the victim is restored or replaced, the victim cannot heal. Thusly, since the bully is not capable of resurrecting the dead, God will not accept the bully’s plea to be pardoned for destroying God’s handiwork. Moreover, unless or until the murdering bully asks the one that he murdered for forgiveness, and the murdered victim forgives the bully, the bully cannot be forgiven. Furthermore, because the innocent one is already dead, the bully cannot even ask for and thereby receive the victim’s pardon. Notice how the bully makes lose-lose situations for all who are involved. Thanks to the bully, not only is the victim unable to be healed, the bully is unable to be pardoned!

   So then, how does the victim, who has suffered an immeasurable loss, undergo healing? The victim must do the one and only thing a human being can do. He must ACCEPT his loss. Acceptance will not heal the victim but it will let the victim make peace with his loss. The more the victim accepts his loss, the more he will be able to make peace with it. This is because acceptance allows the victim to let go of that which is out of the victim’s control by surrendering it up to God. For only the Lord can recycle the life of the one who is no longer living. One of the ways in which the victim can accept such a loss is to mourn. Mourning for a given amount of time by focusing solely upon one’s loss will give one the opportunity to acknowledge the loss on every level of his entire being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The amount of time to grieve must be up to the individual. However, mourning must neither go on indefinitely nor be unduly brief for such means that the victim is not really undergoing the acceptance process. After the designated time for grieving is over, it is time for the victim to let it go by giving it up to God. Only the victim will know when that is. If the victim has fully acknowledged his loss he will be able to go on with his life. If he cannot go on with his life, he will have to grieve some more. If he still cannot go on with his life, he will have to realize that such a loss comes with psychological and/or physical scars, and while scars may fade they never completely go away. Only after one dies does one completely part from them.  


   The clergy bully’s misinterpretation of “Vengeance is the Lord’s” reassures the victim that he can unconditionally forgive the bully because God will smite the bully for his wrongdoings. But while it is certain that we live in a world that is regulated by God’s Natural Order of Things, namely, one of God’s Laws known as Cause and Effect, the bully may pay for his dastardly deeds eventually, but then again he may not. For “What goes around comes back around” just not necessarily immediately. God rights wrongs gradually in order to give us a chance to exercise our God given freedom of choice to decide whether or not we will be accountable for our own actions so that we can decide whether or not we will learn from our own mistakes.  

   The following is an example that illustrates this:  

   A woman who is a drug addict finds out that she is pregnant with child. So for her unborn child’s sake she quits taking dope. Since in God’s world what goes around comes back around gradually, the unborn child will have a chance to be a healthy newborn in spite of its mother’s former drug using habits. However, if in God’s world what goes around were to come back around immediately, the unborn child will be born a drug baby with congenital defects even though its mother had repented of her drug using ways.  

   Life is not a game limited by the width of a chessboard or the length of a football field. Thusly, by the time God’s Natural Order of Things brings back into harmony that which was thrown into chaos, the sinister one, who caused all of the trouble, will either be long gone or long dead when his comeuppance is due. And so, more often than not, all of the other bully(s), victim(s), and bystander(s) who participated in the bully’s wicked escapades will be the ones to suffer not the bully who instigated them. Hence, the only people who will be paying the pied piper’s debt will be the rest of us who chose to do nothing to STOP the bully and therefore allowed the bully to get away with being a bully.  

   Sir Isaac Newton once said, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. “Vengeance is the Lord’s” only applies to Newton’s general application. Thusly, “Vengeance is the Lords” does not apply to rectifying the misdeeds of any one particular individual with consequences to that specific person. Hence, in order to make certain that the sinner pays for his sins we have to stop waiting upon God and due what God commands of us which is to exercise our own God given freedom of choice to make others accountable for their own actions as well as taking responsibility for our own actions.  

   The Biblical ordinance of, “Vengeance is the Lord’s” only satisfies half of the requirement of what constitutes justice. Therefore, in order for justice to happen for people, we must be partners with God by setting up laws, courts, and a justice system for human civilization. If we do, then for instance, the un-faired against motorist – the plaintiff – will be able to pursue legal action against his previous automobile insurance company, State Farm – the defendant – for Breach of Contract. Then, by presenting his indisputable evidence – the wounds on his car – indicating that so called other driver had indeed hit him, the judge presiding over his “open” and “shut” court case will award the verdict in his favor. His former automobile insurance company – State Farm – will then have to reimburse him for the monetary damages that they caused him, which were three years of hiked up automobile insurance premiums, plus a formal apology for their negligent and fraudulent business practices. In order to keep our justice system incorruptible, all people not just some, have to reinforce it, by, for instance, being willing to bare witness to which driver really made the automobile accident occur. Then, not only will the blame be put upon the guilty party, and not only will the innocent party be vindicated of all false charges, but during the legal process, the police brutality and police misconduct that brought about the car accident, will also be exposed. Then, the bully who created all of the turmoil – the Irvine Police Department – will be punished for executing a vehicular crime.  


