We Take The Bullying By The Horns

By Elana Laham © 2013 Elana Laham

  If we are “mere” participants and our families are only catalysts with regard to which social role – the bully, the victim, or the bystander – that we will choose to play within the Bully Culture, then who established the Bully Culture and for what purpose?  

  The instigators and the perpetuators of the BULLY CULTURE are the elite bully. The elite bully is not to be confused with the elite. The elite over class are the fortunate ones, the privileged some, and the chosen elect, who have been appointed by the rest of the members of society to rule over people. The elite bully is the self-appointed few who rule over people by victimizing individual members of society. The elite ruling class control human civilization by setting up regulations for all to live by. The elite bully oppresses human civilization by making double standards – one set of rules for it self to live by and another set of rules for the rest of us to live by. The elite upper class is the cream of the crop of the corporate elite. The elite bully is the scum of the crumb of the corporate elite bully. The elitist bully’s one and only objective has been, is now, and always will be to posses everything and to own everybody for the elite bully’s motto is, “It is not enough that I succeed; you must fail”. 

   The elite bully is the biggest bully on the planet. The elite bully has more arsenals in his repertoire for BULLYING than all of the weapons of war that were ever invented throughout the history of human kind, and the elite bully has the art of intimidation and manipulation down to a science. How else to explain why decent human beings like YOU become bullies, bystanders, and victims by believing in the illusion that, “Bullying will never ever happen to me or my loved ones”.  

  The following are some of the methods that the elite bully utilizes to reinforce and perpetuate the Bully Culture in order to dumb down humanity so that everyone will do his bidding, even though it is not in anyone’s best interest to serve the elite bully’s agenda, not even the elite bully’s.  


  Double standards mean that there is one set of rules that the elite bully follows and another set of rules that the rest of us follow. The double standards rule is how the elite bully stays in power and keeps the populace powerless. The elite bully gets into power by appointing himself or having some other elite bully appoint him a leader of society. Initially, although the elite establish laws of society that are a sensible “justice for all” body of regulations, as the elite bully gains faith and trust from his following, he gradually alters those laws so that they not only protect his own interests but also rob the common people of theirs. The elite has set up society in such a way as to permit certain leadership roles within society to have what is called IMMUNITY. Immunity is the freedom to do as one pleases without having to incur any penalty for one‘s own actions.

  For example the justices of the American justice system have immunity. Judges have the authority to bring laws into existence by making rulings over legal cases that do not have any specific law – statutory or common – that pertain to that particular legal case. Once a judge makes an interpretation over such a legal case this sets a precedent over all subsequent similar legal cases. This is known as Stare Decisis. Because it is the judges’ job to render verdicts over lawsuits, justices have the leeway to re-interpret the laws that the elite wrote into the law books eons ago. 

   The elite bully exploits this immunity by introducing his double standards rule into society by for instance injecting bribery into the justice system. A judge in a court of law who accepts a pay-off will misuse his leeway to interpret laws that are “Justice for all” by either bending the law – reinterpreting its meaning, or by breaking the law – ignoring its meaning – so that the laws become “Justice for some”. What this means is that on the one hand, if an individual member of society is involved in a lawsuit but he pays off the judge who is presiding over his legal case to win a verdict in his favor, the bought off judge will bend (re-interpret) or break (ignore) the law(s) to do so. However, corrupt judges – those who accept bribes that are offered to them – don’t do anything for free. So, On the other hand, if an individual who is involved in a lawsuit is unwilling or unable to pay off the judge presiding over his legal case, the judge will follow common law. This means that, the outcome of the verdict will be determined according to the law that is already on the books. Thusly, as far as justice is concerned, we have our double standards. Hence, those who posses money and social connections and choose to use them to bribe justice are a) rewarded for breaking the law by being permitted to get away with doing so and b) allowed to punish others for not breaking any laws who are exercising their legal rights.  

  Another way in which fair laws become unfair laws is when the corporate elite bully – big business bully – lobbies to have government officials change laws so that they serve his own PRIVATE personal interests at the expense of the rest of society’s COMMON and PUBLIC shared interests. It is not too difficult lobbying for government officials to change laws so that they only serve the corporate elite bully’s self serving agenda since it is the big business bully who gives the most funds to political campaigns for people who are running for political office. This is blackmail. Politicians who rely upon the corporate elite bully instead of the voting population of people to win them elections consider themselves beholden to do the bidding of the big business bully in order to keep their political careers. A wonderful children’s story to read that talks about the elite bully’s double standards rule is the book entitled “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.  


The following as an example of how the divide and conquer principle works:

  The elite bully conditions the populace to focus upon their superficial differences instead of upon their substantial similarities as members of the human species. This is done so that people will become preoccupied with fighting with one another over things that don’t even matter, such as race, religion, and gender, instead of paying attention to their oppressor, who is the real threat to their existence - the elite bully, and unifying together to overthrow their yoke of oppression - the Bully Culture. 

   Meanwhile, the elite bully, being the hypocrite that he is, has no prejudice against any ethnicity, belief system, sexual orientation, or age group; he only pretends to when it suits his own plans. Every now and then, the elite bully permits a few highly selected individual children, teenagers, and adults of varying faiths, sexual practices, and cultures to become a member of the elite bully’s exclusive country club. But only as long as they possess one prerequisite – they embrace the Bully Culture’s value system – money and power more than anything else. The Bully Culture’s value system is the common denominator that joins all elitist bully(s) together. 

   The elite bully is a miserly character. He does not wish to share his piece of the pie with others. The only reason the elite bully recruits new members into his inner circle is to pacify the rest of us into believing in the illusion that we, too, have a stake in the Bully Culture. That way, the populace will not rise up and overthrow the elite bully’s retention of the distribution of wealth and power in society, and thereby the elite bully’s dominion over society, itself. 

   As far as the rest of us go, the elite bully keeps us out of his inner circle by brainwashing ALL of us to believe that we are to worship the elite bully and embrace the Bully Culture’s materialistic value system so that we will hate ourselves and each other for not being able to attain the extravagant lifestyle and privileges without responsibility that the elite bully possesses. Our own jealousy and rivalry towards one another, is how the elite bully divides and conquers the populace so that as a group, we do NOT acquire the wealth and power necessary to become the rulers of our own destiny.  

  The following are some historical examples of how the divide and conquer principle operates:

  There were White Europeans who used the divide and conquer principle against the Native American Indians in order to steal their land. This resulted in almost a complete genocide of these indigenous people. Never mind that the Native American Indian was here first in accordance with the good old American saying of, “First come, first served”. One of the ways in which they used the divide and conquer rule was to have the newly formed American Government invite the Chieftains of the various Indian Nations to Washington D.C. to show off the white man’s riches. The chiefs were then promised a piece of the white man’s pie if they agreed to become traitors to their own people. Quite a few of them did. 

   Another way in which some white men divided and conquered the red man was by convincing some of the pilgrims – white settlers from abroad – to make war on the indigenous people. This was done through the use of such propaganda as the slogan that white people were civilized folk, whereas the Indians were savages. Supposedly Indians had no religion and scalped the hair and skin off of the heads of their enemies. In actuality, it was the French who brought the gruesome practice of scalping to America from Europe. In reality, the Native American Indians had their own religious practices, which focused on living in harmony with nature, instead of exploiting nature. Some great books to read that are fiction but based upon the historical way in which the Native American Indians lived is a series of books called “Savage Destiny” by Rosanne Bittner.  

  Ironically, while America’s past time was to divide and conquer the Native American Indians by forcing them to lose their land to White European Immigrant settlers; today it is the elite bully’s divide and conquer principle that is forcing the descendants of White European immigrants to give up their land to corporate land developers. For instance, farmlands are being replaced by a never-ending suburban sprawl. Since there is no ceiling on property taxes throughout much of the United States, property taxes are increased to sky is the limit in order to make farmers sell their fields to real estate entrepreneurs.  

  Moreover, while America’s past time was to divide and conquer the Native American Indian people by massacring them; today it is the elite bully’s divide and conquer principle that is breaking apart the White European immigrant’s family. About one hundred years ago European Immigrants came to America with their entire family tree intact. Both their nucleus family – grandparents, parents and children, and their extended family – relatives and in-laws, lived under one roof. Family meant that all of the individual members within were protected and provided for. If a family member got too sick or too old to work the rest of the family took care of him. He was fed, clothed, and sheltered until his dying day. 

   Within just a few short generations later, the average American household now consists of a single parent, usually the mother, who has to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet so that she can support her children who have no father to look after them. By taking away people’s family values - humane morals and business ethics - and replacing them with the Bully Culture’s value system – materialism for the sake of materialism– the elite bully is causing the American family to be ripped apart. Therefore, instead of helping each other in times of need, families are making it a practice to feud over trivial possessions that they want out of greed. Once, while I was in a courthouse waiting for a judge to hear my legal case, I witnessed a family suing and counter suing its own members over the family’s truck. 

   The current divorce rate in the United states exceeds fifty percent. Our neighborhood streets are plagued with crime. Thrown away children spend their entire lives in orphanages or on the streets. The Bully Culture considers people as valueless objects to be discarded since it regards financial wealth and social power as more valuable than a person’s dignity.  

  The rift of the American family is exactly and precisely what the elite bully desires. For getting rid of the family unit means doing away with the neighborhood community. And doing away with the neighborhood community means taking away the individual’s sense of belonging. And taking away the individual’s sense of belonging means getting rid of peoples’ group identification. And getting rid of peoples’ group identification means taking away the peoples’ voice in having a say in the course that their own personal lives will take. One lone individual in the world can do very little to make the changes necessary in society to ensure that decent people have human rights. 

   Meanwhile the elite bully fortifies him self with his own brand of family ties. The members of his clan consist of other elite bullies who are fiercely loyal to one another and vigilantly protect each others' interests. Do they do this because they share a blood bond, or out of love and respect? No! Being bullies themselves they cannot stand each other and secretly long for any opportunity to take advantage of one another. However, they stand united together since they all share the same common interest of world domination. A wonderful movie to go see about the elite bully’s Divide and Conquer Principle as it applies to the break down of the American family unit is the movie called, “Avalon” written by Barry Levinson. 


  The elite bully’s GRAY colored glasses perspective skews our perception of how the world works. It does this by claiming that life is not black and white; it is gray so to speak. In other words, there is no OBJECTIVE ABSOLUTE truth, only SUBJECTIVE RELATIVE truths. And so the world becomes whatever we believe it to be versus the cosmic actuality that it really is.  

  The elite bully’s subjective relative truth asserts that, all that matters is himself, since he is a distinct individual, an independent creature, and thereby SEPARATED from God’s natural order of things. However, the objective absolute truth is that the Creator created creation with an INTERDEPENDENT design. Because other people also occupy this world, in order for life to continue to exist, we all have to co-exist. This means that, all of God’s creatures have to be dependent upon one another and each other for their very own survival. Such is how the earth’s ecosystem operates, and whether or not we like it, such is how our own socioeconomic human civilization functions as well.  

  The elite bully’s gray colored glasses perspective gives us permission to repeatedly redraw the natural moral and ethical boundaries between what is right and what is wrong. It does this by dictating to us that we can choose moment by moment what is good for us and what is bad for us. So for instance, since subjective truth is ego centric, according to my relative truth it is okay for me to act like a jerk towards you, but it is not okay for you to act like a jerk towards me. This is how the gray colored glasses perspective reassures me that I do not have to hold myself or the elite bully accountable for being part of the problem, instead of being part of the solution to society’s ills. 

   But observe what the gray colored glasses perspective of looking at things is doing to us. The elite bully’s preoccupation with power is driving human civilization into a state of anarchy. The corporate elite bully’s unbridled greed is exploiting the earth’s mineral, plant, and animal resources into endangerment and extinction. The wannabe elitist bully(s) are murdering humane kind with their inhumane cruelty. The elite bully’s Bully Culture is going to swallow up human civilization like a black hole by ultimately and absolutely destroying, along with itself, everything and everyone, if we do not STOP it. Life cannot continue to exist if we insist on being members of a Bully Culture.  

  We are going to have to cooperate with each other, not compete with one another, if we are ultimately and absolutely going to get our wants and needs met. This means that, if we hope to benefit from our own choices, we must base our decision making process upon the realization that all that we do, not only affects our being, it also affects everyone and everything else that shares this planet with us. For the sake of our own self preservation, we are prompted by natural instinct to innately know the difference between what is right – the objective absolute truth, and what is wrong – the subjective relative so-called truth. So you see (no pun intended), being human, we are genetically pre-wired to observe life through both the BLACK pupil and through the WHITE sclera of our own TWO eyes.  

  That being so, why do we insist on wearing the elite bully’s gray colored glasses? We are prompted to do so by way of nurture. From the moment that we exit the womb until the moment that we enter the tomb, the elite bully motivates us to ignore what is in our own best interest by presenting us with temptation. The elite bully promises us that if we wear his gray colored glasses, all kinds of goodies will be bestowed upon us. If we decide to put on the elite bully’s innocent looking gray colored glasses, then what becomes the definition of what is “right” is that “we get our way” at the expense of others and our world; and what becomes the definition of what is “wrong” is that we don’t. 

   But what any individual with normal 20/20 vision will tell you is that the price for wearing the elite bully’s designer gray colored glasses is too costly. For if we only focus on being self serving by re-rationalizing that it is right to do so, we will be pathetically and pitifully be wrong about our own continued existence. For as soon as the elite bully is certain that we have gotten tunnel vision from wearing his gray colored glasses perspective of “every one for one self” the elite bully will take away all of the goodies that he has delivered to us by replacing them with the useless, cheap, even dangerous commodities that the Bully Culture’s junk culture has to offer us, which takes away our health and well being by making us SICK. We have junk food to influence us to get physically ill. We have junk entertainment to engage in that persuades us to be emotionally psychopathic. We have toxic relationships to be involved in to convince us to act psychologically antisocial. We have meaningless jobs to occupy ourselves with that sway us to abandon our spiritual life’s calling that God put us on this earth to do.


  The myth of entitlement is the elite bully’s claim that it is his manifest destiny to be the ruler over human civilization. The elite bully will tell us that he has earned such a position of leadership through such means as intellect, character, ability, and work ethic. However all of this is a LIE. Whatever natural talent and intelligence the elite bully has been endowed with by God, he refuses to utilize for he prefers to get by on appearances. As far as work ethic goes, the elite bully is too busy getting others to do his dirty work for him by waiting on him hand and foot since he is a lazy good for nothing fool. As far as his sterling character goes, the elite bully makes it a lifelong practice to cheat, steal, lie, even murder in order to get access to financial affluence and social influence. 

   And he gets away with it all, not because he is the academic bookworm type, or the common sense reasonable sort, or even the savvy “street smart” kind. The elite bully gets away with it by winning people over with his CON ARTISTRY by making others believe that he is something that he is not. Luck has nothing to do with the elite bully’s success either. But nepotism has everything to do with it. The elite bully gets ALL of the ATTENTION, ALL of the OPPORTUNITY, and ALL of the SUPPORT to make it in this world since he is whom he is. The rest of us get NONE of it because we are whom we are. 

   The elite bully either comes into this world with a born lucky silver spoon in his mouth, or he rises to the top of the socioeconomic ladder to grab hold of the golden ring of fame and fortune by being one of the few individuals that the elite bully has recruited into the elite bully's inner circle in order to falsely assure the rest of us that we have a stake in the elite bully's Bully Culture. So it is not because of what he knows but because of whom he knows that he possesses the staff of leadership.   And after he reaches his zenith of power he makes certain that the rest of us have no power for the elite bully knows that there are people in this world who really do deserve to have power, and they are not he.  

  The elite bully makes the populace obey his so called leadership skills and idolize his so called earned wealth and power by having the rest of us compete for the title of, “wannabe elitist bully” by brainwashing us all to adhere to the motto of “These are the together people that we ought to strive to be more like”.  All the rest of us have to do is follow society’s rules, discover our God given talents, work hard, take risks, and meet the right people at the right time in the right place. In other words, EARN it. 

   To reinforce this myth, every now and then the elite bully will make good on his promise by selecting a few to join the ranks of the elitist bully’s inner sanctum. But only so that the rest of us will believe that the elite bully really cares about us so that we will go on believing that we have a stake in society and thereby remain spellbound by the Bully Culture. What most of us do not know is that the elite bully’s recruits have been pre-scouted and pre-screened for their stupidity and docility. In other words, the elite bully has granted them the coveted social and financial station due to nepotism. Truth be told, if we really did have a stake in the elitist bully’s Bully Culture, then many more than just a few of us woulda, shoulda, coulda be able to join the ranks of the elitist bully’s exclusive club at any given time in any given place with any given group of random people. But we don’t. Since we all live in a Bully Culture, it is “WHOM” you know not “WHAT” you know that makes or breaks you.

  If you are one of those people who have the pipe dream of being the pipe piper – the elite bully – consider this: Are you willing to take the risk that you may not be? Your panic driven impulse to buy into the Bully Culture’s value system in order to fit in has a price for you to pay. In order to acquire the trinkets that the elite bully’s Bully Culture has to offer you, you will have to abandon your dignity, also know as your human rights, to the unbridled miserly commerce of the corrupt corporate elite bully’s brand of capitalism. Once your rights are gone, you and your children and your grand children can kiss your sorry ass goodbye. 

   Unless you are already born with the silver spoon in your mouth or you have won the golden lottery ticket, you have no chance. From the dawn of human civilization the elite bully has held power and wealth over the rest of us with his gift of Bull Crapping gab. From generation to generation to generation, etc., he has passed on his family heirloom – the art of making a living off of other peoples’ backs – otherwise known as stealing – to his family offspring, or to the one in a “goo-goo” plexus privileged recruit – to make it appear that the rich do not rob from the poor. And the elite bully is not going to let you in on his family secret since he is not the sharing type.  

   The elite bully cannot stand one another but they get along with each other so that each and every one of them can achieve his own self-serving end. The elite bully is a SICK human being. He is an addict. Therefore, he will not stop bullying until he owns everything and everyone...unless we the people - individual by individual - decide to stop playing his bully game and unite against his Bully Culture by knocking him off of his undeserved throne. 

  The following real life scenario entitled, “An Unlevel Playing Field”, illustrates how the myth of entitlement works:  

  When I was a little girl I loved sports and enjoyed traveling. One day, I saw an advertisement on television for what was called “THE LITTLE MISS SOFTBALL LEAGUE”. Its promised to all was that those who had the ambition and ability to play softball woulda, shoulda, coulda become a member of an All Star Team that traveled around the world playing softball against other female softball teams. So I signed up. On the first day of practice all of the girls who came to play softball were split up into six teams. Then each team picked a name for it self, decided the color of its jersey, and began four weeks of intensive softball training. After that, the teams were to start playing softball against one another. At the end of the season the top three softball teams were to compete for the grand prize of its best players being recruited for the All Star Team to travel around the world playing against other female little league softball teams. My team voted to call itself, “The Sassie Lassies” and to color its uniform, orange. I wore the number eight on my jersey. But as it turned out. the team that I was assigned to was the only team in the entire league that was not given a coach until the four weeks of practice was nearly up. So from the start, we were severely handicapped. Yet no one seemed to notice or to care for we were not given any compensation for this. We still had to play as if, like all of the rest of the teams, we, too, had had our days’ worth of practice. And so, as anyone woulda, shoulda coulda have rightly predicted, for the entire season we remained in the cellar as the lousiest team of all. Not only did we never win even one game, to make matters worse, we always got creamed.  

  Somewhere in the middle of the season our coach quit. Our new coaches were like angels from heaven. They were a married couple. They were such nice people. I called them Mr. and Mrs. Nice Coach. They refused to give up on us. Their own daughter was one of the players on our team. Our new coaches re-arranged our playing positions on the field and made me our team’s pitcher. I wanted to be the best pitcher I was able to be for our team and so I bought what was called a “Softball Pitch Back.” I practiced several hours every day at home throwing my underhand ball into its net. My hard work paid off. Though our team continued to remain the worst team in the league with our team spirit being shamelessly trampled repeatedly into the ground, during one of those games something happened to me. I will never forget it for the rest of my life. Our team was playing the best team in the house. They were called “The Shamrocks.” They wore green uniforms. They never lost a game. They had the best pitcher in the league. She could throw a killer pitch. It was an underhand toss that blew by the batter at seventy miles an hour. But that day a muse overcame me and to my own amazement for the first time ever I watched as my underhand throw turned into its own killer pitch. I fell into a trance like state of deep concentration. Then over and over and over again I threw a slow curve ball that at the very last instant dropped just above the batter’s knee, and glided just barely over the corner of home plate. It was so precariously almost off of home plate that every time I pitched it, the empire stood up, threw off his empire’s mask, and for what seemed like an eternity just stared at the path that my ball had left behind, and then suddenly and decisively called out, “strike!”  

  The empire’s call created quite a disturbance. For the rest of the game the opposing team’s players up to bat were all struck out by my pitch. This was so even for their best hitters who wore the stars (grand slam home run hits) all over their hats. My coach told me that day that every batter from the Shamrock team who had to come up to the plate to face my pitches was literally shaking at the knees. After that, my loser team’s moral lifted. The players in the outfield on my team started to actually catch the ball and the base players on first, second, and third base started to actually throw the ball. Our team started to make outs. We even made several double plays, which earned us two outs at once. When we came up to bat many of my team players actually started to hit the ball and some of them even made home runs. For the first time ever we were on the scoreboard! I myself got my first grand slam home run that day. All the bases were loaded when it was my turn to bat. I was up against the seventy mile an hour pitcher. When she threw her pitch it came so fast that I could not even see the ball. So as soon as the ball left the palm of her hand I simply swung my bat. It made contact with the ball. With the sound of the crack, though my bat was still late, the ball became a fast line drive between second base and third base and continued on undisturbed deep into left field. Off of my hit, four home runs came in for my team. I had earned my first star that day. When the last inning of the game was over, My coach came over to the pitcher’s mound where I was standing and with a huge smile on his face lifted my small frame up into his large arms and gave me a big hug. No we did not win this game, or any other game that we played that season. But we no longer got creamed 50 to 0 either!  

  At the end of the season it was time to pick the All Star Team players. The All Star Teams first softball game was scheduled to take place in Mexico. I was selected as a candidate for the All Stars. Then an awful thing happened. Instead of putting me on the pitcher’s mound, like the Little Miss Softball League’s coaches had done with the Shamrock’s seventy mile an hour pitcher, The Little Miss Softball League’s coaches put me in right field. Never mind that for the entire baseball season I had never once played an outfielder position. The scouts for the All Star Team had no affiliation with the Little Miss Softball League‘s players and so they did not know that I was a pitcher. In spite of being so slighted against, my pitching arm every time I threw the softball from way out of right field all the way into home plate, it landed dead center into the catcher’s mitt without her having to move so much as a muscle to catch it. The scouts were impressed. But being that I had no experience playing the out field as I was very near sighted, I was unable to catch most of the very high lobbed fly balls that were being batted to me. And so I did not make the All Star Team. The softball players from the three best Little Miss Softball teams made the All Stars Team list of players though.  

  The following year I signed up to play in the Little Miss Softball League again only to get a very rude awakening for a twelve year old little girl. The very same girls who had played on the very same three best Little Miss Softball teams the year before had been re-assigned to those very same best teams again. Every, single, one of them! And the same girls who had played on the very same worst Little Miss Softball teams the year before had been re-assigned to those very same worst teams again. Every single, one of them! My father found out about this. So right away he went to the head coaches of the Little Miss Softball League and inquired as to what was going on. Their explanation was that each girl was selected for each team by drawing random lots. Therefore it was sheer luck that all of the girls had been reassigned to the same teams again! That woulda, shoulda, coulda have been believable if some of the best players also got on some of the worst teams and some of the worst players also got on some of the best teams.  

  Guess what team I was assigned to? Although I had proved myself to be one of the best players in the Little Miss Softball League I was put on the very same worst team again! And, as it had happened the year before, once again, our team got a new coach, who once again did not show up for nearly the entire four weeks of practice. When we finally did meet the coach, he and his wife were very mean to us girls. If we came to a game five minutes late we were yelled at and benched for the entire game, as if it was our fault that our parents drove us to the game late. And as it happened the year before, once again, the players on my team were shuffled around to play new positions. I called them Mr. and Mrs. Nasty Coach. They refused to let me stand on the pitcher’s mound and be the pitcher! Never mind that the whole Little Miss Softball League knew that I was an outstanding pitcher. Instead they had another player from my team take my place who had never pitched a ball before. And as it happened the year before, we had to vote for a team name and for a color jersey as if we did not already have them! We ended up calling ourselves “The Centurions” and wearing blue uniforms. Meanwhile, the three best teams from the year before were reassigned the same coaches, the same playing positions, the same team names, and wore the same colored uniform jerseys again!  

