We Take The Bullying By The Horns


By Elana Laham © 2016 Elana Laham

   This world is an APOCALYPSE for victims of bullying because we are not allowed to have anything we want or need since we are a threat to the Bully Culture regime for the simple reason that we are DIFFERENT – we do not fit into the Bully Culture establishment. To be different is to think FREE and feel ALIVE, which is what nature intended all people to be in order to maximize the likelihood that the human race will survive and thrive in the ever-changing climate of nature’s environment. But the Bully Culture establishment is all about a few controlling the many. Like a lethal virus the Bully Culture has infiltrated society with its sterile artificial rendition of human civilization, which has unavoidably initiated its own self-destruct sequence being that it is dysfunctional and consequently unsustainable. And though the Bully Culture asserts that any one can be a winner in its dysfunctional social order, every one is a loser for the Bully Culture from its very foundation is an unnatural way to live.  

   What the leaders of the Bully Culture fail to take into consideration, and this is their blind spot, is that when it takes away every thing and every one from its scapegoat – the victim – knowing we have nothing left and so have no stake whatsoever in so-called society – we become consumed by RAGE – righteous anger. Rage unlike other forms of anger is a composition of both madness and sadness. We are sad for the losses we are coerced to endure for no reason and we get mad at those who thrust upon us such pain without cause. But our sorrow and anger does not end there. For neither can we endure the injustices brought upon others who are INNOCENT.  

   Unfortunately, there are those victims of bullying who become out of control with rage and commit the warped act of suicide. While other victims of bullying become uncontrollably outraged and commit the warped act of homicide. Such are wrongful ways to use righteous anger. But I am not one to judge them for they foresaw no other way to ESCAPE the BULLYING. And there is myself. I started out like those victims but was too afraid of death to commit suicide or homicide. Instead my rage morphed into a transformation of sorts so to speak, which beckoned me to embark upon what became known to me as the Path of the Mystic Warrior.  

   A mystic warrior is a SPIRITUAL fighter. To be a Mystic Warrior means to be one with God. In so doing one UNLEASHES a righteous anger fueled by the necessity to fight for justice. In so doing one is granted UNLIMITED fighting POWER thru GOD’S WILL which inspires one’s own WILL to never give up and always do one’s best to be of service to HUMANITY. God bestows DIVINE protection upon such an individual, which is manifested as the Lord’s GUIDANCE – mental clarity, and the Lord’s LOVE – pure heartedness.  And even if one’s body is killed – slaughtered – by the Bully Culture regime, one’s soul cannot be murdered – corrupted – by the Bully Culture establishment. 

   [Reader’s Note: I am referring to the God of all beings and things not the lord of the religions of the earth.]

   From the moment I came into this world I was deprived of anything and everything. My so-called parents designated me as the Black Sheep member of the family. Never mind that I was born innocent as all babies are. All that I was permitted to own was the actual hatred of others. And they trained me to believe that it was really love.  Because my parents conditioned me to pull bad people towards me who entered my life and to push good people away from me who entered my life, and since the Bully Culture programs people in general to be wicked versus righteous, my enter life I have had no community, friends, or family.  So, when I say “we” to the readers of my BullCrap Busters website I am referring to “me, myself, and I”, and when I say to the readers of my BullCrap Busters website, “I am with you”, it is because I truly know what it means to be LONELY in this world. 

   Any person who becomes a Mystic Warrior by making the decision to do what is right because it is the right thing to do will be forced to make SACRIFICES. For no good deed shall go unpunished and any and every iota of justice requires a tremendous amount of struggle to bring forth, thanks to yours truly the Bully Culture. 

   My greatest sacrifice for choosing to become a Mystic Warrior is the Bully Culture branding me with loneliness by preventing me from being a part of its sicko society. But for my entire existence the Bully Culture branded me with loneliness anyway for having the audacity to honor my uniqueness, which the Creator bestowed upon my creation.  

   Loneliness is a fate worse than death. So why am I, and why woulda, shoulda, coulda YOU be willing to make such a sacrifice by choosing the path of the Mystic Warrior?  

   The first reason is because aspiring to be a conformist of the Bully Culture is a worst fate. How do I know? If people were happy living in the Bully Culture regime BULLYING ought to be non-existent. Instead people are miserable with their lot in the Bully Culture establishment, which is why there is BULLYING. 

   On the opposite side of the lunatic spectrum of the Bully Culture is the privileged Golden Fleece child of the family unit who appears to repel hatred and seems to attract love. But in truth receives none. For those who choose to be perpetrators are no better off than those they prey upon. For what does the Bully Culture reward them with? It gifts them with junky possessions, meaningless jobs, and dysfunctional relationships, and on a forever-downward spiral of an ever-degenerating status quo.  

