We Take The Bullying By The Horns




8 HaGalil Street

Karmiel Israel 2010004

By Elana Laham © 2018 Elana Laham



   Hananya Hazan, Manager of the Karmiel Post Office, continued to refuse to deliver our mail to us.  

   So on July 11, 2017, we sent the following e-mail to Israel Post:

   "To Whom It May Concern:

   I am writing this e-mail to inform you that manager Hananya Hazan of the Karmiel unit post office located at 8 HaGalil Street, Karmiel, Israel, 2010004 is REFUSING to send our international shipments to us.

   This is the umpteenth time that we have had to complain to you about him.

   We are requesting that you do something about HIM and make sure that this does not happen AGAIN to any of our mail!

   From Elana and Michael Laham"

​   If the reader is interested in viewing the e-mail I sent to Israel Post then please go to hyperlink 72 at


   Meanwhile, we continued to be patrons of the Lev Kamiel Post Office whose Manager's name was Matka.  

   That is until a registered parcel was being sent to me that was going to be delivered to the Karmiel Post Office whose Manager was Hananya Hazan due to the fact that my residential address was located nearest the Karmiel Branch Post Office.

   As a result of my history with Manager Hananya Hazan, I was certain I was not ever going to get it.

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   On December 9, 2018, I received the online notification from Israel Post that the registered parcel was waiting for me at the Karmiel Post Office.

   If the reader is interested in viewing the Israel Post online notification then please go to hyperlink 73 at

   When I went to the Karmiel Post Office to get the parcel, a clerk there told me I had to go to a store called Bagatino's located at 18/22 HaGalil Street, Karmiel Israel to retrieve it, as this is where all of the parcels were sent to.

    I told the man who handled the registered mailings whose name was Benny at Bagatino's that a parcel was waiting for me there.  But he refused to locate it for me. He told me that he was behind on sorting the mail.  He insisted I come back the next day.

   I returned to the Karmiel Post Office and reported what had transpired with Benny to a clerk named Sarit.  To my utter surprise Sarit called Manager Hananya Hazan at his phone number of 054 226 0969 and he told her to have me inform Benny that Sarit was going to accompany me to make sure Benny delivered my parcel to me if he refused to do so yet again. I returned to the Bagatino store and told Benny what Manager Hananya Hazan's instructions were regarding my parcel.  Immediately, Benny searched for and delivered my parcel to me.


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