  I never saw Mr. and Mrs. Nice Coach, who had coached our team the year before, again. Did they quit? After the first softball game of my second season I quit, too. For I had come to the realization that the Little Miss Softball League, which was supposed to be an all girls’ the sport for the fun of it...develop good sportsmanship...have an opportunity to travel around the world...make some friends along the a member of the All Stars Team for you EARNED it softball league, was a “cheat to win” farce. The only girls, whether or not the deserved it, who were ever going to be assigned to play on the best teams were the daughters of the head coaches; and the only girls, whether or not they deserved it, who were ever going to make it on the All Star Team were the daughters of parents who rigged the game in their favor. 


  To be mainstream is to be normal. To be normal is to be average. So being mainstream is supposed to be what most people are like. But the eltie bully’s definition of mainstream is exactly and precisely what most people are NOT like. What the elite bully regards as the mainstream people, never excludes and always includes what I call the C.L.A.M. people. 

   The C.L.A.M. people are the smallest group of people that inhabit the planet. They make up approximately 20% of the entire human global population. Yet they get ALL of the attention, ALL of the support, and ALL of the opportunity to make it in a society, which has been infiltrated by the Bully Culture regime. The Bully Culture establishment is, of the C.L.A.M. people, by the C.L.A.M. people, and for the C.L.A.M. people. The elite bully uses the spotlight of the media to advertise the C.L.A.M. people as the mainstream members of society. The C.L.A.M. people are composed of the elite bully, the corporate elite bully, and their wannabe elitist bully recruits, respectively. The Bully Culture expects us to not only admire but to also aspire to be like, to look like, and to act like the C.L.A.M. people as if they are some sort of Demigod or Demigoddess that we are to idol worship.  

  C.L.A.M. is an acrynom that stands for the following words:

  The letter C stands for CLOUT. It represents those people who have gained social standing in society by implementing the lick-butt-kick-butt syndrome. By kissing the butts of those people who have already established themselves as corner stones of society while at the same token biting the butts of those people who are their would-be-rivals, the C.L.A.M. people develop a networking of individuals who have social clout and financial leverage so that they can gain some for themselves. In a truly mainstream society, what it really takes to be a success, amounts to 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration according to Thomas Jefferson, the genius who invented the light bulb. However, since we all live in a Bully Culture, it is the C.L.A.M. people who “fake it until they make it”.  

  The letter L stands for LOOKS. The C.L.A.M. people have what is known as the “halo effect”. Due to their outwardly attractive appearances many people assume that they are angelic like beings and therefore presume that they can do no “the devil made me do it” wrong. Ironically, many people judge the C.L.A.M. people at face value and that is why the C.L.A.M. people get away with so much. Meanwhile, many C.L.A.M. people are devoid of any character, bereft of any intellect, and marginally talented. However, they are portrayed as the, “entire package” – the ones who have it all and the one’s who have what it takes. The truth of the matter is no body is the entire package as no one is supposed to be the entire package. Like all of the Creator’s creations, the human creature is an INTERDEPENDENT. By natural design ALL humanoids have some of it all some of what it takes. The rest is commentary. The reason why most of the C.L.A.M. people rarely cultivate any aptitudes is because they are too busy getting by on their physical attributes. They never have to earn a thing. Droves of supporters always do everything and anything for them. Of course, as with any rule there are always exceptions. But the elite bully conditions us all to value the C.L.A.M. people above and beyond all others, as well as ourselves for the simple reason that the lottery of birth – the random natural selection process - gave them their looks.      

  The letter A stands for ATTITUDE. The beautiful C.L.A.M. people have the ugly attitude of the myth of entitlement. To put it in religious terms they believe that, “what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine.” They believe that they own the rest of us just because they are them and just because we are us. Don’t be fooled by the duplicitous C.L.A.M. people. When they know the camera is capturing them on film they prance around with their exhibitionist personalities, and happy-go-lucky smiles on their faces, parading their expensive fashion designer costumes that can feed a population of homeless people. However, once in a while, the camera catches them off guard exposing their miserable glares that woulda, shoulda, coulda scare a junkyard dog off of a meat truck. Close to what Madonna sings, “What if Demigods were one of us? Just a slob like one of us?”

  The letter M stands for MONEY. The C.L.A.M. people accrue wealth that they don’t need or want for it is the closest thing to self-worth that they will ever know. Their life’s mission is to eat, drink, sleep, and breathe the Bully Culture’s materialistic value system. Their monetary assests are acquired either by crook – cheating or by hook – chance. Yet they will swear up and down, in and out, and sideways that they have a WORK ETHIC – work hard all day for honest pay. Perhaps that is why they produce global poverty in their relentless search for the cheapest labor at the highest profit. And the C.L.A.M. “haves” are never satisfied with what they own as they are too busy trying to keep up with the C.L.A.M. “have mores”.  


  The elite bully mainstreams society’s virtues by only being willing to portray the C.L.A.M. people as mainstream society through for example so-called talent shows. Talent shows seem reality based enough. They offer public try-outs to anyone and everyone who wants to audition. But only the C.L.A.M. people need apply. Don’t you know that the C.L.A.M. people make the best singers, dancers, models, actors, etc? After all, they look like they woulda, shoulda, coulda don’t they? The United States of America has what is called an Equal Opportunity for Employment Act. It states that no one may be discriminated against on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, etc. So there ought to be a law that states that if an individual has the qualifications to do the job, it is unlawful to discriminate against him or her on the basis of APPEARANCE. But there is NO such LAW.

  On the one hand of the clap, if the C.L.A.M. people do not have the talent they are selected anyway. For as far as the C.L.A.M. people go, having talent is considered a plus. But it is not regarded as a bust if the C.L.A.M. people do not have talent. All you have to do is come into the world with a gold pacifier in your mouth and a silver spoon up your butt, and grow up to be an adulterated spoiled brat with a body that looks like a bag of bones and a face as plain as white wall paper, and boy or girl, the limelight is waiting for you. 

  On the other hand of the clap, if the not-so-pretty people have talent they are weeded out of the so-called norm and in a blatantly degrading manner to boot. For how dare they have the audacity to believe in themselves. If you are a not-so-pretty who has talent and are brave enough, albeit naïve enough, to show up on the so-called reality show, while the cameras are still rolling, the judges will mock you, the audience will humiliate you, and the sorry ass show will make an “awe” and “oo” spectacle out of you so that it can keep its ratings up. There goes your God given life’s calling spiraling into a plane crash, or derailing into a train wreck. I’d rather participate in my own public execution in the village town square during the dark ages, thank you!  

  As far as the media is concerned, whether or not it is a show, movie, sitcom, soap opera, commercial, etc., the not-so-pretty talented people are not permitted on the airwaves with only a few rare exceptions – comedy – being one of them. There are always job openings for the not-so-pretty people to be comedians since society is not supposed to take them seriously, anyway. However, this is also changing. When was the last time and place that you saw and heard a not-so-pretty male or female making jokes on television? 

  The elite bully and his fan club beg to differ. They will argue that the weeding out process of the not-so-pretties and not-so-handsomes only occurs in the entertainment industry. Uh! Oh! I have a question. Why are looks such a priority in the entertainment industry when the entertainment industry offers such a variety of entertainment – singers, dancers, models, actors, show hosts, comedians? Take singers for instance. The point of singing is for people to LISTEN to the quality of the singer’s voice not to LOOK at the quantity of the singer’s features. 

  Give the elite bully an inch and the elite bully will take a mile. If today the entertainment industry only welcomes the pretty people, tomorrow it will be the world that will welcome only the pretty-people. The elite bully has a hidden agenda. The elite bully is not really interested in putting on a talent show. The elite bully is actually interested in extinquishing talent. By promoting the pretty people and censoring the not-so-pretty people, the elite bully hopes to dumb down humanity to a point where and when people no longer KNOW the difference between what is a good and what is a bad performance . As far as the rest of us not-so-pretty people are concerned, because we cannot relate to what the elite bully totes as mainstream, we may get so disillusioned, that we no longer CARE about who really has talent and who actually does not. 

  According to the elite bully, looks - superficiality are to be in the forefront whereas substance – intellect and character – are to remain in the background.  For it is far easier to control the human populace if it belongs to the so-called sexy BUTT of the class than if it belongs to the sensual HEAD of the class.  

  So what does talent look and sound like? When I was a young child my family owned a record. But the record rarely got played because the singer had such a high-pitched voice that she made all of the glass in our house shake and all of windows in our house rattle. She also had such a low-pitched voice that it vibrated the floorboards of our house. I never saw what this singer looked like. And I never heard what this singer’s name was. But I sure felt the presence of her awesome singing voice.  

  The voice resonance of a singer, the natural rhythm of a dancer, the sense of humor of a comedian, the charisma – stage presence - of an actor, and so on and so forth, are the God given gifts that make us smile and laugh and cry. Talent is an art and art is a form of communication. What we communicate originates from who we are as a collective entity and what we are as sentient beings. Take music for example. Music is made up of all sorts of elements. It has pitch, rhythm, beat, a melody, a chorus, a verse, etc. If we stifle music be delving into only one of its elements by only being willing to witness it with one of our senses we kill its artistry. This leads to the dulling of all of our senses. To be senseless is to be dead like the walking corpses in the movie called, “The Night of the Living Dead”.  

  No matter how much attention, support, or opportunity the C.L.A.M. people get from the Bully Culture, unless and until they are willing to cultivate their own God given talent, instead of being a puppet for the Bully Culture, all they will be able to do is sing like a banshee, dance like a mechanical jerk, make witless dirty jokes, display their stage absence, and flaunt a naked body with vacant eyes. The pretty people also have talent. You can feel it in the passionate way that they beautify our world. They ought to express what they do best and let the rest of us express what we do best. Outer beautification is only one facet of the many that are necessary to nourish the human spirit. We must also have inner beautification to nourish the human soul. If we permit the elite bully to dictate to us what entertainment is then the rest of the talent that exists in the world, having no outlet – no place and no time – by which to channel itself through…will perish. Like a dead butterfly it will become crystalized between two plates of glass. If you wish to collect butterflies they are much more beautiful left alive in the wild.  

  Adolph Hitler had a dream. It was to exterminate every person on the planet who was not part of his blue eyed, blonde haired, German, Aryan Race. But neither was he. Adolph Hitler had brown hair and was Austrian. The elite bully dreams a similar nightmare. Only instead of exterminating the human body his initiative is to murder the human psyche by insisting that only the pretty people be part of mainstream society’s virtuous talent. A completely homogenous culture has disastrous results. It limites the human gene pool to such an extent that human offspring die from genetic mutation. This is why human civilization forbids incest. Our planet is teaming with myriads of life forms. Such is necessary for the earth’s ecosystem to exist. The human race is made up of all sorts of people. Such is necessary for human civilization to survive. By natural design we are interdependent beings. Thusly, our society must consist of heterogeneous parts in order for it to have any chance of carrying on. Hence, we cannot live on C.L.A.M.’s alone. We are multifaceted sentient beings. Rather than stifle the arts of humanity, we must let its multisensory works thrive, so that we can express the creative genius that lies at the core of our unique selves and thereby continue to know what it means to be alive.  


  The elite bully mainstreams society’s flaws by only being willing to portray the C.L.A.M. people as mainstream society through for instance so-called talk shows that seem to be discussing the illnesses of regular people but they are solely focusing on the diseases of the rich. Bulimia and Anorexia are eating disorders that pose a serious threat to human life. The elite bully has put them in the spotlight as being topics of mainstream concern. But they only represent a small fraction of society’s overall sicknesses. For decades the fashion trend has been “thin is in”. Such standards of thinness originated in the 1960’s when it became popular for males to dress up as drag queens. Then, it caught on with the fashion industry that the coat hanger male has more allure than the curvaceous shapely full figured female when it comes to being draped with clothing. The gay population became the new trendsetters of fashion. It is improbable if not impossible for most females to emulate the new cult of thinness. There is one exception to this rule, the pretty people. Most C.L.A.M. people inherit the ectomorph – tall and skinny – body build due to their genetically endowed high metabolism. However, the new skinny is skinnier than they are. This is due to the fact that males naturally have less body fat than females. What followed were the birth pangs of the eating disorders known as Bulimia and Anorexia. The pretty people were now competing with their pretty people sisters to be the “mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the skinniest of them all”. The only way they woulda, shoulda, coulda get an edge on such standards of beauty was to starve or binge and purge themselves of the necessary calories that their innately revved up metabolism required so that they can be skinnier then their skinny already is.  

  Although the eltie bully sets the standards for what is considered mainstream, the elite bully ignores for the most part the disorders that the average person has. There is one exception to this rule. The elite bully pays attention to the serious mainstream concern of obesity for it is prosperous for him to do so. The United States of America is undergoing the throes of an obesity epidemic. About 75% of all Americans are either overweight or grossly obese. Like any good politician the elite bully has a vested interest in collecting a majority of votes, which the elite bully does by acknowledging the existence of the FAT citizen, since there are so many of us today. However, even though the elite bully will air the mainstream problem of obesity, he does so begrudgingly. In order to be portrayed in the media as the mainstream fat icon, the fat person must pass a highly selective screening process, which demands that, her blubbery body belong to a pretty face, nice hair, long nails, smooth skin, etc. In other words he has to be a pretty people fat person. 


  The elite bully mainstreams society’s pain by only being willing to showcase the C.L.A.M. people’s so called suffering. Upon observation it is nothing more and nothing less than a shameless Sara Burn Heart drama. Tears of so called self-pity on cue burst out of the pretty peoples’ eyes while they carefully dab the mascara and eyeliner surrounding their eyelids so as not to lose their glam as they recount an exaggerated or fabricated trauma that they supposedly had to endure. The pretty people will carry on and on and on about their trivial, event less lives. They live on easy street. Meanwhile, us mainstream people may not even have any street to live on.  

  Take notice of how the pretty peoples’ so-called woes are almost always in the past. Almost never are they presently undergoing any difficulties. Their fantasia of pain has a happy ending like some Hollywood movie. Aren’t they strong! Aren’t they brave! Aren’t they resourceful! Aren’t they resilient! Sometimes the pretty people do have to deal with trajedy, but no more and no less than any other human being. In the end their loved ones are going to die. That is just the way that it is! Meanwhile, us mainstream people do not even have any loved ones in our lives to begin with. We are all alone in a world that does not want or need us. Occassionally the pretty people do undergo some pain. As a result of their own foolish choices they cause their own troubles. Yet they blame something or someone else or make lame excuses for their own mistakes. Meanwhile, us mainstream people are forced to go through suffering out of no fault of our own. Yet others blame us for something or someone else’s mistakes.  

  If the pretty people are experiencing discomfort in their lives the whole world is expected to offer them compassion by giving them ALL of the attention, ALL of the support, and ALL of the opportunity to overcome their concerns. They are urged to voice their complaints. Meanwhile, if us mainstream people are experiencing hardships in our lives the whole world is expected to offer us cruelty by ignoring, invalidating, or minimizing our trials and tribulations. We are to suffer in silence. Our legacy of misery is to be exploited by the elite bully as some kind of amusing spectacle. At best the pretty people pretend to care about mainstream pain. At worst the pretty people mock mainstream pain. For the pretty people do not know what mainstream pain is.  

  The following are a few examples of the so-called pain of the pretty people that the media regards as NEWS worthy:

  A young couple owns a huge house in an upscale neighborhood with all of the creature comforts that an upper middle class family is expected to have. But they are on the brink of bankruptcy due to their children’s wild shopping sprees. How am I supposed to feel sorry for these people? Parents stop sparing the rod and spoiling the child and you won’t have any financial problems.  

  A young man goes on a hike in the mountains. He carelessly ignores the changes in the weather from mild sunny sky to benign rainy showers to malignant snowstorm. He gets trapped in the freezing temperatures. He gets hypothermia. He is going to die! Luckily, help is on the way. He is rescued and brought back to safety. It is announced all over the NEWS that his life was saved! How am I supposed to feel sorry for these people? Nature seekers pull your head out of your butt and grow some common sense.  Be prepared for and aware of the environment you are visiting.  If you are going to the mountains know ahead of time that weather there can change on a dime and that you may have to abort your hiking trip due to natural causes.    

  A young woman has anorexia. She refuses to get help for her affliction. Her family stands by her in utter grief, all consuming despair, and dire concern. They are waiting for an opportunity to step in and save their daughter’s life. Instead of being grateful that she has people in the world who care about her, she denies that she is sick. When she nearly dies she cries for help. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, leaping over tall buildings in a single bound comes the best professional help that money can buy. Miracolously her story emerges on television. Now she is so famous that she is writing a book about herself. Boring! Poor little rich girl! How am I supposed to feel sorry for these people? Do you know what throw away children are? They are kids who live like convicts in prison as no one wants or needs them. They may have to spend their entire life span living in run down orphanages if no one adopts them. They are the kids who get tossed around from foster home to foster home like some old abandoned rag doll for their foster parents are only interested in the money they get to raise them. They are the kids who get physically beaten, verbally berated and sexually violated by their caretakers or caregivers for no reason at all. They are the homeless kids on the streets for mommy and daddy does not love them. So they give away their private parts for sex so they can have some thing to eat, some place to sleep, and some clothing to wear. Why aren’t journalists publishing stories about them?

  She was the world’s unluckiest bride. She declares, “If I did not have bad luck I would not have any luck at all.” Her fiancée called off their wedding. She got into two car accidents. It left her with brain damage that impaired her ability to speak and walk. But lo and behold her brain damage was only temporary. She is able to speak and walk again. Her friend introduces her to her new-husband-to-be. Now she declares, “How lucky I have become.” How am I supposed to feel sorry for these people? Is any part of this story even true? There are women in the world who will never get married, never have sex, never have any children, and never be hugged or kissed by any man due to their so-called ugly looking selves. Oh, I’m sorry! Did I shock you with the truth?

  Every time he looks in the mirror he freaks out. There is a monster staring back at him. He has gotten rid of every mirror and glass item in his house. With the exception of one mirror that he spends his entire day looking into compulsively obsessing over his grotesque looking self. He never goes outside. He is too afraid of how others will react when they see him. He has become a self - imposed hermit cutting himself off from the rest of the world. But in front of millions of fewers he is making a public appearance today, so that all can witness his bizarre affliction. Sitting in front of the television set I close one eye and barely squint out of the other bracing myself for the unimaginable horror scene that is about to unfold before me. In jaw dropping disbelief I find myself staring at the god of Atlas as he strouts onto the stage. But I hear the audience groan with pity – must be a sign that says, “groan” in the studio – as the host announcer of the show reveals that this man’s terrible affliction is that he has a distorted perception of himself. Wow! How am I supposed to feel sorry for these people? Did you know that many American soldiers came back from the Iraq war with their legs and arms blown off and Frankenstein stitches in their head? For the rest of their lives they will be shunned, mocked, and despised due to their gruesome appearance by so-called American citizens for serving their country.

  One reason why the pretty peoples’ ludicrous claim to pain is portrayed as society’s mainstream pain is so that the elite bully can have dominion over society by coaxing the public to idolize the C.L.A.M. people so that the human populace will embrace the Bully Culture establishment. 

   There are several reasons why the elite bully gains the cooperation of the pretty people to be the Bully Culture’s puppets. 

   The first is that the C.L.A.M people have to have All of the attention, All of the support, and All of the opportunity in order to be successful in their own careers as “the pretty people”. The second is that the C.L.A.M. people have to have publicity in order to continue to be successful in their own careers as “the pretty people”. The third is that the C.L.A.M people must Be It All in order to keep getting promoted as “the pretty people” that the rest of us ought to strive to be more like so that we will ALL continue to reinforce and perpetuate the Bully Culture regime. If there is a wedding the pretty people have to be the bride or the groom. If there is a funeral the pretty people have to be the corpse. If there is a strange encounter of the fourth kind the pretty people have to be the psychic freak. If there is mayhem the pretty people have to be the hero or the villain. If there is a scientific discovery the pretty people have to be the nerd. If there is a popularity contest the pretty people have to be the jock or the cheerleader, and so on and so forth. Don’t believe me? Just observe how in the MEDIA the pretty people play any and every acting part that exists on the silver screen as if the rest of us don’t exist. Why can’t the rest of us play our own roles? We woulda, shoulda, coulda do a much better job at it as we are the GENUINE ARTICLE.  

  Another reason why the pretty peoples’ ridiculous claim to pain is portrayed as society’s mainstream pain is to divert the public from paying attention to the real problems that exist in our world so that no one will attempt to resolve them. 

   The elite bully does not want people to be problem solvers otherwise the problem solving people might decide to help put an end to the overall problem that plagues our society – the Bully Culture establishment. Recently, the media launched a problem solver segment on the NEWS. It is a diversion to keep real problem solvers at bay. All the so-called problem solvers on the NEWS do, is exercise their social clout and financial leverage to help a few highly selected individuals here and there. Big deal! A small drop in the bucket compared to the world changing events their social clout and financial leverage are capable of. That is how the elite bully throws a crumb or two off of his table now and then to the famished ravenous dogs that the rest of us are. This is how the elite bully pacifies the many people who need help and are not getting it so that we will ALL remain loyal conformed asses – conformists – to the Bully Culture regime.

  Yet another reason why the pretty peoples’ absurd claim to pain is portrayed as society’s mainstream pain is so that you will donate your time, energy, and resources to political projects that are in the elite bully’s best interest, not yours. 

   For example charity organizations.  

   Give donations to the pretty peoples’ so-called charity causes and your gift will help stop the AIDS virus in a foreign country. Unbeknown to you, that foreign country has natural oil and/or natural gas or some other coveted resource that the elite bully wants to get his greedy hands on by having you charm its government with your contributions. Charity begins at home. Give your donations to your own cause by for instance gifting homeless Americans in your own country with your time, energy, and resources. 

   Speaking of charities at home, there are numerous ones that represent countless human diseases. However, they don’t seem to be able to find a cure for them. Decades later they have racked up millions of dollars from philanthropic donors. These dollars are enough to hire the best medical experts in the world. So why can’t they find the cure? Some doctors who do discover the cure are hushed up and ousted out of some of these so-called charity organizations. Why? Because for every cure that is discovered there goes the corrupt charity’s profiteering racket. 

   Speaking of charities at home, some do not keep a vigilant eye out for corrupt political mis-distribution of funds. It is their job to be the guardians of your money. How many victims of Katrina got substantial financial aid? Good Samaritans pumped enough money into the Katrina hurricane charity fund to give every single victim a new start. But very few got anything. Don’t take my word for it. Go ask the Katrina victims yourself. 

   We are not advocating that you don’t give to charity. Just beware when you do! 

  There are only three kinds of people in the world that deserve attention, support, and opportunity to overcome their pain. They are the poor, the sick, and the lonely, and not necessarily in that order. Yet, the pretty people have the gall to claim that the poor, the sick, and the lonely are just lazy or crazy. 

   For instance, the pretty people will claim that if the people in this country who are living on poverty level line woulda, shoulda, coulda just develop a network of community ties they woulda, shoulda, coulda secure employment. 

   First of all, how many homeless people do you know who have any family or friends? If they did they probably woulda, shoulda, coulda not be homeless. Second of all, homeless people must have an address in order to get a job. It’s the old catch twenty-two dilemma that goes like this: The person who is just entering the job market can’t get hired because he does not have any job experience. Yet in order to get job experience he has to be hired for a job. Third of all, how is a homeless person supposed to get a job, any job, when the jobs for blue collar skilled laborers and white collar educated workers are going overseas due to globalization and outsourcing?  

  On the one hand the elite bully’s Bully Culture expects us to commiserate with the so-called pain that the pretty people have. On the other hand the elite bully’s Bully Culture expects us to drive by the homeless holding their cardboard signs that say, “Please help. Need food. Want work” and shout, “Get a job you lazy, crazy A-hole!” Meanwhile, the enforcer bully police officer confiscates the homeless person’s cardboard sign and chases the homeless person off of our tax paying public sidewalks. Never mind that the fire department is allowed to beg for money on that same tax paying public sidewalk?  Why not just give the homeless alms? More and more people are becoming homeless. This means that the pain of homelessness is becoming more and more mainstreamed.