   And what of the people in the top echelons of so-called human civilization? They have the means to possess the finest of human resources and to own the best of material assets. The Bully Culture is an extremist form of social disorder. It requires unnecessary painful deprivation of many people by refusing to let them get their basic needs met in order that these handful of persons can have their luxurious greed wants. Yet the greedy are not content. For the very unnatural state of greed is to always hope for more yet never be satisfied with what one has. So they, too, are eternally miserable. Just as much of a prisoner of the Bully Culture as the conforming peons.  

   Those who decide to conform to the Bully Culture establishment in order to belong to so-called society have to sell out their God given essence by becoming pretentious beings full of deceit in order to be permitted to cash into the so-called cornucopia of the Bully Culture regime. But when every one is a FAKE all they can send to one another and/or receive from each other is a semblance of love. They are the one’s who stand in the middle of a room full of people yet know they are ALL ALONE. So what they end up with is less than victims. Having abandoned their selves their existence is meaningless. 

   The second reason why I, and YOU ought to be willing to make such a sacrifice by choosing the path of the Mystic Warrior is because aspiring to be a Mystic Warrior is the best fate.  

   First of all, though you may be lonely, you will not be ALONE. This is why I also say to the readers of my BullCrap Busters website,"God is with you".  You will get some one in your life, namely yourself, by embracing who you truly are, which is the Godly spark of Godliness that God instilled within you.  You will attain PEACE within yourself by refusing to be some one you are not. Whenever I tried to be what others desired me to be instead of what I wished to be a civil war broke out inside of myself.  Beyond that, no matter how much I deviated from who I truly was in order to be what others expected me to be, I was never accepted anyway.  Most people surrender themselves to the Bully Culture during adolescence when they make the choice to lose the civil war raging in their core in order to gain an adulterated version of whom they innately were.

   Why be your self? It is the only way you have any hope of being HAPPY. And the funny thing is if we all make the choice to be who we truly are, we will also have each other and one another to be with. Meaningful and fulfilling relationships with our selves and with others are what make people content. Plus you will be able to have a relationship with God being that you will have a self – your self. If you hope to experience actual happiness you have to know what real love is. But in order to know genuine love one has to be honest with one self by honoring one’s own individuality.  

   God gave each and every one of us a one-of-a-kind genius. But in order to access it we have to be true to our selves. Life without purpose is no life at all. Life without love is purposeless. Your one-of-a-kind genius is your unique loving contribution to this world that no one else but you can manifest. God made every single person UNIQUE. There never was, is not now, and never will be another one like YOU in the entire cosmos, ever again!!! Twin you and all you will get is a look alike. Clone you and all you will get is an act alike. And if there is such a thing as reincarnation, you will not be quite the same individual as you are in this life span being that what also makes up who you are is the culmination of all of your life experiences.  

   The funny thing about your one-of-a-kind genius is that it will no longer continue to exist if you decide to sell out your God given essence to the Bully Culture. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Gohan in Dragon Ball did. Mystic Warrior Gohan was a role model to the rest of us on how to be a true hero. He cherished life so much that he was willing to sacrifice himself to protect humanity not just his family and friends. So Akira Toriyama by way of the Bully Culture murdered Gohan by doing away with Gohan’s body by altering Gohan’s true character into a false one. [See Updates 10/10/16 web page of the BullCrap Busters website for details]. Now, the rest of his Dragon Ball creation – his one-of-a-kind genius – is degenerating and faster than you can say “hello” and “goodbye.” [See Akira Toriyama’s latest works, Dragon Ball Super and compare it to Akira Toriyama’s earliest works, Dragon Ball Z - Saiyan saga, Freiza saga, and Cell saga].  

   As long as we keep Mystic Warrior Gohan in our minds and in our hearts, his head and face – the concept and the idea of what true heroism is will live on forever. Any and every one of us can make the decision to become a Gohan. We may not be the Gohan who opposes bullying by bodily kicking bully butt. But there are other ways to be a Mystic Warrior. People can use their speaking voice to PROTEST bullying, or EDUCATE the public about bullying by writing about it, or SHIELD victims from bullying thru random acts of kindness, and so on and so forth. 

   The Bully Culture claims that victims of bullying are WEAK.  They are super sensitive – let things bother them. And that bully(s) are strong. They do not let things bother them. Such is a myth. We are all sentient beings. We cannot help but feel. The only difference between a bully and a victim is that victims are HONEST about their feelings whereas bully(s) are dishonest about their feelings. Bully(s) hide their feelings. Result, they remerge with a vengeance as sporadic flares of out of control emotion. Such makes bully(s) what I refer to as hyper diaper sensitive – exponentially more super sensitive than victims supposedly are.  

   Why does the Bully Culture demand that people pretend that their feelings do not exist? So that we will not RESIST the RAPE the Bully Culture is committing against humanity.  

   The path of the Mystic Warrior SAVES LIVES starting with our own.

​   [See the web page entitled, “Path of the Mystic Warrior Part II Updates 3/26/17” of the BullCrap Busters website for the continuation of this write up].


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