   The clergy bully’s misinterpretation of “Turn the other cheek” is the clergy bully’s one size-fits-all unconditionally forgive the bully solution to the victim problem of being bullied. Because it is so nonsensical people often joke about it by saying, “What am I supposed to do after I get hit on one cheek turn the other one so it can get hit as well?” If the Lord desired us to do such a thing, we woulda, shoulda, coulda have as many cheeks as an octopus has arms. The bottom line is that the bully will not stop being a bully unless or until he no longer gets away with bullying. Thusly, “Turn the other cheek” does not work on the bully. Turn the other cheek” does however have a practical application. It keeps communication lines open between people who are willing to resolve conflicts in which a sincere apology will right a wrong; that can be negotiated or re-negotiated; that two people can agree to disagree upon.  

   The following is an occasion in which you can “turn the other cheek”:  
   Your mother does not like the individual whom you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. She has a right to her opinion as a concerned parent but you have a right to your opinion as to whom you choose to marry for it is your life to live. Therefore, it is senseless to start a family feud over such a matter. For this you are to “Turn the other cheek”. In other words, agree to respectfully disagree.  


   Divine agents of God are made up of both constructive and destructive powers. But God’s divine agents have to DO as God commands. Thusly, in God’s world their dualistic elemental energies work together to serve life. A volcano is an example of how. If a volcano erupts, its cascading lava and hot ash lay waste to its surroundings. However, once the lava stops flowing and the ash cools, it leaves in its wake the most fertile soil known to earth. Out of it grows every kind of green that myriads of animals migrate to in order to feed upon its lushness, or to feed upon the beasts that devour it. Hence, the valley below the volcano that was scorched to death is reborn as a wilderness that is teaming with all manner of life. 

   Human beings also possess the same dualistic nature that God’s divine agents do. But unlike God’s elemental beings, we have the freedom to decide whether or not we will DO God’s will. Thus, in the human world, if a person chooses to act wickedly, both his good and his bad inclination will enact a detrimental outcome to all, whereas if he chooses to act righteously, both his refined nature and his debased nature will enact a beneficial outcome to all. Being that God’s divine agents have no choice but to obey God but people have the God given free choice to obey or disobey God, whenever and wherever a person chooses to do the right thing versus the wrong thing he is deemed to be higher than an angel. 

   The clergy bully distorts what it means to be higher than an angel by preaching to his congregation that only those people who always do nice things for others and who never pay attention to the mean things that others do to them are such. While the clergy bully insists that the victim unconditionally forgive the bully, those people who can’t or won’t “rise above it all”, the clergy bully will claim are to blame for being a victim of bullying. Meanwhile, the clergy bully refuses to follow his own one-size-fits-all advice. For as far as the clergy bully is concerned, we are to abide by his man made religious double standards while he is allowed to scoff at Gods divine Cosmic Laws.  

   Being that God’s divine agents must DO as God commands, God’s divine agents also have to abide by God’s Natural Order of Things, which dictate that all things must be in harmony with one another and each other. Harmony, otherwise known as the “golden mean”, keeps nature’s scales calibrated by preserving a balance between nature’s extremes, otherwise known as its opposite forces. Angels do the same by rewarding good human behavior and punishing bad human behavior. 

   And so, contrary to what the clergy bully preaches, in order to act higher than an angel, one must strive to keep one’s own psyche in balance by rewarding others and ourselves for doing the right things and by punishing others and ourselves for doing the wrong things. Otherwise, one will swing like a pendulum from the one extreme of being “kind to the cruel” to the other extreme of being “cruel to the kind”. Hence, what it really means to be higher than an angel is to punish the wicked and reward the righteous by choosing not to do the wrong thing and forgive the bully for what is unforgivable, but to do the right thing by not letting the bully get away with bullying.  


   The clergy bully’s brand of religion is a man made institution not a God sent revelation. According to the English Dictionary the word “religion” is defined as “a set of beliefs...” [Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved]. But whose set of beliefs are we referring to? We are referring to the clergy bully’s hypocrisy that our world has come to know as religion. Does this mean that God is non-existent? Obviously not! A Creator created creation otherwise none of us woulda, shoulda, coulda be here. But being that we are mere creatures of God’s creation we are not equipped to completely fathom what, where, when, how, who, and why God is. Nonetheless, by simply observing the Lord’s handy works, of which we are one, we can develop a working definition of God that shows us how the world really works. If we are honest with ourselves, what we will discover is that God is not based upon some supernatural or superstitious belief system, rather, God is founded upon the provable and observable – The Natural Order of Things.