  Another thing that gets mainstreamed is the C.L.A.M. people’s youthful, beautiful, physical appearance. The pretty people brag about how their gorgeous and handsome sixty-year old bodies look twenty years of age. The rest of us ought to be seething with envy! Why don’t we age so gracefully? Well perhaps it is due to the fact that we were not born LUCKY into the well-to-do, well connected class. We were not born LUCKY with regard to the gene pool selection process. We were not born LUCKY with human resources at our disposal to take care of our every whim. The pretty people ought to be ashamed of themselves for making such a big deal about how well preserved and BEAUtiful they are in comparison to us when it is obviously NO CONTEST!!!  



Individual, Different, Unique.
Not belonging to Here or Now.
Surrounded by Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt forces
Causing undue pain –
Unearned fear, Unearned guilt, Unearned shame.

Soul crying out to be –
Born, alive, happy, and with purpose.
Spirit screaming out to be –
Spitting, biting, clawing, and kicking away at
the pretentious barrier of this existence.

Citizen without a Nation
Alien without a Home
Isolated and Alone
No Escape –
The victim commits suicide.
No Rescue –
The bully commits homicide.
No Hope –
The bystander commits genocide.

Society –
Every sickness is a pill’s dispenser.
Every illness is a knife’s invasion.

All of Humanity –
Vying to be 
longingly sucked, instantly crushed, and suddenly poured,
into the mindless, heartless, spineless oblivion
of the narrow funnel for the self appointed few.

By Elana Laham © 2013



  The elite bully employs deceptive advertising to seduce people into making BAD versus GOOD decisions regarding all aspects of their lives by getting people to base their God given free choices upon the “superficial” versus the “substantial”, the “extraneous” versus the “essential”, and the “irrational” versus the “sensible”. It is human nature to say, “I want it because I need it”. It is Bully Culture conditioning that says, “You need it because you want it”.  

  In the book of Genesis there is a story about Adam and Eve, God’s immortal human creations. God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat from the fruit from the tree in the midst of the Garden of Eden. In order to test Adam and Eve’s faith and trust in God, God commanded the Snake, a serpentine creature of the Garden of Eden, to tempt Adam and Eve to consume the forbidden fruit. But the Snake deceived God by telling Eve a half truth/half lie about the forbidden fruit. The Snake told Eve that if she eats from the forbidden fruit her eyes will be opened and like God she will know good and evil. What the Snake did not tell Eve was that if she eats from the forbidden fruit she will also die. Because of the Snake’s treachery in not telling the whole truth about the forbidden fruit the Snake was able to beguile Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Then, after Eve ate of it, she shared it with Adam. After they swallowed the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve knew good and evil but they also died.  They were no longer immortal.  They became mortal beings. Adam’s mortality cursed him with, “You will eat by the sweat of your brow.” Eve’s mortality cursed her with, “You will bare children in trivial”. And the Snake was also cursed. God punished the Snake by giving it a forked tongue.

   Adam, Eve, and the Snake were all exiled from Paradise because none of them followed God's orders.  God never commanded the Snake to deceive the humans into partaking of the forbidden fruit.  God had only commanded the Snake to tempt the humans into partaking of the forbidden fruit.  And although, it was the Snake who sinned against God by telling Adam and Eve a half truth/half lie, Adam and Eve had also sinned against God by exercising their freedom of choice to make the decision to do what the Snake told them to, instead of obeying the word of God.  

  The above biblical story is also an allegory about how the elite bully entices people to do what is NOT in their own best interest. The Snake represents the elite bully. The forbidden fruit refers to the Bully Culture’s brand of commercialism Adam and Eve, the prototype humans, symbolize humanity’s free will to either believe in the half truth/half lie advertisements that certain products and/or services really work or to have trust and faith in God’s actual natural order of things, which dictate that some things are good and some things are bad for people to consume.  

   The following is one example of how deceptive advertising operates:

  A commercial claims that if one uses its brand of mouthwash one will have sex appeal. Here, is the truthful part to this advertisement’s claim – For the individual who is considered by others to be sexually alluring, then, yes, using mouthwash will enhance his/her sex appeal by giving him/her fresher smelling breath. Here is the lie part to this advertisement’s claim – For the one who is not so physically desirable no matter what sort of mouth wash he uses, or how often he uses it, he will continue to be considered unattractive by others. 

   The elite bully knows this, so in order to make sure that we buy into his half-truth/half-lie advertisement slogans, the elite bully uses only pretty people to sell them. Many-a-product and/or service that promises to improve or restore your outer appearance cannot. Yet there are those commercials that sell beautification aids that will tell you the nonsense that they can fix you. At best they can only temporarily mask your unattractive flaws and at worst they will permanently scar your overall appearance. However, it may take several generations of using such and such beauty aid before it becomes obvious that your skin, hair, nails, etc., are not what your mother’s or grandmother’s used to be. 

   Then there is the NEW and IMPROVED version of these so called elixirs of youth beguiling you to partake of their forbidden fruit by giving you the same old half truth hype that it really works so that you will go on believing in the same old half lie hype that it will correct the damage done to you by its previous old and lousy product and/or service line. This is so the elite bully can take away your God given health and well being so that the elite bully can mislead you into believing that the elite bully can sell your God given health and well being back to you. Once Again, the elite bully knows this. That is why the pretty people are always the poster children for advertisements that sell certain beauty products and/or services. 

   What defines beautiful or handsome is, how physically FIT one is, which is determined by how well one NATURALLY takes care of oneself, as well as how LUCKY one was with one’s GENETIC lottery at birth. For mere pennies the pretty people look as fabulous as they do. This is because from generation, to generation, to generation they rely upon the natural order of things to keep their genetics intact and their organisms in tip top condition into a ripe old age by eating a wholesome diet, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep, having lots of fun, and being loved and respected by others. And when they have children the chances are great that their genes will also be intact since the pretty people only intermarry with their own kind of people. 

   The half truth/half lie is that, since  they are getting paid to endorse such commercials, at least while the cameras are still rolling, they will swear up and down that such and such product and/or service REALLY works!  But because the product and/or service that they endorse is crap they, themselves, will never touch it with a ten foot pole, let alone ever use it!  Let,s take cigarettes for example.  In the old movies during the 1950's, and 1960's many an actor and actress smoked cigarettes while acting out their acting parts on the silver screen.  The lie was that that their cigarettes were real because when they inhaled on it surrounding smoke appeared.  The truth was that their cigarettes were fake since when the exhaled it there was no smoke coming out of their lungs.  In other words, while it appeared that these actors and actresses were genuine smokers they were not.       


  Another deceptive advertising ploy that the elite bully utilizes to impair peoples’ better judgment, is known as the subliminal message. Subliminal messages can be powerfully persuasive in getting people to obliviously consume products and/or services that they do not even desire or wish to have. A subliminal message is a suggestion that keeps repeating itself over and over and over again in order to bypass the conscious mind so that it can embed itself into the subconscious mind. The conscious mind refers to the alert in-control mental processing self. It acts like a brain filter. It determines what information you will pay attention to, and what information you will disregard. The subconscious mind has to do with automatic spontaneous thought emissions. It indiscriminately soaks up information like a sponge. While one is awake, one’s head is bombarded moment to moment on a daily basis with incoming and outgoing data. Such activity can overwhelm the mind. In order to deal with this information overload, our conscious sifts out the information it deems important to you from the information it does not. Information that is repetitive tends to get ignored. Subliminal messages are repetitive and thereby de-sensitize the mind so that they can slip by your conscious and lodge themselves into your subconscious. Whatever information the subconscious soaks up it will act upon. Subliminal messages are like a thief that breaks into your house by disabling your house alarm and stealing from your purse while you are literally asleep.  

  There are two types of subliminal messages that you can receive. The ones received during wakefulness, which can be broadcasted into your visual channel by way of a television set, and the ones received during sleep, which can be broadcasted into your auditory channel by way of a radio box. Both achieve the same end by acquiring access to your vulnerable subconscious so that they can tell you what to do without you being aware of it.  

  Subliminal messages that gain access to your subconscious mind are capable of alluring you into oblivious obedience to their demands because they operate through your emotions. The word emotion comes from the root word motion. Our feelings are what compel us to move. Feelings can be compulsive and irrational since they urge us to act without thinking. Our emotional selves are governed by our ANS - autonomic nervous system. The ANS carries the nerve impulses through the body that have to do with the subconscious – autonomic spontaneous thought emission. This is the part of the brain that makes it possible to react – acting without having to think about it. The ANS governs life support functions such as breathing. It also activates sudden reflexes such as suddenly moving out of the way to avoid being struck in the head by a rock whizzing by. The advantage of having feelings is that they keep us alive by protecting us from harm without us having to be aware that we are doing so. The disadvantage of having feelings is that they are easily exploitable. Hence, the elite bully runs advertisements that appeal to our emotions so that we will consume products and/or services that do not serve our own best interests.  

  What we ought to do is listen to our sensible self. Then our money will still be in our wallets and our health and well being intact. But never mind. Let’s learn from the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” lesson. Your sensible self has to do with knowledge. Knowledge correlates to rational thought. The CNS – central nervous system – governs rational thought. The CNS carries the nerve impulses through the body that have to do with the conscious – cognizant, controlled thought processes. These are part of the brain that makes it possible to respond – taking action after thinking about it. The CNS corresponds to the mental functions of brain organ that have to do with higher order thinking skills such as reasoning and judgment. The upside of using rational thought is that it preserves our existence by protecting us from future harm through the assimilation and accommodation of information gleaned from previous life experiences. There is no downside to rational thought when it comes to the consumption of products and/or services. For its premeditative decision making process enhances our savvy regarding whether or not to own or possess them. Hence, if we base our decision making process upon what we think instead of what we feel about a product and/or service, the elite bully cannot dupe us into buying things that are not in our own best interest.  

  What makes us human is that we are either being governed by our mental processes or our emotive feelings. The point of intersection between thoughts and feelings occurs in the PNS- peripheral nervous system. The PNS governs both sensory and motor functions. It correlates to the heart because both are situated in the center of the body. The PNS carries the nerve impulses through the body that have to do with either the conscious meditative thoughts or the subconscious spontaneous emotions. The PNS is made up of sensory neurons that use our five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell to sensate what is going on in our external surroundings and internal environment – homeostasis. The PNS is also composed of motor neurons. They belong to different groups of muscles that execute either voluntary - controlled movement or involuntary – spontaneous function. They too are affected by what goes on outside of us and inside of us. Both sensory and motor neurons of the PNS are influenced by either our rational thoughts or our irrational feelings.  

  If our PNS is influenced by our irrational emotions then our sensory input will overtake our motor output. Hence, we will emotionally REACT. Advertisements that are all about arousing our senses will compel us to make impulsive decisions.  

  The following is an example of what I mean:  

  You are watching a commercial that sells shampoo. The camera zooms in on a female’s thick, shinny, long tresses that are being blown by a breeze. While you are being shown these pictorial images of her amazing strands of hair, you hear a narrator tell you that her hair is strong and healthy because she uses such and such shampoo. The commercial has hardly ended when you get so EXCITED that you spring up off of the couch, jump into your automobile, and drive to the nearest grocery store to buy this fantastic shampoo because, naturally, you desire to have great looking locks, also. Before you grab the shampoo off of the store’s shelf, your eyes are bombarded by its package of bright natural colors, your nose with a pleasant fresh scent that is oozing out of its bottle. As your hands feel the smooth coolness of its container your ears get assailed by the enticingly descriptive words that claim that its ingredients are made out of all sorts of exotic fruits, fresh vegetables and oil extracts. You are almost tempted to open up the bottle and drink it just to find out what it tastes like! After you buy the shampoo, you tuck it under your arm like a long lost treasure, and take it home with you, victorious that you discovered it. You can hardly wait to try it, so into the bath or shower you go lathering up your scalp with its enchanting gel. 

   A day, a week, a month goes by of slathering this shampoo’s tonic all over your hair, but your hair does not look any different than it did before you ever used it. Your friends are also using it too, and having the same results as you are, but they are all too embarrassed to break the code of silence and tell you. if to mock you, on the television screen in front of your face, the commercial for this hair product keeps coming on over and over and over again waving the gorgeous hair of the female whom it claims uses this shampoo. Slowly reality sets in and disappointment calms you down enough that you decide to read the ingredients that this shampoo is really made of. Lo and behold, the truth be told, you discover that it is chalk full of artificial substances, chemical dyes, and toxic preservatives. Most of them you cannot even pronounce, let alone spell, and/or they do not even exist in the dictionary. And what of the exotic fruits, fresh vegetables, and oil extracts that the commercial claimed were in this shampoo? Well...they are the last items on the list of ingredients. This means that there are actually only traces of them in the shampoo.  

  If you are doing any thinking at all, you are probably wondering, how it is that the female on the commercial who was promised gorgeous hair if she uses this shampoo got it? The half truth/half lie to this shampoo ad is that the female on the shampoo commercial really does have incredible hair. However,  this shampoo did NOT give it to her. So where then does her remarkable hair come from? It comes from eating a wholesome diet and from being one of the lucky people who were born with their genetics still intact. And I am not talking about the kind of jeans that you wear. I am talking about the genes that your mother and father gave to you while you were still a fetus in the womb. 

   This female is on this shampoo commercial because she has passed a highly selective screening process that only recruits those people who are part of the elite stock also known as the Pretty People. The only reason they make their testimonials that a certain product and/or service “REALLY WORKS”, is because they are being paid to. They are the poster children of the elite bully whose con game is to pass off cheap, dangerous, and addictive substances to the unsuspecting public for mass consumption. Not only is the poster child’s job to fool you into buying an empty product and/or service so the elite bully can make a monetary profit at your expense, but the poster child’s job is also to “blame the victim” also known as you for not being able to live up to the product’s and/or service’s expectations. Thusly, you will blame yourself not the faulty product and/or service for letting you down, since after all it worked for her, so why didn’t it work for you?  

  The elite bully hopes that you don’t know the above so that you will continue to go on using such products and/or services so that the elite bully can continue to make monetary gains through your monetary losses by keeping you hooked on their promise instead of their performance. In conclusion, by diverting your attention to your irrational emotions, the ad has seduced you into getting ripped off.  

  If our PNS is influenced by our rational thoughts, then our motor input will overcome our sensory output. Hence, we will mentally RESPOND. Advertisements that are knowledgeable will evoke our thinking mind to make informative decisions.  

  You will know what the commercial is really telling you and whether or not it is spouting sheer nonsense. NO shampoo can make your hair healthier if it is an artificial chemical that is applied externally to the scalp. Like the rest of your organism, hair gets its nourishment from organic substances, which can help produce healthful hair benefits if taken externally, but are best taken internally. So for instance, if I desire shiny hair I will eat fish as its fatty oils give my hair follicles their sheen.

  It may be difficult for you to use your head - rational thoughts, instead of your butt – irrational emotions, to make decisions regarding products and/or services that you need or want. This is because the Bully Culture has brainwashed all of us from the time that we were too young to walk or talk to believe in “magic” and “miracles” and “secrets”. But since, by natural design, you are a creature of free choice – heart, you can! It’s strictly up to you. Now, I am not advocating that you stifle your feelings and only express your thoughts. Obviously, both are beneficial, but only so long as you exercise them in such a way as to do what is in your own best interest instead of the elite bully’s.  



The elite bully
give us their factory made toys –
cars, boats, planes for boys –
instead of the excitement of nature’s glade,
to take away a man’s way
of using the real world for play.

The elite bully
give us their factory spun silk and pearls –
jewelry, clothes, make-up for girls –
instead of the love of one’s ilk,
to take away a woman’s way
of using the real word for say.

By Elana Laham © 2013



  Perhaps the most powerful mechanism by which the elite bully keeps us all willing participants of the Bully Culture is through the propagation of its propaganda about the bully and the victim. People who have people values – humane morals and business ethics – think, feel, and do what is in their own best interest. The elite bully cannot control individuals who are the masters of their own fate. Myths about the bully and myths about the victim reinforce and perpetuate the Bully Culture’s sick social roles, which keep otherwise decent people ignorant and docile, and thereby easy targets for the elite bully to manipulate and intimidate.  

  The following sections entitled, “Myths about the Victim” and “Myths about the Bully” are for the bully who wishes to reform bullying behavior, the victim who desires to be liberated from the victim role, and the bystander who hopes to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.



  The biggest victim myth that the Bully Culture has conjured up is that THE VICTIM IS TO BLAME FOR BEING A VICTIM OF BULLYING. 

   BULLCRAP!!! The bully is ALWAYS at fault for being a bully. There are NO exceptions. NO ONE is entitled to inflict pain upon another unless it is out of SELF DEFENSE. There are NO excuses. NO ONE can make the bully say or do anything except for the bully, since the bully ALWAYS has the FREE WILL to be a bully or not to be a bully.  BUT The Bully Culture hopes that you will believe that FEAR is the motivating factor for why people blame the victim for being a victim of bullying. The Bully Culture declares, "People are scared of the bully." So, the bystander either stands by and watches or joins in with the bully to victimize the victim. And, the victim either refuses to rescue himself from the bullying or joins in with the bully to be victimized by the bullying.   But did you know that if only FIVE PERCENT of the entire human population will stand up to the bully, being that the bully is such a COWARD, the bully will give up on bullying others?

   The truth of the matter is that it all comes down to FREE CHOICE. The reason why people DO NOTHING to stop bullying by making the victim the scape goat for bullying is because our society, having been infiltrated by the Bully Culture, no longer upholds human morals or business ethics. We have traded in our people values for the materialistic value system of the Bully Culture. Thereby, we have made the decision to care about no one else but ourselves. If we are a success according to the Bully Culture's materialistic value system, in other words, we have become more like the together people that all of us ought to strive to be more like, then we develop an attitude of INDIFFERENCE towards each other. If we are a failure according to the Bully Culture's materialistic value system, meaning that we did not do as well as we had hoped when we “cash in” our dignity for the Bully Culture’s trinkets, then we harbor HATRED for one another.  

The New Breed of Therapist

  The Bully Culture will also tell the victim that all the victim has to do is ASK FOR HELP and the victim will get it. Let’s explore that option shall we?  

  In a functional society humanitarians make the best therapists. Humanitarians are compassionate individuals who sincerely care about helping others. They are great listeners. They have empathy for their patients’ feelings. They give meaningful insightful feedback into their client’s thought processes. They cultivate a safe environment for people to share their private concerns in. They facilitate egalitarian relationships with others by working with their patients to discover the best therapeutic approach for restoring their client’s well being. But most importantly, THEY HELP THE VICTIM LIBERATE HIMSELF FROM THE VICTIM ROLE. 

   Psychologists can yield triple digit annual incomes and psychology is regarded as a respectable position within society. But thanks to yours truly, the Bully Culture, those who currently occupy the counseling profession for the most part are opportunists whose only objective is to make easy money and go on ego trips. The new breed of therapist who has flooded the field of psychology is none other than the bully. The bully therapist upholds the “Fake it, until you make it” motto. The bully therapist has nothing to say but does all of the talking. The bully therapist is completely devoid of any sympathy for his patients’ feelings. The bully therapist is critical of his client’s opposing points of view. The bully therapist is untrustworthy with client confidentiality issues. The bully therapist sets up an authoritarian type of relationship with his patients wherein he is the boss that all must agree with without question. And the Bully therapist KEEPS THE VICTIM IN THE VICTIM ROLE BY BLAMING THE VICTIM FOR BEING VICTIMIZED BY THE BULLY  

  The following are some of the so-called therapeutic approaches that the bully therapist utilizes to shackle the victim to the victim role by blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying:

The Assertive Approach

  The Bully Culture has conjured up, courtesy of the bully therapist, the Assertive Training approach to keep the victim in the victim role by blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying. Assertive training advocates accomplishing the goal of getting what one wants or needs by communicating objective “I” versus subjective “You” centered non-judgmental thought and feeling statements. The following is an example of an assertive mode of communication: “I feel upset because you yelled at me. I need/want you to stop raising your voice to me.” 

   I was introduced to the Assertive Training Technique back in the 1980’s. I was sure it woulda, shoulda, coulda really work until I took it for a reality test drive. Now all I can say about it is, “Been there, done that, no workie!”  The message behind the assertive training approach is that, “If you will just communicate in a civilized manner what you need and/or want you will get it”. In other words, “Stop being a passive mega wimp and the aggressive perpetrator will no longer bother you!” 

   The bully therapist introduces the victim patient to the assertive mode of communication. 

   Feeling new hope the victim goes back out into the world and tries out his new found verbal skill on the bully. Quiet, on the set please! In a firm but pleasant tone of voice the victim politely makes his request that the bully leave him alone. What happens next? The bully hears but does not listen to what the victim has to say. So the next time the victim and the bully meet, the victim undergoes Deja-vu. For the bully resumes bullying the victim as if no words were ever exchanged between them. What may also happen is that, because the victim dared to assert him self, the trouble making bully spreads vicious malicious gossip (libel and/or slander) about the victim to others. What may also happen is that the violent bully wages an all out war of mouth-to-mouth or hand –to-hand combat against the hapless victim. What may also happen is that the bully coward gangs up on the lone victim with his army of hostile recruits and demolishes the victim’s one and only assertive pop gun. Now the bully has made the victim’s life ever the more miserable than it already was before the victim ASSerted (typo intended) him self to the bully. As far as the BullCrap Busters is concerned, the assertive approach is just another, “Doomed to fail from the start” mode of therapy that the Bully Culture has conjured up by way of the bully therapist to blame the victim for being bullied in order to keep the victim in the victim role so that the bully can go on being a bully. Whew! That was a mouth full.

  There are several reasons why the assertive approach to being bullied does not work for the innocent naive victim. 

   ONE, the assertive training technique deceives the victim into believing that if the bully refuses to back off it is due to the fact that the victim must be saying or doing something NON-assertive.  The real reason why being assertive does not work on the bully is because being assertive only works on people who care. The bully does NOT care if he harms/hurts others. 

   TWO the assertive training technique deceives the victim into believing that if the bully refuses to back off it is due to the fact that the victim is mis-communicating.  The real reason why being assertive does not work on the bully is because there is no special way to “talk” to a bully. A bully cannot be reasoned with since a bully is not a “reason” able person. 

   THREE being assertive does not work on the bully due to a conflict of interest. The goal of assertiveness is to resolve conflict. The bully’s motive is to escalate the conflict. The only instance in which the bully will negotiate a settlement with another person is if that other person has more social leverage and/or physical or financial clout than the bully has. 

   FOUR the assertive training technique misleads the victim into believing that being assertive will change the bully’s behaviors towards the victim when all it can do is change the way in which the victim communicates his thoughts and feelings, needs and wants to others. 

   The underlying reason why being assertive does not work on the bully is because it wrongfully assumes and presumes that bullying is the result of a victim doing or not doing something. The bully, not the victim is ALWAYS responsible for his OWN bullying actions. Hence, being assertive does not necessarily give the victim what he needs or wants. So tooting the assertive training horn is like telling an overweight person that the goal of the weight loss program is not necessarily to lose any weight! Well then, if the overall purpose of being assertive is to merely vocalize one’s thoughts and feelings in a certain way, one may as well be talking to oneself in a mirror! People do things to get some sort of pay off for it. 

    It does not matter if one is PASSIVE, ASSERTIVE, or AGGRESSIVE in how one deals with bullying. The result is always the SAME.  

   If the victim behaves in a passive way towards bullying by for instance ignoring the bully, pretending the bully does not bother the victim, or worshiping the bully, the bully will continue to victimize the victim since the bully is GETTING AWAY WITH BEING A BULLY. 

    If the victim behaves in an aggressive way towards bullying by for instance getting verbally hostile or physically violent with the bully, the bully will gang up on the victim with his cohorts or triangulate the enforcer bully to frame the victim as being the perpetrator to get the victim  into some sort of undeserved trouble, so that the bully can GET AWAY WITH BEING A BULLY.  

   If the victim behaves in an assertive way towards bullying by for instance opening up communication lines with the bully, the bully will add insult to injury by making lame excuses or blaming the victim for the bully's bullying behavior so that the bully can continue to GET AWAY WITH BEING A BULLY.  

   Neither passive, nor assertive, nor aggressive behavior STOPS the BULLYING. Why? Because the bully DOES NOT CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S PAIN. THE BULLY ONLY CARES ABOUT THE BULLY’S OWN PAIN.  

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Approach

  The Bully Culture has conjured up, courtesy of the bully therapist, the self-fulfilling prophecy approach to keep the victim in the victim role by blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying. It does this by projecting the bully therapist’s own shortcomings onto the victim patient.  

  The following is a real life scenario illustrating how the self-fulfilling prophecy approach works:

  I went to see a counselor. I needed help getting into the job market. I told the counselor that I did not know what type of occupation I wanted to pursue. As part of my therapy, I was given a menial job as a typing clerk in the therapist’s office to help me pay for my therapy. Every week I had a therapy session with this counselor. Every week this counselor told me that I had difficulty doing any job because I ran away from myself, and that if I did not stop running away from myself I would get fired from every job I got hired to do. 

