We Take The Bullying By The Horns


By Elana Laham © 2018 Elana Laham


“You're born to light it up, with your electric love.
You make them feel afraid, cause you're dangerous.
They'll never understand, cause you're a mystery.
They can't contain your energy.
Cause you are lightning.”

“You were never made to fit the mold
Be a supernova and explode.”

“Now is the time don't be afraid.
To show the world you can be brave.”

“Make it bright.
Bring the light.
  Break the night.”

LIGHTENING by Fireflight


  I am taking this opportunity for you to get to know me a little bit.

   I will begin by introducing you to a group of people called, “The Remnant”. “The Remnant” is a handful of humanoids on this earth that STRIVE to be decent people by doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do since living a life of SANITY is what makes sense to them. They have managed to SURVIVE in spite of the Bully Culture. Yet the very thing that puts them at odds with the Bully Culture is the very reason why they THRIVE. It is their unique sense of being. They have chosen to embrace their one-of-a-kind genius, which God has gifted to all people. These gentle souls possess forceful spirits whose will it is to serve justice. And so God guides them and God protects them.  

  [Reader’s Note: I am not referring to any religious deity. I am referring to the Lord of all things and the Lord of all beings].  

   The Bully Culture will have you believe that “The Remnant” is helpless, hopeless, and worthless. But they are KIND, BRAVE, and SMART individuals. And just how many kind, brave, and smart people are there in our world, today? Very few! Such makes, “The Remnant” more precious and more rare than diamonds.  

  Due to their sparse numbers, I have never met any of “The Remnant’s” members in my entire over half a century life span. But I have chosen it as my life’s mission. Or has it chosen me? To be of service to them! And to all of you whose hope it is to be the one-of-a-kind genius, God given awesomeness that you are meant to be!  

  When I started my path of “victim-no-more” I never imagined that I will become this person that I am now. I chose this path before I ever knew that such a path existed. I walked alone along this path of my own making. 

   My entire life I have known nothing but hatred from every one I have ever met insisting that I remain a people punching bag and deterring me from resisting the senseless bullying that murders innocent peoples’ lives, starting with my own. But instead of remaining a hapless victim, I chose to fight back against bullying and without any one to teach me how. I had to learn thru the labyrinth of my own life experiences.  

  But I choose this path, which has become known to me as the Path of the Mystic Warrior, for the following reasons: 

  I hate War. I love Peace.  

  From a very young age I was forced to witness many injustices against myself and other innocent people. This left a burning hole in my soul that makes my spirit smolder with RAGE to do battle for justice. Yet, I always feel like a little girl all alone dragging a large sword alongside me facing giant monstrosities. But, I will never give up the fight against bullying. No matter how scared I am. And with each passing day I become less and less afraid for with every bully I confront his ten foot tall stature suddenly diminishes into a one inch high coward. So I will feel the fear but fight on anyway.

   The Bully Culture has relentlessly prevented and mercilessly denied me from having a NORMAL life, which is my inalienable right to have, and which is all I ever wanted and needed.  

  The Bully Culture has branded my flesh with the word “LOSER” on it…

  The Bully Culture has pierced my chest with its pointed fickle finger of manifest destiny shouting, “Here is your target for “PERSECUTION”…

  The Bully Culture has carved into my forehead the Scarlet letter of “BLAME the VICTIM”…

…just because I am DIFFERENT. 

   So I have taken my over half a century years and counting of sour lemons and sour limes and made sweet lemon-lime healing balm aid for you, the BB Readers.

   In spite of the senseless overwhelming adversity the Bully Culture thrust upon me daily I excelled at everything I ever did because God blessed me with many raw talents and since I was eager to evolve - develop my mind, cultivate my heart, and work hard – invest 1000% of my perspiration – into the hope of reaching my dreams, which are very simplistic.

   But I never ever did. The Bully Culture saw to that. My dreams required people. Like sand spilling thru my fingers my existence was filled with cycles of starting over that smashed my sand castles of hope to smithereens. Over and over and over again, I searched for myself. I was different and that was my curse. But I did not grasp why being different ought to be regarded as ugly – something bad when it just as easily ought to have been regarded as beautiful – something good. 

   I argued with myself that the only reason I am willing to do the right thing since it is the right thing to do is because of my lottery at birth, which was the random crashing of my falling star into the egg of my unloving mother and the sperm of my uncaring father. I argued with myself that if I was born with a golden lottery ticket between my butt cheeks and a golden spoon between the lips of my mouth I will be a loved, rich and famous BEAUtiful spoiled selfish brat who spends her life span adoring herself and demanding that all others worship her as well. But at close examination of my own contrite heart I saw the startling truth. And what is even more astounding is that I cannot explain it. It made me blind, deaf, and dumb founded to my own self. Truth be told, if I had everything and everyone in my world instead of nothing and no one I will have become the same person I am now. The one who is inspired by divinity to aspire to be of service to humanity, which sadly has become nothing more and nothing less than “The Remnant”. 

   There are three things that keep the physical world in existence.  

   They are TRUTH, JUSTICE, and PEACE. The human race is self-destructing because it is abandoning these basic universal principles of life. The rest of the earthen populace has decided to abandon their God given selves in exchange for the ever-cheapening trinkets that the Bully Culture has to offer and for a very expensive price indeed – the very core essence of who they are in favor of being a pretentious conformed ass – conformist of the Bully Culture, which by the way is dying. Dying of over population, starving itself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to death. 