   A working definition of God always did exist, actually does exist, and always will exist and this profoundly upsets the clergy bully for it poses a threat to his religious empire. It means that God darned individuals (GDI’s) who were once scholars of religion will realize through their own religious prayers, studies, and observances that the clergy bully’s version of religion is a farce. And so, no matter how relentlessly the clergy bully uses religion as a weapon to make people docile and ignorant versus a tool to enlighten people, the clergy bully will not be able to extinguish the Living God that resides within all of us. Neither will the clergy bully be able to extinguish the Living God that resides within his own rotten self, by deluding himself into believing that one day he will become God and thereby vanquish the Lord from God’s earthly throne. The clergy bully professes to believe in the Lord yet he calls those who witness God’s own handy works non-believers who have gone astray for they refuse to worship the clergy bully. Instead they exercise their own God given free will to think, feel, and act according to God’s Natural Order of Things thereby inviting the All Loving, All Powerful, and All Knowing God to have a working relationship with them.  

   Until his devotees come to know him for the hypocrite that he really is, the clergy bully will preach that we are All our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. Meanwhile, he himself will not practice humane morals and business ethics.  

   Until his devotees come to know him for the hypocrite that he really is, the clergy bully will preach that God is All Loving, All Powerful, and All Knowing. Meanwhile he will neither love, respect, nor honor God.  

   Until his devotees come to know him for the hypocrite that he really is, the clergy bully will preach that religion is meant to facilitate peace. Meanwhile, in the name of religion, the clergy bully will make war by stirring up violence amongst his own followers and between the followers of his religion and the followers of other religions. The clergy bully will argue over whether or not the definition of God is an elemental, animal, human, material, or spiritual Being. The clergy bully will fight over whether or not God is a Polytheistic or a Monotheistic Deity. The clergy bully will battle over whether or not God’s name is Allah, Hashem or Christ, and so on and so forth. 

   Let me ask you this, does it really matter? If you were a parent might you unleash your wrath upon an infant for calling its mother “moomoo” and its father “doodoo” because it does not yet know that its parents are to be called father and mother and because it does not yet know that its parents are male and female and because it does not yet know that its parents are human beings? Of course not! You would be thrilled just to hear your baby talking baby talk. Yes, you would look forward to the day when your child is able to pronounce your name properly and recognize you as a human being and know that you are man and woman. However, in the event that for some reason that day does not come, as a parent you would most certainly be disappointed, but you would not punish your child for it, especially if it is not your child’s fault that it does not grasp the vastness of you! 

   So too with God! God does not care that we do not know IT by ITS name. It does not bother God that we do not know what, where, when, how, who or why IT exists. Being that God is All Loving, All Powerful, and All Knowing, all God cares about is that we call upon God’s Name with a clear mind and a pure heart, what ever and where ever, and when ever, and how ever, and who ever, and why ever, we believe it to be. All God does care about is that we do not take God’s Name in vain. We are to love and respect and honor God by loving, respecting and honoring each other, one another, and ourselves; and by loving, respecting and honoring all of the Creator’s creations. From the onset of humankind, in the name of religion, the clergy bully has incited us to engage in violence over God’s Name. It is God’s Will that we ALL stop the BULLYING.  

   Until his devotees come to know him for the hypocrite that he really is, the clergy bully will preach that we must worship God. Meanwhile, in the name of religion, the clergy bully will worship himself by promoting himself to Godlike status by appointing himself as the spokesman for God. After all, according to him, only he knows God. He believes that by doing so he will acquire ultimate wealth and absolute power and thereby usurp God from ITS earthly throne. Unwilling to accept that he is merely one of the Creator’s creations the clergy bully will engage in a power struggle with the Lord by violating God’s Natural Order of Things, in spite of the religious precepts that the clergy bully’s very own Bible dictate, which is that the clergy bully is to be a Guardian of the Earth. By ravaging the earth’s paradises, which the clergy bully’s very own Bible refers to as Gan Eden, and thereby plummeting it into a polluted, lifeless, wasteland, which the clergy bully’s very own Bible refers to as the Apocalypse, with his blind, deaf, and dumb avarice, all the clergy bully’s legacy will amount to is the ruination of the earth and the destruction of humanity. In the end, all the clergy bully’s lordship will reign over is his own black hole of a self, which will swallow up our world if we let him. 

   [See the web page entitled, "E-Book Confessions" in the BullCrap Busters website for a real life scenario about the Clergy Bully].