   One day the therapist came into his office and started berating my work. He told me that I had typed the same list of addresses twice. Then, he showed me two separate stacks of envelopes with the same mailing list having been typed onto both of them. After that, he insisted that my poor job performance was the result of my running away from myself. This upset me very much since I did not remember doing any such thing. I was so upset that I was not able to stop thinking about it. Good thing too! Because the more I thought about what the therapist had accused me of doing, the more it made no sense to me that I had done it. 

   I verified that my suspicions were correct when I observed that the one set of envelopes with the same mailing addresses on them had been typed up on pica (ten characters to a space) sized font whereas the other set of envelopes with the same mailing addresses on them had been typed up on elite (twelve characters to a space) sized font. Initially, I had no idea how this happened. Until it occurred to me that the typewriter that I had been assigned to use only had pica font. The only other typewriter in the therapist’s office only had elite font and only the therapist’s secretary was allowed to use it. 

   So the following morning when the therapist came into his office I explained to him that the two sets of envelopes had the same mailing addresses typed up on them because he had told both his secretary and myself to type them up! Upon hearing this, the therapist, who kept insisting that I ran away from myself, flat out denied that he had done such a thing, ran out the door, jumped into his car, and sped away! I never saw him again as I quit working for him.

   But that was not the end of my story. His words still had a strangle hold on my psyche. After that, every job that I got hired on to do I got fired from, even though I had never lost a job before in my life. That is until one faithful day when I decided that I was not going to believe anything that this therapist had told me about myself anymore. The next job and every job after that, for the rest of my working days, I kept, until I decided for whatever reason to leave it. 

   In conclusion:  It had been the bully therapist who had trouble performing his job for it was he who was running away from himself, not me, the victim patient!

  The following is another real life scenario entitled, “Over the Top” illustrating what the Self Fulfilling Prophesy bully therapist is like:

  On 9/29/11, my spouse and I saw therapist RANDALL KENT BEZZIO. He is listed as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. His License Number is LH00011289. His office is located at 304 Main Avenue South, Renton, WA 98057. Phone: 206-999-6156 or 866-680-6044.  

If the reader is interested in viewing Randall Kent Bezzio’s Business Card then please go to hyperlink Business Card Randall Kent Bezzio at

If the reader is interested in viewing the Health Insurance Claims showing our visits to Randall Kent Bezzio’s Office then please go to hyperlink Office Visits Randall Kent Bezzio at

   After thirteen visits with Randall Kent Bezzio, our overall impression of Randall Kent Bezzio was that he liked to hear himself talk and that he enjoyed invalidating his patients’ pain. We sought counseling from him about what to do regarding how to cope with what had transpired with a so-called dermatologist named Nicole Kageyama [See the BullCrap Busters segment entitled ‘Dope Health” under the section called “From Rashes to Rashes” for further details].  

   We shared with Randall Kent Bezzio all that had happened between us, and Nicole Kageyama. Randall Kent Bezzio’s feedback to us was the remark that - and these were his exact and precise words – “What you did to Nicole Kageyama was over the top.”

  So at the beginning of October we left the following messages for Randall Kent Bezzio on his voicemail:

  “This message is for Randall Kent Bozo. You are full of nonsense. So I won’t be doing any more business with you. I am canceling my appointment with you for October 6 @11:00 a.m. Any correspondence you sent me will NOT be read, NOT be opened, NOT be listened to, and either trashed or returned to sender. This was Elana Laham Speaking.”

  “Kent you do not do the job as counselor with either me or my wife. Therefore, I will not do any further business with you or make any future appointments. I will NOT accept, listen to, or read any messages from you. This is Michael Laham.”

  A week later, on Saturday we retrieved from our mailbox a letter from Randall Kent Bezzio. So much for respecting our request to have no further contact with him! Randall Kent Bezzio’s letter was addressed to Michael Laham. In handwritten form was written the words, “bills enclosed”. We knew no bills were in his letter of correspondence since all bills get forwarded to and paid by our mental health insurance plan, Value Options.  

  So that Sunday, we entered the building were Randall Kent Bezzio works and slipped underneath his office door his unopened and unread letter with the words “Refused Returned to Sender” in our handwriting written on its envelope.  

  When we came home we left the following message on Randall Kent Bezzio’s answering machine:

  “This message is for Randall Kent Bozo. I returned your so-called bill unopened and unread. Sending that letter proves you are totally unfit to be our counselor. This is Mike Laham.”

  On 10/31/11, we discovered on website a case that had been filed against us. It was filed with the King County District Court. It was case #114-00563 filed on 10/18/11. We called the District Courthouse at 206-205-9200 to discover what it was about and who had filed it. We spoke to a court clerk named Kathleen. To our utter horror, Randall Bezzio had filed a restraining order against us. Kathleen said, “No court date has been set at this time.” She also told us that if a court date is set the hearing will either be at: 401 4th Avenue North Kent WA 98032, or 3407 NE 2nd Street Renton WA 98032. She also told us that the report is three pages long. We were the Respondents to a Petition that was for an “anti-harassment” order from Randall Kent Bezzio. 

  On 11/28/11, we called the King County District Court at (206) 205-9200 regarding case #114-00563 (Randall Kent Bezzio’s request for a Restraining Order). We spoke with a Toni, court clerk, who said that Bezzio filed a temporary Restraining Order on 10/18/11 and was denied the temporary Restraining Order on 10/19/11. And so, no court date was ever set for a permanent Restraining Order. Wow!!! Randall Kent Bezzio had spent $65.00 for a filing fee for a Restraining Order for nothing.  

   Randal Kent Bezzio was trying to file his own restraining order against us for daring to voice our legitimate complaint against him to him and for ignoring his attempt to escalate the conflict by refusing to read his letter and instead returning it to him. WOW!!! Now look who is really acting over the top.

If the reader is interested in viewing Case # 114-00563 go to the King County District Court located in the state of Washngton.

The Anger Management Approach

  The Bully Culture has conjured up, courtesy of the bully therapist, the anger management approach to keep the victim in the victim role by blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying. It does this by promising the victim that if the victim will pass the victim’s negative feelings onto beings and things that have nothing whatsoever to do with them, the victim will experience emotional healing.  

  Once upon a time, there was a young maiden who sought help to be cured of her affliction of “victim-itis”. The so called wise ones of the village council told her that in order for her to be healed of her emotional malady she had to do the following things: One, she must ACCEPT her feelings by experiencing the physiological sensations that they produced inside of her. Two, she must EXPRESS her feelings by taking them out on inanimate objects outside of her. And so every morning the young maiden embraced her headaches by throwing rocks at the village park bridge, every evening the young maiden embraced her heartaches by hitting her bed with a broom, and once a week by screaming out her rage or crying out her agony to the well paid sounding board that collected her money for such services. 

   The young maiden believed that doing as the wise ones had instructed her would make her un-welcomed feelings disappear. And oh, how she longed for that day! But she was mistaken. Her feelings refused to let go of her. Instead they intensified in volume and frequency. Until they started visiting her every day and every night like a bunch of uninvited hungry guests demanding that their host feed them. Eventually, they became so persistent and relentless that the young maiden thought she would surely go crazy. Until she began to pay attention to what her feelings were telling her, which was, that they would not release her until she RELEASED them! 

   After some pondering the young maiden understood their request and knew that being the divine agents that they were, they demanded that justice be done on their behalf. Otherwise they would not go away! And so she decided to heed their warning. She made the choice to return them to their maker. Her rage, agony, and terror did not have any complaint against the bridge that she zinged rocks at, or with the bed that she pummeled with her broom. Nor did they have any grievance with the ones who were willing to be witness to their echo for a price of course. Her feelings required that their legitimate concern be filed with the one who had caused them to come into being. And so the young maiden fulfilled their bidding and...Lo and Behold! After the young maiden gave her feelings back to the one who had given them to her, they left her forever more and she lived happily ever after. For having returned them to their rightful owner, the bully, they no longer wrongfully plagued her, the victim. 

   The moral of this story is: The only way negative feelings ever get resolved is if they are returned to their maker.  

  WARNING: The bully therapist will make an effort to get the victim patient to seize and desist from confronting the bully with the negative emotions that the bully has given the victim by saying, “Aren’t you concerned what the bully will think of you?” As far as the BullCrap Busters is concerned, “The bully does not give a crap about what the victim thinks of the bully so the victim does not have to give a crap about what the bully thinks of the victim.” It’s as simple as that!  

The Forgive and Forget Approach

  The Bully Culture has conjured up, courtesy of the bully therapist, the “forgive and forget” approach to keep the victim in the victim role by blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying. It does this by convincing the victim patient that the victim has to forgive the bully in order to forget the pain that the bully causes the victim, whether or not the bully regrets victimizing the victim.  

  The truth of the matter is that, victim cannot get passed the pain that the bully inflicts upon him by merely forgiving the bully for damaging the victim since the bully has done nothing to make the victim whole again. This is the case regardless as to whether or not it is emotional hurt or physical harm that the bully has bestowed upon the victim. This is because emotional pain is as real as physical pain. 

   If you were to cut your finger with a knife, before your skin can heal back up, it has to close the wound that the knife caused. But before it can close the injury the body has to sensate the pain that the injury has made so that it knows that there is an injury to heal. Once the pain makes the body aware that the body’s skin has been lacerated, it heals itself by making new skin to replace the old skin that was damaged and thereby lost to the injury. Our emotional body repairs itself in the same way as our physical body does. Neither our physical nor our emotional selves can restore what was taken from them on their own. Our physical body rebuilds itself with materials from the nutrients that foods and medicines provide. Our emotional body regains its dignity and honor from the social and/or economic status that society furnishes us with. 

   Because the bully took something away from the victim, the bully has to give that something back or something equivalent to that something, in order for the victim to be healed. For this to happen, the victim has to ACCEPT his own pain. Then, the victim has to ACKNOWLEDGE that the bully caused him this pain. After that, the bully has to make amends to the victim. If the bully is sincerely remorseful the victim will attain complete healing. 

   In order for there to be inner peace there has to be outer justice. So if it matters not to the bully that he causes others suffering, the bully has to be made to suffer. For the only way the victim can rectify his loss is by making the bully experience the loss that he made the victim undergo. Hence, the victim has to confront the bully who gave the victim the pain by returning the pain back to the bully. This allows the victim’s undeserved pain to by RELEASED back to where it deservedly belongs, to where it originated from, to the source - the bully. Such resolves it and gives closure permitting the healing process to take place for the victim.  
  WARNING: The bully therapist will attempt to get the victim patient to forgive and forget the bully by making lame excuses for the bully’s behavior by saying such things as, “The bully does not know any better”, or “the bully does not mean anything by it”, or “if only you knew the hardships the bully has to go through”, or “the bully is under lots of stress”, etc, etc, etc, ad naseum. As far as the BullCrap Busters is concerned, ”SO!” I have had the hardest life of any one that I have ever known, seen, or heard of.  Yet, as a result of it,  I did not go around bullying others.  To the contrary.  I was nice even helpful to other people.  The bully ALWAYS has free choice to be a bully or not to be a bully. No one has the right to inflict pain upon another unless it is in SELF DEFENSE.”  

  WARNING: The bully therapist will try to get the victim patient to forgive and forget the bully by insisting that it is up to the victim how the victim is going to feel about what the bully does to him. That is as absurd as saying that if one does not feel like going to the bathroom, one won’t have to. . That is, until you find yourself running to the nearest toilet so that you can excrete the diarrhea that is bulging out of your buttocks into its murky basin. Or that is, until you find yourself contemplating your naval as you moan and groan in constipated agony upon its stinky throne. Or that is, until you find yourself the closer to your destination the more you are slip sliding away all over your urine that missed the toilet bowl and landed on the bathroom floor instead. Ditto with your feelings! You can choose to ignore them by pretending that you do not feel a certain way. That is, until your emotions relentlessly keep resurfacing over and over and over again, ad infinitum. Unless and until you deal with them, they will never ever go away!

The Re-Establish the Relationship Approach

  The Bully Culture has conjured up, courtesy of the bully therapist, the re-establish the relationship approach to keep the victim in the victim role by blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying. It does this by having the bully therapist tell the victim patient that he has to re-establish his relationship with the bully, otherwise, he will never overcome his tendency to form dysfunctional relationships with others. The problem with this advice is that having a relationship with a bully in and of itself is dysfunctional! Furthermore, the bully may reject the notion of renewing a relationship with the victim anyway. Such results in the victim risking rejection over a relationship that is not worth having! What the bully therapist ought to be doing is teaching the victim how to recognize the warning signs of dysfunctional relationships so that he can AVOID getting involved with them to begin with!  

The Stop Playing the Victim Role Approach

  The Bully Culture has conjured up, courtesy of the bully therapist, the stop playing the victim role approach to keep the victim in the victim role by blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying.  

  The following are several ways in which the bully therapist does this:

Stop Giving Your Power Away

  If the victim complains about being bullied, the bully therapist will tell the victim patient, “You are giving your power away to the bully.” To the contrary! By airing his legitimate grievance about the bully, the victim empowers himself to 1) accept that he has negative feelings so that he can 2) express what his negative feelings are so that he can 3) release his negative feelings by confronting the one who caused them, namely the bully, thereby empowering himself by returning them back to their source of origin, the bully. 

The Annoying Little Secret

  The bully therapist tells the victim patient that due to an annoying little secret that the victim has the victim is being bullied. One of the things the bully therapist will say to the victim is, ‘You show people how to treat you.” Then, the bully therapist will insist that the victim patient is doing something that he is not aware of that is making the bully pick on the victim. However, the bully therapist a) cannot specify what that “something” is or b) can only generalize what that “something” might be. How convenient! As a for instance, the bully therapist will tell the victim that the victim has a nervous twitch or gazes at the ground and so the bully picks on the victim. But even if the bully therapist does accurately pinpoint what the victim patient’s so called annoying little secret is, so what?! As long as the victim’s behavior is non-offensive, the bully does not have any right to enact offensive behavior upon the victim. Remember, NO ONE is entitled to inflict pain upon another unless it is out of SELF DEFENSE. And NO ONE can make the bully say or do anything except for the bully, himself since the bully ALWAYS has the FREE will/choice to be a bully or not to be a bully.  

The Enabler

  The bully therapist tells the victim patient that the victim is enabling the bully to be a bully. That is why the victim is being bullied. The victim is doing this by putting up with the bullying behavior. An example of a so called enabler is the battered spouse. Instead of leaving after the husband has emotionally or physically beat up his wife, the wife sticks around to endure numerous beatings, indefinitely from the husband. The bully therapist accuses the battered wife of being a “door mat” – too much the coward to stand up for her self and get a divorce, or of being a “masochist” – one who enjoys being inflicted with pain.  

  However the real reason why the so called enabler victim sticks like glue to the perpetrator bully is because the Bully Culture has programmed the victim to do so by making the victim believe that the victim is to blame for being a victim of bullying. Thusly, the victim believing that it is her fault and therefore up to her, not her spouse, to fix what is broken in the relationship, she stays in it. Hence, she believes that if she just tries hard enough the relationship will improve, and if it does not get better it is because she is simply not trying hard enough! People do not believe that a child who gets kidnapped deserves to be raped or murdered just because he talks to strangers or walks alone or cannot escape the smarter, bigger, stronger kidnapper. So why then, do people believe that just because a victim is naive that the victim deserves to, not only be beaten up by the bully, but also blamed for the bully’s mistreatment of the victim?  

The Socially Disordered

  The bully therapist tells the victim patient that the victim is psychologically ill. That is why the victim is being bullied. Then, the bully therapist labels the victim patient as being, “social anxiety disordered” or as having "selective mutism" since the victim happens to be introverted, shy, and quiet. After that, the bully therapist gives the victim patient a prescription for the “pill” that the Bully Culture has put on the market for people to take who are not extroverted, obnoxious, party hardy, loud mouths. Gee! Whatever happened to “Silence is golden?” All human beings come into the world with different innate inclinations. On the one extreme there is the introvert who is the individual who draws his energy from himself. On the other extreme there is the extrovert who is the person who gathers his energy from others. Most of us lie somewhere in between these two extremes along the means of what is called the “bell curve” – the norm.  

  I am a very introverted human being. I recharge my batteries all by myself. Nonetheless, I also happen to have an extroverted side to my persona that is driven to bounce my energy off of others and vice versa as I like to make an impact on the world. Most people tell me that I am either too quiet or too talkative! Well as they say, “You can’t please all of the people all of the time.” 

   The reason they have this skewed view of my personality is because they are only choosing to look at the tip of my iceberg instead of delving below my surface to discover that my ocean runs deep. They do not know where my interests lie for they do not choose to get to know me. So, for instance, if they try to have a conversation with me about the latest gossip regarding so and so my eyes will glaze over, my spine will slump, and I will stare at the ground and get so quiet you can hear my throat swallow as I am dying of boredom. However, if they converse with me about the latest scientific discovery my eyes light up like a neon sign, my hands become wild windmill like gesticulations, and I will blabber on and on and on even when doing so gives me such a shortage of oxygen that I get light headed. This is because I am alive with excitement. 

   The introverted child by nature will play with imaginary friends. However, by nurture he will grow up to remain a self imposed isolated hermit if the kind of environment he finds himself in is stiflingly hostile. Such is my self. To the Bully Culture I am “social anxiety disordered” since I am not a gossip monger, trouble making bully. But as Admiral Hyman Rickover once said, “Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.”  

  I am not a social disease, a social retard, or socially developmentally arrested either. I have simply chosen to be an individual who happens to have a mind and a heart of my own instead of a person who lets others dictate to them what to think and what to feel. Since I am not a zombied out, dumbed down, conformed assed bystander, the Bully Culture hopes that you will believe that I am mentally deranged and therefore a threat to society. I am not easily dominated, like others are, by the elite bully. Hell the Bully Culture does not even know what I am thinking or feeling. After all, if you want to see, hear, or know me you will have to whisper.  

  The bully therapist will also prescribe medications to the victim patient deemed a social misfit in order to dope up his brain so that the victim patient will not realize that he is not clinically depressed, just chronically miserable being made to live in a Bully Culture that has nothing to offer society except for its junk culture.

The Negative Thinker

  The bully therapist tells the victim patient that due to the victim’s negative thoughts the victim is being bullied. One of the things the bully therapist will say to the victim is, “You get out of life what you put into it”. This is faulty thinking! It does not matter if one thinks positive or negative thoughts since universal outcomes, in and of themselves, are purely random events.  So whether or not I think positive or negative thoughts about gravity, gravity is still going to pin me down to this earth.  If you were to blast off in a spacecraft and satellite around the earth you would literally see that each one of us by our lonesome is a puny thing compared to our entire world. By ourselves we have very little if any control over what happens to us in our lives. Our existence is fraught with countless random variables that interfere with our plans. This is why believing in your self, thinking positive thoughts, and/or having an affirmative attitude, in and of themselves, will NOT make your dreams come true. Being that you are human you have to live amongst other human beings in order to survive. So to accomplish your personal life goals, you have to have the cooperation of others. 

   There are only two exceptions to this rule. One, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve if the only person who has to be involved in doing so, is yourself. Nevertheless, the journey will be most difficult for you will have to fend for yourself. Two, you can make whatever you set out to do happen if you happen to be a member of the elite clan. That means that you were either born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or you are one of the lucky ones who have been initiated into their exclusive club by being the holder of a golden lottery ticket. Then and only then will you get whatever you wish out of your life whenever and however and wherever you desire it. For thanks to the Bully Culture, which was erected by the Pretty People, of the Pretty People, for the Pretty People, it is the Pretty People, alone, who are given all of the people attention, people opportunity, and people support to “make it” in life. The Pretty People don’t “make it” because they think happy thoughts or are pleasant to be around. They automatically are granted an entourage of humanoids at their disposal that make it possible for their potential to be manifested into actual reality for they have the financial affluence and social influence to recruit the team effort necessary to do so. 

   Welcome to the underprivileged class! Even though the bully is not necessarily born to the privileged class, since the bully plays the enforcer role in the Bully Culture, the elite bully gives him the means necessary to get his bullying done! That being said, why does the therapist bully tell the victim patient that believing in one self, thinking positively, and/or having an affirmative attitude will make the victim’s dreams come true if such advice is false? The elite bully knows that it is the victim who has the most miserable sorry lot of all of the players in the Bully Culture. So what better way to keep the victim pacified so that he does not rebel against the Bully Culture, but to blame the victim for being a victim of bullying.

The Magnet

  The bully therapist tells the victim patient that the victim attracts bad people and bad circumstances into his life due to wrongful patterns of socialization that the victim’s significant others have raised him with. That is why the victim is being bullied. The bully therapist will tell the victim patient that unconsciously he/she brings dysfunctional people into his/her life in an attempt to resolve the bad relationship he/she has had as a victim son/daughter with a bully mother and/or a bully father.  

  The human organism does not work that way. It will not attempt to resolve what is not resolvable. If an illness or an accident or an injury is so overwhelming that the body’s immune system cannot heal itself, the human organism’s solution to resolving this un-resolvable conflict is to let itself die. A son or daughter CANNOT resolve the negative interactions he/she has with his/her father and mother since it is his/her parents who are bullies and it is he/she who is the victim. So since the parents broke the relationship only they can fix it. The reason the victim patient ends up in destructive relationships with others is because no one has given him/her the tools to recognize what a dysfunctional relationship is so that he/she can either avoid getting involved with one, or extricate him/herself from one. Also, since no one has modeled for the victim patient what a functional relationship looks like, he/she does not have a clue as to how to recognize one, even if and when it comes into his/her life.  

  What makes it even more difficult for the victim patient to have healthy relationships with others is:

  1) Thanks to the Bully Culture, we are all living in a worldwide bully epidemic. That means that the odds are less than one out of every two people on any given day, in any given time, in any given place that the victim is going to be involved in a negative encounter with another person.  

  2) Thanks to the Bully Culture, the victim’s family is dysfunctional. One out of every two marriages ends in divorce. Thusly, the victim child acts like the proverbial worm in the horseradish. Horseradish tastes bitter to one who is not familiar with it. But to the one who was born into it, or has become habituated to it, horseradish tastes sweet. So the victim does not know the difference between what is good and what is bad.  

  3) Thanks to the Bully Culture, after the victim grows up and moves away from the household he was raised in, the victim will not register that anything is amiss when negative people and negative events come into his orbit. So, the victim will allow such negativity to be in his world in spite of the fact that it causes the victim uncalled for pain.  

  4) Thanks to the Bully Culture, even if the victim knows that he gets involved with damaging types of relationships, he will struggle to escape from them, since he does not have the skills to deal with people whose intent is to hurt and/or harm him, or to cope with the suffering that such people inflict upon him.  

  The following is a real life scenario illustrating the magnet approach to therapy: It ought to be entitled “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” for its truth is stranger than fiction.  

  When I was a sixteen-year old girl my father gave me driving lessons so that I could obtain a driver’s license. As I attempted to learn for the very first time the mechanics of driving an automobile, one day my father instructed me to drive around the city until our directionless route led us into a dead end street. Suddenly, a dark blue Ford Mustang, pulled up behind us. My father told me to turn the car around so that we could exit the cul-de-sac dead end street that we were in. But there was no place to make a turn. So, I continued to drive until I came to the end of the dead end street where there was some room to maneuver around in. But just as I began to execute a three-point turn a knock came on the window of the driver’s side of the car. When my father and I looked over we saw a man wearing handcuffs dressed in prison garb. The man made like he was accidentally handcuffed and asked us if we had any tools he could use to remove his handcuffs. My father just sat there gaping in astonished silence. In a gentle and kind voice I told the man that we did not have any. After that, the escaped convict got back into his car and drove off. My polite reply probably had saved both of our lives. But instead of being grateful, and praising me for keeping my cool in the face of danger, my father burst into an angry tirade of berating me by claiming that it was my fault that the jail breaker had come into our lives because I did not turn the car around when my father had told me to do so.  

  In conclusion, the one who needs and wants help the most, the victim, gets nothing more and nothing less than a kick in the butt and a hit in the face for having the nerve to ask for it. The elite bully knows that in order for the victim to liberate himself from the victim role, he must revolt against the Bully Culture for it is the source of all of the victim’s pain. Without the victim the Bully Culture collapses. So the elite bully does a fine job of brainwashing the populace to ignore – be ignorant of – the victim’s pain. Thusly, the victim goes on being a victim lacking the people attention, the people opportunity, and the people support necessary to overcome the victim role. Hence, when things do not work out for the victim, and they won’t believe me, the bully therapist will blame the victim for being a victim of bullying by telling the victim, “The rest of society can work the system so what is wrong with you?!”


