We Take The Bullying By The Horns


By Elana Laham © 2017 Elana Laham​


   When my entire website went DARK (Offline off the Internet) after I wrote my web page entitled, “Memorial to Gohan” [See Updates 10/10/16 of the BullCrap Busters website for more details], other than my website’s sudden CENSORSHIP, I wondered IF there was going to be any other reaction to what I wrote about him.

   A couple of months later, after a lengthy drought of no Gohan, Dragon Ball brought Gohan back to its Anime. There was Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 (Saiyaman vs Barry Kahn) with its caption of, “I am The Great Saiyaman the hero of justice I won’t let evil escape!” And Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 (Saiyaman vs Goku) with its caption of, “Goku will attempt to alleviate his boredom by finding a worthy training partner and he ends up getting one in the form of The Great Saiyaman.” And Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 (Contest of Power) in which Gohan agrees to enter into and fight at the tournament for the sake of saving Universe 7 – Gohan’s world. And finally, Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 (Gohan vs Lavender) with its caption of, “Awaken your sleeping battle spirit! Son Gohan’s Fight!”

   Being an avid Gohan fan, I found myself excited about watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 80. But while my heart pounded, and I waited with bated breath to view it, in the back of my brain, I wondered, “DO WORDS REACH THEM?” Did my web page on Gohan [See Updates 10/10/16 of the BullCrap Busters website for more details] arouse Dragon Ball from its stupor of ASPHYXIATING Gohan to RESUSCITATING Gohan?? Does Dragon Ball care about its Gohan fans after all??? 


   In Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 the Exhibition Match begins for the Zenos who have never watched a tournament before.

   I find it interesting that Dragon Ball created the Zenos at all as it is out of character for Dragon Ball to portray such a loathsome character.  The ZENOS are the sovereign powers of the cosmos who rule over the Supreme Kais and the Lords of Destruction and who rank higher than all other gods. They are so mighty they can annihilate an entire universe with a mere touch. Yet they have the stature of little children with football shaped heads and tinker toy limbs. So how do they store such POWER?  

   The Zenos look so innocent and childlike, too. Yet they have zero regret for the planets they obliterate in a game similar to checkers, which they play for no motive other than their own amusement. 

   Even the warrior race of the Saiyans like Raditz and warlords like Freiza had a purpose for being wicked.  They brokered planets for profit [See Dragon Ball Z | Raditz Saga and Freiza Saga for more details]. 

   Even villains like the Androids, Cell and Buu had a purpose for being wicked.  Doctor Gero programmed the Androids and Cell to kill and the wizard Babadi instructed Buu to murder. They did not know any better [See Dragon Ball Z | Android Saga, Imperfect Cell Saga, Babidi Saga, and Majin Buu Saga for more details]

   Even outlaws like Baby, the Tuffle, had a purpose for being wicked. His motive was to get revenge on the Saiyans for the genocide of his people [See Dragon Ball GT | Baby Saga for more details]. 

   Even the Gods of Destruction like Beerus and Zamatsu had a purpose for being wicked.  Beerus loves food so much he hates planets that have no culinary skills.  And Zamatsu hated humans for not loving their own species [ See Dragon Ball Super | God of Destruction Beerus Saga and Future Trunks Saga for more details].

   The Zenos are conducting a tournament they call the Tournament of Power, which is going to be held on a planet called Void. Their High Priest announces that all the universes that lose in this tournament will get ERASED. Their lives will be wiped out for the simple reason that they are not STRONG enough.  

   Goku suggests a tournament because he loves to fight. Yet Goku gets blamed by Beerus, who is the God of Destruction, for the losing universes being made to die instead of it being the Zenos fault for insisting on such consequences.

   The Zenos remind me of the ELITE BULLY who rule over the BULLY CULTURE that we all live in. They are pretty and angelic on the outside but ugly and demonic on the inside.  They wield false power. They are not held liable for their own decisions.  They have no regard for life.  They believe that life is a game not to be taken seriously. They threaten to turn life into a void.

   The Zenos are fickle gods.  

