We Take The Bullying By The Horns


By Elana Laham © 2016 Elana Laham

   This web page is an update expounding upon the usage of MOCKERY & SARCASM against emotional bullying. [See the Hands On Approach to Emotional Bullying segment of the Emotional Bullying section of the Emotional Bullying web page of the BullCrap Busters website for more details]. 

   It is CRUCIAL to use mockery & sarcasm as opposed to any form of anger against emotional bullying. It’s a game changer.

   The following are the reasons why:

   1) The usage of mockery & sarcasm prevents the bully from making the victim appear to be the perpetrator and the bully seem to be the victim. 

   Being that we all live in a Bully Culture as opposed to a civilized society, direct or righteous anger, the kind the victim often uses, is never considered an acceptable way to express oneself. Therefore, the victim who becomes righteously angry gets looked upon as the villain. However, indirect or unrighteous anger, the kind the bully uses, is not only tolerated but exonerated. Thereby, the bully who uses unrighteous anger gets looked upon as a hero. [See the Anger What It Can Teach Us section of the Introduction web page of the BullCrap Busters website for more details]. However, when the victim abandons anger altogether and resorts to laughing at a bully for being a bully the victim gets recognized by so-called society as the calm, cool, and collected “decent” one. 

   2) The usage of mockery & sarcasm stops the bully from deriving any satisfaction from upsetting the victim.  

   After all, the victim is making fun of the bully. So, the victim shows amusement versus annoyance at the bully’s antics.  

   Misery loves company. The whole objective of bullying is for the bully to transfer his/her misery onto someone else rather than do something about his/her own miserable lot.  If the bully succeeds in making the bully target upset, the bully by inflicting pain upon the victim of bullying will escape his/her own pain, albeit only temporarily.  But if the bully fails in making the bully target upset, the bully's pain will become twofold - one serving for the lump of pain that the bully is already carrying around, and one serving for the lump of pain - the bully's frustration - at his/her self for not being able to cast the pain off onto an innocent victim.    

   3) The usage of mockery & sarcasm demonstrates to the victim that he does not have to take the bully seriously like the Bully Culture hopes he will. 

   It is said that the deed shapes the heart. After confronting bully(s) with sarcasm & mockery for a while, the victim undergoes a cognitive process of change that discards the old Bully Culture myth that the bully is almighty, all knowing, and all powerful, by virtue of having developed a new view that the bully is nothing more and nothing less than a pathetic, pitiful, loser. 

   [Reader’s Note: Even when the victim becomes capable of no longer taking a bully seriously, the victim is still obligated to fight back against bullying for the sake of making our world a better place by ridding it of the bully persona.]

   4) The usage of mockery & sarcasm censors the victim’s inner bully from chastising the victim.

   My inner bully is always dictating to me that I have to get mad at the bully in order to give the bully back the bully’s own medicine.  Otherwise, I am a wimp who has no affect or effect upon the bully whatsoever.  However, as I already discussed in number 1 and 2 above, getting angry towards a bully is a "no-no".    

   Sarcasm and mockery makes the victim completely affective and totally effective at seriously kicking bully butt for the following reasons:

   a)  the victim will not get into any trouble for using sarcasm and mockery to fight back against bullying because it is regarded as an acceptable form of behaviour in our so-called society.

   b)  the bully will be deprived of any ego gratification via getting the victim upset since the victim is not taking the bully seriously.


   The following are two real life scenarios illustrating how I give the bully coward(s) back their own medicine by using Mockery & Sarcasm against bullying:

   Example #1 - I am minding my own business sitting down and eating a small bowl of ice cream in the Dizenkoff Shopping Mall in Tel Aviv, Israel.  While I scoop up small spoonfuls of the chocolate cold confection, a black Jewish adult male, while pushing his janitor cart, looks at my fat body and while smiling laughs at me, twice.  After all, how dare fat people eat dessert, right?  So while I lift up my next spoonful I look back at him and say in a perky voice with a cheery expression, "L'Chiam!"  It is a Hebrew word that in English means "To Life!"  It is used to denote celebratory occasions such as an enjoyable activity.  He laughed no more and his smile went away.   

   No doubt he was trying to ruin my day. Instead I wiped his fat smile right off of his face. 

   Bad vibes have to go somewhere being that they are made up of ENERGY.  When a bully coward fails to succeed at making you upset, he gets upset.  For his own negative energy bounces off of you and rebounds back onto to him.     

   Instance #2 - I am minding my own business standing at a bus stop in the city of Akko waiting for bus #263 to take me to the city of Karmiel.  After the day's shopping I am tired.  So I head for a bench at the bus stop to relieve my aching feet while I wait for public transportation to take me home.  There is a young Israeli adult female sitting on one side of the bench.  She has a pretty face with long straight black hair falling to her narrow waistline.  I  sit down at the opposite end.  She moves away from me even though there is plenty of sitting space between us and even though I have not requested her to move over.  Hint...hint!  How dare fat people sit down next to skinny people, right?  Next thing I know the Diva flings her hair at me over her left shoulder, twice.  It lands on my right shoulder ,twice .  So I say to her in a nonchalant voice with an amused expression, "Slichah,  Ha Serot Shelach Ali".  They are Hebrew words that in English mean, "Excuse me, your hair is on me".  She replies with an adorable angelic looking sweet smile and innocent sounding voice, "Slichah" - "Excuse me".  I laugh at her.  She suddenly gets up off of the bench and walks away from me and no bus has arrived yet to take her or anybody else, anywhere.

   No doubt she was trying to ruin my day. Instead I wiped her skinny butt right off of the bench.

   Bad vibes have to go somewhere being that they are made up of ENERGY. When a bully coward fails to succeed at making you upset, she gets upset.  For her own negative energy bounces off of you and rebounds back onto to her.


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