  BULLCRAP!!! The victim and the bully are two opposite sides of the same coin with the bystander the rim of it. The victim is a victim of the bully. The bully is a victim of the bully. The only difference between the victim and the bully is that the bully is dishonest about his feelings whereas the victim is honest about his feelings. The only people who do not have FEELINGS are dead people! Yet, the Bully Culture exonerates the bully for concealing his pain and denounces the victim for revealing his pain in the hope that the rest of us will pretend that we do not FEEL PAIN. Pain is our organism’s warning signal that something is wrong. People who ignore or are indifferent towards their own pain and the pain of others are easy targets for the elite bully to control. After all, they do not acknowledge that they have pain therefore they do not know that there is anything wrong with for instance our society. Got that! So when it comes to strength of character it is the victim who has the courage to admit that he is being victimized by bullying at the risk of being persecuted for it by the Bully Culture. Whereas the bully is too much the coward to confess to the Bully Culture that he is a bully because another bully bullied him...  

  What also determines strength of character is the ability to endure hardship and adversity. The victim is made to endure 24/7/365 for a lifetime what the bully cannot endure for even one minute. The victim is made to bear unbelievable trauma that society allows him to share with no one, and the ongoing torment of cold stares, rude comments, name calling, mockery, assault, and battery, and so on and so forth for daring to have come into this world as a HAVE LESS out of no fault of his own. Whereas the bully avoids difficulties by blaming or damaging innocent others for them versus choosing to overcome the obstacles that he made for him self. Namely that he is too much the coward to confront the bully who bullied him.  Never mind that he came into this world a HAVE MORE with all of his faculties intact, his basic necessities met, and a multitude of people coming to and going from his every beck and call. 

  What also determines strength of character is nobility. The victim cares about other people not just him self, in spite of the 
fact, that other people will not help the victim. The Bully Culture perpetuates the myth that, “If the victim woulda, shoulda, coulda just ask for help the victim will get it.” If you are a victim what you will get is a kick in the butt and a slap in the face for doing so. Whereas the bully takes the easy way out by only caring about him self in spite of the fact the he has an entire entourage who cater to his every whim.  

  What also determines strength of character is resiliency. The victim is forced to under react to the relentless torment that he unjustifiably is put through throughout his existence at the hands of the bully who insults the victim’s dignity, and at the hands of the bystander who insults the victim’s intelligence by looking the other way, just standing by and watching, joining in, and/or blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying. 

   Whereas the bully is allowed to overreact to any and every ever so slight discomfort that befalls him. Whether or not it is accidental or intentional, justified or unjustified the bully will misconstrue another person's thoughts, intentions, and/or actions, by staging a temper tantrum, never letting anything go, and plotting revenge. The bully makes a life long career out of holding grudges. No amount of punishment is enough for those whom he deems his enemies, whether or not they are indeed his foes. 

   Meanwhile, the victim’s pain is emotionally stifled since it is a threat to the Bully Culture for it gets people to notice the fact that it is the bully who causes people unnecessary suffering. Whereas, the bully’s pain is exaggerated because the Bully Culture sanctions it as a diversion to get people to censor the victim’s serious concerns about how society mistreats people in general so that humanity will not rise up and overthrow the Bully Culture regime. This explains why the bully is given a feather weight punishment for his heavy weight crimes or let off the hook, altogether, whereas the victim is severely punished for having the audacity to strike back against a perpetrator, or die as a result of being attacked by a perpetrator. 

   The Bully Culture labels the victim the “Super sensitive” one when, the bully ought to be labeled the one who has “Hyper Diaper” feelings.


  BULLCRAP!!! It is the other way around my friend. The bully is the biggest conformist (conformed ass) of them all. After all, he is the enforcer of the Bully Culture. The bully is such a conformist (conformed ass), that if his own children are victims of the Bully Culture, instead of protecting them, the bully will bully them.  

  The Bully Culture hopes that all of us will believe that we live in a DEMOCRACY. Yet if a victim commits suicide upon him self and homicide upon a bully, his death and the death of all others, including the bystander who gets caught in the cross fire, are all in VAIN. For no one is hearing or listening to the words “HELP ME!” spoken by the disenfranchised lips of our children whom the Bully Culture has discarded as, “collateral damage”. For those who survive, being a hapless victim, a bully addict, and/or an underachieving bystander is their doomed legacy for being denied the FREEDOM to live and let live as the unique individuals that God intended them to be. The ancient Greeks had a more civilized society than our modern day Bully Culture. The Greeks had compassion upon their misfits. If a Greek baby was considered unfit for Greek society, it was thrown over a cliff. The suffering of the child was brief and short lived.  

  The victim is not only, not a follower, but he is incapable of being a follower even if his life depends upon being one. This does not include the exception of those chosen few who for appearances sake win acceptance into the Bully Culture by passing a physical makeover and/or personality overhaul, screening test. But then, they are no longer victims, anyway, are they? 

   If the victim tries to fit in, his fate is more doomed than a school of salmon fish struggling to swim up stream to their spawning grounds to mate only to be slammed to their deaths upon the river’s rocks for making the effort to. For the victim’s entire life span the lone victim will be a people punching bag. No one joins on the side of the victim to help him escape his unasked for lot, either. He is neglected, misused, abused, ignored, given no voice, and rendered invisible because no one will muster up the guts to stand up for the preservation of humanity, which by the way is the preservation of their own sorry butts as well! 

   The way in which the Bully Culture mistreats the victim, the victim woulda, shoulda, coulda be better off if he were never born at all. And so to society’s detriment, courtesy of the Bully Culture, no one is willing to let the victim contribute his God given talents to human civilization. Without the victim there will be no pioneers, inventors, visionaries, etc., to propel the human species’ evolutionary progress into further advancement. A society that is not thriving, is not surviving, it is dying. The victim is an endangered species being hunted to extinction. The Bully Culture’s motto is, “In order for there to be a winner there has to be a loser”. But if the Bully Culture coerces society to let it kill off the victim, altogether, then who do you think is going to take the victim’s place? The bystander followed by the bully are, that’s who!  


  BULLCRAP!!! While there are some victims who won’t fit in, most victims can’t fit in because they are clueless as to what they are doing or not doing that makes them into society’s misfits  

  The following is a real life scenario that illustrates this:

  I went out on a date. We played Ping Pong. Sounds fun enough. Until I beat him at the game. He lost because he made his own mistakes. I won because I kept my eye on the ball. Trying to fit into the social norm I apologized for winning. His reply to me was, “If you were a smart girl you would hide your intelligence.” Bewildered I asked, “How do I hide my intelligence if I don’t know that I am being smart?” It was a naive but honest question. My date was not equipped to answer it. So that was the end of that. I guess, my moon was too big for his sun. The Bully Culture has us all playing dating games. No wonder love is all tied up in knots and comes out of the other end of the romantic fireworks as a flat out divorce. But that is another matter.  

  The victim tends to be an idealist. He holds onto his humanity because he believes that it keeps society going. And it does. But when the Bully Culture infiltrates society it veers society away from human morals and business ethics to its own detriment. And so many-a-victim is clueless as to what really goes on in the society in which they live. I ought to know. I was one of them. The victim is told that if he just tries hard enough to be a decent person he will fit in and thereby get his wants and needs met. But he fails to and miserably so for he does not know that he lives in a Bully Culture, and that that Bully Culture only abides by one rule – the double standard rule.  

  The Bully Culture blames the victim for not comprehending, understanding, or knowing its perverted social mores of “Read between the lines”. “Here is my middle finger”, rendering the victim a socially deaf, dumb, blind, and mute. It does not occur to the Bully Culture that some people can’t make sense out of its nonsensical socialization process. For instance, programming people to be what they are not, also known as, a phony, how sensible is that? It takes so much more energy to act in an unnatural way than it does to act naturally. And it makes it so much harder to get what one wants or needs, too. Not all people are born with an inclination to know how to get with the program. However, instead of the Bully Culture recognizing that the victim just does not know how to socialize Bully Culture style, it accuses the victim of wantonly behaving like a maverick. He is labeled a rebel and every manner of bully is unleashed upon him without mercy.  

  What is really going on is that the victim does realize that he does not fit in, since the victim does not know that he is supposed to act or be a certain way. All the victim knows is how to act or be him self. Some victims never figure out how to socialize and why most people hate them. I was one of them. Other victims figure out why they do not fit in and correct their so-called wayward selves. I say this is unfortunate because in their zeal to belong they are likely to mutate into the party hardy, dope head instead of morphing into the genius who discovers the cure for some debilitating disease. When conformity demands that a person who is just little bit different by tied to a whipping post to be beaten by the bully so that the bystander can watch him being made an example of or join in with a few whips of his own, it is a doom’s day commentary on us all. For human society cannot carry on without its different strokes for different folks.  


  BULLCRAP!!! This too-too train myth refers to the psychological double standard of one being “damned if one does and damned if one doesn’t.” 

  The following is an example of how this works:  

  The victim is told that the reason he is socially not acceptable is because he is trying TOO hard to make friends. What is really going on is that the victim is being repeatedly taken advantage of and rejected by others for attempting to kindle relationships with them. No one will be the victim’s friend, so the sparks extinguish, and the victim withdraws and stops making attempts to socialize. When this happens, the victim gets blamed for making TOO soft of an effort to establish social contact. 

  Many-a-victim does not know what a fulfilling relationship looks like. A normal relationship is a two way street. This means that both people have a mutual interest in one another. It also means that both people give to each other and take from each other, equally. They do things and share things together. The real reason why victims don’t have relationships with others is because, thanks to the Bully Culture, most people have already made up their mind that the victim is not worth getting to know. Must the Pretty People marry or go out on dates with a nerd, a freak, a God damned individual? No! But yes! The Pretty People must stop socially discriminating against them by excluding them from social gatherings just because they are different in some way. And why is that? It is because whether we like it or not, we are all part of the human race. We have all been put upon this earth because we all have something uniquely important to contribute to the overall survival of our species. Therefore, we ALL are either going to live together or we ALL are going to die together.  


  BULLCRAP!!! We are all victims of the Bully Culture. What this myth is really proposing is that we all hate a designated “victim”. There are two kinds of hatred. There is the hatred that is fueled by wrath and the hatred that is fueled by apathy. During those occasions wherein it is useful to the elite bully to exercise its divide and conquer principle upon the populace, it will persuade the populace to be prejudiced with both types of hatred against whichever group or individual poses as an obstacle to the elite bully’s self serving agenda.  

  The Bully Culture relegates the victim to subhuman status by arousing the populaces’ hatred fueled by rage.  

  Such as what happened when the Eastern European Jews became the scapegoat for Germany’s faltering economy because Adolph Hitler, incited the Germans to refer to them as KIKES. Such as what happened when the Native American Indians had their homelands stolen away from them because the United States Government convinced the White Settlers that they were SAVAGES. Such as what happened when Black Africans were forced into slave labor for American tobacco fields because Southern Plantation Owners persuaded themselves to regard them as NIGGERS.  

  The Bully Culture ignores the victim’s unconscionable plight by arousing the populaces’ hatred fueled by indifference.

  Such manifests the most inhumane atrocities that human history has ever known. Such as, the extermination of six million Jews in gas chambers in Adolph Hitler’s concentration camps during World War II Germany. Such as, the mass genocide committed against the Native American Indians killing nearly all of their People. Such as, the two hundred years of slavery that the Blacks had to endure in a foreign land having been torn away from their families.  

  Those who claim that there are no victims are the anti-social psychopaths whose one and only objective is to exploit others as objects to be replaced, expended, and exterminated for their own self aggrandizement.  



My Stars and Stripes Neighbors
left my skin, blood, and bones
a rotten carcass on the street.

For they knew what I longed to go through –
through their blaming, name calling cries.
through their violent, murdering lies.
through their ignorant, uncaring eyes.

For I was determined to know
who had told them that I was their foe?

By Elana Laham © 2013



  BULLCRAP!!! The Bully Culture has conjured up this myth in order to make you believe that if the victim has power the victim will misuse it just like the bully does. The victim just like any other individual cannot be judged upon the preconceived notion of how the group that he is classified in may behave. And so the victim just like the bully and just like the bystander will react or respond to having power as the unique individual that he happens to be. There are victims who have turned bully and therefore will misuse power.  But, just as there is the bully who will chose to reform rather than remain a bully; and just as there is the bystander who will chose to rescue the victim rather than attack the victim; there are those victims who will turn into heroes/heroines and use their power to help other victims. So let us give them that power! For whom better than the victim to help other victims escape the victim role? Aside from this, no one ought to have to live in a society that basis its function upon someone being powerless so that someone else can be powerful.

  The upholders of the Bully Culture will claim that the victim can get power by being “cool.” Not so! As far as the Bully Culture is concerned, “once an individual is un-cool that individual is always un-cool”. In other words “once a victim always a victim.” No amount of conformity will change that. I saw a show on television that featured a boy who supposedly was a “loser” at school because he had a speech impediment and was autistic. Then, he went from zero to hero in the eyes of his peers since he and his brothers performed in their own rock band. But the whole story was a sham. As it turns out the boy had no handicaps. He and his brothers were Pretty People putting on a show to fool the rest of us into believing this hype.  

  The following is a real life scenario illustrating who really gets to be the “cool” one:

  Mark and Robert were members of a rock and roll band. Their band played music in a garage. Mark was its lead singer. One night the band’s fans came to watch it play. But the garage door was closed so the fans could not see who was singing the song. One of the groupies remarked, “The singer sounds good”. Another one of the groupies remarked, “If it’s Mark it’s good. But if it’s Robert it’s bad.” When the garage door was opened, it was Robert who was singing that night. Mark, however, was regarded as the good singer because Mark was considered the “cool” guy.  


  BULLCRAP!!! To the contrary! Sometimes the victim turns into a bully. Sometimes the victim becomes the bystander.  Sometimes the victim remains a victim.  A victim will react in one of three different ways to being victimized. The victim will a) demonstrate passive behavior by manifesting his pain inward so that it gets expressed as implosive anger, which results in the victim remaining a victim, or b) demonstrate apathetic behavior by bearing an indifferent attitude towards his own pain and the pain of others, which results in the victim becoming a bystander, or c) demonstrate aggressive behavior by manifesting his pain outward so that it gets expressed as explosive rage, which results in the victim turning into a bully.  


  BULLCRAP!!! From the littlest wannabe elitist bully to the biggest elitist bully, the bully in general, is painstakingly aware that it is the victim, who will bring about the ruination of the Bully Culture establishment in the blink of an eye, a tilt of an ear, and a nod of the head if the victim chooses to no longer be a victim. For it is the victim that keeps the Bully Culture regime going. So, the Bully Culture brainwashes the victim to either willingly or unwillingly put up with bullying. Hello to ex-lax for diarrhea! Doing so means that the victim either does not react or under reacts to being bullied. This puts the victim at risk for either imploding or exploding his built up anger into a suicidal and/or homicidal rage. Do we want suicides and homicides, or victims venting their righteous anger out at the unjustified anger of the bully? I don’t know about you, but I am a pretty sane person. So, I opt for teaching the victim to release his righteous anger. In order to do so, the victim must learn to strive for balance by compensating for under reacting to the bully by over reacting to the bully by fighting back against the bully by giving the bully back the bully’s own medicine.  

  One of the ways that the Bully Culture makes certain that the victim does not fight back against the bully is by telling the victim that if the victim fights back the victim invites more bully attack. Whether or not the victim chooses to fight back against the bully – since the bully is addicted to bullying – the bully will continue to victimize the victim, anyway. Unless or until the victim fights back by giving the bully back the bully’s own medicine – makes the bully feel his own pain – the bully will never ever stop bullying the victim. 

  The following are two probable outcomes that will happen to the victim who DOES NOT fight back against the bully:

  One, the victim will commit suicide.

  Two, the victim will commit homicide.

  The following are two possible outcomes that will happen to the victim who DOES fights back against the bully:

   You will restore your own dignity. Your dignity is the most priceless thing you own. For it gives you the will to live, the capacity to love, the courage to die. Dignity is the freedom to be the human being that you are meant to be according to none other than the divine inspiration within yourself. I sum up dignity like this: I was watching on television one of the sequels to the movie called “The Matrix” one night. The hero of the show was being brutally pulverized by the villain who had the hero absurdly outnumbered. During their power struggle the villain asked the hero, “Why do you keep fighting when you know you are going to lose?” The hero said back to the villain, “Because I choose to.” In the end the victim won but only because he made the choice to fight back.  

   In a fair fight wherein the victim fights back against the bully mono-y-mono, one on one. To this we say, lone victim confront the bully! If you are determined enough you will be victorious. But even if you are not, you will now have your dignity.

   In an unfair fight, the bully gangs up upon the one lone victim with an overwhelming number of wannabe bully recruits to make certain the victim is surely defeated. The bully knows what a pathetic pitiful world-class mega wimp he really is and that is why he resorts to such measures. However, the victim can still win by playing the numbers game, too. Victim nation unite! You will overwhelm the bully with your own numbers. Go see the movie “Ant Bully”. It is all about fighting back as a colony. Fortify yourselves against the bully by organizing a network of victims, for victims, and by victims where victims can share victim concerns with other victims and rally together against bullying. Doing so will help prevent victims from being victimized by the bully and also help prevent victims from being victimized by other victims.  

  In the mean time if you are all alone, go for it! For you are not alone.  You have yourself, and you also have me. I am giving the bully back the bully’s own medicine every single day all by myself!  

  News Flash: As The King of Pop, Michael Joe Jackson, once sang, “They don’t really care about us.” The elite bully doesn’t care if the rest of us are victims – suicide statistics, bullies – homicide statistics, or bystanders - genocide statistics. All the elite bully cares about is making their profit at our expense so that they can maintain their social influence and sustain their financial affluence over every thing and every one in this world. It’s about absolute CONTROL through FEAR. It’s about ultimate POWER through HATRED. If the elite bully really knew what was in their own best interest they woulda, shoulda, coulda do away with the Bully Culture and its motto of. “For there to be a winner there has to be to be a loser”. No complaints!

  By CHOOSING to fight back against bullying, no matter the odds, the struggles, or the outcomes, you, the victim, will save your own life as well as bring hope back to humanity by making the world a better place. Someone once said, ”It is better to die standing up then to live on one’s knees”. The choice is yours!



  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! Regarding the genre of Hero/Heroine throughout the media the main idea of the story goes like this:  

  The villain is murdering innocent people. Eventually the hero subdues the villain. But the hero refuses to put the villain to death. Instead the hero turns him over to the authority bully – the police bully who is bought off – for a fair trial - and the justice bully who takes bribes. Then, instead of the villain being put on death row, he gets incarcerated. After that, the villain escapes from jail and the hero has to recapture him all over again. End result, the perpetrator never has to pay for his crimes. Case example is Batman. Batman is always catching the Joker. But Batman believes that if he kills the Joker he is no better than the Joker. So Batman refuses to put the Joker to death even though the Joker takes innocent lives, including but not limited to Bruce Wayne’s – Batman’s – own beloved parents.  

  Why isn’t the hero allowed to kill the villain who is killing innocent others? Are all comic book and movie writers, clones? Nope! The elite bully is the – behind the scenes driving force of Hollywood” – the origin of motion pictures. It uses its political clout and financial leverage to dictate what films are going to make it to the “Silver Screen”. The stories of Screen Writers’ and Play Writers’, who do not write about the Bully Culture’s brand of hero/heroine-ism are denied funding and therefore do not see the lime light. As with any rule, there are exceptions, but they are rare, indeed.  

  The elite bully hopes that by dictating the same plot over and over again, the “Movie Goer” will believe that the hero/heroine who kills the villain for murdering innocent people is as bad as the villain. They have a name for such a hero. He is called a vigilante. A vigilante is an individual who punishes crime, illegally, by taking justice into his own hands. But there is a big difference between a heroic killer and a villainous murderer. A villain murders for no reason. This is called wrongful killing. A hero kills out of self-defense. This is called righteous killing. By taking the life of a villainous murderer, the heroic killer defends both his own life and the life of other innocents. In other words, the vigilante is getting rid of a menace to society.  

  The elite bully hopes that you believe that it is beneath your dignity to defend yourself or rescue others from a perpetrator. What the Bully Culture is saying to you is, “Shame on you if you launch a counterattack on your attacker to ward off undeserved physical harm or psychological hurt!” And that is exactly what happens. The bully is the troublemaker but gets away with it. The bystander refuses to notice the scene. And the victim gets brutalized for no reason.  

  The word, “avenge” means “to pay back injury for injury”. Nothing more and nothing less! So what you are supposed to do is the natural thing, defend yourself! The creator programmed all of creation to fight back. If you don’t believe me then have a rock thrown at your head when you least expect it. Your body will automatically react by docking to avoid being in the rock’s path or by throwing your hands up to block the rock’s impact. After that, you might even find yourself hurling the offensive rock to the ground while uttering under your breath, “How do you like it?” This is called dignity. Dignity is your God given right to preserve yourself. Honor your dignity and you will not only have self respect, but you will no longer be an easy target for the bully to take his own frustrations out on. Give the bully back his own medicine even if it means that you have to sling the mud back into the bully’s face that the bully is slinging into yours. Because the only thing a bully respects is his own pain.  

  A predator does not have a successful hunt if its prey does not cooperate with the role-playing of predator and prey. Once while watching a wild life documentary I saw a tiger in pursuit of a buck. Hoping to turn it into lunchmeat the tiger cornered the male deer. But instead of the wild deer continuing to show its hindquarters to the tiger, it suddenly, and without warning, spun around, dropped its antler rack, and charged the tiger. Though the tiger managed to avoid getting gored, looking dazed and confused as if to say, “This is not supposed to happen” the tiger backed away and ran off in search of any easier meal.  



For ten years I sat in therapist’s office because he had a Ph.D.
He would often interrupt me saying, “This is important.”
I thought that meant authority.
I had a problem with people and I did not know why.
They often treated me like dirt on the fly.
My first therapist instructed me to be assertive.
That only worked with people who cared.
My second therapist insisted that being a victim was my fault.
I ought to excuse my attacker.
After that it got complicated.
I underwent emotive therapy, cognitive therapy, bio-energetic therapy...
When I went to Codependence Anonymous I got fed up.
No one took me seriously.
I had spent hundreds of dollars on self-help books.
I had kept a journal for twenty years.
Then I realized what my problem was.
I was a decent, kind, fair, humane being.
The contentious people were not going to therapy.
So I became obnoxious and it worked!
I finally decided that when you get a stomachache you have to vomit.
And so I barfed all over my tormentors.
All of my rage upchucked and presto!
I felt cleaned out. I felt well again.
Back to Basics is my new therapy.
It means pay attention to what a two year old does
when another two year old throws dirt in his face.
It’s simple, natural, spontaneous, and healthy.
Throw the dirt back!
It’s the only thing a pugnacious person understands.

By Elana Laham © 2013



  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! This myth claims that if you just ignore the bully, or pretend that the bully does not bother you, the bully will leave you alone. What this myth is really saying is “Ignore the bully or pretend that the bully does not bother you so that we can all ignore bullying or pretend that bullying does not go on so that the elite bully can make sure that the Bully Culture can continue to exist”. 

   We conducted an experiment. We tried passively ignoring the bully; we attempted assertively to set boundaries with the bully; and we made the effort to aggressively confront the bully. The following were the results: With the passive stance the bully continued to victimize us. With the assertive stance the bully escalated the conflict. With the aggressive stance the bully got us into trouble with the authority bully. It did not matter how we acted towards the bully. The bully went on being a bully. This is because the bully is addicted to bullying. So if there are no people around to hit the bully will kick the dog. And if there is no dog around to kick the bully will slam the door. Got it!  

  Okay, what about violence begets violence? If a bully has chosen to get violent he will be violent whether or not you are. It’s Brown’s Law. Translation the bully makes the bully be a bully, not you!  

  Okay, what about the bully who executes bullying behaviors for ego gratification? There is no such thing as a bully getting ego gratification by being a bully. For what benefits the ego is helping not harming or hurting others by for instance giving charity to the poor, mentoring children, saving animals, and so on and so forth. This is because the ego is a force of energy. It is not a material substance. Hence, what fulfills the ego – makes one feel good about oneself – is the reception of positive energy which can only occur if positive energy is given to others to make them feel good about themselves. The ego is nourished by love not hatred. The Bully Culture however circulates the myth that ego gratification is attainable by being a jerk because it has a vested interest in making people be cruel instead of kind to one another so that it can continue to exist.  