   The following dialogue in the final episode of 131 of Dragon Ball Super reveals such:

   Great Priest says, “#17 please state your wish…”

   Android #17 says, ‘Please restore all of the universes that were erased.”

   Supreme Kai says, “I didn’t expect #17’s wish”.

   Great Priest says, “Zeno foresaw this outcome that the warrior standing at the end would be virtuous enough to consider the other universes. Then, if any other wish was made...If a selfish wish had been made he would have erased everything”.

   What we have here is a thorough CONTRADICTION. It is like saying, ‘yes” and “no” simultaneously. One can’t have it both ways. Either the Zenos know or they do not know what the one tin soldier warrior is going to desire from the dragon when the Tournament of Power is finally over. The mere fact that the unreliable Zenos do not know puts life at unnecessary peril of being utterly obliterated for no reason.


   Exhibition Match I starts with Buu versus Basil. 

   Basil who looks like a fox with scrawny arms but brawny legs ingests some sort of drug that makes him very strong and very fast. During most of the match Basil kicks the crap out of Buu until Buu decides to fight back. Buu overpowers Basil with a Kamehameha wave. Basil passes out. FAT BUU, who on a regular basis consumes a variety of junk foods as the main staple of his diet, wins the match.  

   Message: Eating JUNK FOOD will make you BIG and STRONG.


   Exhibition Match II starts with Gohan versus Lavender. 


   Gohan is in combat uniform but he is wearing glasses. He takes them off when he fights. This means that Gohan has to do battle with near sighted vision. Such creates a significant handicap for Gohan, as images that are not very close to him will appear unclear. I grasp the notion that Gohan is an aspiring postgraduate professor. So, maybe, he has to wear near sighted spectacles for all that close up computer and paper work. But it woulda, shoulda, coulda make more sense, especially if he is going to continue to be a fighter, if he was FAR SIGHTED being that he spent a large portion of his life as a warrior on a battlefield. Hence, his eyes are accustomed to viewing objects at a relative distance. Farsighted eyes only have trouble seeing clearly objects that are very close to them. Thus, farsighted individuals only wear visual aids when they are reading or writing.

   Dragon Ball turned Gohan into a “Saiyaman” nerd. However, from whom did the Gohan who killed Cell role model nerdy behavior? Goku? Piccolo? Vegeta? Trunks? Bulma? Chichi? Hamcha? Tien? Chow Su? Even Krillin was not a nerd.  None of Gohan's friends or family members were nerds. 


   What is this about Gohan’s battle spirit being asleep? Gohan is a MYSTIC WARRIOR [See Updates 10/10/16 of the BullCrap Busters website for more details]. Just because Gohan can find things to do with his life during peacetime does not mean that his battle spirit is sleeping. A mystic warrior’s spirit never goes to sleep for it always has to be prepared to fight for justice. And the call to preserve justice often arrives at inconvenient moments. Goku taught Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that Saiyan transformations (ascension of power levels) are reached thru a NEED not a WANT [See Dragon Ball Z | Perfect Cell Saga | Episode 160 for more details]. And Gohan has learned that his universe and every other universe in the cosmos that does not WIN in the tournament will be DELETED. Such is enough to arouse rage bursts within Gohan for the sake of protecting innocent lives that will elicit whatever power level he has to reach in order to defeat his rivals. The winner of the tournament gets to keep the Super Dragon Balls. So, being that Gohan is the most pure hearted of warriors, not only will he win the Tournament of Power, but also Gohan will use the Super Dragon Balls to restore all the lost universes being that he cherishes life. 


   In the beginning of Gohan’s match with Lavender, Gohan tells himself, "I haven't been in a tournament for awhile. I'd better take it slowly to get my FIGHTING SENSE back." I was nine years old when I learned how to roller-skate. When I was thirteen years old I stopped roller-skating. At the age of twenty-three, TEN YEARS after I stopped roller-skating, I had a sort of middle-aged crisis. One day, I was eyeing my roller skates. I was in a missed-being-a-kid kind of mood. So, I put them on, and roller-skated around my neighborhood as if I had never stopped roller-skating.  

   Once you KNOW how to do something you will always know how to do it no matter how much time elapses. This is due to the fact that it becomes second nature. 