   For most of my life the loneliness of my own rejected uniqueness was killing me with the unbearable silence of its suffering. Until, I became victim-no-more. Such liberation from the PSYCHO Bully Culture conditioning has not only set me free, it has filled me with happiness. For although my work fighting for justice is very difficult, as I am just one lone individual striving for enlightenment against a massive army of ignorance, it is an honor and a privilege to serve God.  

  I never intended it, but I have always sacrificed all that I have ever had in order to confront bullying. I have discovered about myself that I am willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary in order to do what I believe are God’s works. For me there is nothing else to live for but what makes sense. Hatred, wickedness, and violence do not make any sense to me. Love, righteousness, and peace make every sense to me.

   If you are wondering…Yes, I am a freak. And guess what? I am proud of it, especially if my works help you. If I can bring joy to you I am joyful. And perhaps I am crazy, too. However, I gladly and without hesitation will always choose being a “weirdo” who heals people for any and every reason versus a so-called “cool” person who hurts and harms people for no reason. 

   A Mystic Warrior has to be both STRONG and SMART.  

   Our STRENGTH lies in our BELIEF in GOD even when we have no faith or trust in the Lord of Creation. Such as when we are in the midst of battle overwhelmed by enemies and our inner bully creeps into our mind and floods it with panicky self-doubts. It tells me, “God will not save you”. Until I remember a very poignant truth. The one “Aye” of righteous God supersedes all the “Nays” of umpteen wicked people. For no matter what my enemy’s puny free choice is God’s free will can override it if God so chooses to and without interfering with my foe’s free choice factor. 

   Our SMARTS lies in our knowing that the TRUTH is our WEAPON. Truth is everlasting. So Facts are indestructible. Bully Cowards hate facts because they are afraid of the truth since it is a primordial mirror without their reflection, which reminds them of what they relentlessly hope to forget, which is how they have lost their own divine selves within the prison of their own self-chosen corruption. Just tell the truth to a bully and watch him hide like the coward that he is. SARCASM is the hilt of the sword of truth. It reminds you not to forget that the bully coward is not to be taken seriously for beneath all of his so-called bravado he is just a fool.

   To be smart means to know what the truth is by being willing to learn how to work hard to uncover it. 

   I never knew that being a fighter for justice meant I was going to have to do tons of research and development on the legal system not only in America but in Israel as well, and to have to spend many-a-day in various courts both civil and criminal undergoing legal battles as if I am some sort of legal expert when I am neither a lawyer or a judge and have no wish or desire to be either. My work can be laborious and uninteresting but it is necessary, and the result is well worth the cause of the effort. 

   To be smart means to be willing to be taught from both your successes and your failures how to fight bullying.  

   Life experience is the best teacher. “Every battle is precious.” Every “win” and every “loss” is an opportunity for you to become a better fighter against bullying if you are willing to learn from what you did or did not do. 

   To be smart means to be willing to know your enemy, what the bully coward’s weakness is. 

   Bully cowards are vulnerable to public exposure for bully cowards cannot continue to be bully cowards if they are caught being bully cowards. So I urge all of you to upload your own anti-bullying websites so you can stop the bullying by letting the bully coward know that the whole Internet world is watching him or her. I also invite you to download my anti-bullying website as a research and development resource for yourself and let others know that my website exists to help them fight back against bullying, too.  

What wins versus loses the fight is


   The bully cowards’ mentality is either the bully coward is afraid of you because he believes you are “the predator”, or you are afraid of the bully coward since he believes you are “the prey”. FEAR is no way to live. Do not play the Bully Culture’s game. Do not be a victim “prey” or a bully coward “predator”. Instead, be as the Mystic Warrior of the Crying Fist is and know the Art of War – the Courage to be a fighter for Justice, and the Art of Peace – the Compassion to be a lover of Peace. 

   Why am I fighting for “The Remnant”? “To Free the People” is why! Without freedom there is no purpose. Without purpose there is no love. Without love there is no life. You cannot know who you are or what your God given life’s mission is on this earth if you are made to live in a hellhole people prison such as the Bully Culture, which demands that you shut off your mind and shut off your heart in order for your body to continue carrying on. So let me ask you this, if I am a lunatic then how insane is it that we continue to pollute our planetary home and murder our own kind so that a few so-called people can own everything and possess everyone and not even be grateful for any of it???!!! 

   NAP down time is over. It is time to WAKE up, PEOPLE!!!

   There is a Bully Culture myth called, “Murphy’s Law & Brown’s Law”. Both claim that bad things just happen. No person is to blame. This is just the way God made the universe. Well, I do not believe that God is defective.  

   There is another law called Cause and Effect. It proclaims that the universe is a neutral vessel. God created the universe with goodness. But if we people keep filling it with bad deeds then we are at fault that bad things happen. 

My message to you is


  So dare to be Different and fight Bullying. Save a life, starting with your own. Resist, protest and overthrow the diseased sicko Bully Culture. Free the future by freeing the people, starting with your self.



Always remember and never forget.
You are not alone. I am with you. God is with you.

All the Best to You All,

Elana Laham
Author of the BullCrap Busters Website

   The BullCrap Busters Website will transmit its signals over the Internet for as long as we have not been CENSORED off the web due to the ELITE CYBER BULLY as a result of LIBEL and/or SLANDER, and/or ANTI-MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, and/or BANKRUPT by bought off justice, and/or ARRESTED and/or INCARCERATED by trumped up charges, and/or MURDERED by a staged accident by those who have the audacity to call themselves FRIENDS of humanity, yet who are ENEMIES to us who dare to exercise our HUMAN RIGHTS, namely FREEDOM of SPEECH, in order to assist HUMANITY in overcoming BULLYING.