  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! When a drunkard beats up an innocent he says, “The alcohol made me do it”. But all the alcohol did was release his inhibitions so that he could feel free to reveal the butthole that he really is. So too with the bully! The bully unleashes his uncalled for hostility so that he can get away with it by masking it as humor. He insults people for no reason but charms people into not recognizing what a butthole he really is by saying “I was just kidding!” Jokes are supposed to be funny aren’t they? So what a real sense of humor does is have the smarts to be able to make everyone laugh by not making anyone cry. This is called being witty. The bully makes sick jokes at other peoples’ expense because he is stupid. The bully does not make jokes at his own expense because he does not like being made a fool of. Well, neither do other people!


  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! This myth claims that by nature the bully is a bully. In other words he is born with it! There is a difference between what is known as nature and what is known as nurture. One’s nature is one’s innate disposition. It cannot be changed. Neither can it be beaten, tortured, or tormented out of one. If one tries to change one’s nature one will engage in a perpetual civil war within oneself that one can never be victorious over. Some people are good-natured. They are kind to others not because they are looking for payoffs or kudos but due to a strong inner urge, like the natural urge one gets when one has to go to the bathroom, they are driven to be such. If one tries to deny a natural urge it will just keep coming back until it gets acknowledged, expressed, and released.  

  One’s nurture is an entirely different matter. For it pertains to one’s actions. A person can always learn to modify or change his behavior since it comes into being by way of external factors. We do things because we get something out of it. Thusly, an enactment is a manifestation of one’s moment–to-moment anticipated fulfillments. Actions can be good. People go to work so that they can make a living. By going to work they also produce a service to society. So even though their action to go to work is triggered off by a selfish motive to get paid, it also results in benefitting others. But in the case of the bully his actions are bad even though he disguises them as good since they generate lose-lose situations. Short term, the bully gets a payoff for doing them, which is why he does them. They satisfy his bullying addiction by allowing him to take his anger out on some innocent. Long term, not only are they at the expense of others, but they do not benefit the bully, either. Soon after the bully has lashed out his misplaced anger upon an innocent, his misdirected wrath comes back to him and it will continue to do so unless and until the bully returns the rage to the source – the one who caused the bully to feel mad. But because the Bully Culture tolerates bullying behavior by letting the bully get away with it, and exonerates bullying behavior by rewarding the bully with socio-economic status, the bully continues to perform this bad behavior because he is getting something out of it.  

  The Bully Culture makes excuses for bullying behavior because its leaders are bullies. The bully brigade will argue that a bully is a bully because of the bully’s upbringing. Since his parents are bullies he models their bullying behaviors. This is a fallacy. The child may grow up to be a bully, but he may also grow up to be a victim depending upon his inner disposition. A child with an inborn aggressive temperament will turn that anger outward and beat up on others thereby executing bullying behavior. But a child with an inborn passive temperament will turn that anger inward and beat up upon his self thereby executing victimized behavior. Both are modeling the bullying behaviors of their parents. The child does not like being treated the way in which his significant others treat him and so he either becomes a bully or he becomes a victim. However, the child also knows that others do not like being treated the way in which he treats them, so the child knows the difference between right and wrong. Hence, it is ultimately and absolutely up to that individual child by way of his naturally God given free will, whether or not he is going to do the right thing, or the wrong thing no matter how he has been raised. 

   Don’t believe me? Well then, have you ever seen a newborn infant with the face of a bully? How about the face of a victim? Your honest answer to that question will be “Of course not!” This is because by nature babies are INNOCENT having been pre-wired to know the difference between right and wrong.  Still don't believe me?  Then tell me this.   How is it that before children know about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees – sex – they already know that they are being sexually violated if a perpetrator molests them. I was sexually molested, myself once. When I was six years old my family often went to their friend’s house, Marv Gavant (the husband) and Mady Gavant (the wife) to play cards. I played with their son, Mitch Gavant. One night, when it was time to go home, Marv, instead of pecking me on the cheek, as usual, put his lips on my mouth and his tongue inside of my mouth and kissed me when my parents weren’t watching me. I instantly felt violated.  

  Every individual is born knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is programmed into our DNA code. The DNA helix, which looks like a spiraling ladder, is made up of a series of combinations of four amino acids known as genes. Some of these gene combinations make up the color of one’s eyes. Others give one the inclination to be impulsive. Still others give one’s intellect an aptitude for math. And some are composed of the moral and ethical universal principles of the cosmos – a handful of axioms that all of creation has been created out of. We are one of those creations. We believe these moral and ethical codes originate out of the stem cell, which appears to be the building block of our creation. The stem cell is present at the moment of our conception as a zygote – union between our father’s sperm and our mother’s egg. All other cells that make up the differentiating parts of our organism, our systems, organs, glands, tissues, muscles, bones, blood, etc., originate out of the stem cell. Hence, what is right makes us healthy and what is wrong makes us sick.  

  A bully appears to be devoid of any moral or ethical fiber. The reason does not rest solely upon the fact that another bully(s) initiated him into the bully role. The bully naturally knows the difference between what is right and what is wrong, otherwise he would not be capable of feeling his own pain! But foremost, as with all human beings, the bully has a driving need to be loved. Do to his acute observation that the only way to be loved is to make friends and influence people by being a rogue he CHOOSES to be an outlaw. He ignores humane morals and business ethics since he has been made to learn that the world in which he lives only pretends to value them. So they bully decides that if he is mean spirited enough he will fit in and get the goodies. But the bully learns the hard way that he is mistaken. Since he has chosen to be part of a world that only pretends to value morals and ethics, he does not get love at all, only a semblance of it. Thusly, the bully’s pursuit of love has led him to be hateful. For since the bully has sacrificed his genuine self in order to be a member of the “just don’t get caught” Bully Culture gang, he is never satisfied with what he has for all that is left of his miserable self is an empty shell of a person.  

  It is by nurture that babies LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE. But this means that they can UNLEARN it also. Let me give you myself as an example. I am the black sheep of my family. Neither one of my parents loved or even liked me of no fault of my own. My dad adored my older sister because she was the first born. My mom worshipped the ground that my younger brother walked upon because he was a boy. Hence, my sister and my brother were spoiled rotten. Never mind that my parents were struggling lower middle class working folk. I got the hand-me-downs. Anything and everything that went wrong in the family was my fault even though my sister’s and my brother’s bad behaviors were beyond my control. Aside from the neglect and abuse, I literally raised myself. I woulda, shoulda, coulda have grown up to be a monster. But although the world took over where my biological parents left off in treating me like crap for no cause thereby putting me through ten lifetimes worth of Dante’s Inferno, I decided that I did not wish to be a bully and no longer desired to be a victim. What I am telling you is that we all have FREE CHOICE so there is NO excuse to be a bully. NONE! I am living proof of that. So are you. Hey! Are you still there? I hope so. I learned to believe in me, so you can learn to believe in you!  

  Here is a little tidbit for you to digest. The Bully Culture brainwashes all of us to believe that LIFE IS ABOUT CHANGING YOUR SELF. For instance, if you are not a Pretty People you are supposed to strive to become one of these so called together people by for example getting a physical makeover, undergoing a personality overhaul and keeping up with the Kardashians also known as the Jones’s. Not so! LIFE IS ABOUT BEING YOUR SELF. For it is the natural thing to do. Let us Homo sapiens take a lesson from the animal kingdom. By nature animals are perfect. Animals look out for one another so that as a group their species can carry on. The Bully Culture is an abomination to God for it conditions people to beat up on other individual people thereby unavoidably bringing about the break down of human civilization as a whole. 

   When one only looks out for oneself, one gets greedy. Avarice is a social disease since it harbors a warped perception that one is a separate, independent entity from the rest of creation. The elite bully, who hoards the mineral, plant, animal, and human resources of the earth will gradually bring about the demise of the entire human species including themselves. Because the elite bully, who makes up a small percent of about 20% of the entire human populace, wants to own everything and everyone, the rest, of us, who make up the other 80% of the human population, will be forced to live in dire poverty until we all starve to death. When we are all gone, the fragment of elite bullies left will continue to activate their self destruct sequence thereby annihilating their own population over their fierce competition to obtain what remains of the devastated wasteland that they have made planet earth into as a result of their blind, deaf, and dumb belief that they are an island onto themselves. Hence by nurture the Bully Culture is imperfect. 

   Whether we like it or not we are all part of the Circle of Life, also known as the ecosystem, which is otherwise known as human civilization’s economy. This makes us interdependent creatures not independent creations. Each and every individual one of us has a necessary and unique gift that no one else can contribute to this world. God fashioned us in this way so that human kind can have the best chance to survive the ongoing natural selection process of evolution. So we must take care of each other as a group by taking care of one another as individuals if we wish to continue to exist as one of God’s creations.  


  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! We will examine the word denial in order to dissipate this myth. A person does something wrongful either on purpose because he does not care that he is doing anything wrong, or by accident since he does not know that he is doing anything wrong. Therefore, there is no such thing as denial. The bully not only pays attention to the improper thing that he is doing but he pre-mediates doing such inappropriate action. So correction, the bully is not in denial that he is a bully. The bully only pretends to be in denial that he is a bully.  

  If the bully were truly in denial that he is a bully, then whenever, wherever, and however he was told the truth, that indeed he is a bully, the bully woulda, shoulda, coulda NOT run away from the truth by...hanging up the phone on the caller, slamming the door in the reporter’s face, interrupting the speaker, attacking the messenger, hiding behind his minions, etc. Instead the bully woulda, shoulda, coulda have thoughts of bully reform by sincerely feeling remorseful for being a bully, and by stopping his bullying behaviors. In other words, if the bully were truly in denial that he is a bully then the moment he was alerted to the fact that he is a bully the bully would stop being a bully, instantly.  

  The Bully Culture intentionally and deliberately misconstrues the meaning of the word “denial” in order to cover up the truth that the bully knows he is a bully, so that we, the people, will not hold the bully accountable for his bullying behaviors and instead hold the victim responsible for the bully’s bullying behaviors.  


  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! This myth claims that people fulfill the bully’s every command just because the bully is a bully – knows how to intimidate or manipulate others. It is not what the bully says or does, or how the bully says or does it that gets people to do what the bully tells them to do. The bully is able to persuade others to do his bidding due to his having some sort of social leverage or financial clout over them. For instance, if the bully happens to be their boss, obviously, they don’t wish to jeopardize their jobs so they say, “Aye, Aye Sir!” And that is all! If you make reasonable requests of people and do so in a reasonable manner, that is all that is required of you. If they refuse to do what you ask for no reason it is because they are buttholes. You got that?

  The following real life scenarios illustrate how people clandestinely despise the bully:

  While I was at summer camp at breakfast one morning a bully started bossing me around. In a very rude tone of voice she told me to set the table, which was my job for that day. I stopped what I was doing, and politely and in a calm voice told her that she ought to say “please” and “thank you”. Suddenly, everyone in the dinning room within earshot of our conversation burst out into applause.  

  Everyone knew at summer camp that I was an excellent dancer. One evening a bully came over to me and privately informed me that I could join her dance group. But when I came to participate in the dance that she had choreographed, she publicly announced to everyone there that I could not join her dance group. Confused I reminded her that she had already told me that I was welcome to be part of her dance group, however, if she was changing her mind, then fine, I would leave. But when I started to walk away she told me to stay. I shrugged my shoulders and said “Okay.” then took my place on the dance floor. However, for the entire practice session she kept accusing me of doing the dance moves all wrong. I insisted that I was not. We began to argue back and forth. She then threatened that if I did not stop arguing with her I could not be in the dance group. So I stopped arguing with her. Nonetheless, she continued to falsely accuse me of doing the dance moves incorrectly. That night we performed her dance in front of the entire camp. After we finished, while we were still bowing on stage, one by one each and every member of our dance group, completely ignored her, but came over to me, gave me a hug, and whispered, “thank you”.  


  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! Did you know that the bully, like a heat sensing missile zeroes in on his target? Did you know that the bully like a predatory shark smells the blood of its vulnerable prey from miles away? This myth is so ridiculous and ludicrous it makes me laugh so hard that I wet my pants. The bully does not have superhuman strength or an uncanny sixth sense. Therefore, the bully does NOT know whom to victimize. That means that the bully has NO target selection process. The bully bullies others because the bully is addicted to bullying. So if you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – in the bully’s path – tag, you are it! 

   The bully is addicted to bullying because he is in a perpetual state of anger. The bully is angry because another bully bullied him for no cause. The bully misdirects his anger at innocent people in order to relieve himself of it. But doing so, only temporarily diffuses the bully’s anger. In order to permanently abate the anger, the bully must direct it at the source that caused it. But being the coward that the bully is, he refuses to confront the one who initiated his anger - another bully. And, the vicious malicious cycle of bullying addiction goes on. Thusly, it is the bully addiction itself, not the bully, that dictates how, when, where, what, who, and why the bully will strike. Since the bully is addicted to anger his only concern is to relieve himself of his madness, therefore, he does not care whether or not an innocent is a likely candidate for victimization. And so, the bully will pick on a complete stranger if that stranger just happens to be in the bully’s orbit.  

  There is one exception to this rule. The bully has to get away with being a bully. So, although, the bully targets who ever is CONVENIENT to, the bully has to target an individual whom the bully believes has less social clout and/or financial leverage than the bully does. Even with this rule of thumb however the bully does make mistakes. And when he does, the bully gets a sound physical beating and/or a can of verbal whoop butt, and most likely from the one who, “Walks softly but carries a big stick”.  


  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! The fans of the Bully Culture will argue that the bully is entitled to be a bully because the bully does have a valid bully target. The overall excuse that the bully uses to validate victimizing an innocent victim is that the victim is DIFFERENT. At first glance, being an iconoclast versus being a conformist may seem like a serious threat to our society that the enforcer bully is just trying to eradicate for the sake of us all. Let us take a prolonged look at this and see if this is really so, shall we?  

  Take the playground bully as a for instance. The playground bully picks on a child for not wearing the latest designer fashion. Plus the child’s hairstyle is out of vogue. Oh my! Well...perhaps she is too poor to afford to update her clothes and hair. But no one seems to be paying any attention to this legitimate detail. Instead, the bully starts picking on her for being poor, too. But what does poor have to do with being a non-conformist, especially when SOCIETY is made up of an upper rich, middle working, and lower poor socio-economic classes? Some poor victims get a monetary helping hand. A wannabe rescuer gives them a complete makeover and presto-chango the bully and the bully’s gang is now bosom buddies with the victim, and the victim becomes popular. Welcome to the Cinderella Story. Problem solved right? Nope!  

  Besides the fashion makeovers, other victims do not make it through the “in crowd” inspection for they have been declared so DIFFERENT that they have to undergo a personality overhaul. What I call a lobotomy. Now we get down to the “nitty-gritty”. Shakily let us ask ourselves, ‘Why is the child NOT fitting in?” Well, maybe the child does not want to fit in. Perhaps the child finds it more fascinating to read a book on astronomy or finds it more compelling to delve into the paranormal realm. Anyway, how is having a certain type of personality profile a CRIME against SOCIETY, especially when society is a cultural mix of so many different ethnic groups of peoples?

  Then, there are those adults who will condone playground bullying by saying, “Children are cruel by nature”. Notice that word nature? Correction...”Children are cruel by nurture!” So let’s put the blame where it belongs, which is upon the Bully Culture, not upon God.  

  So far, we have not been able to approve of the child bully’s behavior of victimizing innocent children simply for being DIFFERENT since being DIFFERENT is not jeopardizing our SOCIETY in any way.  

  However, being DIFFERENT appearance wise is a threat to...the BULLY CULTURE since not fitting into the status quo of fashion for instance hinders the CORPORATE ELITE BULLY’S clothing industry’s profits, especially if it is due to poverty. Poor people are PENO – public enemy number one – for they cannot afford to support the existence of the corporate elite bully’s business enterprises.  

  Being DIFFERENT personality wise is an even greater threat to the BULLY CULTURE since those misfits might defy the CORPORATE ELITE BULLY by growing up someday to do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do. Roger Boisjoly was such an individual. He was the engineer who warned NASA not to send the Challenger up into outer space due to faulty O rings.  But NASA ignored his warnings, which resulted in the unnecessary deaths of seven astronauts. After that, the BULLY CULTURE, “blamed the victim”, the whistle blower – Roger Boisjoly.   He was ostracised by his colleagues at Morton Thiokol for doing his job. Then, the entire aerospace industry blacklisted Roger Boisjoly by declaring that he, “is not a team player.”

If the reader is interested in viewing the Internet article on Roger Boisjoly then please go to hyperlink Roger Boisjoly Wikipedia at

  Children who are DIFFERENT in some way are a major potential threat to the Bully Culture establishment since the GDI – God Darned Individual –might sabotage the Bully Culture regime by growing up to be a hero/heroine who speaks out against society's BULL CRAP.  So, it is very important for the ELITE BULLY to nip such nuisances in the bud while they are a mere child. Let us then, unleash the playground bully child upon the innocent child victim so that our beloved children can grow up to be suicidal and homicidal statistics.  

  The elite bully’s reply to making suicide and homicide statistics out of our beloved children, thanks to the Bully Culture, is to dodge the bullet by declaring, “Well, that is just the way that it is.” Let’s shoot it down with, “Well, it does not have to be that way.”


  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! A bully becomes a bully because another bully bullied him. Hence, the bully is a victim of bullying. Having been victimized by bullying the bully feels unloved, thinks he is unlovable, and experiences being deprived of love in some way. Lack of love creates a vacuum within the self. It is nature’s way to re-establish balance wherein there is imbalance. Thusly, being a natural organism, the bully strives to regain his loss of love by doing to others what others have done to him – being a bully.  

  There are four main love deprivations that the bully can experience. One is neglect. Two is abuse. Three is overindulgence. Four is exploitation. If the bully has been neglected he will use his primal urge in an intimidating manner to fill his inner void by humiliating and ostracizing others. If the bully has been abused he will use his primal urge in an aggressive manner to fill his inner void by destroying others – vandalizing their property, beating them up physically, berating them psychologically. If the bully has been overindulged he will use his primal urge in a manipulative manner to fill his inner void by lording what he has over others – stealing from others, lying to others. 

   The exploited bully does not feel like his life is his own, because a bigger bully has overshadowed his life. So the bully attempts to regain his loss of love by resigning himself to living up to the image of the bigger bully. The bigger bully may be his father who demands that he become a football champ whether or not the father ever was one, and whether or not the son desires to be one. Or the bigger bully may be her mother who demands that she become the cheerleader star whether or not the mother ever was one, or whether or not the daughter wishes to be one. And so, the bully’s parents live vicariously through their own children who have sacrificed their lives in order for them to do so.  


  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! There are no adult bully(s), right? Wrong! A bully is made not born. Bullying is a STAGE not an AGE. Bullying commences with the child bully – the playground bully; continues into adolescence as the jerkoholic – society’s bully; carries on through college graduation as the enforcer bully – the counselor, the teacher, the lawyer, the police, etc.; ferments into the adult members of the community as the clergy bully of the religions of the earth; mutates into the middle aged successful business enterprising corporate elite bully; and culminates into the elderly oil tycoon as one example of the elite bully.  

  We live in a Bully Culture – a society that tolerates and exonerates bullying. Thusly, the bully will remain a bully for as long as his bullying behaviors pay off. Once in a while, the bully has an acute attack of conscience and stops being a bully. But that is the rare exception not the rule. Bullying is contagious. Over the last half of a century, the bully has mushroomed from being a social outcast living on the fringes of society with his little band of wannabe outlaw marauders into a full blown worldwide bullying epidemic. We now live in an insane asylum full of immature sickos whose steward is none other than the bully. So unless and until we unite as a movement against bullying, with each passing generation, more and more people will become...the bully.  


  ALL TOGETHER SAY BULLCRAP!!! Don’t we wish that were true! But, we know that it is false for society has been taken over by the Bully Culture and society is in the throes of a bullying epidemic.  

  One way the Bully Culture reinforces bullying is by making lame excuses for the bully so that the bully can get away with being a bully. Have you ever heard of or seen a bully get help for the bully’s bullying addiction? We haven’t. 

   Another way the Bully Culture reinforces bullying is by blaming the victim for why bullying goes on. The victim must change for example by getting a body makeover, or personality overhaul, or by taking medication for his so called social affliction, social anxiety and/or depression. This does not work since the bully is a bully because he chooses to be a bully. 

   Yet another way the Bully Culture reinforces bullying is by making it the victim’s job to figure out how to stop bullying. It does this by for instance, instructing the victim on how to be assertive. But assertive training only works on people who care. The only thing the bully cares about is his own pain, not yours. In order to stop bullying the victim has to give the bully back the bully’s own medicine – make the bully feel his own pain. 

   Yet another way the Bully Culture reinforces bullying is by making it the bystander's job to secretly befriend the victim when they are all alone. But not to rescue the victim from the bully when they are in a crowd.  If the bully does not get challenged by the people the bullying will continue to go on.

   Yet another way the Bully Culture reinforces bullying is by bullying the bully out of being a bully. That’s like trying to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on it. Stop the tough love. It’s not working!  

  Society has to train counselors to stop treating the symptom and start curing bullying at its root by a) helping the bully acknowledge that he is a bully because he has been bullied and b) helping the bully to realize that the only why he is going to overcome being a bully is by venting his negative emotions about being bullied on the one who caused them – the guilty bully, instead of taking them out on those who did not cause them – innocent victims. Otherwise, the bully’s bad feelings will never ever go away. Instead they will only temporarily subside only to resurface with a vengeance. 

   Aside from grooming helpers to deal with the bully mentality of the Bully Culture, society, in general, must come together to eradicate bullying from its midst. For even if the bully does get guidance for his bully affliction, the bully will relapse back into his bullying ways, just like a once upon a time alcoholic who stumbled upon a cellar full of tempting alcoholic beverages, if the Bully Culture is permitted to continue to exist. The reformed alcoholic stays away from liquor and so too must the reformed bully by being able to avoid having to live within a Bully Culture. At the same token, society has to encourage bully reform by rewarding the bully with financial and social status for the anti-bullying behaviors that he/she executes.  

  At this point I want to make it perfectly clear that I am NOT advocating the doing away with the bully PERSON. What I am advocating is the doing away with the bullying BEHAVIOR.


  WHAT A LOAD OF BULLCRAP!!! The bully’s ego bruises, flesh bleeds, and bones break...just like the rest of us. What kryptonite is to Superman the truth is to the bully. The truth sets the victim free because it stings like salt upon an open wound since it cleanses it in order to promote the wound’s healing. However, the truth acts like a tightening tourniquet around the bully’s neck for the bully’s wound can never heal since the bully refuses to accept that he has a wound. Confront the bully with the truth and you neutralize the bully. Remember the wicked witch of the west on the Wizard of Oz? Water melted her! Truth dissolves the bully’s resolve like acid eating away at rotten debris. The truth threatens the bully’s existence more than anything and everything else can. This is due to the fact that the bully’s entire life is built upon lies. The bully hides behind falsehood in order to shield himself from his own cowardice. 

   The truth upsets the bully so much so that if you confront the bully with the truth, the bully will go into denial...make lame excuses...change the topic of its your sarcastic towards you...mock you...insult you...threaten you...attack you...demand that you leave...flee from you... libel and/or slander you... etc., ad naseum. Today’s current trend is for the bully to pretend that it does not bother him by putting on a poker face, a blank shocked stare, or, get ready to listen to the sound of crickets chirping while his tongue gets petrified into dead silence. The bully will constrain his body language to hide the dents you are putting into his flimsy armor. But it won’t be long before the accumulated affect of the truth blows a crack wide open through his pretentious impenetrable veneer. With a little bit of persistence, you will hit pay dirt. Like one who inhales for too long, here comes the desperate exhale to let you know just how UPSET the bully really is. If the truth did not upset the bully, after you confronted the bully with the truth, the bully woulda, shoulda, coulda offer you a prompt and sincere apology for bullying you and never ever bully you again.  

  The following is a real life scenario illustrating what a world-class mega wimp the bully really is:

  I was minding my own business having a telephone conversation on a pay phone one day when a couple whom I did not even know walked by me and the female started mockingly mimicking what I was saying. Incensed with her unbridled arrogant rudeness I hung up the phone and screamed at her, “Hey low life. Get a life!” Turning around both the female and male looked at me in shock and quickly walked away. Later that same day, while I was walking up the street I happened to see the same couple hanging out with a crowd of people. Although, I paid no attention to them, and I was all alone, they were so scared of me that, as soon as they saw me, the crowd of about twenty people that they were hanging around with literally made a human cocoon around them as they all crossed a side street while heading in my direction. This made all of them look like a swarm of bees that had congregated into the shape of a hive with the couple in the center of it. I was completely flabbergasted! I had never seen anything like it before and I have never seen anything like it after in all of my life.  



