We Take The Bullying By The Horns


By Elana Laham © 2015 Elana Laham

   Those of you who have made the decision to be “Victim No More”, I have another valuable lesson to teach you on how to WIN not just the BATTLE but also the WAR against BULLYING.

​   The elite bully of the Bully Culture regime and the corporate elite bully of the Bully Culture establishment have one objective: How to kill humanity by conditioning people to act with cruelty towards one another. We are all to adhere to the motto of the society’s bully that it is “COOL TO BE CRUEL” if we hope to “FIT IN”. And anyone who does not go along with the Bully Culture program of being a Jerkoholic is to be shunned from society.

   The Bully Culture has conjured up a lot of negative labels for people who act “nice” such as “weakling”, “coward”, and “fool”.



   People who treat each other with blatant disrespect and deliberate disregard fulfill the Bully Culture’s agenda of keeping us all alienated and isolated from one other.  Such divides us making us all easy targets to be controlled by the so-called leaders of human civilization.  Owning every thing and every one is the dream, more like a nightmare, that the self- appointed elect bully strives relentlessly 24/7/365 to manifest.  Dominating the populace is the purpose of their reign. The price we all pay for this, however, is the destruction of our planetary home as well as humanity's own self imposed annihilation for the sake of avidity.

​   It takes a tremendous amount of BRAVERY, and SMARTS to be a good person in this bad world. But being a decent humane being is essential if we have any hope of continuing to exist as a species. To prevent our own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual demise we have to avoid being a people divided and instead be a people united by choosing freedom over slavery...the freedom to love instead of hate... the freedom to be enlightened instead of ignorant...the freedom to be kind instead of cruel.

   [Reader's Note: Bravery does NOT mean being fearless.  Bravery does mean being afraid but doing the righteous deed anyway.]

   In order to win the war against bullying we have to kill the Bully Culture. We do this by performing Random Acts of Kindness. Everyday we at the Bullcrap Busters go out of our way to smile at and warmly greet people. We also give people little gifts and sincere compliments about their person. 

   This is our way of saying, “Go to Hell Bully Culture!”

​   At the same token in order to win the battle against bullying we have to keep ourselves from being kind to the cruel and cruel to the kind. Having been victims ourselves of bullying we have to be careful not to confuse being NICE with acting servile. This means that if the persons we are reaching out to repay our niceness with meanness we stop performing Random Acts of Kindness for them. 

   We reserve the right to only perform Random Acts of Kindness for people who, like us, are striving to make this world a better place.

   So, if it so happens that you make a mistake and offer kindness to a cruel person...No Worries! You are nobody's fool. For you can be sure that the mean person will be sorely envious of you for being nice.

   The Bully Culture has made people so SICK that most of them are no longer willing to ACCEPT LOVE.  ​This is how ILL humanity has become as a result of deciding to ENDORSE the Bully Culture.

   So most people react to any and every Random Act of Kindness that an individual does for them by enacting deliberate acts of cruelty against such an individual. 



   The Bully Culture conditions people to be NASTY versus PLEASANT by punishing DECENT individuals for not getting with the program of being mean, stupid, selfish, lazy, arrogant, lying flunkies.  So, many people HATE LOVING people since they are JEALOUS of their COURAGE to be KIND in a CRUEL world.

   So what do you do if your SOFT HEARTEDNESS continually meets HARD BUTTS?  Do you keep sending your love to a world full of hateful others who have chosen to be unwilling to receive it?

   No! You do NOT endure the percentage of Pee-Poo holes who will hurt or harm you for bringing healing to them.  

   Instead, Yes! Channel the love that God has given to you thru your divinely inspired one-of-a-kind genius CONTRIBUTION to the world.  For such people are the ones who will appreciate it and benefit from it.


   A great movie to see about doing
Random Acts of Kindness
is called 
"Pay It Forward"


"Calling All Angels.
  Calling All Angels.
  Walk me thru this world.
  Don't leave me alone."

  Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry


   The BullCrap Busters Website will transmit its signals over the Internet for as long as we have not been CENSORED off the web due to the ELITE CYBER BULLY as a result of LIBEL and/or SLANDER, and/or ANTI-MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, and/or BANKRUPT by bought off justice, and/or ARRESTED and/or INCARCERATED by trumped up charges, and/or MURDERED by a staged accident by those who have the audacity to call themselves FRIENDS of humanity, yet who are ENEMIES to us who dare to exercise our HUMAN RIGHTS, namely FREEDOM of SPEECH, in order to assist HUMANITY in overcoming BULLYING.