   So, there is no such thing as Gohan losing his fighting sense. Gohan learned how to fight when he was four years old when Piccolo taught him how to fight. Afterwards, Gohan beat Cell.  Then Gohan stopped fighting for SEVEN YEARS. After that, Gohan became Saiyaman while he was in high school. So he will not even be rusty. 

   It used to be said about Mohammed Ali, one of the greatest boxers in boxing, that he, “Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.  The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see." What makes a great fighter is not only the ability to strike blows but the capability to dodge blows as well. Gohan is very adept at both. He struck Cell so hard in the stomach that he made Cell regurgitate Android 18 [See Dragon Ball Z | Perfect Cell Saga | Episode 171 for more details]. He dodged Dabura’s sword so well that only three locks of his hair got sliced off of his head instead of his whole body getting cleaved in two [See Dragon Ball Z | Babidi Saga Episode 227 for more details].  

   Lavender looks like a skinny dog without any muscle. Yet during Gohan’s match with Lavender, Lavender is capable of grabbing and imprisoning Gohan’s arm. And Gohan’s punches and kicks do not have any serious impact on Lavender. Anyway, Gohan will never try to hit or kick Lavender while Lavender is in the air and Gohan is on the ground. Gohan will float up to Lavender and then hit and kick Lavender. There is a reason why people have muscle. Muscles store this thing called “POWER”. Gohan has a muscular body build. So it ought to be very easy for Gohan’s arm to escape. Instead, Lavender is able to blow a purple cloud from out of his mouth towards Gohan’s face. The cloud is purple in color not INVISIBLE. So, it ought to be very easy for Gohan to dodge or block it. Instead it blinds Gohan’s eyes. Now Gohan cannot see and Lavender’s poison is circulating thru Gohan’s body foretelling Gohan’s death warrant. Even so it ought to be very easy for Gohan’s strikes to floor Lavender being that he has now transformed into a Super Saiyan. Instead, Lavender’s Kamehameha energy blast defeats Gohan’s.  
   Immediately, Goku offers Gohan a Sensu bean, which will heal Gohan. But suddenly, Gohan’s character undergoes a personality disorder. It changes into Goku’s who is more interested in toying with his opponent by testing his strength against his adversary, poison and all, rather then about winning the match so he can go home to his wife Vidal and his daughter Pan and live to fight another day in order to save his universe. 

   At the end of Gohan’s match with Lavender, Gohan manages to dive bomb Lavender into the fighting arena at full speed ahead. However, Gohan’s blindness prevents Gohan from being able to see it. So Gohan plane crashes as Lavender train wrecks into the fighting stage. Lavender is knocked out. Gohan stands up for a moment and says, “I won” before the poison over takes him and makes him fall down again as it reaches fatal proportion. Why didn't the writers have Goku give Gohan a Sensu bean while Gohan was still standing? After all Gohan's life was in jeopardy. So no time to lose (no pun intended)! Instead they have Goku enter the fighting ring and give Gohan a Sensu bean AFTER Gohan falls back down.  Nevertheless, the Sensu bean  instantly restores Gohan. So Gohan gets up again like one tin soldier while Lavender is still lying down like a combatant’s corpse.  The Zenos said, "anything goes". Yet, the high priest UNFAIRLY rules the fight as a TIE. 

   At this point I am overcome with Déjà Vu. This same scenario is what happened when Gohan fought Debura to a stalemate. And just like with Debura with Lavender Gohan is only fighting at Super Saiyan power level one. There is no lightening aura as in Super Saiyan power level two. Such implies that Gohan has lost so much fighting sense that he can no longer reach Super Saiyan power level two. Let alone Super Saiyan power level three that the old Supreme Kai brought out of him [See Dragon Ball Z | Fusion Saga | Episode 262 for more details].  

   Gohan as a warrior is not allowed to win any of his fights, except for the one’s when he is fighting as the hero Saiyaman against some pathetic, pitiful low power level human like Barry Kahn who was infected with a micro organism from outer space [See Dragon Ball Super | Episode 74 for more details].