Kain the reaper –
stock of darkness –
unbearable son.
Farmer of the soil –
wheat gets strained.
But what sacrifice did you maim
against the sickle’s curve?

For your envious satisfaction
you appointed yourself to action.

Sugarless Kain –
killer of kindness.
Brotherless Kain
breathlessly slew
by name and by tool.
But the sickle has also slain
your long, pointed finger
at brother’s grave.

By Elana Laham © 2013



   A code of silence refers to the unspoken and the unwritten rules of social conduct of the Bully Culture. The elite bully imposes codes of silence on people in order to reinforce and perpetuate the Bully Culture’s dysfunctional social roles of victim, bully, and bystander by making the victim believe that the victim is to blame for being a social outcast of so-called society; by making the bully believe that as long as the bully enforces the Bully Culture establishment the bully will attain elite bully status; and by making the bystander believe that as long as the bystander conforms to the Bully Culture regime the bystander will retain socioeconomic immunity.


   The purpose of the code of silence is to keep the victim in the victim role by preventing the victim from knowing WHY the victim is being bullied and by blaming the victim for being a victim of bullying. 

  The bully will target only one individual at any given time in any given place for bullying to make it appear that one lone victim is being SINGLED out for bullying. This makes the victim think and feel that he is ALONE in the world. Therefore, since he is the only one being bullied he must be causing the bullying. Thereby, there must be something innately wrong with him. The victim then mistakenly makes the effort to figure out what that something is that attracts the bully to him like a magnet.

  The bully’s code of silence is to stop the victim from figuring out why the victim is being bullied by jumping upon the victim’s band wagon as the great guru of the victim nation by disguising himself as the “Know it all” expert on victim hood. The bully does this so that the bully can pretend to be helping the victim free himself from the victim role. When the bully is doing the very opposite by reiterating the message to the victim, that the victim is to blame for being a victim of bullying. One example of this is the bully therapist’s relationship to the victim patient. [See the Bullcrap Busters segment under the section entitled “Myths About Victims” for further details].

   Another way in which the bully enacts the code of silence against the victim is by stringing the victim along with all sorts of LAME EXCUSES as to why the victim deserves to be a bully target. The bully will attack anybody whom the bully observes as being a little bit DIFFERENT than the rest of society. The bully targets this or that INDIVIDUAL at any given time in any given place for bullying to make it seem as if the victim is at fault for being bullied so that the bully can go on being a bully. 

   The bystander’s code of silence keeps the victim in the victim role by saying or doing nothing to help the victim escape the bullying or by siding with the bully that the victim is to blame for being bullied, or by joining in with the bully to victimize the victim with bullying. 

  The answer to the question of WHY any one particular victim is a specified bully target is that HATE does NOT have a reason. 

  Being different is NOT a reason to get offensive with another human being. The only time and place that any person has a right to harm or hurt others is if one is defending one’s self. Many people have told me in my life, “You must be a threat to that bully in some way” whenever and wherever I vocalized a legitimate grievance about being bullied. But I had done nothing whatsoever to provoke the bully into bullying me. In addition, being different is NOT the reason why the bully attacks the victim. I mostly get bullied by strangers - people who do not even know me nor I them so they haven’t a clue as to how I am different. Yet they bully me anyway.  

  The reason why the bully is a bully is because another bully bullied him and the bully is too much of a coward to confront the bully who bullied him. So, the bully misdirects his rage at having been a victim of bullying, himself, by starting fights with individuals who have nothing whatsoever to do with the bully’s anger. Unless and until the bully returns his madness to its source of origin – the bully(s) who bullied him – the bully’s wrath will only temporarily be abated whenever and wherever he takes it out on some innocent. Therefore, as long as the bully takes his misplaced hostility out on an innocent victim, the bully’s resentment will continue to come back and with a vengeance, permanently. Being the coward that the bully is, he chooses to temporarily versus permanently relieve himself of his bully affliction by being a perpetrator. 

  Thus, the bully is ADDICTED to bullying. Because the bully is a bully, the bully has to have a BULLY TARGET. So, when the bully’s target is no longer available, the bully seeks another bully target and another and another ad infinitum in order to momentarily relieve his self from his own unresolved pain. Hence, the victim is not the only victim being bullied by any means. Bullying has become a worldwide epidemic, so there must be a hell of a lot of victims out there! The bully has honed his craft of being a superb intimidator and manipulator by getting lots of practice by being able to victimize lots of victims.  

  The bully’s target is RANDOM and CONVENIENT. All that it takes for any person to be a target of bullying is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You are in the bully’s path so you get bullied just like the house that is in a tornado’s path gets blown away. The tornado does not say, “Gee which house shall I blow apart today? I am going to take that one down. I don’t like its orange color.” The twister is too busy blowing out of control with a raging wind. So too with the bully! His emotions are out of control. The bully is in what I call, “Hyper diaper sensitivity” mode. Due to his unresolved anger, the bully overreacts to everything and everyone. No matter how large or small a matter it upsets the bully. And the bully does not let go of anything, not even the slightest perceived hurts. There is a lot of unresolved pain out there, thanks to the Bully Culture. That means that, at any given time in any given place the odds are that the victim is going to be a bully target. 

  Being that the bully is addicted to bullying, there is only one criterion for zeroing in on a bully target. The bully’s primary objective is to get away with being a bully. If the bully gets caught bullying, he will no longer be able to support his bully addiction. So the bully never harasses anyone whom the bully perceives has more social clout and/or financial leverage than the bully. 

  What the Bully Culture hopes that the victim will believe is that the victim is a “LOSER” in order to give the impression that there is a legitimate reason why the victim is being targeted for bullying. The Bully Culture cannot continue to carry on without its “loser”. Because he can’t or won’t follow the dictates of the Bully Culture’s materialistic value system, the victim is regarded as a threat to the profit making business enterprises of the corporate elite bully and to the elite bully’s obsessive compulsive agenda to own everything and everyone. And so, the elite bully relegates the victim to subhuman status in order to divert the populace away from realizing that the elite bully is neurotically crazy and his Bully Culture is psychotically insane.  

  The victim of bullying is not a “loser” like the Bully Culture hopes that you will believe. The so-called winners – the elite bully are. For the elite bully are prisoners of their own Bully Culture. How? The elite bully are not only addicted to bullying; they are addicted to greed. Therefore, they are everlastingly miserable. For no matter how much they have they are never, ever satisfied. Instead they always have one squinted, miserly eye focused on the one who has more than they do. The multimillionaire elite bully desires to be a billionaire elite bully who wishes to be a multibillionaire elite bully who hopes to be a zillionaire elite bully and so on and so forth to the “nth” degree of ZEROS in mathematics. Now if that isn’t being a loser, I don’t know what is! Cupidity, which by the way rhymes with stupidity, is destroying our planet by exploiting its pristine paradises into polluted wastelands; by endangering the earth’s wild life; and by threatening to make humanity extinct. Hey, guess what? The elite bully has to live on planet earth, too! So, how fun is it to wreck havoc upon their own home? No amount of money can rectify what is already lost. Greed controls everything and everyone including those who wield it. Therefore, the Bully Culture is a lose-lose scenario for us ALL.  

  The oppressive Bully Culture has resurrected itself over and over and over again throughout every kind of governmental “ism” in order to physically and/or psychologically enslave the masses by insisting that we either play the “enforcer” bully role, the “get out of harm’s and/or hurt’s way” bystander/onlooker role, or the “scapegoat” victim role. Yet, it is society’s outcast one – the victim – who waves the red warning flag that our society is seriously flawed and thereby headed for its own demise. We may blame the victim for being a victim of bullying, but it is really ALL of us who are victims of the Bully Culture. It sorely needs to be overthrown. Do you long for stable prosperity instead of fickle affluence? How about overt freedom instead of covert slavery? The only way you have any hope of getting it is if you kick the Bully Culture to the curb. And, you will have to be relentlessly vigilant at keeping the Bully Culture virus at bay by indefinitely, generation after generation after generation, raising your offspring to abide by the moral and ethical codes of conduct of the natural order of things by remembering what it longs to forget, how the Bully Culture is what destroys human society. Otherwise the Bully Culture will resurrect itself over and over and over again continuing the never ending cycle of the rise and fall of empires until their are no more empires left forcing history to repeat itself until their is no more history left to repeat.  

  On rare occasions, the Martin Luther King Juniors of this world slip through the cracks of the Bully Culture’s wheel of cognition. And, Heavens to Mergatroid does the Bully Culture make them pay for it! They have to sacrifice their own lives in order to save our lives. The Bully Culture deems them zeroes, but many people call them heroes and follow them. For although the Bully Culture relentlessly brainwashes all of us to forget that we are human beings, we cannot, for our own flesh reminds us that our humanity is innately programmed within us. The priceless question you have to ask yourself is, are you willing to go on treating yourself and others like crap for no reason, and your planetary home like a garbage can for no cause so that only approximately twenty percent of the entire human global population (about ten percent for the corporate elite bully and about ten percent for the ruling elite bully) can hoard it all by taking away from all of us whatever they desire whenever and wherever they wish and yet never ever be satisfied? Or are you willing to stand up today as an individual to unite tomorrow as a group to protest the economic chaos and rebel against the social disorder that the sick Bully Culture has brought upon society? What WOULD happen if we did away with the victim, the bully, and the bystander role? Instead of mistreating each other for NO thing, we COULD treat one another with dignity and respect. Instead of being unhappy accumulating junk in order to flaunt a pretentious self-image, we SHOULD spend our time, energy, and money nurturing our self esteem by having meaningful relationships with other people and enjoying their company so that we can be happy the way that we were meant to be.  

  If we stop perpetuating the Bully Culture by keeping the dirty little lying secret that we are all LOSERS although we took Thomas Edison’s formula for genius – 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration –seriously, we can break the CODE OF SILENCE by admitting that we are not FAILURES. We are simply CASUALTIES in the WAR against humanity that the elite bully has waged against us all with the Bully Culture. The Oscar Meyer Weiner commercial sums it all up. It zooms in on a group of kids in a music band who are singing, “Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner. That is what I’d truly like to be. ‘Cause if I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner everyone would be in love with me.” Except for one kid who gets ostracized from the rest of the group for he sings, “Oh, I’m glad I’m not an Oscar Meyer Weiner. That is what I’d never want to be. ‘Cause if I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner there would soon be nothing left of me.”  


   The bully’s code of silence keeps the bully in the bully role by deceiving others into believing that the bully is UNBREAKABLE, UNTOUCHABLE, and UNSTOPPABLE.  

   The bully’s FLESH BLEEDS, BONES BREAK, and EGO GETS BRUISED just like the rest of us for he too is a victim. The bully is a bully because another bully bullied him. But the bully is too much of a coward to confront the bully who bullied him so he takes his hostility at being victimized by bullying out on innocent others whom he believes either can’t or won’t fight back. How tough is that?

   The bully appears to be unbreakable by pretending that nothing bothers him. But everything bothers the bully. Otherwise the bully woulda, shoulda, coulda not be bullying others. The bully pretends that IT does not bother him by putting on a poker face, a blank shocked stare, or the sound of crickets chirping while his tongue goes into dead silence. The bully will constrain his body language to hide the dents you are putting into his flimsy armor. But it won’t be long before the accumulated distress of the truth really blows a crack wide open through his pretentiously impenetrable veneer. With a little bit of persistence, you will hit pay dirt. Like one who inhales for too long, here comes the desperate exhale to let you know just how UPSET the bully actually is.

   The bully seems to be untouchable for he tends to have social clout and financial leverage over others. The bully will not rise up to be a bully unless and until he has the social influence – people resources and financial affluence – mineral, plant and animal resources to dominate others by relying upon his resources to get others to do his dirty work for him for he does not have the courage, strength, or stamina to fight his own battles. Too terrified to finish the fights that he starts, the bully retreats and hides behind a crowd of people who protect his pathetic, pitiful, sorry butt. Too petrified to deal with the chance that those whom the bully has victimized will one day retaliate against the bully, the bully is always looking over his shoulder freaking out over his own shadow. Too mortified to fight fair, the bully throws sucker punches, delivers blows below the belt, gangs up many on one, lets others do his fighting for him, gossip mouths behind peoples’ backs rather than in front of their faces, and picks fights with those who are smaller in physical, social, or financial stature than he is. To horrified to deal with the prospect that he might have to endure for even one day what he puts the victim through twenty four hours, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year for a lifetime, the bully works very hard at not getting caught for being a bully.  

  The bully looks like he is unstoppable. But what kryptonite is to Superman the truth is to the bully. The truth sets the victim free because although it stings like salt upon an open wound, since it cleanses it, it promotes the wound’s healing. However, the truth acts like a tightening tourniquet around the bully’s neck since the bully’s wound can never heal because the bully refuses to accept that he has a wound. Confront the bully with the truth and you neutralize the bully. Remember the wicked witch of the west on the Wizard of Oz? Water melted her. Truth dissolves the bully’s resolve like acid eating away at rotten debris. The truth threatens the bully’s existence more than anything and everything else can. This is due to the fact that the bully’s entire life is built upon lies. The bully hides behind falsehood in order to shield himself from his own cowardice. The truth upsets the bully so much so that if you confront the bully with the truth, the bully will go into denial...make lame excuses...change the topic of its your sarcastic towards you...mock you...insult you...threaten you...attack you...demand that you leave...flee from you... libel and/or slander you...etc., ad naseum. If the truth did not upset the bully, after you confronted the bully with the truth, the bully woulda, shoulda, coulda offer you a prompt and sincere apology for bullying you and never ever bully you again. How often does that happen? Since the world class mega wimp runs away from the truth because he is running away from himself, if just a fragment of the human population stopped putting up with bullying by confronting the wannabe elitist bully with the truth, the wannabe elitist bully will be history. 

  All of the above prerequisites make the bully a world class mega wimp,who is a mindless, heartless, spineless wannabe elitist bully that is foolish enough to believe that if he plays the enforcer bully role for the Bully Culture he will win elite bully status. What the wannabe elitist bully refuses to realize is that he will never ever be more than a mere pawn reinforcing the Bully Culture for the elite bully. The elite bully rarely enters our world and we are forbidden to infiltrate every sector of our society as the enforcer bully. To the detriment of us all! This means that we will have to have contact with the elitist bully everyday of our lives by way of the wannabe elitist bully. The wannabe elitist bully is the cog in the Bully Culture mechanism that relentlessly corrodes away society’s status quo until we all find ourselves wading in the cesspool that I refer to as the Bully Culture’s “Junk Culture” – trashy entertainment, poisoned food, cheap housing, meaningless jobs, dysfunctional interpersonal relationships, etc. Result: the mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying flunky wannabe elitist bully takes over society and wrecks havoc on human civilization causing it to gradually economically crumble and eventually socially collapse like a house of cards in front of a child’s breath. 


  The bystander’s code of silence keeps the bystander in the bystander role by reassuring the bystander that he has socio-economic immunity.  

  The bystander believes that as long as he plays the role of CONFORMIST - conformed ass - he will have everlasting social clout and financial leverage within the Bully Culture. But he is mistaken. Having a totally indifferent attitude towards the victim, the bystander sets himself up to be next in line as a victim of bullying.  

  The word ignorant comes from the root word “to ignore”. The bystander’s code of silence teaches the bystander to ignore bullying by refusing to rescue the victim from the bully. Yet at the same token it teaches the onlooker to ignore bullying by joining in with the bully to harm and/or hurt the victim.  

  Most bystanders know that a Bully Culture exists within the midst of human society. They just won’t admit it. For those who dare to share their anti-bully views, they are regarded as pathetic, pitiful weaklings to be beaten up and/or verbally attacked by the bully while being labeled “the wimpy victim”. In order to avoid such a fate, the bystander, “shuts up and sucks it up”. The bystander pretends that he has no worries. The bystander pretends that he is happy. The bystander pretends that he is a well-adjusted individual. The bystander is unwilling to help others and only willing to help himself. But none of us are all right living in a Bully Culture since it perpetuates a highly dysfunctional social disorder.  

  By Divine design all of the Creator’s creations are part of a circle of life. What this means is that all of the earth’s wildlife are part of what is called an ecosystem. They are interdependent upon one another for each other’s survival. Human life is part of what is known as a socioeconomic society. So, we are interdependent upon other humans for our existence. Such is the natural order of things. It is an axiom of the universe, which is a fixed cosmic principle. There is nothing that we can do to alter it no matter how much social influence or economic affluence we possess. Thusly, we have two choices if we wish to remain alive. We can be members of human civilization, or we can be members of the wild kingdom. But either way we will either be dependent upon other people or dependent upon the mineral, plant, and animal kingdom for our lives. Got that?

  That being said, we have two choices that we may exercise with our free choice. We can choose to look upon ourselves in the negative sense as being vulnerable creatures and shun it thereby destroying ourselves as a species. Or, we can choose to take the positive perspective that we are interdependent beings and thereby ensure the continuation of human kind. If we choose the latter, we will have to embrace the fact that no matter how much or how little any one of us has, we ALL want and need love. Well, we are not going to get it as long as we abide by the Bully Culture’s codes of silence. Instead, what we are gong to get is a semblance of love with strings attached to it. 

  What this means is that, we will get a fake imitation of love if we are willing to be devoted to genuine hatred cloaked as indifference towards others. Ironically, that means, that the bystanders’ code of silence renders the bystander, the bully, and the victim lone rangers thereby making all people victims of the Bully Culture. If we the people refuse to disclose what is really going on with ourselves and one another, and are not willing to help each other out, then we will ALL come to actually harbor the belief that we are the only one in the whole world that not only thinks and feels and acts the way that we do, but that goes through the types of trials and kinds of tribulations that the Bully Culture thrusts upon us. 

   Such self-imposed isolation not only serves to accentuate our vulnerability, it fragments us as a people as well. Hence, the bully, the victim, and the bystander population who refuse to acknowledge that they are vulnerable become the elite bully’s divided and conquered nation. Such makes us all into one pathetic, pitiful bully target to be exploited by yours truly, the elite bully. So whether or not the bystander likes it, as long as the bystander chooses to be ignorant, the bystander, the bully, and the victim will be poor, sick, and lonely prisoners of the Bully Culture’s insane asylum.

  The following is the reason why:

  The bystander’s code of silence is to stand by and watch the bullying without saying or doing anything to help the victim escape the bullying or to join in with the bully in bullying the victim for the simple reason that the bystander mistakenly believes that if he gets out of the way of the bullying or sides with the bully he will not become a bully target. But as long as the bystander refuses to help stop the bullying, more and more people are going to become a bully. Bystanders have already turned bully by committing genocide against victims by joining in with the bully who commits homicide against victims. Victims have already turned bully by committing suicide by bullying them selves to death and homicide by bullying others to death. 

   LIKE A VIRUS THE BULLY’S BULLYING IS CONTAGIOUS. THAT IS WHY SOCIETY IS IN THE THROES OF A WORLDWIDE BULLY EPIDEMIC. The more bully(s) there are in the world the more victims there will have to be in order to support the bully addict. It follows the simple economic rule of SUPPLY and DEMAND. When the demand for victims exceeds the supply of victims available the victim pool will dry up. Then, beware bystander for you will be the bully’s next target. Since the bystander chooses to be part of the problem instead of being part of the solution to bullying, he will become a bully target and his so called social status and financial security will be removed from him by the biggest bully of all, the elitist bully. This is what is happening today in the United States of America. More and more once upon a time gainfully employed American citizens are becoming homeless due to  the globalization and outsourcing of their jobs.

  During World War II twelve million people were gassed to death in Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany Concentration War Camps. During that era, a man named, Martin Niemoller, who was a Protestant pastor and social activist who lived in Nazi Germany said, “When the Nazis came for the Communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist. When the Nazi’s came for the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat. When the Nazis came for the trade unionists, I remained silent; I was not a trade unionist. When the Nazis came for the Jews, I remained silent; I was not a Jew. When the Nazis came for me, there was no one left to speak out.” Bystander, are you willing to repeat history? Or are you going to make a better choice?  



  In every era the elite bully launches a new gimmick, which is the same old agenda of achieving world domination by enslaving the masses. And in every instance wherein we regular folk make the choice to CONFORM to the elite bully’s master game – the Bully Culture – the elite bully’s “business as usual” scheme of ultimate and absolute dominion over everyone and everything becomes more and more and more of a reality. The elite bully works relentlessly – 24/7/365 – generation after generation after generation brainwashing us from the moment that we come out of the womb until the moment that we go into the tomb to go along with the elite bully’s Bully Culture. This is why most of us do not even know that the Bully Culture exists let alone that it is a plague to society. The elite bully’s new gimmick is...drum roll please...Globalization and Outsourcing  

  Although outsourcing and globalization may seem to be new vocabulary terms, they originated about a century ago in the United States when small family businesses opened up their shops and hung out their shingles on American streets. Because they appreciated their workers and their patrons they gradually grew into moderately sized national companies that spanned America from coast to coast. If the economy had something to say about it, business growth rates woulda, shoulda, coulda reflect how well business entities continued to support the communities that supported them – the workers who sold their commodities and the patrons who bought them. But there were those companies who turned bully by transgressing the universal code of business ethics whose foundation is established upon the trust between the business – proprietor, and the business’s partner – the worker and the patron. What followed was the corruption of business practices through the business bully’s exploitation of its workforce and customer base. As the business bully’s profits continued to increase and their enterprises continued to expand they morphed into large corporations that dotted the map of the United States. The business bully accomplished this feat by using their growing political presence to get the United States Government to grant them monetary stipends – money that came from their own workers’ and own patrons’ tax dollars.  

  When a business flourishes by siphoning government funding versus sustaining its workforce and maintaining its customer base, it threatens to capsize the socioeconomic equilibrium of the country of its origin. The elite bully has become so big that it is closing up shop here in the United States. It is abandoning the American working middle class by staging layoffs of both blue collared skilled laborers and white collared educated workers so that it can spread its brand of commercialism worldwide in order to reap THE “EVER” HIGHER PROFIT FOR THE “EVER” LOWER COST. The big business bully has taken its business enterprises to foreign countries that still have their natural resources intact whose governments, for a price, are willing to exploit their own naive native citizens as hired hands for lower wages than what was being earned in the United States. Meanwhile, the big business elite bully continues to raid the United State’s Treasury in order to expand their business enterprises into international conglomerates. Hence, the elite bully resumes its “business as usual” persona by distributing its junk to the highest bidder on the worldwide consumer market.  

  The elite bully otherwise known as the big business bully owns companies that span the world. But most people are not boycotting the elite bully who is globalizing and outsourcing American jobs due to the Bully Culture’s programming that for instance jobless people don’t like to work. Notice the ever increasing able bodies of males and females standing on street corners holding up cardboard signs that read, “Homeless. Please help. Want work. Need pay.” It is in your best interest to because the Bully Culture has a vested interest in making you believe that homeless people are just lazy and stupid good for nothings. All they have to do is believe in the American dream, “The pursuit of happiness” and they will be fine. But since we live in a junk culture, thanks to yours truly the Bully Culture, the American dream is swiftly mutating into, “The pursuit of crappiness”. People cannot work when their jobs have disappeared. What most people ought to be doing is paying attention to the fact that America’s homeless were once also gainfully employed members of society. Enough money can purchase a home, a mansion, a castle, an island and so on and so forth. It can also buy a military force, a political party, a justice system, and even a country. 

  The elite bully now owns America lock, stock, and barrel. The elite bully does not believe that he has to respect people just because they happen to be people. So, he mistreats the American worker and the American patron for the American workforce and customer base is no longer a necessary factor in determining whether or not the elite bully will continue to make a livelihood. To put it another way, the elite bully is now, on the one hand, kicking American butt while at the same token, on the other hand, it is licking the butt of foreign nations that are willing to endorse the elite bully’s corrupt business practices in their countries. Where does that leave us American workers and patrons? The once upon a time gainfully employed American consumer is being deserted to confront the very real prospect of having to eke out a living in dire poverty in the nation that was once upon a time known as, “the land of opportunity”. If the elite bully continues to globalize American companies and outsource American jobs, the resulting forecast will be the disappearance of the American working middle class. Without a working middle class, which is the golden mean that keeps our economy from going into dangerous extremes, the American economy is going to polarize into approximately twenty percent of the once upon a time middle working class joining the ranks of the upper, well to do, enfranchised class, and approximately eighty percent of the once upon a time middle working class belonging to the lower, impoverished, disenfranchised class. America, once the richest country in the world, is teeter tottering toward the brink of collapse.  

  The elite bully is ruining our lives by running our lives. So how is it, that the elite bully is able to erect a Bully Culture within the midst of our society with our permission? The elite bully does this by taking away our freedom by doing away with our human rights so that we do not unite against the elite bully’s brand of elitism. Yet, the elite bully does this in is such a way as to make us all believe that we do have freedom by giving us the liberty to fight amongst ourselves. We are permitted to fiercely compete with each other versus loyally cooperate with one another over the GOODIES that this world has to offer us. Hence, the only autonomy we end up having is the opportunity to strive for economic affluence and social influence within our society by bullying each other and one another. The elite bully will carry on by claiming that we all live in a democratic society. America is a democratic society. But the Bully Culture within its midst is a pseudo democracy that is throwing away the American flag. America’s laws were beautifully founded upon the premise that we are all equal. If we really lived in a democracy no one woulda, shoulda, coulda be compelled to buy material things in order to be regarded as socially acceptable. Rather, every member in society woulda, shoulda, coulda treat every other member in society with the consideration that all people deserve for the simple reason that we are all human beings.  

  Globalization and outsourcing allows the elite bully to believe that he can afford to treat HIS WORKERS LIKE GARBAGE, HIS PATRONS LIKE TRASH AND OUR PLANETARY HOME LIKE CRAP. This is due to the fact, that the elite bully’s overall solution to his problem of how to stay in business is to sustain his workforce by outsourcing his jobs to overseas, and to maintain his customer base by globalizing his business enterprises. The elite bully uses globalization and outsourcing to ram his big business bully butt into nature’s economic brick wall. Doing so will extend the period of time the natural order of things will permit him to get away with exploiting his workers and patrons for monetary profit. However, the best he will be able to do is replace his labor force and customer base by relocating his business operations to foreign lands. Afterwards, what goes up must come down. Spinning wheels spin around. There are only so many countries to go around before the merry-go-round stops, thereby forcing the global consumer market to undergo stagnation just as it is presently doing in America. When it does, once again, the big business bully will have to face what is happening in America to the wannabe big business bully – self-annihilation – by way of a shrinking consumer market as a result of the wannabe-big-business bully’s uninhibited greed. 

  Today’s modern version of brainwashing the populace to go along with the elite bully’s self serving ends is to make us believe that we want and need excessive materialism. But the price tag that goes along with it is the Bully Culture establishment. The bad news about the modern day Bully Culture regime, which sets it apart from its previous incarnations, is that, if it is given the sanction to continue on, it will initiate human civilization’s self destruct sequence. We can get a glimpse of this coming attraction by reviewing history’s old re-runs. Every empire that rose fell, once it embraced the Bully Culture. Add to that our present day rate of outsourcing and globalization by the elite bully and you have not one empire at any given time in any given place collapsing, but the entire world, all at once, at risk for such a fate.



On the battle field
Two hearts beat in the beginning
One heart beats in the end
The weapon strikes the offender
The shield blocks the defender
The depth and breadth of the wounds
Equals the measure of the struggle
To lose the blood of each other
To gain the blood of one another

To gain the blood of one another
To lose the blood of each other
Equals the measure of the struggle
The depth and breadth of the wounds
The shield blocks the defender
The weapon strikes the offender
One heart beats in the end
Two hearts beat in the beginning
On the battle field

By Elana Laham © 2013



Let us have peace for the sake of our electricity, gas, and oil.
Let us have peace for the sake of our jobs of lazy toil.
Let us have peace for the sake of our water, food, shelter, and clothing.
Let us have peace for the sake of our selfish loathing.
Let us have peace for the sake of earth’s land, air, and water pollution.
Let us have peace for the sake of our problems ignoring solutions.
Let us have peace for the sake of the Lord God of our titles.
Let us have peace for the sake of our worshipping idols.
Let us have peace for the sake of our murdering, stealing, and lying.
Let us have peace for the sake of our diseased selves dying.
There shall be no prophet for peace when peace is yes for profit.

By Elana Laham © 2013


  There are those who will contend that the elite bully, DO care about us. Otherwise, why launch the “Lets go GREEN” campaign? They desire to bring global warming to a stand still and land, water, and air pollution to a halt, don’t they? Let’s explore that, shall we? For nearly a century the elite bully has misused the earth’s energy resources by fueling automobiles with oil. For nearly that long it has been known that gasoline emits carbon monoxide emissions, which is a main contributor to the green house effect that is global warming our planet. But rather than look for cleaner fuel sources to run our vehicles on, the elite bully has duped us into believing that the smartest people on the planet, whom the elite bully has enlisted to brainstorm viable energy alternatives, are simply too stupid to know what usable energy options are available out there that are SAFE for us to use.  

  Well, if what I say is so, then why all of a sudden, NOW, is the elite bully getting on his band wagon with the, “Let’s go GREEN slogan, warning the human populace that we must STOP global warming and START running our vehicles on alternative fuel? Care to take a wild guess? At the turn of the 21st Century, our planet’s oil became a dwindling natural resource. Since the elite bully cannot push nature around by forcing nature to create new supplies of oil, like the elite bully does people, the elite bully has decided that NOW is the time and the place to mount an anti-global warming campaign by searching for fuel alternatives. But, as always, there is a catch! Instead of global warming being everybody’s problem, the elite bully is blaming the victim for global warming by demanding that we peons, as he refers to us, make the necessary sacrifices to enact a solution.  

  For many of us that may very well mean giving up our cars due to the skyrocketing gasoline prices as a result of the elite bully continuing to drill for the ever growing scarcity of crude oil. For many people that will be an epic ordeal as cars have been our only mode of transportation to get from point A to point Z for our entire lives. It makes the transition from car to no car very troublesome for people who live in the suburban sprawl, which has rendered people totally dependent upon their automobiles. It is more lucrative for the elite bully to sanction land development than to facilitate city planning. So to make the transition equally difficult, many decades ago the brainiac elite bully did away with urban public transportation in various cities throughout the United States of America. Only very recently, has the elite bully begun to flap his moronicus and stupidicus lips to reinstate commuter trains and rapid transit buses back into cities. For some of us that will mean paying the relatively expensive price tag that comes with the fuel efficiency vehicle called the Hybrid. The Hybrid is a vehicle that is 50% fueled by gasoline and 50% energized by electricity.  

  To make matters worse, the elite bully is fracking for natural gas as an alternative energy source to the dwindling supply of natural oil. Fracking causes methane to be released from the earth’s surface. Methane gas emissions are a main contributor to the green house effect that is global warming our planet. A great documentary to watch about fracking global warming is the movie called, “Gasland”.  

  Whether drilling for oil or fracking, either way, the elite bully makes a profit at our expense.  

  As if that is not enough, to add insult to injury, the elite bully lectures us on how to cool our over heated planet by flying around in private jets that leave carbon foot prints more devastating to global warming than any vehicle of transport known to humankind, so that he can go to breakfast, lunch, and dinner at his favorite international restaurant. Or the elite bully gets chauffeured around in gas guzzling limousines that are more wasteful to fuel conservation than the most fuelish family on earth, so that he can attend his nightly roll-out-the-red-carpet party.  

  The only thing the elite bully is willing to contribute to the anti-global warming campaign, which he is profiting so nicely from, is the emission of more carbon dioxide into the world’s atmosphere from the elite bully’s HYPOCRITICAL mouth.  


  The elite bully also exploits human beings and mother earth through the mass production and mass distribution of throw away commodities. The elite bully is not interested in manufacturing products and services that are designed to last, or that are repairable, as they do not generate a an ever higher and higher profit. Items that are to be discarded after one usage produce a tremendous amount of wastage of our planet’s natural resources as well as land, water, and air pollution. The disposal of solid waste material gets dumped into landfills. But many of them are not biodegradable so they either do not decompose back into the earth or they do so painstakingly slowly. What we do not throw away in the dumpster gets poured into our sewage system and thereby drained off into our oceans as toxic waste.  

  Okay so what if we recycle to alleviate the problem? Great solution! However, the elite bully makes it hard for those who care about the environment to recycle. Not recycling is one way the elite bully controls the economic law of supply and demand so that the elite bully can maximize his profit. For the more we squander the earth’s natural resources, the fewer we have left. Such causes the demand – the amount of people who need or want things – to exceed the supply – the raw materials that are still available for manufacturing, distribution, and consumption. The decrease in the earth’s natural resources increases the cost of anything and everything we purchase. Most things on our planet are recyclable. But for many people recycling is a major inconvenience since a) there are not enough recycling centers around and because b) many recycling centers are limited in what and how much they can recycle and finally c) most recycling centers are inconveniently located. For instance, recycling centers are more prevalent in the urban cities than in suburban towns. If the elite bully really cared about going green he woulda, shoulda, coulda use his political power to make recycling a mandatory governmental project so that every one not just the one lone individual woulda, shoulda, coulda be able to do it without any hassle. Then public waste, by law, woulda, shoulda, coulda furnish recycling centers at every local grocery store, park, worksite, etc., as well as be fully equipped with state-of-the-art recycling technology capable of recycling all things that human beings throw away in the course of a day.  

  Another salient example of how the elite bully commits atrocities against nature is through his, “no holds barred” money making schemes of wanton destruction upon the earth’s plant and animal life. The elite bully unnecessarily chops down trees to make logs for housing and wood products for furnishings. The elite bully’s one and only solution to the problem of wasting trees is to replace the ones that are cut down by planting new trees. However, trees take many years to mature, meanwhile, immature people take only minutes to kill a tree. Did you know that you can build houses out of stone? Stone provides better insulation and is more durable than wood. Did you know that you can make furniture out of plastic? Plastic is more durable and easy to take care of than wood. Nonetheless, the elite bully, literally believes that money grows on trees. Did you know that plants are a major source of our food supply? They give us nuts, fruits, vegetables, and grains to eat. Did you know that plants convert the carbon dioxide that we exhale into the oxygen that we inhale? If we don’t stop clearing the earth’s trees away we are going to diminish our own breathing supply. At the rate that the global population of people is booming we simply cannot afford to drop the levels of oxygen gas in our earth’s atmosphere any lower than the 20% that it already is.  

  With the exception of his own beloved pets, the elite bully is no animal lover, either. Do you know what animal testing is? Frankenstein-like laboratory experiments are performed on live animals while they are held captive in cages. Their eyes are gouged out and their ears are pulled off making them instantly and permanently blind and deaf. Portions of their brain and spine are also removed making them unable to function normally. How might you like to live in a jail for the rest of your life while your jailors, on a daily basis, without the benefit of painkillers or antiseptics, without warning, rip huge chunks of tissue from your body, exposing its muscle and bone to the elements? And you are kept alive so that they can do it to you all over again the next day! This is called animal testing. What makes it even more horrifyingly hideous is that it has NO PURPOSE. Animal testing is done under the pretense of discovering cures for people diseases and making certain that commodities are fit for human consumption. But human DNA differs from animal DNA. We are not genetically wired like dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, etc. So what is medicinal to an animal might be poisonous to us and vice-a-versa. The elite bully knows this. But the elite bully goes on forcing animals to endure mindboggling torture and heartbreaking torment so that he can LIE to the public that his cheap, useless, and dangerous products and services have been animal tested and therefore are SAFE to sell and buy so that he can make a profit at our expense.  



From the sight of unknown castles,
high above the valleys and hills,
lies the noise of an ancient wheel.
Its dark instrument vibrates through
bellowing clouds of revolutions.
Its spinning theme –
to reap the meadows of a confused mouse,
to build the ghettos of an un-built house.
to bring a herd of bountiful sheep
over, under, and through
its woven hole, into knitted wool
with riches that stitch clothing
with the puncture of poverty’s needle.

By Elana Laham © 2013



  The religions of the earth speak about Judgment Day. Some call it Armageddon. Some call it the Apocalypse. Some call it the Holocaust. Some call it Doom’s Day. Judgment Day is regarded as the final battle between good and evil that will decide the final fate of humankind. Whether or not you believe in religious prophecy, Judgment Day is a very real probability, thanks to the elite bully and his Bully Culture.  

  The United States was once a World Class Super Power. As a result of the elite bully’s exploitation of its mineral, plant, animal, and people resources, America’s socioeconomic society is breaking down and falling apart. As long as the citizens of the country of “THE HOME OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE” refuse to live up to that name, by exiling the elite bully from his political seat of power and banishing the Bully Culture regime from within society’s midst, our schools are in jeopardy of converting into war zones, our police departments into Neo-Nazi camps, our justice system into a den of bribery, our constitutional rights into a dead letter, our families into a relic, our interpersonal relationships into a party in one’s mouth, our food into toxic waste, our professions into meaningless occupations, the arts of humanity into pornographic entertainment and a fashion statement for slobs, and so on and so forth.  

  Due to the Bully Culture regime, the two words that describe America’s once upon a time “melting pot” are “junk culture”. As long as we are willing participants of the Bully Culture establishment, every innocent child that comes into this world will be at risk for becoming the misfit victim who commits suicide, the bully addict who commits homicide, and/or the bystander/onlooker underachiever who commits genocide upon one another and each other. The BULLYING is forever generating the degenerating status quo within our society bringing us all ever closer to being relegated by the elite bully as yesterday’s replaceable, today’s expendables, and tomorrow’s exterminated. Is this what we want? Is this what we need? Is this the legacy we hope to leave behind to our children?  

  In order to censor the very real probability of this doomsday prediction, the elite bully brainwashes the masses to believe in the myth that the purpose of outsourcing is to spread democracy to backward governments, and that the goal of globalization is to stimulate the economy of underdeveloped nations. At first, this will seem so. However, as it is happening in America, so it will be with the other countries that have invited the elite bully and his Bully Culture into their midst the following outcome: 

  Initially, the host country’s governmental system will by seduced by the elite bully’s brand of elitism. Next, the corporate elite bully will set up shop on the host country’s soil and manufacture superior products and outstanding customer service to the natives of these foreign lands. Then, gradually the natives will cash into the Bully Culture’s brand of commercialism by replacing their own family and people values – humane morals and business ethics – with the Bully Culture’s materialistic value system. After that, eventually the host country’s citizens will attain a measure of social influence and obtain a measure of economic affluence, but only as long as it prospers the big business bully. Finally, the host country’s new found capitalistic booming empire will undergo, as America is, the crumbling of its economy into nation wide poverty, without any hope of its people being able to improve their lot again, due to the big business bully’s pursuit of ever higher profit at ever lower cost…ELSEWHERE.

  And the vicious malicious cycle shall repeat itself until there is nothing left of our world for the elite bully to cash in on. One by one, every empire, dynasty, country, nation, etc., will fall prey to the Bully Culture predator until the entire world’s middle class working economy has been polarized into the very rich class – the elite bully and the corporate elite bully who make up about 20% of the entire human population; and the very poor class – the rest of us who make up about 80% of the entire human population. The elite bully’s greed will feed until our blue, green, ball of a planet turns into a tan ash global wasteland. By then, the elite bully’s revenue will be so out of orbit that it will incite a world wide economic fallout having bought off all of the property on the Monopoly game board. From that vantage point, the elite bully will dictate that we live in the, “One and only nation under dog, invisible, with tyranny, and corruption for all”, which we will be forced to serve, whether we like it or not. Our day of reckoning shall be when it suddenly dawns upon us that the elite bully has taken everything and everyone away from us. We will have nothing. Not a roof over our head. Not a morsel of food to eat. Not a drop of water to drink. Not a stitch of clothing to wear. None of us will be able to bear the burden of paying for the elite bully’s extravagant lifestyle, except for the elite bully. Yes, it is nice to be the king, but, not if he does not have a kingdom to rule over. The elite bully’s blind, deaf, and dumb avarice is their blind spot. For without the little fishes the big whale is going to starve to death, also.  

  The elite bully’s contingency plan for doomsday is to wallow in his so-called puncture proof hot air balloon of self denial that the aftermath of outsourcing and globalization barreling down upon us ALL at future shock velocity will have no impact upon his castle. Or the elite bully will cruise along in his self-made complacent Poseidon adventure – resting assured that the aftermath of outsourcing and globalization will not capsize his yacht. Or the elite bully will try to make his get away from the aftermath that outsourcing and globalization will bring upon the earth by blasting off into rocket ships that will satellite around the demise of our planet, or colonize our moon for its minerals, or terra-form our neighboring planet Mars, or propel to some life bearing orb, leaving the rest of us behind to suffer the fate of planet Earth’s death throes.  

  It is improbable that this will ever come to pass for the following reasons:  

  Aside from the fact that we are clever enough to traverse habitats that are otherwise uninhabitable to us such as the earth’s water and air domains with airplanes and sea ships, we can only visit them on a temporary – not a permanent – basis. We do not naturally posses such devices as gills, fins, wings, and tails. How much the more so with regard to space travel. Being that we are homegrown earthlings, our organisms’ life support systems have been designed to function solely within the earth’s environment. So, we remain visitors of any domain beyond our ability to function, for even though we are adaptable creatures we have limits as to what we can evolve into. We are clever enough to temporarily suspend the laws of the natural order of things but we cannot permanently override them. We were designed to only live on one world – this world.  

  Besides the fact that the human organism is deteriorating at a rather rapid rate due to the unwholesome lifestyles that we have subjected ourselves to here on earth, scientific experiments have been conducted on the human organism in weightless environments such as outer space that cause the human heart to shrink to one third of its normal size, and it does not grow back even after it has returned to a normal state of gravity. 

  In addition, the Bully Culture has been busy dumbing people down by brainwashing the populace to adhere to the motto of “It is cool to be cruel.” The elite bully has to recruit smart people to build spaceships so that they will be capable of successfully completing outer space missions. Mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying, flunkies are incapable of doing so. Result: both the Challenger and the Pioneer space shuttles blew up: the Challenger blew up on the launch pad because the people in charge of operating it refused to postpone the launching date of these crafts until they were unquestionably SAFE to launch, and the Pioneer blew up upon re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere because the tiles on its heat shield fell off when it launched. Blowing up these two space shuttles killed a total of fourteen astronauts. That occurred many years after we had already SAFELY landed the Apollo missions on the moon.  

  Moreover, even if human intergalactic migration to another life bearing orb similar enough to the earth that its solid landmass, liquid water content, gaseous air supply, gravitational pull, and intelligent life would be non threatening to our own was doable, why go through the trouble it could cost us to migrate to such an off world destination when we have a perfectly fine home world right here in front of, behind, and all around our fanny? 

  Furthermore, why go there when it will just be a matter of time and space before we devastate that world as we are systematically destroying our own? The irony of it all is that we ought to be guardians of mother earth then we do not have to blast our sorry butts off into father time searching for another life bearing orb to wantonly exploit into extinction.  
  Science has proven that all of life exists according to a set of cosmic principles. These universal axioms make up the never ending forever unfolding repeating patterns of existence that expresses itself as the mathematical numerical equations, the notes on a musical scale, the artful colors of the rainbow spectrum, the history lessons of life, and so on and so forth. These laws of life are none other than the natural order of things. Our choice: We can either choose to repeat them in chaos or we can choose to repeat them in order. The elite bully has chosen to repeat them in chaos for he foolishly believes that since he can temporarily suspend the laws of nature, he can permanently alter them. Such thinking is as ludicrous as the assumption that just because we can scuba dive into the deep blue sea, one day we will be able to breathe underwater with the naked lung. And it is as ridiculous as the presumption that just because we can travel through air in an air vessel, one day we will be able to float on air with the flap of our bare limbs. Oxygen mask or no, astronaut helmet or no, planetary atmosphere or lack thereof, we will ALWAYS have to have oxygen to breathe. That is if we wish to live. So, nature’s rules albeit flexible are unalterable. The elite bully cannot outwit or outdo them. Don’t believe me? Then, stop breathing and drop dead!  

  The advocates of the Bully Culture will argue that doomsday is the result of a government having been founded upon a faulty socioeconomic “ism” such as Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, etc. It does not matter what “ISM” a governmental body bases its socio-economic structure upon. History has proven such. Every empire that ever was, at its dawning hour, flourished upon its chosen “ism”, yet decayed into ruin by its twilight hour. Why? It is because its INDIVIDUAL members refused to adhere to HUMANE MORALS and BUSINESS ETHICS. Morals and ethics follow the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS. Therefore, they constitute the only governmental system by which human civilization can endure the test of time and the examination of place.  

  Fight nature and nature fights back. Currently, nature is doing just that by unleashing extreme weather conditions all over the planet whose hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami tidal waves, and raging fires are devastating our communities. Nature is warning us that we have gone too far. Thusly, if we choose to remain slaves to the abomination of the Bully Culture, our reward, as the most intelligent living species on planet earth, will be financial ruin, physical disease, emotional isolation, mental insanity, and spiritual bankruptcy. Empire after fallen empire throughout human history has declared it so. If not stopped the Bully Culture will become an all consuming eradication of the human species as its black hole of senseless greed swallows up what remains of earth’s heavenly paradises and turns them all into hell holes. The elite bully and all of the wannabe elitist bullies within the Bully Culture refuse to GROW UP and deal with the reality that they never were, are not now, and never will be immortal gods. They refuse to accept the history of our origins, which is, that we are nothing more and nothing less than one of many of the Creator’s mortal creations. That being said, there are only two choices that we ALL can make regarding the future of humankind. We can remain steadfast blind, deaf, and dumb, loyal conformed asses (conformists) to the Bully Culture regime, and thereby commit global genocide upon our species; or instead of getting lost in space we can eradicate the Bully Culture establishment from within society’s midst by doing away with our own avarice.  

  Edmund Burke once said, “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to triumph is for good people to do NOTHING.” The only reason why society’s bully, the playground bully, the enforcer bully, the clergy bully, the corporate elite bully, and the elite bully PERPETUATE AND REINFORCE BULLYING is because WE ALL let them!!! But we can learn from history not to. We can learn from our mistakes. We can change the course of our destiny if each and every INDIVIDUAL one of us FIGHTS BACK against BULLYING. Then, as a collective movement we will overthrow the Bully Culture. We do not have to let the elite bully dominate our world. Though we, too, are animals, we are more evolved and more developed than any beast on earth. Therefore, we have outgrown the animal kingdom’s social structure, which is based upon survival of the fittest, and we were never meant to live in a Bully Culture, which is not even on par with ape society. We can build a new world of peace, freedom, and prosperity, not just for some, but for every one by living according to a new social order that is befitting to our level of intellect, which I call “survival of the smartest”. Survival of the smartest means comprehending, understanding, and knowing that the Natural Order of Things always has, always does, and always will supersede us for the simple reason that both God and all of the Creator’s creations must abide by the universal cosmic principles that brought life into being – morals and ethics – in order for life to continue to exist. That my friend is, “Just the way that it is!” Therefore, no matter how intellectually advanced we may become we have to respect nature by being willing to co-exist with it. That means that we can have our wants within reason, but we must live according to our needs. Greed, avarice, cupidity is a disease that we must avoid like the plague for it breeds the Bully Culture, which initiates our ultimate and our absolute self destruct sequence count down to zero. The choice is OURS. Are the materialistic trinkets that the Bully Culture begrudgingly let’s us fleetingly have, so that the elite bully can profit at our expense, worth the loss of our own dignity, love, and respect for ourselves, other people, and our planet? If so, then we no longer have a world worth living in.  




The only thing everlasting is the rain.
It is the healer of planet earth‘s pain.
It washes away the dirt and the grime,
the greed and corruption that exists in our time.
It washes away with crystal clear tear,
the perpetrator’s and victim’s anger and fear.

The only thing everlasting is the rain.
It is witness to God’s earthly plane.
It falls down on every sight and every sound,
on every feeling and every thought,
on all that grows and all that rots.
It gives drink to every flower and every weed.
It nourishes every good and every bad deed.
For upon every time and every place,
the rain is commanded to fully embrace.

The only thing everlasting is the rain.
Every joy and every sorrow know its name.
It is not bigoted against rich or poor.
It is not prejudice against strong or weak.
It is not biased against young or old.
To each and to all the rain shall unfold.

The only thing everlasting is the rain.
It is a simple act of nature’s due,
that every creature must pass through.
Obediently fulfilling God’s unseen hand,
its torrents shower its essence upon the land.

The only thing everlasting is the rain.
And if people pollute earth’s lands, waters, and skies
until all of humanity surely dies.
And if people devastate the earth’s face,
until all that remains is their putrid waste.
The rain will remain to cleanse and replace.
For in tomorrow lies the pristine wonder of earth’s yesterday.
It is the sun still shinning through today’s rainbow array.
For the only thing everlasting is the Rain.

By Elana Laham © 2013