   Message: Dragon Ball has BEGRUDGINGLY let Gohan re-enter the Dragon Ball Anime series as a warrior.  

   Dragon Ball is continuing its course of MURDERING Gohan. But like a crazed serial killer how many times does Dragon Ball have to stab Gohan’s body (character) to death when Dragon Ball has already made him dead?!

   The final episode of 131 of Dragon Ball Super reveals that Gohan’s so-called participation in the Tournament of Power is nothing more and nothing less than the continuation of the MALICIOUS VICIOUS TEASING of all Gohan fans.  

   The only battles in the Tournament of Power that Gohan won on his own were not against serious warriors. The serious warriors required that Gohan receive the aid of other Universe 7 fighters. Gohan sacrifices himself to defeat a so-called warrior who is so scrawny he looks like the rabbit on the cereal box of “Hey, silly rabbit, Tricks are for kids”. The only fighting talent this rabbit has is speed. Gohan holds the rabbit long enough for Freiza to zap them both off of the fighting stage. Gohan’s sacrifice elicited Déjà Vu within me. It reminded me of way back in Dragon Ball when the Z fighters were still amateurs with less than a 20,000 power level reading. Gohan’s father, Goku, killed his brother Raditz and got killed himself by holding his brother long enough for Piccolo to send his special beam canon thru both Raditz and Goku. Gohan was about four years old then with a power level reading of 12,000. If the Dragon Ball franchise permitted Gohan’s character to grow instead of shrink all Gohan woulda, shoulda, coulda have to do is blink his Ki to knock this rabbit out of the fighting arena.

   In the dialogue in the final episode of 131 of Dragon Ball Super Vegeta says to Goku, “A Saiyan’s strength has no limits”. Again here is the racist comment that being a Saiyan has anything and everything to do with being the best warrior there is.

   Gohan’s one-of-a-kind genius is that he is a Mystic Warrior. A Mystic Warrior is the most powerful fighter there is since he is entirely pure hearted because he only fights in order to protect justice. Such means that his strength, his speed, and his endurance come from God. Being that pure heartedness is rare Gohan was the only Z fighter who happens to be a Mystic Warrior. But instead of Dragon Ball permitting Gohan to manifest who he truly is they made Gohan’s special contribution to the world go to waste.

   Gohan’s mother, Chichi. raised Gohan to become a scholar in order to secure financial resources. Yet for all of Chichi’s hard work all Gohan becomes is a teacher’s assistant to a professor. Gohan does not even have a PH.D. Degree.  But Bulma does. Neither being a teacher's assistant nor a professor pays well. If Chichi raised Gohan to become a Sensei (martial arts instructor) with his own Dojo (martial arts studio) there will be such a demand for teacher Gohan’s special Mystic Warrior fighting talent that he will have a supply of “wanna-be-students” on a yearly waiting list and Chichi will acquire more money than Hercule Satan ever did.

   Dragon Ball Super was an empty show for its only purpose was to depress instead of impress us.  

   Question: Why does the MALICIOUS VICIOUS TEASE that Gohan is going to be brought back to life, persist?

   Answer: Because Dragon Ball HATES its Gohan fans!

   Question: Why?

   Answer: Because!

   Loving the TRUE Gohan means that some of Gohan’s followers might decide to emulate Gohan’s heroic nature and make our own non-fictional world of good and evil a better and saver place to live in by being heroes and heroines ourselves. The elite bully is opposed to such a fate for it posses a threat to the continuance of their Bully Culture. 

by Peter, Paul, and Mary

   “Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea. 
And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honali. Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal Puff.
And brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff.

   Together they would travel on a boat with billowed sail. Jackie kept a lookout perched on Puff's gigantic tail.
 Noble kings and princes would bow whene'er they came. Pirate ships would lower their flags when Puff roared out his name.

   A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys. Painted wings and giant's rings make way for other toys. One gray night it happened, Jackie Paper came no more. And Puff, that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar.

   His head was bent in sorrow. Green scales fell like rain. Puff no longer went to play along the cherry lane. Without his lifelong friend, Puff could not be brave. So Puff, that mighty dragon, sadly slipped into his cave.”

   Puff the green Magic Dragon refers to Gohan. Jackie Paper represents Akira Toriyama who abandoned Gohan by letting the Powers That Be – The Elite Bully – hijack the Dragon Ball franchise. Gohan lives forever as the mystic warrior that he is. But he can only be BRAVE if we believe in him by keeping Gohan in our minds and hearts forever by emulating his HEROISM.  


   The Elite Bully arrogantly believes that if he REPEATEDLY keeps erecting the FALSE Gohan image like he is doing in Dragon Ball Super, then Gohan’s followers will continue to be strung along and eventually accept the BULLCRAP message about what a hero/heroine truly is.  

   People do go along with the BULLY CULTURE’S PROPAGANDA when people have to secure basic NECESSITIES such as food, water, clothing, and shelter. But watching Dragon Ball is a LUXURY. People do not have to do so in order to make a living.  

   The Elite Bully deludes him self into believing in the illusion that he is God. However, even God has its limits. God is both the LORD of the cosmos and the LAWS that govern it. This means that God must abide by its own rules. God is no hypocrite! If not then both the Creator and its Creation will revert into nothingness. Consequently, in order to ensure that all living creatures have a chance to exist, every thing and every being has limitations. This is due to the fact that the universe is designed such that all creatures are INTERDEPENDANT upon one another and each other for their very own survival. Such is known as the circle of life - the earth’s ecosystem and the human species’ socioeconomic civilization [See the web page entitled “The Clergy Bully” of the BullCrap Busters website for more details].

   Herein lies the rude awakening for the Elite Bully. Hence, whether or not the Elite Bully likes it, he is dependent upon us so-called Peons for his very own subsistence. Thus, the Elite Bully is going to have to make a choice.  

   If the Elite Bully elects to get too greedy and stays stupid by taking everything away from the rest of us by making us homeless, jobless, and devoid of meaningful human contact, as well as deprive us of the few moments of enjoyment we can get from FICTION – by continuing to broadcast the false Gohan versus the true Gohan – then the Elite Bully will end up preaching its propaganda to EMPTY seats. For the Gohan fan club out of pure DISGUST will leave the Dragon Ball franchise building. I will venture to say that the Gohan fan base is the largest in the Dragon Ball series and for the simple reason that Gohan is a character we can all relate to and aspire to become like. Result: No one will be paying attention to, and every one will be ignoring the Elite Bully’s hype about what heroism is all about. Goodbye POWER over the public. For the Elite Bully can only wield so much power otherwise the Elite Bully becomes powerless.  

   Or the Elite Bully can get smart and accept the fact that he has to give a little in order to get a lot by broadcasting the true Gohan in order to retain the Dragon Ball Anime Gohan fans. Thereby making them believe they have a stake in the Bully Culture.  Therefore, the Elite Bully can go on getting his greedy share by ensuring that the people get their needy share.

   The only other option the Elite Bully has is to get rid of Gohan, altogether, in the Dragon Ball anime series, by having Gohan get killed and in such a way that he cannot be brought back.  The Elite Bully might exercise this option in the hope that doing so will re-route the Gohan fans into becoming fans of some other Dragon Ball character. However, Dragon Ball will not be able to keep its Gohan fan base in this way. Fans are either called  "Gohan" fans, or "Goku" fans, or "Vegeta" fans, and so on and so forth for a reason. GOHAN fans watch the show to see GOHAN.  Hence, the result will be that the Gohan fans will simply stop watching Dragon Ball, altogether.  Thus, Goodbye Gohan fan base.          



   The BullCrap Busters Website will transmit its signals over the Internet for as long as we have not been CENSORED off the web due to the ELITE CYBER BULLY as a result of LIBEL and/or SLANDER, and/or ANTI-MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, and/or BANKRUPT by bought off justice, and/or ARRESTED and/or INCARCERATED by trumped up charges, and/or MURDERED by a staged accident by those who have the audacity to call themselves FRIENDS of humanity, yet who are ENEMIES to us who dare to exercise our HUMAN RIGHTS, namely FREEDOM of SPEECH, in order to assist HUMANITY in overcoming BULLYING.